WWR Vortex - Show 4

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WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 18th, '11, 07:00

~The opening music hits followed by the credits.............then the usual pyro and roar from the crowd~

~Camera opens flying over the crowd as the words 'WWR' shortly followed by 'Vortex' flas across the screen~

~Finally AJ Cross and Mike McGrath come into view~

AJ "Welcome everyone to World Wrestling Revolution Vortex!!! Im AJ Cross and this is my broadcast colleague Mike McGrath coming to you live from 'The Sanitorium' and boy what a show we have for you tonight!!!

Mike "Thats right AJ, last week we saw the return of Ryan Ignatius and NNTK, now we thought both of these guys were working against Vade Kruger and Legion, but instead NNTK turned his back on his former BPA buddy and sided with Legion, Im sure we will catch up with Ignatius at some point!!

AJ "Now speaking of Ryan Ignatius, Vade and NNTK all three men are in the main event this evening, when Ignatius teams up with the number one contender for the WWR World heavyweight title Johnny Bishop to take on the champ himself Vade Kruger and the newest member of Legion.......NNTK!! What a main event thats gonna be!!!

Mike "Also tonight we have Fergal Kiley taking on Tommy Hawk with Chris Everlast as the special guest referee, Awesome Booty will face SwannStarr, The War Party go up against Tokyo Drift, "The Rage" Alex Bourne will attempt to keep his winning run going when he faces fellow newcomer Vance Valentine and young upstart Charles Remmington Smythe will face Ace Hunter!!

AJ "Tonight promises to be one of the best WWR Vortex's ever!!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by kiel297 » Feb 18th, '11, 19:52

JD takes to the ring, looks at a piece of card in his hand, raises his eyebrows and begins to speak

JD: Our opening contest for tonight is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring first, from Cheshire, England, he is the classiest man to ever grace a WWR ring, Charles REMMINGTON-SMYYYYYYYYYYTHE!

A rock version of God Save The Queen plays and the arena turns blue. Heavy boos almost drown the music out as Smythe and his butler Chives step out onto the stage and begin walking to the ring.

AJ: Look at this man. So cocky, so confident in his own ability that he doesn't care about anyone but himself.

Mike: No doubt about it, but as we saw last week, he can get the job done.

AJ: But can he do it again Mike? Or will his own confidence get the better of him as he steps in the ring with Ace Hunter?

Smythe stands in the center of the ring, gets down on one knee and flexes his muscles as fireworks shoot up from the corners behind him.

The arena lights go back to normal and Smythe music cuts. Ace Hunter's music plays and he begins making his way down to the ring.

JD: And his opponent, Ace HUNTER!

As Hunter stands on the center of the middle rope, he is sent over the top and dumped on the floor in a surprise attack by Remmington-Smythe.

AJ: Well Charles Remmington-Smythe wasting absolutely no time in getting this contest started, dumping Hunter right on his head.

Mike: A fall like that could easily put someone out of action AJ! I guess we've learned that you don't turn your back on Charles Remmington-Smythe.

Smythe gets out the ring and sends Hunter straight into the ring steps with a forceful irish whip. He walks over, picks Hunter up by his hair and tosses him back in the ring. The referee signals for the match to begin and the bell rings. Smythe carelessly wanders over to Ace, flipping off a fan on the way, when suddenly Ace springs up, runs at the ropes and Charles is met with a forceful clothesline which catches him right in the jaw!

AJ: What did I say, Mike? Looks like Charles underestimated Ace Hunter, and he paid the price for it right there!

Charles rolls out of the ring, massaging his jaw and yells a Chives to "get his fat arse over here". Chives obediantly waddles over as fast as he can, and assures Smythe that his face is undamaged. Smythe gets back in the ring as Ace Hunter leans back in the corner, with a smirk.

Mike: As much as Charles may have underestimated Ace, he just pissed him off big time! Ace better make sure he can keep outrunning Remmington-Smythe!

Charles and Ace stand nose to nose in the center of the ring, while Charles trash talks him. The referee separates them, and Charles delivers a backhand slap so hard it is audible up in the back row!

AJ: I think that's a given Mike! Charles is like a shark now, and I think he just smelled blood!

Mike: Well if he didn't before he does now!

Ace runs at Charles with a bloodied lip, and attempts another clothesline. Charles easily dodges it, and hits him with boot to the face. Charles heads over to the turnbuckle and removes the padding, unaware that Ace is getting up behind him. Ace runs at Charles, and dropkicks him chest first into the exposed turnbuckle. As Charles staggers back, Ace rolls him up into a cover.



