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EWA Newswire (2/6/2011)

Post by Big Red Machine » Feb 6th, '11, 11:43

Welcome to the EWA Newswire, your official source for all EWA information!

The EWA’s 11th show, Night of Champions will take place on Tuesday, February 8th at 9:00PM at the Wrestlatorium in Toronto, Ontario.

On the last newswire, it was announced that Night of Champions would feature a fatal 4 way match between Wyler Mothis, John Hall, Jimmy Carnival, and Phreak to determine the #1 contender for the EWA World Title at our twelfth show. The EWA Offices received a very angry phone call yesterday from "Mr. Wrestling" Jimmy Carnival. Carnival was furious about being booked in this match, and said that he shouldn't have to jump though management's hoops to receive a title shot. In his own mind, Carnival has already earned that title shot. Come Night of Champions, it will be time for Carnival to put up or shut up. We hope to have comments from the other three competitors during the Night of Champions broadcast.

The EWA offices received a second phone call yesterday. This one was from Sebastian Marburg, who asked us to post the following message:

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and its true.
Just look at Caesar, Faustus, Mussolini, and now you Scottie Adams.
You wanted a friend so you reached out to your fellow man, and I can
understand that. But you reached out and you broke the rules. What's worse?
You lied and everyone knows how I feel about liars. Well, everyone
except you apparently, but don't worry once we get in the ring we'll
fix all the wrongs.

As for you Exodus, make sure your car is in full working order so you
can be here when its time to get what's coming to you.

As per Marburg's request, the EWA Booking Committee called up "Surfin" Scottie Adams and informed him of Marburg's challenge. Scottie said yes, and the match was made official. At Night of Champions, it will be Scottie Adams vs. Sebastian Marburg!

Another match has been signed for Night of Champions, pitting the teacher & student team "Badass" Mark Woodbridge & Scott Logan against the makeshift sensation of Corey Rose & Malcolm Metal.

The final match signed for Night of Champions will pit Hazard against George "The Aggro" Adams. Aggro returned from a minor concussion at Zero Hour to defeat "Big Nasty" Kev Carnage in a brutal English Streetfight that spilled all over the EWA Arena. We are still unsure of what type of physical condition Aggro is in, but it seems impossible that he will be at 100% for Night of Champions. Aggro was given the chance to decline that match, but insisted on wrestling anyway. Hazard, on the other hand, said that he had been eagerly anticipating the EWA's his return to his home country, and wants to give the hometown fans a win.

The Rundown:
EWA Night of Champions- February 8th, 2011,9:00 PM, The Wrestlatorium-

Atomic Punks (w/Kitten) vs. Royal Appointments (w/Jenkins)

EWA World Title match:
"High Impact" Joel Carter(c) vs. Unknown (w/Valerie Knot)

#1 Contendership match:
Jimmy Carnival vs. Phreak vs. John Hall vs. Wyler Mothis

Streak vs. Mask:
Tien Triopiquer vs. El Demomico

Power & Pain (Chris Calaway & “Mean” Mark Roberts) vs. “Big Nasty” Kev Carnage & Shawn “The Future” Stevens

Jack Squat (w/Sarah Kaminsky) vs. Tanakashi Shupiro (w/King Kang)

George "The Aggro" Adams vs. Hazard

Mark Woodbridge & Scott Logan vs. Corey Rose & Malcolm Metal

Surfin' "Scottie Adams" vs. Sebastian Marburg

Jordan Delux will address the crowd

And don't forget to tune in to the EWA-WAC Supershow When Two World Collide on Wednesday night!
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