Joey Janela on his comments prior to AEW departure: ‘I heard Tony was hot about it’

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Joey Janela on his comments prior to AEW departure: ‘I heard Tony was hot about it’

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Janela's AEW contract expired at the end of April.

Ian Carey
1 hour ago

Joey Janela believes his comments about how AEW communicates with members of its roster upset Tony Khan but led to positive changes in the company.

Janela was a guest on Insight with Chris Van Vliet and spoke about his final two months in AEW. He referenced an interview he gave to Denise Salcedo in March where he was critical of how the company communicated with him and Marko Stunt regarding the expiring of their contracts. According to Janela, his comments helped spur a change in how AEW handles such situations.

"Chances are that I was going to be renewed, whether it be with Ring of Honor, but I just ran my mouth in an interview saying, "I haven't heard from anyone, what is going on? I guess I'm not getting renewed.'"

"Then I heard that Tony was hot about it. It made him look bad, made their talent relations look bad but at the same time it made them improve their communications with talent. Within that two week period that I did that the communications were a lot better."

Janela continued to say that while he heard some in AEW were upset at his comments, he also heard that talent were pleased he spoke up.

"I heard people were upset, but I also heard talent was hitting me up from the company saying, 'You're 100% correct, you spoke up, you're correct and that was cool for you to take that risk.'"

He would continue to say that he has not spoken with Khan since leaving the company and believes the AEW President might still be upset about his comments.

"I haven't talked to Tony since, which is something that kind of irked me because we were so cool and we always after the AEW shows, when AEW first started, I would go out with him because he knew I'd be the one to stay up with him to seven in the morning drinking shots of tequila. I assume he's still irked by it, but there's no hard feelings on either side."

"There's no bridges burned between me and AEW. I'm friends with all the talent there, I'm in contact with all the talent there."
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