Charles kicks out with ease.

AJ: I think Charles may want to rethink his strategies through.

Mike: No kidding! Ace Hunter is all over him in this match!

A furious Charles scrambles to his feet and delivers a shot to the forehead of Ace Hunter, knocking him down to the canvas. Charles places Ace throat-first on the bottom rope and presses his foot down on Ace's back with such force that Ace goes red within a few seconds. The referee counts to four, and Charles releases the hold.

AJ: You were saying, Mike?

Charles picks Hunter up, and whips him over to the ropes, delivering a brutal clothesline to Ace, whose head snaps back off the canvas. Charles picks him up once more, but Hunter delivers a cheap shot to the gut, and hits Charles with a stiff enziguiri. Charles goes straight down to the mat and Ace tries for the cover again.



THR- Charles gets his foot on the bottom rope and the ref calls for the rope break.

AJ: Charles just can't seem to keep the advantage here! Every time he does, he is immediately taken back down by Ace Hunter!

Mike: I don't think Charles is seeming so cocky right now AJ. He's gotta be wondering what he has to do to keep Ace down here!

AJ: I don't think he can Mike! WWR Vortex returns after this commercial break.

~Cuts to commercial break~

~Returns to commercial break~

AJ: Welcome back to WWR Vortex, where Charles Remmington-Smythe takes on Ace Hunter!

Mike: During the commercial break, Hunter has dominated Smythe in every way!

Double feature plays while AJ and Mike speak and shows Ace Hunter fly off of the top turnbuckle and hit a missile dropkick on Charles Remmington-Smythe. Cut back to the in-ring action and Ace is stomping on Charles in the corner. He picks Charles up and sets him up standing in the corner and walks to the other side of the ring. Ace charges towards Smythe, but just before he gets there, Charles bolts out of the way and straight into the referee who is sent tumbling from the ring.

AJ: The ref is down! Anything goes now!

Mike: This could be the chance Smythe has been waiting for to get the upper hand!

Ace Hunter runs against the ropes but is hit with a brutal shot to the back with a steel chair from Chives!

AJ: What?! Chives just smacked Ace Hunter in the back with that chair!

Mike: But the referee's down AJ! If he doesn't see it, it didn't happen!

Charles walks over to Ace and lays him out with his finisher, the sit-out Tiger Bomb! Chives runs round to the other side of the ring to toss the referee back in. The referee sees Charles covering Ace and begins to count.




The crowd erupts with boos, as the referee signals for the bell and Charles Remmington-Smythe's music plays.

JD: Here is your winner, Charles REMMINGTON-SMYTHE!

Charles walks over and snatches the microphone from JD.

Charles: You[JD], don't get out of the ring. Get back over here you little toe rag. I stood there in the back while you read my introduction, listening, and watching you on the monitors. What was that little face you gave after you read the card? You don't agree that Charles Remmington-Smythe is the classiest individual to ever grace a WWR ring? Do you, or do you not?

JD stands there awkwardly and avoids eye contact with Charles. The crowd is on the verge of chucking trash into the ring.


Charles slaps the taste out of JD's mouth before he can answer.

Charles: Get out of my ring you useless waste of space. Now, the rest of you! That is what you call a classy victory! You all call it cheating, and you call it dispicable, but you say that because you're jealous! You're jealous that you don't have the money or class to have a butler like Chives to MAKE SURE you win! Two to nothing in WWR so far. Next week I WILL make it three, and I don't care who I have to run through to do it! Although, in this place, I don't figure it'll be too hard. You saw last week, you've people desperate to leave this place and go to the rival!

Charles gives a little smirk

Charles: But don't worry, because no matter who I have to go through, whether it be Ace Killer here, or... Chris Everlast, I will take WWR, and all of you, closer and closer, to true class.

Charles drops the microphone, his music hits and he exits the ring while Ace Hunter lays in the ring motionless.

AJ: This man makes me sick!

Mike: You me both AJ, but while he's got Chives at his side, Charles Remmington-Smythe is a force to reckoned with here on WWR Vortex!

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 19th, '11, 02:58

AJ "Just wait until he faces someone like Chris Everlast or Fergal Kiley!! They will give him the hiding he deserves the stuck up jerk!!"

