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BRM Reviews the 7/19/2019 ROH (AWESOME!)

Posted: Aug 28th, '19, 14:41
by Big Red Machine
FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL MATCH: Jeff Cobb vs. Dalton Castle vs. Kenny King vs. Jonathan Gresham- 7/10
A solid four-way opener with an interesting storyline finish to push Gresham’s slow heel turn. Gresham using Amy Rose’s shoe was a weapon wasn’t an “eye for an eye” type of situation like it was when he hit Silas Young in the nuts to beat him at Best in the World, but it was Kenny King who introduced it into the match, and Kenny King who has spent months using heelish tactics to get an advantage on (and even defeat) Gresham’s tag team partner Jay Lethal, so it’s also hard to say that Kenny didn’t deserve this. Of course, that doesn’t make it moral. The announcers did a good job of putting this all over. The one thing they didn’t mention (whether they just didn’t think of it or were specifically instructed not to bring it up I don’t know) was the fact that new-attitude Gresham has now defeated a man that his veteran former ROH World Champion tag team partner just failed to defeat, so that could certainly be planting some seeds for down the road.

They’re coming for the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles!

SHORT VIDEO PACKAGES FOR NEXT WEEK’S MATCHES- great! They even made me care about a Sumie Sakai match in 2019!

They failed to make me care about either whatever Maria Manic was doing or this thing between Kenny King and Rhett Titus.
Also, I like how I’m supposed to care that Kenny King insulted Rhett’s pregnant wife when Rhett’s gimmick for pretty much his entire ROH career has been as a womanizer trying to sleep with every hot chick in the crowd. Maybe they have an open marriage and that’s fine, but you can’t just switch gears on a character in such a drastic way. Ditto for Rhett- who has been an undercard loser comedy goofball for the past four years- suddenly being involved in a serious storyline where I’m supposed to feel for Rhett Titus the person when I’ve spent three and a half years being presented with nothing but Rhett Titus the cartoonish buffoon.

SOLDIERS OF SAVAGERY (Jesper Kaun & Moses Maddox) vs. PRIMAL FEAR (Manny Soriano & Matthew Omen)- squash

Letha wants to know what is up with Gresham using these heel tactics now. After a FANTASTIC series of little personal back and forths (the kind that make these segments feel like something that is happening between two real people and not scripted characters), Gresham finally angrily tells Lethal “I came here to restore honor to ROH and I’ve failed. These guys don’t care about that, so I’ve learned to play their game” (that was paraphrasing, but those are all phrases Gresham said; it’s just the order that might be off). All of a sudden, I love this heel turn.

VE Flip Gordon looks like a dork trying to cosplay as Marty Scurll, and Marty calling him “the intern” and “the understudy” only makes it worse. Scurll then sends Flip to the back to watch and learn how they did things. So yeah… Flip is back to being treated like a know-nothing rookie again. Marty says he supposes LifeBlood wants a shot at the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles but he says they’re not worthy. LifeBlood say they don’t care about the titles; they just want revenge. And because this is the (former) ECW Arena, they suggest we have a street fight. VE are okay with this, so our main event is now a…

STREET FIGHT: LifeBlood (Tracy Williams, Mark Haskins, & Bandido) vs. Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, Brody King, & PCO)- 8.5/10
I’m sure there are people who will go much higher on this, but the reality is that this was a bunch of weapons spots that hit a point of diminishing returns over time. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t awesome, but I don’t think the match would have been any less enjoyable if they had cut out five minutes from it. Bandido in particular had me scared in this one, looking like he fell on his head on his big dive spot, and taking a terrifying umbrella shot right to the head from Scurll later on.

It wasn’t bad or anything, but it wasn’t anything particularly compelling, either. They face Dragon Lee & Rush next week.

An AWESOME episode of TV from ROH, and the earlier video package has me psyched up for most of next week’s card as well… although I will definitely make sure to watch Manhattan Mayhem 2019 and Mass Hysteria between now and then in order to avoid any spoilers that might sneak their way into the commentary.

Re: BRM Reviews the 7/19/2019 ROH (AWESOME!)

Posted: Aug 28th, '19, 14:49
by cero2k
was this already under the new show structure?

Re: BRM Reviews the 7/19/2019 ROH (AWESOME!)

Posted: Aug 28th, '19, 14:54
by Big Red Machine
cero2k wrote: Aug 28th, '19, 14:49 was this already under the new show structure?
No. I believe these were the last tapings that weren't (I'm pretty sure Manhattan Mayhem 2019 was intended to be a taping but was then changed).