Jeff Hardy Arrested, Again

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Jeff Hardy Arrested, Again

Post by cero2k » Oct 4th, '19, 19:53


WWE star Jeff Hardy was arrested yesterday evening in Moore County, North Carolina and charged with driving while impaired, has confirmed.

The Moore County Police Department confirmed that Hardy was released around 11:30 PM last night from being incarcerated but declined to give additional details beyond what he has been charged with citing the fact that it is an ongoing investigation.

Hardy has been out of action due to a leg injury for some time but is slated to appear at the November 3rd ringside Fest event in New York City.

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Re: Jeff Hardy Arrested, Again

Post by Bob-O » Oct 4th, '19, 23:14

C'mon man...

You don't need to be fat to get DDP to help, right? I think Jeff needs to feel the bang. Like... a different bang than he feels before he gets in the car. Not the bang shirtless Jimmy Uso threatens cops heads with when he's drunk, like DDP's bang. Not the bang DDP gives to Kimberly though, but like yoga. Jeff needs DDP Yoga.

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