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#1 Contender Speaks Out!

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 27th, '11, 11:28

The following video was received at the EWA Offices earlier this morning.

The screen is dominated by the massive for of the 7 and a half foot tall, 515 pound Tien Triopiquer.

He Did it again!........Hiding........Again! I'd say that i was surprised but that would be a bare faced lie! But to be perfectly honest, it seems that hiding is all he does! He hides behind Shawn Stevens! He hides behind Kev Carnage... P.S I'm bigger than you! HIDING!! I mean, isn't he "the best in the world"? Aren't you Joel? I mean you seemed pretty confident....til i came along. But then again HIDING things is just how you are! Because underneath your confident mask is that fearful face that you'd hope that you're opponents wouldn't see!!
And of course with all that hiding, you're gonna need some running too! so you prolong our little meeting, RUNNING from the 7 and a half foot Monster in front of you! You see you can have your month to prepare,HELL make it interesting surprise me! Bring your Triad Buddies, it will make no Difference!!
You can only run and hide for so long! Because only one of two things can happen at "Undefeated". Either you stop running and face me like a man, the man you think you are........OR......I Catch You!!!

It will be Carter vs. Triopiquer for the EWA World Title at Undefeated!
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