RevPro Summer Sizzler results: Rey Mysterio vs. Marty Scurll

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RevPro Summer Sizzler results: Rey Mysterio vs. Marty Scurll

Post by cero2k » Aug 19th, '17, 10:00 ... rll-241271

Submitted by reader Peter Hitchcock

Revolution Pro Wrestling presented their Summer Sizzler 2017 event at York Hall in London on Thursday night. It was a fun and enjoyable evening despite an odd looking card on the surface for a York Hall show, although there were no classic matches.

- Martin Stone defeated Eddie Dennis

This was two unrelated storylines coming together. Stone has a feud going with Sami Callihan, who was recently injured, while Dennis is looking for his first win in RevPro and has recently gone full-time as a wrestler.

The match was a fun opener. Stone won in a somewhat underhanded manner but cut a promo after putting over Dennis and how that first big win will be worth it.

- Bully Ray defeated Sha Samuels

This was a no DQ, falls count anywhere match, but it ended in the ring after a top rope splash from Bully Ray. There was a nice moment after as RevPro trainee Rob Lias jumped both and ended up being hit with the "Wassup" by both Bully Ray and Samuels (playing D-Von) and put through a table.

Bully Ray then invited a kid into the ring and gave him a big piece of the broken table in a cool moment.

- Zack Gibson defeated Dalton Castle

As usual, Gibson got a lot of heat. He worked the arm in a fun match. After Castle went into the ring post, Gibson locked on the Shankly Gates for the surprisingly clean submission win.

- The Briscoes defeated Ryan Smile & Shane Strickland

This was the final match before intermission. I think the crowd was ready for a break as they were definitely quieter for this.

- Jay White defeated Travis Banks

Banks is a tag champ in RevPro and White has done a number of shows as part of his excursion. They had a good technical match with hard chops, though it suffered by being the first match after intermission. White won with the Liontamer.

- RPW Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion Josh Bodom defeated Jushin Thunder Liger to retain his title

Good match that played off of their earlier bout at the British J-Cup, with Bodom winning this time. Liger was incredibly over and got a standing ovation after the match despite Bodom winning clean.

- RPW Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Chris Brookes to retain his title

They had the best match of the night in my view. It was a good technical bout. Brookes is a tag champ with Travis Banks and this was probably his highest profile singles match to date. He did very well, but Sabre won with a gnarly submission with elbows and kicks thrown into the mix.

- Marty Scurll defeated Rey Mysterio

Mysterio absolutely still has it, though he's obviously older and works smarter. It was a fun match with Scurll winning clean with a finisher I hadn't seen before, not the chicken wing.

Scurll has always been too over to be a heel, but since joining the Bullet Club he was on another level at this show. He was more over than Mysterio and was probably the most over guy on the show.

Scurll and Mysterio cut promos after putting each other over as an inspiration and hero (Mysterio) and part of the future (Scurll) for a nice feel good ending to the show.

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