Valerie Knot Promo (1/3/2011)

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Valerie Knot Promo (1/3/2011)

Post by Big Red Machine » Jan 3rd, '11, 00:06

Unknown and Valerie Knot are walking in a back alley, both dressed for the cold. They walk with the camera, Knot speaking with Unknown walking in the background with his head down, kicking an empty beer bottle on the ground.

Knot: "It seems like we're in this alone. Unknown, Josh and I seem to be the only ones in the EWA who believe us when we say we are climbing to the top. And it all started at Truth Hurts. Jack Squat, Joel Carter, you can train all you want, say all your silly little prayers all you want, and face each other at Zero Hour for that title. Whoever wins, it doesn't matter to us. In fact, Jack, I hope you win. Because with you and that little bitch on a leash you have Sarah Kaminsky, I think it would be that much sweeter to take the belt from you. Wouldn't it? Hm... So whoever it is, relish that belt, hold it close to you, because after Zero Hour, it's Unknown's turn to dance with the big boys, and after he kicks your head in, after he chops your skin off, after he chokes you out, and after he drives you on your head, after you wake up, standing above you, you will be looking at the new World Champ..."

Unknown takes out a cigarette and lights it, and then leans against a wall. Knot stops walking with the camera and takes a hit of it, and continues to speak.

Knot: "In the meantime, we were given the choice to take some time off before our match after Zero Hour. But that's not how we work. Unknown doesn't take that route. So we were thinkin', and we came up with something pretty freakin' clever. Joel Carter, you like to throw your little slaves in front of people before they get their shot at you, huh? If that's how you wanna play, well then we'll play along. But this time it works pretty well on our part. You see, Shawn Stevens, it may not seem like it but Kaminsky isn't the only one I'm mad at. Your midget a** is what started all of it. So before Carter can even try, Unknown is challenging you. So step up. Unknown ain't no girl; you'll be up against a real man. Something you're probably not used to. And don't think that it will be a walk in the park. Because at Zero Hour, you, Shawn Stevens, will be burned, because you have been walking a little too close to our flame. And after all is said and done, everyone, Jack Squat, Sarah Kaminsky, Atomic Punks, Joel Carter and his lackeys, and anyone who doubts us, will know what we are all about. By any... means... necessary..."

Knot walks away, and Unknown flicks his cigarette butt at the camera, walking away slowly.
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