Thelone Reviews MLW Fusion Episode 80

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Thelone Reviews MLW Fusion Episode 80

Post by Thelone » Oct 22nd, '19, 17:41

It's the Havoc show...

We start with the whole "Dynasty got out of their title defense with legal bullshit" angle, then here are the Von Erichs who say that Dynasty are afraid and should start acting like champions. They announce that they'll get their match at Superfight in a Texas Tornado match.

Here's Havoc who talks about blood and pain a lot, completely butchers the name of the faction he's in, then hypes the whopping two matches he's got on tap tonight.

Los Haraganes (Animal, Demencia and Silver Star) vs. Triple Amenaza (Arandu, Star Boy and Zarco) - NR, couldn't care less
... but first, here's a match against six random luchadors you'll never see again. At one point, Contra hacked the feed so that Samael can say the usual about chaos and violence, then Fatu bitched a bit about Park.

Anyway, this random match took way too long (about twelve minutes) and ended when Hagaganes all pinned one guy with the slowest three count in history.

Post-match, Haraganes attacked the referee. Riveting...

Hey, LA Park can talk. He said that he'll win the belt at Superfight and called Fatu a son of a bitch a couple times.

Same vignette with Medina. I don't know, show this guy's face or something at this point.

Pillman is with a girl (who looks vaguely familiar) around a pool. He goes on about Low Ki and does a pretty bad impression of Ki's deep voice, but the chick is digging it so what do I know?

Now with Havoc and Salina. Havoc also butchers the name of Hijo de LA Park because that's his schtick now I guess (SDR's reaction was priceless though), then his faction name again. Salina is wondering why she's even here right now (you and me both) and starts bickering with Havoc who leaves. Samael comes out of nowhere so we have...

El Hijo de LA Park (w/ Salina de la Renta) vs. Josef Samael - NR, good angle
They brawled a bit, then Gotch and Kwon came out also to help Samael demolish Hijo while Salina was yelling on the phone.

Mance Warner is in his kitchen and takes a while to challenge Havoc for a Stairway to Hell match for the PPV. Immediately after, Havoc accepts the challenge.

Superfight rundown.

Dynasty are in a roof somewhere, and Hammerstone asks what is up with the tag titles. MJF doesn't know anything and demands an explaination from Holliday. Basically, since they got out of their defence against the Von Erichs in Mexico, they'll have to face them in the States. All three bitched and made jokes, then Holliday says they can chill in his yacht later.

Savio Vega vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Damian 666 (w/ Salina de la Renta) - **
It's a hardcore match, I just don't know what else to say frankly. Havoc won when he did his finisher on Vega.

Post-match, Havoc attacks Damian, but Bestia comes out to save his father.

Kinda like last week, I was more interested in the non-wrestling segments of the show than the matches themselves.

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