Mike "Oh hang on, were gonna hear from the WWR World Heavyweight Champion Vade Kruger............."

~The camera shoots to a dark, wet eerie place. The large figure of Vade Kruger appears from the darkness.....carrying the world title belt. He stops and looks at the camera, glaring through the hair that covers his face~

Vade "Charles Remmington-Smythe?? Alex Bourne?? Mason Garrett?? This is the kind of crap WWR have brought in...............speaking of crap, Ryan Ignatius returned last week.............and was duely dispatched by The Scorpion............The destroyer of dreams......the eater of careers.............THE WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!"

~Holds belt up to himself and seems somewhat transfixed for a short moment~

Vade "There is no shame in losing Ryan................hehehe............so get used to it for tonight you and the bible basher will fall at the hands of myself and............the newly returned NNTK............we will crush you, we will decimate you, we will destroy you................................and then at Path To Glory I will deny Johnny Bishop his dream of becoming WWR World Heavyweight Champion and you Ryan? At Path To Glory you will face THIS man!!!"

~Motions the camera to over Vades shoulder...................NNTK steps out of the shadows, a red glow seems to be rising from underneath where he is stood. The two of them stare at the camera for a few short moments before an explosion of flames and smooke engulfs the picture.........then the camera shoots back over to the broadcast table~

Mike "So it seems Kruger isnt impressed with some of the new talent being brought into WWR?? Id like to see him take on the likes of Alex Bourne!!!"

AJ "Youn and me both Mike!! He gets more and more twisted every week!!!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by Chris Everlast » Feb 19th, '11, 08:58

The camera cuts to the parking lot where Chris Everlast and Terasa Black is seen getting out of a black cab, Everlast in jeans and a loose, light blue hawaiian shirt and Terasa in black jeans and a white shirt with the ''E/E''-logo on it. As they walk torwards the arena, a pack of girls (around 8 peeps) run torwards them and encircle Everlast.

Fan 1: OH EM GEE, it's Chris Everlast! Can we please have your autograph?

Everlast looks over to Terasa and then to the 'leader' of the fanpack.

Everlast: Well, it can't hurt.

Everlast pulls a pencil out of his pocket and starts signing the notepads and autographbooks he's given.

Everlast: Actually, why don't you guys come to my hotel tonight? Got a real snazzy bar.

Fan 2: Uuh yeah! Sure! Right, girls?!

Everlast: Sounds like a date.

Everlast winks at them and they giggle in the way only fangirls can do, before he and Terasa pushes past. Terasa looks up at him with killer eyes and he looks back down at her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

Everlast: C'mon, I was just being friendly.

They push into the backstage area and the camera cuts back to ringside.

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 19th, '11, 10:20

AJ "So, its official Mike, NNTK and Ryan Ignatius.........one on one at Path To Glory!!!"

Mike "Thats right AJ, former BPA members, former friends go at it in what promises to be a show stealing match!!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 20th, '11, 04:14

JD "This match is set for one fall, currently in the ring weighing 240lbs, Nic Williams!"

~The fans offer little reaction until 'My Sacrifice' begins to play~

JD "His opponent from Atlanta Georgie weighing 260lbs, here is Mason Garreeeett!!!"

AJ "Mason Garrett in action here for what I believe is his television debut Mike?"

Mike "Thats right AJ hes wrestled a few dark matches for WWR but this is his television debut"

AJ "Im not too sure if he heard what Vade Kruger said about the new talent WWR is bringing in but Im sure either way hes out to make an impression."

~Mason gets in the ring and begins stretching, awaiting the bell. The music stops~

#Bell rings#

~Mason and Nice tied up in the middle, Garrett with a side headlock into a go beinh and armlock. Nic reverses but Mason counters into an arm ringer. Williams reverses again but Garrett slips out and re-applies a headlock again. Williams cries out as Garrett applies more pressure, then he forces Mason into the ropes, as Mason comes back off the ropes Williams puts his head down, Garrett catches him with a spinning neckbreaker~

AJ "Nice quick moves there from Garrett"

~Mason picks up Williams and hits a gutwrench suplex. The fans cheer to show their approval, Mason applies a chinlock as Williams tried to sit up. Garrett holds Williams there for a few seconds before Nice forces his way up again, then elbows Mason in the ribs. Williams goes for a suplex but Garrett blocks it and reverses it into a Facebuster~

Mike "Now THAT was impressive!!"

AJ "Yes, the reversal, the execution.........almost perfection!"

