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Message from Tien Triopiquer

Post by Big Red Machine » May 3rd, '11, 07:13

This morning the EWA Offices received the following message from Tien Triopiquer:

As of right now, I am on an unprecedented undefeated streak. In fact, there is only one man in EWA history who has had a comparable streak: Current EWA World Champion Joel Carter. It was going undefeated that earned Carter that belt, but our records are much different. When Joel Carter won the EWA World Title, in his seventh match in the EWA, he had amassed a grand total of four wins, zero losses, and three draws (which, by the way, were all against the same man, and he had to get outside help to finally beat that man to earn the title). In the end, Carter’s winning streak only lasted him one more win, for a total of 5-0-3. I, on the other hand, now stand at an unprecedented nine wins, zero losses, and zero draws. So as things now stand, I have better record that Joel Carter did when he won the EWA World Title, and I have a better record than any man who has ever challenged Carter for the belt before. So I think I deserve a title shot. Hey EWA management? You want to put butts in the seats? How does a seven and a half foot tall, five-hundred and fifteen pound World Champion sound?

EWA Commissioner Ron Ellis has said that he will take Triopiquer's argument under advisement, and will factor it into the decision making process for determining future title shots.
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