Fan Footage: Power & Pain Hit Toronto

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Fan Footage: Power & Pain Hit Toronto

Post by Big Red Machine » Feb 8th, '11, 09:35

It seems EWA's international fanbase is growing rather rapidly as this recently posted youtube video shows. One of our premier tag teams, Mark Roberts and Chris Calaway aka Power and Pain , were noticed arriving in Toronto, Canada ahead of Night of Champions, much too the delight of two of our fans from North of the border. Take a look!

We see the luggage collection area of an airport. The camera focuses on two men waiting for their bags to come out.

“Yep, that’s definitely them. Let’s get a scoop!” A voice says off camera.

A guy around 19-21 years old walks slightly ahead of the person filming.

“Hey, its Power and Pain, welcome to Canada guys!” Chris Calaway and Mark Roberts turn towards the two fans.

Calaway: What’s up guys?

The four men exchange handshakes. “So your back at the Wrestleatorium, we saw your match there a couple of years ago!”

Roberts: The Patrice LeBlanc Memorial gig? That was a good show. You boys coming to Night of Champions?

“Yep, we’ll be there! Great card, would rather it was you guys going for the tag straps though.”

Calaway: Well, you gotta take out the trash before you get your pocket money, know what I mean?

The luggage carousel starts up.

“Sweet, time to take down the Triad huh?”

Calaway: That’s the plan bro. s**t, ours are the first out!

Roberts: Makes a F-word change!

Fan laughs. “EWA’s going pretty strong right now. Jordan Delux is a huge deal eh?”

Roberts: Yeah, the new management are really looking to put EWA on the map. This week’s supershow should be really hot.

Step Up by Drowning Pool can suddenly be heard. Camera guy fumbles around “Ah crap my Sister’s calling dude!”

Calaway: F-word your Sister!

Fan laughs again “I already did!”

“F-word you"

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