~Garrett climbs to the top rope and waits for Williams to start moving, then he leaps across the ring and connects with a huge legdrop. Garrett stands up and signals to the fans who cheer~

AJ "Right on the back of the neck!!"

Mike "Yes it seems Garretts gameplan is to wear down the neck. Whats he doing here?"

~Garrett grabs Williams in a double underhook, looks out to the fans and lifts him up, then slams him down to the mat in a powerbomb~

Mike "Very well done.........the execution on that was again near perfect!!"

AJ "So far Im impressed with this youngster.........now lets see how he finishes it"

~Garrett grabs Williams and picks him up, Williams manages to rake him in the eye and force him back to the ropes. He goes for the whip but Garrett reverses, Williams off the other side ducks under a clothesline but as he comes back again Garrett nails his finisher~


Mike "Wow AJ now THAT was perfection!!"

~Mason covers Williams~




#Bell rings#

JD "Here is your winner, Maaasoon Gaaarreeett!!!"

~The fans cheer and clap with approval as Garrett leaves the ring in celebration to the sound of 'My Sacrifice' slapping the hands of the fans as he walks back up the ramp to the back. The music cuts as he disapperas~

AJ "Were gonna see a lot of this guy in WWR, you can bank on that!!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 20th, '11, 06:56

~As the replay of the previous match comes to an end, the sound of 'Sad But True' hits the speakers and WWR Owner Tony Bastion appears, suited and booted holding a microphone~

Bastion "Ladies and Gentlemen...............can I have your attention for a few short moments."

~The music cuts and the fans settle down~

Bastion "It seems we have a wave of darkness starting to cover WWR.........in the shape of The Legion. Now the 'leader' of this group, Vade Kruger doesnt approve of the new talent here in WWR so lets see him face one next week on Vortex!!"

~Fans begin to cheer~

Bastion "So Krugeeerrr!!! Right here next week on WWR Vortex, LIIIIIIIIVE from the Sanitorium it will be you facing Mason Garrett!!!"

~Fans cheer again.......then Bastions music hits and he disappears~

AJ "Looks like Tony Bastion has also taken exception to Krugers comments!!"

Mike "Well, good luck Mason Garrett!!!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by Lynas » Feb 23rd, '11, 07:25

I get off by Halestorm hits & Bobby Anderson heads out the ring as the crowd cheers.

AJ: "It's Bobby Anderson!"
Mike: "He's got a huge match at Path to Glory, the biggest match of his short career & he looks like he's got suttin to say"

Anderson takes a mic and gets in the ring.

Anderson: "At Path to Glory, yours truly is in a match to determine the new WWR Dynamics Champion... and I've decided to go it alone, just 3 weeks with my manager, and no improvement... So I'll be doing it alone... and I've got news for Dynamite & Dean... I'll be walking out holding that title..."

"You see, in just 3 short weeks Shane Lynas has taught me so much, he taught me that......"[/i]

Dragonfly by Shaman's Harvest hits & Shane Lynas appears onstage to deafening cheers

AJ: "It's Shane Lynas!"
Mike: "What's he doin' out here!?"
AJ: "I guess we're about to find out"

Lynas heads towards the ring smiling all the way and high fiving fans.

Lynas takes a mic and enters the ring

Lynas: "Bobby... Bobby... Bobby... you had 3 weeks of management & now you think you can take on the world. You've had a few training sessions with me & now you believe you're almost as good as those who have come before you. Three weeks in and you think you're better than me...."

Lynas superkicks Bobby Anderson out of nowhere and begins pounding on Anderson as the crowd boos

AJ: "What the hell?"
Mike: "Lynas is beating the hell out of Bobby Anderson!?"

Lynas throws Anderson to to the outside of the ring, follows and continues the assault.


Lynas looks down at Anderson before picking him up and throwing him into the ring & sliding in afterwards with a chair. The crowd boos some more.

Mike: "Why? Why has he done this?"
AJ: "What the hell is the steel chair for!?"

Lynas lays the chair in the centre of the ring & picks up Bobby Anderson

AJ: "NO! NO! NO!"

Lynas hits the Third Degree onto the chair

Mike: "Holy COW!"
AJ: "Shane Lynas has hit the Third Degree onto Bobby Anderson on that damned chair"

Shane Lynas walks over to the mic & picks it up and breaths heavily...

