Matt Hardy’s Sad Story

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Matt Hardy’s Sad Story

Post by Lynas » Jan 4th, '11, 07:51

Written by a user named "ItsWillTime" on his own wrestling blogsite

For the last month, people have been talking about Matt Hardy. He has been the source of controversy for year after year. Even right now, he continues to post videos that contradict the rumors about him (but also confirm them). How did someone who had such a bright future end up in the state he is in today.

Matt Hardy started out as a jobber for WWE in the 1990s. He was one of the best at selling for guys and gave it his all. Eventually he was called up to the actual WWE roster with his brother, Jeff. The two of them debuted looking like the Rockers, complete with tassels. Their high risk offense instantly set them apart in the WWE tag team division. They were paired with Michael Hayes and Gangrel and seemed to be going in a darker direction.

Hardy’s career would change with the Terri Invitational Tournament. This was a best of five series that Edge and Christian would have against The Hardy Boys. The final match of this series featured the first ever tag team ladder match. This match took the bar set by Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels and raised it to another level. These two teams would go on to further revolutionize this type of match along with The Dudley Boys.

The Hardy’s hung out in the tag team division for a long time until they were forced to be on different brands. Then Matt Hardy had an amazing breakout moment. As the lead heel of WWE’s Cruiserweight Division (which was pretty good at the time) Matt Hardy became Version 1. This character was a cocky heel who graced his fans with “Matt Facts” and had a very unique, streaming video like entrance. This character, although it was used for comedy at times, was brilliant. Hardy worked hard to make it work and his own slight arrogance played out well.

This was the period of time where Matt Hardy did the best mic work of his career, which would be his downfall. Fast forward to 2005, where a scorned Matt Hardy had a ready-made angle to elevate him to a main eventer. Edge has stolen his long-time girlfriend, Lita, in both real life and on screen. Fans all over the country were chanting “You screwed Matt” as Edge came to the ring. In this feud, Edge was the brash and cocky heel showing off his new girl, Lita. Matt Hardy was given an opportunity to cut a promo on Edge. Sadly, it bombed, and this angle with it. This would be known as the moment that Edge became Rated-R and a main eventer. It would also become the first moment that Matt Hardy dropped the ball on. Within a year, Matt Hardy did not move up or down the card, while Edge was a World Champion.

Fast forward again to 2009. Matt Hardy was given another great opportunity. His brother, Jeff, was the hottest star in wrestling and coming off of a WWE Championship reign that was ended by Matt. Now the brothers seemed set to have a legitimate feud and Matt had the opportunity to be one of the hottest heels in the business. Once again, Matt Hardy seemed unable to put together the promo that sold himself in that way.

Since then, Matt Hardy has been unable to get ahead. Every chance he has been given be WWE has bombed, and so much of it was his own fault. Hardy’s lack of promo ability has hurt him time and time again. I would assume that after the first time, he would take some acting classes and learn more about doing promos. Why should WWE place any faith in him when he cannot produce where he needs to.

Matt Hardy is okay in the ring, although his condition is becoming rapidly worse. On top of that, he has not been able to deliver when he should.

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Re: Matt Hardy’s Sad Story

Post by Bob-O » Jan 4th, '11, 18:47

Good read!

In my opinion though, Matt's lack of promo ability is only a small part of his inability to elevate his character. Jeff is HORRIBLE at promos, yet WWE put loads of stock into him. Matt's biggest problem is his lack of charisma, more-so his disillusion that he actually has some.

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Re: Matt Hardy’s Sad Story

Post by Serujuunin » Jan 4th, '11, 19:57

Bob-O wrote:Good read!

In my opinion though, Matt's lack of promo ability is only a small part of his inability to elevate his character. Jeff is HORRIBLE at promos, yet WWE put loads of stock into him. Matt's biggest problem is his lack of charisma, more-so his disillusion that he actually has some.
Thing is, he does. If you've ever seen any of The Hardy Show stuff on YouTube, he is actually fun to watch (at least, he was... Dunno about now). However, that charisma failed to translate to wrestling... I'm not really sure why.

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Re: Matt Hardy’s Sad Story

Post by The Apocalypse » Jan 6th, '11, 15:21


Matt has dug himself into a hole that he might not be able to crawl out of. The poor chap has even jigged himslef out of a job in WWE. If what he used to say ("Matt Hardy WILL..NOT..DIE!!!) was true, he will beg and plead for a turn-around or, dare I say, a revolution. Matt needs to quit the lame internet video nonsense and focus on what he loves - WRESTLING!!! As I've noted in my post "God Bless Matt Hardy..." I believe that TNA or ROH would make a good starting point. ROH seems to be a little above the indy leagues, but not quite pro. ROH would give Matt the opening he needs to get back in ring shape and ready to perform in front of a crowd again. From there, Matt could do what many others have done and jump to TNA. Matt could be the one to "severly injure" his brother, rendering Jeff unable to wrestle, yet able to serve his sentence...

Who knows? Matt could be the next big thing in TNA if he really puts his heart into it. He needs a place where they will let him be the REAL Matt Hardy...
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