BRM's thoughts on the 12/20 Raw

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BRM's thoughts on the 12/20 Raw

Post by Big Red Machine » Dec 23rd, '10, 15:39

1. I thought that the Christmas-Ghosts segment with Miz was pretty good, and was certainly inkeeping with Miz's character. And it wasn't too long and drawn out, so it didn't take up much time.

2. Morrison comes down and a fight starts. Morrison takes out RIley while Miz gets away. I love RIley as the Lackey and Miz as the chicken-shit heel!

3. Sheamus comers down and beats up Morrison. YAY! At this point in their feud, I consider Sheamus to be the babyface, because Morrison has been acting like the heel the whole time, too, and was the one who started everything.

4. The GM announcing that Mioz would be facing his three ghosts made me think that Cole and Angry-Miz-Girl would be wrestling. I am looking forward to the main event, though.

5. Matcvh for #1 contendership to the Divas Title: Melina vs. Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres- 4/10- Short, but... the best way to say this is that it was like watching a great match in slow-motion. There was some really cool stuff in here, though.

6. After the match Melina makes a MUCH-NEEDED heel turn by slapping Nattie in the face.

7. Nattie Neidhart should not be wearing dresses. FOr the Bellas or Lay-Cool, it is finek but not other Diva should be wearing dresses, especially one whose character is a tough young girl who cmae out of the Dungeon. You would NEVER see Lita wearing a dress. Nattie is that smae type of spunky, tough character.

8. Daniel Bryan vs. William Regal- 5.75/10. Really good, but I wish it would have been longer.

9. The Orton-Morrison segment was good. I like Orton as a tweener, and I can buy into Orton vs Morrison at Mania.

10, The Santino comedy was dumb, but him selling it later on was good.

11. Wait! Why are Dolph and Vickie allowed to be on Raw?

12. Tamina & Santino vs. Axana & Maryse & Dibiase- 3/10. This made Maryse look WAY too weak. All it takes to put her down is ONE KICK and ONE SPLASH? She is a FORMER DIVAS CHAMPION! The comedy was good, though.

13. The last time that Raw was Nexus-free would have been before the group formed in May... SEVEN months ago. If you are going to be saying it all of the time, MAKE SURE THAT YOU GET IT RIGHT!

14. Cena's promo was okay, but crowd reactions just plain MADE this segment, although Cena worked with them to make it PERFECT!

15. John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/VIckie)- 6.75/10.
Punk did a great job of making COle seem like a hypocrite, and COle did a great job playing the hypocrite.
Punk's chairshot was good. I like where this is going.

16. Punk's promo afterwards was short and sweet.

17. The Sheamus-Lawler confrontation was dull and tried.

18. We get a match announced for Smackdown, which is good. With no time between the two shows, the need to give us a reason to watch, ASAP.

19. Miz, Riley, & Sheamus vs. Orton, Morrison, & Lawler- 7.75/10. Great main evnet. GREAT story with Morrison as the babyface in peril for so long.

20. Why is Raw allowed to be on Smackdown?
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Re: BRM's thoughts on the 12/20 Raw

Post by Serujuunin » Dec 25th, '10, 23:03

Big Red Machine wrote:9. The Orton-Morrison segment was good. I like Orton as a tweener, and I can buy into Orton vs Morrison at Mania.
I would probably wet myself in excitement (actually, probably not, but still...) watching this match. I would be so stoked to see it go on, especially if they let Orton do more than a few different moves. Both guys have a lot of talent, and to see their differing styles together, would be wonderful. AND, both guys can make whomever they're in the ring with look good. They wouldn't have to work that hard to make each other look good, and if they did, wow it would be amazing.

(I'm chosing to ignore Randy's botched RKO because, well, everyone makes mistakes :p)

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