Cero Reviews NWA POWERRR 10.22

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Cero Reviews NWA POWERRR 10.22

Post by cero2k » Oct 22nd, '19, 22:08

October 22, 2019
Atlanta, GA

Joe Galli opened the show announcing that after his two interviews with Aldis being confrontational, Aldis will now only accept questions about the championship and his contenders. This is the power of a World Champion.

Cornette and Galli open the show when Eddie Kingston storms the table.
Kingston said addressed The Dawsons attacking them last week. They're not here to get interrupted and build shit for next week. Kingston said that he and Homicide ain't waiting and wants The Dawsons in the ring in the ring, or they're going for them in the parking lot. Awesome!

Crystal Rose vs Marti Belle - 4/10
Hadn't seen Marti since she left Impact, she looks great. I can't say I know Rose, other than seeing her name in ACW.

This was a quick match, I'd say squash, but I thought that Rose's offense was enough to show she had something in here. Belle won with a Pedigree. Good match to showcase Belle, but just not much of a match at all.

The Dawsons Interview - They're starting to get Dawson's Creek chants. Dawsons didn't really answer why the jumped the title match, and said that they'll fight anyone in the roster, except 'those two' meaning Kingston and Cide. Dawsons need practice dealing with booing crowds

Thunder Rosa Vignette - Beautiful, she and the vignette.

Tim Storm Aron Stevens Interview - He's dressed as a Shakespearean actor now, he reminds us of the no eye contact rule. He was there to promote his newest project, Tropical Pirates. He showed footage of the movie. Stock footage looked awesome, he looked ok. Terrible trailer.

He said he is a better actor than Ric Flair. This was all comedy, I don't know where this is going. I do think that The Dawsons should pay attention of Stevens working with the crowd.

Caleb Konley vs Dan Parker - Squash
Konley has a bit more character tonight. Parker has a flamboyant jacket. Parker was cocky and got the shit chopped out of. Parker had as much offense as Crystal Rose did in her match, but now I kinda felt that Konley was way more dominant. Parker never got close to hitting a finisher while Rose kinda did. Konley won with a Moonsault. Good showing.

Tim Storm Interview - Galli asked Storm about what was going through his head now that he lost the chance to chase the title. Storm thanked Aldis for giving him the shot. Storm said he needs to think about his future.

Eli Drake interrupted and told Storm that he doesn't understand why Storm is talking retirement. He tells Storm that one loss is not enough to stop Storm because his name is now up there with the great ones. Eli tells him the ride ain't over because he wants a tag team partner for tonight's match with The Dawsons.

Tim Storm says he'll think about it and leaves. Aww c'mon Storm!

Jocephu's Spiritual Advisor's Commercial - She's advertising invisible hair cream, like to make hair be invisible.

Talk about Jocephus, he's out there now. He said that he wants to apologize to James Storm and shake his hand, but instead, Colt Cabana comes out. Jocephu's had a cowboy hat and beer for Storm, but he gave it to Cabana, who mocks Storm.

Jocephus goes to shake Cabana's hand, but he says he's not done, throws powder on Cabana's eyes, throws him in the ring and is taunting him, but the real James Storm sneaks in behind, gives the Last Call to Jocephus, sizes up Cabana, but Ken Anderson makes the save.

Nick Aldis w/ Kamille Interview - Aldis wants to talk about who his next contender will be. Aldis puts over everyone that the energy is big. He said that now that Storm is out, he wants the match that will give him the biggest check. Aldis puts over Ricky Starks, but says he's not ready for the title.

Aldis said that no one is really up to the level, so he'll wait for people to show up, but if not, he opened made a challenge to anyone to come and chase him.

Joe Galli, completely breaking the agreement, once again asked why he doesn't allow Kamille to talk. Aldis talked him down and once again ridiculed him when Kamille wouldn't speak. This Galli geek needs to know his place, or get his ass kicked.

Who is the Mark? video - I don't know if this was a commercial, vignette, crypt video, or what.

Eli Drake & Tim Storm vs The Dawsons - 7/10
Story of the match was that Storm and Drake happened to work really good together, at least up until Storm got tagged in and The Dawsons turned the match around. Drake had a great hot tag, I always knew he had a great babyface in there.

Finish saw Storm accidentally whip Drake into the turnbuckle when Hair Dawson moved out of the way. With Drake out, Storm was easy picks for The Dawsons to kill and pin. It happened fast, but if you see the spot, Eli starts the whip, Storm reverses and sends Eli Drake out, if you ask me, there could had been some maliciousness there. We'll see.

The ring was mic'd way louder than commentary and I couldn't hear shit during this match.

Post-match - The Dawsons kept attacking Storm. Drake was hurt outside and couldn't save him, but Kingston and Cide came out and chased off The Dawsons.

Aldis came out to check on Storm. Drake and Aldis looked over Storm as the show went off the air.

Good show. We really just have a clear direction for the tag feud between The Dawsons and Kingston/Cide, but everything feels over the place in terms of building towards "Into the Fire'. Jocephus and Storm surely have something, but now that Cabana and Anderson have interjected themselves, I don't know.

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