Atomic Punks Promo (2/17/2011)

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Atomic Punks Promo (2/17/2011)

Post by Big Red Machine » Feb 17th, '11, 08:46

The camera pans around Van Cortlandt Park at sundown before stopping on The Atomic Punks. Johnny Rage and Travis Vans have their Tag Team belts over their shoulders, glittering in the last rays of the sun. Kat Klash is with them on a bench. A voice off camera asks

"Atomic Punks, you are the first EWA Tag Team Champions, your thoughts"

Rage: At Night of Champions, the spirit of the Punk was alive and kicking. We beat those damn aristocrats and showed anarchy conquers all!

Vans: And those uptight morons are just the start. The Atomic Punks will take on any Tag Team that thinks they can beat us. Power and Pain? Carnage and Stevens? If they can pull their noses out of Joel Carter. Or how about the Faith Breakers? We don’t care! We want the best, so bring your best!

The Atomic Punks get up and walk away deeper into the park.
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