What was the most Important match/moment from the 10's

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What was the most Important match/moment from the 10's

Post by cero2k » Nov 22nd, '19, 11:58

Coming in on the end of the 10's, we've seen debuts, retirements, pipebombs and 7star matches, companies died, companies rised, Impact remains alive. Looking back, what are your most important matches or moments we saw during the 10's ??

Think of it as the repercussions coming out of them, or the significance at the moment, or something being just soo big and Once In A Lifetime.

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Re: What was the most Important match/moment from the 10's

Post by NWK2000 » Nov 22nd, '19, 15:17

Match: Punk vs Cena Money in the Bank 2011
Do I really need to say why? I think this is the first universally agreed upon great match that Cena ever had (no small part due to the fact that it's one of the most satisfying finishes to a match ever) and it really showed WWE that the style that Punk and Cena worked that night was something that would be good for them long term

RU: The first Ricochet vs Ospreay match
I think that that really was the next evolution of Crusierweight wrestling, and it really made that style cool and popular and people have just taken it and run with it since

Moment: Kenny Omega is revealed as a member of The Bullet Club. I think him turning heel really gave him the platform to show what makes him unique, which subsequently is what gave him the platform to have amazing matches.

RU: The post match of Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville at NXT Takeover

Kevin Owens turning heel on the guy he'd spent years feuding with in Ring of Honor and giving that feud a whole new spin really put into perspective, at least for me, that no matter where a wrestler is performing, important people are watching and listening. That was the first time I realized, "Oh shit, the indies and WWE aren't a totally separate world anymore It felt like the word of mouth that clued people into important/cool independents feuds carried weight. And, far be it from me to speak for a wrestler on the independents, but I can't imagine those feelings were mutually exclusive to fans.
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Re: What was the most Important match/moment from the 10's

Post by Bob-O » Nov 22nd, '19, 21:33

2014 Royal Rumble
As far as WWE goes, I see this as the exact point things changed within the juggernaut. Cena/Orton XXI got boo'd, their big returning movie star got boo'd. Rey Mysterio got boo'd. The show that's supposed to usher in Wrestlemania was a complete disaster. If I had to pinpoint where the WWE of 2010 shifted to the WWE of 2020, it was this show. This was the point that made Vince himself say, "Hmmm... maybe we need to try something different...", the whole line of mainstream thinking changed, and while The Pipebomb might be an attractive answer to this, it was THIS SHOW that broke CM Punk. The Pipebomb pointed a lot of things out, but the reaction to RR'14 actually changed things.

Beyond WWE finally getting behind Daniel Bryan, I feel like THIS is really when they realized that there was money to be made on guys they didn't produce, and this is when they started gutting the independents.

Even beyond WWE itself, I feel like this was the last straw for many folks who decided it was time for something else. Ironically/unironically, this is when Bullet Club started grabbing mainstream attention. Omega started his rise to megastardom, and NJPW started to be the "cool" thing to watch. This, of course, turned into The Elite and on a long enough timeline turned into AEW. I feel like "the wrestling renascence" began here with this show, this is where people started looking for something different in droves, and independent wrestling hit it's peak.

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Re: What was the most Important match/moment from the 10's

Post by Big Red Machine » Nov 23rd, '19, 15:46

Cena vs. Punk from MITB and Punk's pipe-bomb kind of go together for me. I'll also add:
Bryan's win at Mania XXX
Royal Rumble 2015 (for the anti-Roman response)
Okada beating Tanahashi at New Beginning 2012
The first Ospreay vs. Ricochet match
Omega's G1 win
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