Lynas:"Well let me tell you Robert, you're not better than me... To me, these people & the guys in the back... you're still just a rookie, a rookie who thinks he's better than he is... No matter what you do, who you train with, you'll never be better than me... I'm the greatest in the world at what I do. I'm a household name...

You... you're forgettable. You're nothing... you want to go it alone... you go it alone... but don't come crying to me when you keep losing, don't come crying to me when Daddy can't even buy you a win...

It's time I went back to basics... it's time I returned to my Origin..."

Lynas drops the mic and leaves to a stunned silence as Anderson slowly begins to come around.

AJ: "Why has Shane done this!? What did Bobby Anderson do to deserve this?"
Mike: "Man I dunno, wanting to go alone hardly warrants a beating like that"
AJ: "Shane better explain his damn actions"

Cuts to commercial.

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by Lynas » Mar 3rd, '11, 05:28

Back from commercial.

Camera pans onto SwannStarr in the locker room

Swann: "Man... I can't believe it, we've been teaming for along long time and at last we might get our damn opportunity"
Starr: "Chill out man.. we're not there yet... I mean, we've still..."

*BANG* The door flies open

AJ: "What The?"

Shane Lynas charges in and attacks Swann pushing him into the lockers, he then begins reining down shots on Kristian Starr before picking up a chair and nailing him with it. Swann gets to his feet and Lynas nails him down with the chair"

Lynas laughs before throwing the chair down and leaving.

AJ: "What the hell is Shane's problem tonight? First he attacked Anderson and now he's taken out SwannStarr"
Mike: "I don't now what's gotten into him, but damn, he's pissed at something"

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by kiel297 » Mar 5th, '11, 13:49

*Cut to commercial*

*Return from commercial*

AJ: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to WWR Vortex. Before the commercial break, we witnessed another one of Shane Lynas's brutal attacks, this time on SwannStarr.

Mike: I don't think I've seen someone flip as much as Shane has tonight, AJ!

AJ: Me neither, but that wasn't all Mike. During the commercial break, we received word that there was a situation in the back involving Charles Remmington-Smythe and a masked attacker.

Footage rolls of a cameraman running down a corridor. His hand comes into shot as he opens the doors out into the parking lot, and we see Charles Remmington-Smythe being attacked by a man with a lead pipe. The masked man brings the pipe down onto the back of Remmingotn-Smythe, and he lies there, writhing in agony. The masked man throws the pipe down to the side and is struck weakly on the back by Chives. He grabs Chives, and rams him headfirst straight through the window of a nearby car. Chives lays motionless on the ground as a black van pulls up, the side door opens and the masked man stuffs Charles in. The van speeds off as medical personnel and trainers rush in to check on Chives, all shouting for help.

Camera cuts back to AJ and Mike

Mike: I know the guy might have rubbed us all the wrong way slightly, but nothing gives a man the right to do what we just saw!

AJ: I know, Mike. It sickens me that some people have it in them to do something so heinous.

AJ pressed his finger to his headset, being fed information.

AJ: Ladies and gentlemen, we've received word that Chives is in a stable condition, but is waiting to undergo further tests at a nearby hospital. We've also been told that WWR will be launching an investigation into the kidnapping of Charles Remmington-Smythe, and it will not stop until he is safely found and brought back to us.

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by yourcrapsweak » Mar 5th, '11, 19:16

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" blasts through the arena speakers, and Danny Allen explodes through the curtain to a warm reception. He is wearing torn jean cut offs, black boots, and a yellow LA Lakers Dennis Rodman jersey. He bumps fists with several fans on his way to the ring.

AJ: "This guy again!"
Mike: "This guy again."
AJ: "The guy that left for Japan to hone his skills, and now he's back in WWR."

Allen gets into the ring and stands on the middle rope in front of the hard camera, letting the cheers soak in. He jumps down and asks for a mic.

Allen: "Well well well... You know I come back from Japan and everyone loves me. Probably because I can actually wrestle now... But last week, I came back and got a match, but it wasn't the kind of match I wanted. It kinda went pretty fast. In fact, I pretty much f*ckin' destroyed that guy."

AJ: "Vintage Danny Allen."

Allen: "Well I came out here, because I want a real match. I don't give a sh*t who you are, where you came from, how badass you think you are, but if you want a match right now, if you want a fight, then get your ass out here and face me. I don't care who it is. Someone!"

Mike: "Danny Allen issuing an open challenge!"

Suddenly, the lights go out!

