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Everything you need to know for Zero Hour!

Post by Big Red Machine » Jan 3rd, '11, 00:23

Zero Hour will be our first show of the new year, and it is going to be a doozy! Many within the comapny are saying that Zero Hour will be our biggest show yet, and if it is a success, it will become an annual event.
Featured on the card will be several major matches. The main event will be Joel Carter defending the EWA WORLD TITLE against Jack Squat! These two men had a respectful rivalry in the early days of the EWA, with neither man able to beat the other, including a 60 minute draw in the finals of the EWA World Title Tournament. This respectful rivalry took a turn for the worse at Crowning a Champion when Carter enlisted the help of "Big Nasty" Kev Carnage and Shawn "the Future" Stevens, to interfere in his match and help him cheat to win the EWA World Title. Squat has been on the warpath ever since and as per a deal he made with Carter, after going through both Stevens and Carnage, has earned a shot at the EWA World Title.

Strangely, one fact that hasn't contributed to Jack's warpath is Shawn Stevens DDTing Jack's valet, Sarah Kaminsky, after she pulled him off of the apron in an attempt to prevent him from distracting the referee during the main event at Crowning a Champion. At the behest of Jack and Kaminsky, the EWA has not taken any action against Stevens for this act of man-on-woman violence. One group that HAS taken exception to this is the Faith Breakers, particularly Valerie Knot, who has delivered several scathing tirades directed at Kaminsky and demanded that the EWA take action against Stevens. Events have recently escalated at show 8 Truth Hurts, when, during his match against Squat, Stevens dove from the ring, landing directly onto the pairing of Squat and Kaminsky on the outside, but rather than continuing to go after Jack, he first stopped and delivered a stiff kick to Kaminsky's stomach. Kaminsky has recently stated that "THERE IS NO ISSUE. I am a wrestler, and these sorts of things happen," but Knot has not dropped the issue, and Knot's charge, Unknown, recently challenged Stevens to a match to "show Jack how a real man takes care of his woman, and to punish Stevens for his actions, because the EWA is too cowardly to do so."
At our last show, Validation, Unknown won a shot at the EWA World Title, which will take place on our 11th show, Night of Champions, no matter who comes out of Zero Hour as the EWA World Champion

You can see Knot's latest promo as well as the challenge laid out to Stevens here:

Despite coming into the World Title Tournament as the top ranked wrestler in the company, Phreak lost to Joel Carter in the first round of the World Title Tournament after a quick Gore by Carter. Phreak soon left the EWA to travel the world and try to fix the hole in his game that caused him to lose, and is on a quest to become the EWA World Champion. After successful trips to Mexico, England, Germany, and Japan, Phreak is now ready to make his return to the EWA. Hearing the announcement of Phreak's return, EWA mainstay Chris Everlast told the offices that he would leave an "Everlasting Impression" on the EWA by cutting off Phreak's momentum at the biggest show of the year!

Another major match at Zero Hour will determine the second team that will get a chance to compete for the new EWA World Tag Team Titles. The Royal Appointments qualified at Validation, and at Zero Hour, The Atomic Punks, Power & Pain, Mark Woodbridge & Scott Logan, and the makeshift team of Wyler Mothis & Hazard will compete for the right to face the Royal Appointments for the titles. The match will be contested under the same rules as the first: An elimination Battle Royale until there are two teams left, at which point it will become a standard tag team match.

One of the major surprises of Validation was the success of the new tag team of Malcolm Metal & Corey "Faith" Rose. Both men entered Truth Hurts with their jobs in jeopardy and both managed to impress the EWA Offices in their fifteen minute time-limit draw. The two then teamed up together for the first time in the Tag Team Title Qualifying match and not only made it to the final two, but even gave The Royal Appointments a good run for their money. At Zero Hour this new, exciting tag team will be in action against as of yet undetermined opponents.

Also at Validation, the injured George "The Aggro" Adams made some comments that his fellow Brit, "Big Nasty" Kev Carnage did not take too kindly to. Carnage challenged Aggro to a "fight- not a wresting match, but an old-fashioned fight," and Aggro agreed. At Zero Hour it will be "Big Nasty" Kev Carnage vs. George "The Aggro" Adams in a no DQ's Falls Count Anywhere, English Street Fight! While the EWA Booking Committee was hesitant about letting two dangerous men jump right to using weapons to sort out their issues, the EWA Management Committee wanted to go all out for our biggest show yet, and allowed the stipulation.

Zero Hour will also see the long-awaited return to action of "Surfin'" Scottie Adams, who was brutally assaulted by Exodus Licarine at Truth Hurts. At Validation Exodus spilled his heart out to world, telling of his hatred for Adams and his happy-go-lucky way of life. At Zero Hour, it will be Scottie vs. Exodus!

Another formerly injured wrestler who will be making his return at Zero Hour is Shadow. Shadow has been out of action since being knocked out cold by El Demonico at our 6th show, Aftermath, and he will be returning with vengeance in mind. It will be El Demonico vs. Shadow in a Hardcore match!

In the past few weeks, many EWA wrestlers have been petitioning the EWA Booking Committee for shots at the EWA World Title. Two of these men are "Mr. Wrestling" Jimmy Carnival and Reaper. These two men will face off at Zero Hour in a match that will have major implications on the EWA World Title picture. Another of these men is John Hall, who will team up with "The Brazilian Warrior" Rodrigo Machado to take on The Royal Appointments. The Royal Appointments have already earned a chance to become the first ever EWA World Tag Team Champions, and now look to continue the momentum they have built since their debut so that they can ride into Night of Champions on arguably the biggest hot-streak in the EWA!

Other matches at Zero Hour include the monstrous, undefeated Tien Triopiquer taking on Merritt Rook, and Japanese superstar Tanakashi Shupiro taking on Gear Creed.

The Rundown:
The EWA's 10th show, Zero Hour! will take place at the EWA Arena at 9PM on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011.
EWA World Title match:
Joel Carter(c) vs. Jack Squat (w/Sarah Kaminsky)

EWA World Tag Team Title Qualifying match:
Power & Pain vs. Hazard & Mothis vs. Logan & Woodbridge vs. Atomic Punks (w/Kitten)

Chris Everlast vs. Phreak

Hardcore match:
El Demoinco vs. Shadow

"Surfin'" Scottie Adams vs. Exodus Licairne

No Disqualification, Falls, Count Anywhere English Street Fight:
George "the Aggro" Adams vs. "Big Nasty" Kev Carnage

Unknown (w/Valerie Knot) vs. Shawn "the Future" Stevens

Reaper vs. "Mr Wrestling" Jimmy Carnival

John Hall & Rodrigo Machado vs. The Royal Appointments (w/Jenkins)

Merritt Rook vs. Tien Triopiquer

Gear Creed vs. Tanakashi Shuprio (w/King Kang)

Corey Rose & Malcolm Metal vs. TBA & TBA
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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