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Post by Big Red Machine » Jan 2nd, '11, 13:48

This is open to all members of the board and the rules are simple:

1) Pick the winner(s) of each match.

2) Assign a 'confidence point' to the match based on your confidence in that wrestler winning the match.

3) Only use confidence points once each, i.e. Once you place '5' as a CP, you cannot use it again on another match.

4) You may edit your picks up until the thread locks on the night of the show. If you edit your pics, JUST EDIT YOUR POST, DON'T MAKE A NEW ONE!!!!!!

5) Any editing or posting of your post that contains your picks after belltime, will cause the picks to be thrown out.

6) You may choose "No Contest" or "Draw" as your choice for the outcome of the match. If the match begins with the announced participants, it will be scored. If it is not an official match and never begins (i.e. just a brawl, no ref, no bell) the match will be thrown out. If the match changes participants, it will be thrown out.

7) If a match changes from a title match to a non-title match, or any other stipulations change, it will also be thrown out.

8) The person or people who guess highest number of matches right (not get the most points)- will be awarded one extra point. For example, if there are 7 matches currently announced. Use confidence points 1-7 according to the rules. If any other matches are added before Friday, I'll add them here, update accordingly!

9) Shows, now matter the importance of it, that don't have AT LEAST 5 matches announced before the day of the show will not be counted, and thus will not have a topic even when announced that they would. Furthermore, matches with mystery opponents will not be counted as one of those 5 matches (as they would, by their nature, be thrown out anyway).

Each thread locks at the stated time.

Obviously, the people who get the most points are the winners, and we will keep standings.
We will do this for every PPV (WWE, TNA, ROH, DGUSA, AAA, and CMLL), as well as every non-tv taping ROH show, and most CHIKARA, PWG, Evolve, and DGUSA shows, as well as any other card you guys want to send me. (basically, any card where all of the matches are announced beforehand).

You don't have to make the commitment to do every show to participate in the league (although if you miss a show, you will not get any points for it).
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Re: Pick Em's Rules **READ BEFORE POSTING**

Post by ECWFlairfan » Feb 20th, '11, 16:13

If there is a # of matches rule, then that rule needs to be added please.

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