AJ: "What is this?!"
Mike: "Who's messing with the lights?"

The lights come back on and Sinister is standing behind Allen!


Sinister jumps Allen from behind and starts wailing on him! He mounts his back and starts elbowing and punching the back of his head. He then picks him up and hits a brainbuster! Sinister doesn't miss a beat and continues to stomp on Allen, which leaves Allen putting his forearms up for cover.

AJ: "Sinister is 'destroying' Danny Allen!"

Sinister hastily turns Allen over by his legs and locks in the Sharpshooter!!

Mike: "Sharpshooter!"

Allen screams in pain and Sinister screams as he turns up the intensity! Allen shakes his head and tries to fight out of it but does not tap out. He grounds his palms and tries to push himself up to escape the hold but it doesn't work.

Mike: "Allen's fading!"

Allen's eyes are glazing over, and he passes out from the pain! Several referees and backstage attendants rush to the ring to stop Sinister, and they try to pry him off but Sinister won't let go. After some time, Sinister finally lets go of Allen and he is passed outcold on the mat. Sinister mockingly kicks his head, and it bobs back and forth.

AJ: "What was that all about? What the hell was that all about?"
Mike: "I have no idea what just happened."
AJ: "What else can happen tonight? Good lord."
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by VadeKruger » Mar 6th, '11, 01:47

Mike "Wow some of the stuff weve seen tonight I cannot believe AJ!"

AJ "Sinister and Danny Allen eh, you can bet when Allen gets his hands on Sin there will be hell to pay!! I have just recieved word that the SwannStarr/Awesome Booty match will NOT go ahead tonight, due to Jake Swann suffering a concussion. However he should be okay for this Sundays Path To Glory PPV."
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by VadeKruger » Mar 6th, '11, 02:40

JD "The following contest is set for one fall, approaching the ring from Tokyo........here are Nitro Boy and Nitro Dude....TOKYOOO DRIIIFFT!!!"

~They approach the ring to boos~

Mike "These two really irritate me AJ. Theyre just too cocky!!"

AJ "Well if you think about who they associate with.......current WWR Continental Champ Chris Everlast!!"

Mike "Sure......"

~They enter the ring to a chorus of boos........suddenly the familiar sound of Thw War Partys music is heard and the fans begin cheering~

JD "Their opponents.......representing he War Party here are Jay Pontiac and Azande!!!!"

AJ "Now these guys are the real deal, watch on sunday they will walk away with the gold!!"

Mike "Theyd be great tag team champs!!"

~As they enter the ring the music cuts. Just before the bell rings, 'Instruments Of Destruction' bellows out and The Renegadez appear to massive boos. They approach the ring but then divert to the announce table~

AJ "I think theyre joining us, AJ!"

Mike "Great."

Mercer "Hello gents!! Well isnt this nice!!"

Taurus "Yeah we thought we would join you to actually make this match interesting!!"

Mike "I think we got it covered guys......"

Mercer "Careful boy or Ill set Taurus on you....."

~Mike looks at the glaring Taurus, he pauses and then looks at the screen~

AJ "Well, umm..........lets get the match underway!"

#Bell rings#

~Pontiac starts with Nitro dude, collar and elbow tie up. Pontiac backs him up but Dude kick him in the gut and throws him through the ropes~

AJ "Fast start here from Tokyo Drift!!"

~Pontiac gets to his feet and rolls into the ring, Dude stomps on his head and tags in Nitro Boy, Dude holds him while Boy hammers away at his mid section. Boy picks him up and whips him to the ropes but Pontiac flies off the ropes with a clothesline~

Mercer "Thast was a weak clothesline from a weak 'wrestler' these guys really suck!!"

Taurus "No, The Buttmunchers suck!!"

Mercer "Not as much as The Mersey Shorers!!"

Taurus "Wow are those guys still here?"

~Pontiac picks up Boy and slaps him in an arm ringer. He backs him up and tags in Azande~

Mercer "Ohn looky here we got WWR's worse dressed guy!!"

AJ "I think its only for the in ring character...."

Taurus "You better shut up and call the damn match!!"

