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Q: What is the EWA?
A: The Elite Wrestling Association is the elite federation in efed wrestling!

Q: How does it work?
A: Our experienced booking team will take your character and insert him into exciting storylines with your cooperation for your reading pleasure.

Q: Can I cut any promo I want, whenever I want?
A: Unfortunately, not yet. Submit your promo to Big Red Machine, yourcrapsweak or Verdun for review before posting. The reason behind this is we want to make sure it totally complies with the storyline.

Q: I don't like where my character is going or what he is doing/You are not writing my character the way I intended. Is there anything I can do?
A: If you do not like the direction your character seems to be taking, we encourage that you express your grievances with the bookers. We will work out a plan to get your character on the path you'd like to see them take.

Q: Can you book so-and-so on the next show?
A: You didn't say "please".

Q: Can I write a match?
A: Please do!

Q: Why are some of your matches so damn long?
A: We at the EWA want to provide you with the best wrestling show we possibly can, in and out of the ring. The innovative matches we have can sometimes run a little long, but that's because they're filled with so much action, we could not possibly fit them into a ten-minute match.

Q: How come I'm never booked?
A: Chances are we already have a plan for you, even if you don't think we do. We plan several shows ahead, so just wait it out and we promise it will be worth it. Also, feel free to ask one of the bookers any questions you may have. We don't bite!

Q: How come I barely have any control over my character?
A: You can always have more control, we encourage that you be proactive about your character. Talk to the bookers about it and an agreement will be worked out. You may not have free-reign in the EWA as you might have in WWR, but we guarantee to put out a better show every month than them ;)

Q: King Kang needs to go away.
A: That's not a question.

Q: How many wrestlers can I create or control?
A: We ask that you only control two maximum, but there are some exceptions. Consult either Big Red Machine, yourcrapsweak or Earth Child with your request.

Q: Can I create a manager?
A: Yes, you may create a description for your manager or a non-wrestler, just leave the unnecessary parts blank.

Q: What is an "orphaned character"?
A: An orphan is what we call a character who's original handler is no longer a user on the forum, and therefore are without any direction or guide in life :( We ask for you to please adopt one of these lost souls and take them under your wing.

Q: How can I adopt orphaned character?
A: PM either Big Red Machine, yourcrapsweak, or Verdun and tell us which character you would like to adopt (control).

Q: Can I create a tag team?
A: Go for it!

Q: Does my tag team or manager count as my two maximum wrestlers I can create?
A: Manager - no. Tag Team - possibly. Depends on if they regularly compete in singles matches. We will assess the situation and let you know, but chances are we will allow you to create another wrestler, because we're really nice guys.

Q: How should I create a character sheet for a tag team? Is there a special template?
A: Create a character sheet for each member of your team, and specify what moves, taunts, etc. are performed with your partner.

Q: Can I create my own stable?
A: If you are creating the stable from scratch, then yes (note that the character limits still apply). If you want to group together a bunch of wrestlers already created, then the creation of a stable will be up to the bookers, but we're open to suggestions!

Q: Isn't there some easier way to find the wrestler I'm looking for in that long-ass thread for the roster?
A: Yes! Press Ctrl+F, type in the wrestler you're looking for and your browser, using black magic, should bring you right to them.

Q: I want to delete my character. Can I do that?
A: Characters can be deleted upon request, but we highly encourage you to disown your character instead of completely erasing him from our roster. The difference is that disowning will orphan your character, so we can still use them to finish off whatever angle they may be involved with, and another user may adopt them.
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