EWA Newswire #23 (5/21/2011)

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EWA Newswire #23 (5/21/2011)

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The EWA’s 14th show, There’s a Train Coming Through, will take place on Sunday, May 29th at 10:00PM at Le Grande Arena in Montreal, Canada. The EWA is excited to make its debut in yet another new market with a rich wrestling history.

The EWA’s First Anniversary Show turned out to be its most controversial show as well. In a sign of things to come, Josh Storm used less-than-honorable means to defeat Travis Vans. Vans called up the EWA offices demanding a rematch, but Storm has refused. The EWA has, however, been able to get both men’s tag team partners to agree to a match at There’s a Train Coming Through. It will be Unknown vs. Johnny Rage!

Because of the refereeing error, the EWA’s new Lt. Commissioner, Victor Omnious, came to ringside to be an outside official for the next match, but eventually decided that he was unsatisfied with the referee’s job, and clotheslined him, officiating the match himself! The match ended when Omnious disqualified Mark Woodbrdige for not leaving the ring quickly enough after a tag. The furious Woodbridge then shoved Omnious, and the two came to blows, ending with both Woodbridge and Scott Logan being laid out by Omnious. EWA Commissioner Ron Ellis then came out and he and Omnious had an argument, which ended when Ellis sent Omnious home for the night.

The Queen’s Cup Gauntlet match was also riddled with controversy. When the two faced off against one another, Exodus Licairne has his disciple David Mireneuker lie down for him and allow himself to be pinned. Then Exodus had Mireneuker attack the next man, Mark Roberts, before he could make it into the ring, starting Exodus off with a major advantage. In light of these events a tag team match has been signed for There’s a Train Coming Through, pitting Exodus & Mireneuker against Roberts and Exodus’ nemesis; “Surfin’” Scottie Adams!

Another major cause of controversy in the Queen’s Cup was the final match, which saw Hazard use less-than-honorable tactics to defeat the debuting Robert Randall and capture a shot at the EWA World Title. The EWA offered Hazard the title shot for There’s a Train Coming Through, but Hazard declined, saying that he would like to wait. “I know I can beat anyone at any time,” Hazard said. “I’ll take my title shot when I’m good and ready.”

Robert Randall, for his part, was said to be extremely upset at losing a tainted match. EWA Commissioner Ron Ellis sympathized with Randall, who had an extremely impressive debut, in which he used an ultra-effective heel hook to make Jack Squat tap out after three minutes, not letting Jack get in even a single offensive maneuver. Ellis told Randall that he would do what he could to make the situation right.

The most controversial night in EWA history finished with what will surely go down as the most controversial match in EWA history. During the EWA World Title match, Jimmy Carnival appeared to have Chris Calaway down for the three count, but the referee did not count the pin because he was trying to make George “The Aggro” Adams comply with the five count in the corner, where Adams was stomping a mudhole in Joel Carter. When Carnival saw this, he went over and shoved both Adams and the referee! Adams and Carnival then brawled on the outside, with the referee telling them off. While this was happening, Calaway and Carter locked up, and Calaway forced Carter to tap out to the South Side Stretch… but once again, there was no referee to make the call, as the referee trying to stop Carnival and Adams from brawling into the crowd. Calaway released the hold to try to get the referee’s attention… and Carter took advantage, hitting him with a low blow. Carter than hit Calaway with the Trigger Effect, got the referee’s attention by dragging him away from Aggro and Carnival, and got the pinfall to retain his title. While the EWA maintains that the decisions of its referees are final, it also acknowledges when mistakes are made, and seeks to rectify those mistakes.
As a result of these factors, significant controversy has arisen as to who will be the #1 contender to the EWA World Title. Both Calaway and Carnival have filed petitions for title shots based on the events of the main event at the First Anniversary Show, and Hazard currently has a title shot as well, but has chosen not to use it at There’s a Train Coming Through. Further complicating matters, Tien Triopiquer, coming off of a major victory over Phreak, has also petitioned the EWA Booking Committee for an EWA World Title Shot.
We hope to have a final decision early next week.

There has been some discussion in the EWA Offices about adding another championship to the EWA. More on this as it develops.

During a backstage confrontation at the First Anniversary Show, Jimmy Carnival and George “The Aggro” Adams came to an agreement that if one of them won the EWA World Title that night, they would give the other the title shot in Montreal. While neither man won the title, the EWA has decided to sign the match anyway. At There’s a Train Coming Through it will be Aggro vs. Carnival in the main event!

EWA Management has spent the last two months trying to get in contact with Reaper to find out why he assaulted El Demonico and threw him off of the stage at the First Anniversary Show. So far, Reaper has been silent, but has promised to reveal this information at There’s a Train Coming Through. After a month in the hospital, Demonico is still not fit to compete, but the doctors are certain he will make a full recovery. How long it will take is still unknown. Everyone here at the EWA Offices wishes Demonico a speedy recovery, and we hope to see him back in an EWA ring as soon as he is healthy.

Also signed for There’s a Train Coming Through are singles bouts between Jack Squat and Shadow, and between Shawn Stevens and Mark Woodbridge.

Additional talent signed for the show includes: Chris Calaway, Tien Triopiquer, Scott Logan, Phreak, Robert Randall, John Hall, Hazard, and international megastar Jordan Delux.

The Rundown:
The EWA's 14th Show, the There’s a Train Coming Through will take place on Sunday, May 29th at the Le Grande Arena in Montreal, Quebec, at 10:00PM Eastern Time.

“Mr. Wrestling” Jimmy Carnival vs. George “The Aggro” Adams

Shadow vs. Jack Squat (w/Sarah Kaminsky)

Unknown (w/Valerie Knot) vs. Travis Vans (w/Kat Klash)

Shawn “The Future” Stevens vs. “Badass” Mark Woodbridge

“Mean” Mark Roberts & “Surfin’” Scottie Adams vs. Exodus Licairne & David Mireneuker
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