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BRM Reviews ROH A Fight at the Roxbury

Post by Big Red Machine » Apr 21st, '17, 14:15

ROH A Fight at the Roxbury- (6/8/2007) Boston, MA

Roddy starts things off by telling Becky that if she ever wants another interview with them again, she needs to wear something more revealing. Becky is offended by this statement. I think both them are nuts because with the amount of cleavage Becky is already showing, it makes you wonder how she could be offended by someone asking to see more of her tits, and makes you wonder just what she could possibly wear that Roddy would find to be revealing enough if this neckline won’t do it.
Roddy talks about Delirious attacking him in FIP (which you can kind of see on the video wire) and supposedly trying to bite his ear off. Roddy says that he will kill Delirious tonight. He says that Austin Aries is hiding behind his TNA contract, then tells the No Remorse Corps’ opponents for tonight, Delirious, Erick Stevens, & Matt Cross, that they will get the NRC “all up in your ass tonight.” For those keeping track at home, Roddy has threatened to commit both murder and sodomy in just one promo. Davey Richards cut a good promo, and also told Becky Bayless to go have sex with Rocky Romero. That’s a good wing-man!

BRYAN DANIELSON PROMO- Short and sweet. Good hype for his match with Jimmy Rave and for his quest for the title.

I really liked what they did with the ref getting fed up and threatening to throw the match out for having them on the outside for too long (a long-established but rarely used rule in ROH) just when Whitmer finally managed to turn the tide and get the advantage. The ref was doing exactly what he should have done, but BJ also had a legitimate reason for being frustrated. It made the finish work better, and made you have a bit more sympathy for Whitmer when he snapped.

DAIZEE HAZE PROMO- she comes out to the ring and whines that Lacey’s male tag team partners through her around in their INTER-GENDER match last time ROH was in Boston (Dedicated). I don’t know what to tell you, Daizee. They didn’t do anything against the rules, so quit whining and start acting like a damn babyface!
Ah. That’s better. She calls out Lacey to come get what’s coming to her…. But instead of Lacey, it’s her boyfriend, Jimmy Jacobs, who comes out, walking with a cane. Jimmy makes light of Daizee’s anger, so Daizee, the babyface, SLAPS THE CRIPPLED MAN AND TAKES AWAY HIS WALKING CANE. Daizee goes to beat the cripple with his own cane, but thankfully Lacey, the heel, comes out to make the save for her crippled boyfriend. What the f*ck is this back-asswards BS?!
Then, in an a brilliant little moment, Lacey goes to check on Jimmy to make sure that he is okay, but Jimmy just screams at her to keep beating Daizee down, showing that they have now switched rolls from the way things used to be. So Lacey starts to viciously beat on Daizee until Jimmy decides that The Haze has had enough and pulls her off.
Jimmy starts to cut a promo, but flubs his first line, accidentally calling Daizee “Lacey.” There is this great moment where you can see on Jimmy’s face that he knows he f*cked up, and the crowd soon starts to tell him as much. Jimmy just responds “that’s right. I get f*cked a lot” and with Lacey standing right there, it’s really hard to make fun of Jimmy for anything. Jimmy tells Daizee that things have been about love for him and Lacey, but tomorrow night in Philly, things will be about violence.
The character stuff from Lacey and Jimmy was fantastic here, and it was some good hype for tomorrow night’s women’s match, but it would have been much better if Daizee Haze didn’t look like such a heel.

Rave had just recently returned from a broken jaw, so Dragon works Rave’s jaw over. Dragon had also just recently come back from an injury (he missed five months due to shoulder surgery), and this match did a fantastic job of reminding us that Dragon can be an absolute killer. He was just plain vicious here. He also hit the Earthquake Splash. That was awesome.

A wild and crazy crowd brawl, but without any actual weapon use. Just a lot of throwing each other into stuff. I know it’s a different referee, but it feels kind of odd to have these guys brawl all through the crowd and the ref not doing anything about it, but to have Albright and Whitmer get warned to take the match back into the ring after just whipping each other into the barricade a lot.
Steen goes to beat Mark down with a chair after the match but Jay Briscoe makes the save.

#1 CONTENDERSHIP MATCH: Nigel McGuinness vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Chris Hero (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)- 7.5/10
This was just Quack’s third match in ROH, just his second match as a singles wrestler, and his first match that wasn’t a big multi-man match almost entirely filled with CHIKARA guys… Oh. Never mind.
Well… this certainly was Quack’s first high-profile match in ROH (the tag title Ultimate Endurance match at Battle of St. Paul was pretty much just there to shine the Briscoes), and it was his match that wasn’t almost entirely filled with guys that he himself trained… so he had a lot to prove, here, and he sure did that. Quack got to show off his versatility a lot in this match, wrestling the British, American, and Lucha styles over the course of the match.
The other story in this match was the interactions between Hero and Claudio who, despite their strong dislike of one another, would be getting an ROH World Tag Team Title shot together tomorrow night (Claudio was given the ability to choose any partner he wanted, and he chose Hero because he thought that was his best chance to win because of their past success together). Sometimes they worked together, (usually against Quack, which also let Quack play babyface in peril) and sometimes they didn’t get along so well.
Nigel was also in the match. He threw lariats and European uppercuts… but you probably could have guessed that.

BECKY BAYLESS TRIES TO INTERVIEW BJ WHITMER- Whitmer doesn’t want to be interview, so he walks away. Steen and Generico show up and take the mic from Becky.
KEVIN STEEN (& EL GENERICO) PROMO- great… and kind of icky.
He says that Generico will win his match against Matt Sydal tonight, then says that he enjoyed giving dropping Mark Briscoe on his head so much that when this DVD comes out, he is going to steal it from the merch table and then masturbate to the clip of himself giving Mark the Package Piledriver. Then he says that he and Generico will be the next ROH World Tag Team Champions.

Eddie Edwards uses his size advantage (how often do you get to type that), so Pelle fights back with speed and some nice hurricanrana counters. Pelle looked tough kicking out of big moves, but Eddie gets his first singles win in ROH here in his hometown.

They did a lot of stuff you would normally see done at a fast pace, but they took a lot of time to breathe in between and let things sink in. After the match, Sydal tells the camera that he beats all of the masked wrestlers in ROH.

Great trios action, but I have to question the booking of the finish. Why have Roddy get pinned when he is going into an ROH World Title shot tomorrow night? And why have Roddy get pinned and take his heat away in both his feud with Delirious and his feud with the Resilience?

They are in a “private training facility” which is just one of the perks of signing with Sweet N’ Sour Inc. Hero, Toland, and Sweeney make fun of Bobby Dempsey.

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Takeshi Morishima(c) vs. Jay Briscoe- 7.25/10
Kevin Steen jumps Jay after the match. Mark Briscoe comes out to make the save, but the El Generico comes out as well and all four men brawl.

He says he wants to win the ROH World Title so he can make more money.

SWEET & SOUR INC. SEGMENT AGAIN- Dull and unnecessary
Apparently Bobby Dempsey cannot run a lap around a track in twenty minutes… but in this segment right here, we just saw him run a good half of the track (while stopping to puke first). This was the second “torture Bobby Dempsey” segment on this show and really felt like it served no purpose at all.

Overall, a very good show from ROH.

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