EWA Newswire #20 (2/17/2011)

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EWA Newswire #20 (2/17/2011)

Post by Big Red Machine » Feb 17th, '11, 09:08

The EWA’s 12th show, Night of the Grudges, will take place on Sunday, February 27th at 10:00PM at the Rogers Ballroom in Brooklyn, NY.
As a result of winning the #1 contendership match at Night of Champions, Phreak will challenge Joel Carter in the main event of Night of the Grudges for the EWA WORLD TITLE.

After months of confrontations (or attempts to avoid it) Sarah Kaminsky and Valerie Knot finally came to blows at Night of Champions. Kaminsky sent the following video in to the EWA Offices:

We are awaiting a response from Valerie Knot.

Earlier today, the EWA Interview Crew caught up with our newly crowned, first ever EWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, the Atomic Punks. You can see the whole interview here:

In the video, the Atomic Punks said that they wanted the best competition that the EWA could find for them: Well… they wanted it, so they’ve got it! At Night of the Grudges, the Atomic Punks will defend the EWA World Tag Team Titles for the first time… and their opponents will be Chris Calaway & “Mean” Mark Roberts: Power & Pain!

We have received a report from the Toronto Police Department that the fan who jumped the guardrail and attacked “Surfin’” Scottie Adams at Night of Champions is claiming to be a former EWA wrestler. EWA management has verified his claim, and brought this information to Surfin’ Scottie Adams. The final decision was put in Scottie’s hands, and Scottie told us that he would like the chance to confront his attacker.. in the ring. This man, now going by the name of David Miereneuker, has been signed to appear at Night of the Grudges, where he will be given the chance to speak… and will then face “Surfin’” Scottie Adams ONE-ON-ONE!

Backstage at Night of Champions, King Kang was overheard bragging about Tanakashi Shupiro’s impressive win streak, and his victories over wrestlers from all over the world. He said that Shupiro will beat anyone and everyone, and said that he would like to see anyone even try to beat Shupiro. Unfortunately for Kang, the man who overheard his bragging was none other than “Badass” Mark Woodbridge, who is the only man to date to have scored a victory over Shupiro. Woodbridge challenged Kang to have Shupiro put his money where his mouth is… and Kang & Shupiro accepted. Woddbridge beat Shupiro at Hangover, but Shupiro got his win back at Aftermath. Now, at Night of the Grudges, we will have the rubber match: Woodbridge vs. Shupiro III!

Also signed to appear at Night of the Grudges: Jack Squat, Exodus Licairne, John Hall, Tien Triopiquer, Malcolm Metal, and Reaper.

Stay tuned for the next edition of the EWA Newswire some time next week.

The Rundown:
EWA Night of the Grudges- Sunday, February 27th, 2011,10:00 PM, The Rogers Ballroom-

EWA World Title match:
Joel Carter(c) vs. Phreak

EWA World Tag Team Title match:
Atomic Punks(c) (w/Kat Klash) vs. Power & Pain

“Badass” Mark Woodbridge vs. Tanakashi Shupiro (w/King Kang)

“Surfin’” Scottie Adams vs. David Miereneuker
And more EWA action!
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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