~Azande whips Boty to the ropes and throws him over with a hip toss, then an armdrag. He keeps Nitro Boy floored with an armbar, then into a wristlock. The fans clap approvingly, tuntil Nitro Boy starts to get up. He pulls the hair of Azande and backs him up to the corner where Nitro Dude is. The tag is made and both men set to Azande with kicks and punches. Dude then drops Azande with a super kick and follows it up with a springboard moonsault. Cover~



~Kick out from Azande. Dude picks him up, makes the tag and then drops Azande across his knee with a backbreaker. Nitro Boy is on the top, he leaps and connects with a huge legdrop. Cover again~




~Kick out again from Azande~

Taurus "Tokyo Drift look like theyre set for the win here Mercer!"

Mercer "Maybe, but they wont win those belts come Sunday!!"

Mike "So you guys think you will? Whart about Awesome Booty? What about SwannStarr?"

Mercer "HAHA!!"

~Nitro Boy and Nitro Dude tag in and out a couple of times, taking it in turns stomping away until Nitro Dude hooks in a reverse chinlock. Azande looks like hes fading......~

AJ "The War Party are in trouble here, Azande needs desperately to make a tag or this ones over!!"

~Azande tries to drag Dude to the ropes, but he lets go and stomps Azande back down to the mat. Pontiac is screaming in the corner for Azande to get up but Dude applies more pressure. The fans begin clapping, this makes Azande begin shaking. He starts to get to his feet, he powers Dudes hands away until Dude knees him in the back and pulls him back down to the mat. Dude rolls back to his corner and tags in Nitro Boy~

AJ "Thats good tag team wrestling there, cut the ring off, dont let him get any offense in!!

Mercer "These teams are really shit. This match is shit. Taurus lets get the hell outta here!!"

Taurus "Youre right, man f##k this crap!!"

~The Renegadez get up and leave the announce table. Jay Pontiac and Mercer stare each other down, then The Renegadez walk back up the ramp to the back. Pontiac turns back around right into a superkick from Nitro Boy which knocks him off the apron. Azande nails Boy with a massive kick, both men fall to the floor~

Mike "Well now those two jerks have gone we have a match to call, and it looks like The War Party may be back in it!"

AJ "Yeah thats if Pontiac can get back up onto the apron!!"

~Azande drags himself over to the corner but Pontiac is still on the floor. Nitro Boy tags in Nitro Dude who comes in and misses with an elbow drop~

Mike "Azande just trying to stay away until Pontiac gets up....."

~Again Azande moves out of the way, Nitro Dude shakes his arm and grabs Azande, lifts him up and thumbs him in the eye. He goes to whip Azande to the corner but is reversed and goes flying out of the ring hitting the steel post on the way out. Pontiac now manages to get back onto the apron but Azande has fallen to the mat again~

AJ "He has GOT to mawe the tag!!"

Mike "Nitro Dude is out cold by the look of it, and hes the legal man!!"

~Nitro Boy drags his partner back to the ring and rolls him in under the bottom rope. He climbs back up and tags in, Nitro Dude doesnt move after the tag, but Boy comes in and heads over to Azande~

AJ "Hes not gonna make it........."

~Azande tags in Pontiac who springboards into the ring catching Nitro Boy with a flying elbow. He jumps up and comes off the ropes, clotheslines Boy, then again, and finally bodyslams him. He calls out to the fans who cheer, then he dropkicks Nitro Boy to the corner. He whips Nitro Boy to the other side and follows him in, tackling him in the corner~

Mike "The football background coming into play there, Pontiac has turned this match around!!"

~Pontiac lifts up Nitro Boy on his shoulder and nails a running Powerslam. Cover~



~Kick out from Nitro Boy. Pontiac climbs to the top rope, looks out to the fans and lepas with a frog splash type move but Nitro Boy moves out of the way and Pontiac comes crashing down to the mat~

AJ "OOOHH he came down with a huge smack!! Boy goes for the cover~




~Kick out from Pontiac!!! As Nitro Boy sits up, Azande runs in and nails him with a running knee to the chin~

Mike "OOOO I wouldnt like to feel that on my chin!!"

~Pontiac hooks the leg~




#Bell rings#

JD "Here are your winners, The War Party!!!"

~The music plays and The War Party leave the ring, looking visibly worn down. Tokyo Drift are both still flat out in the ring. Azande and Pontiac disappear to the bacl and the music stops~

Commercial Break
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by Sassafras » Mar 8th, '11, 23:18

*Show returns from commercial and the beginning of "Pave Paradise" by Omega Impure begins to play*

AJ: "What is this?"

*The song kicks in and Mike 'Sassafras' Roach appears at the top of the stage*

McGrath: "WHOA!"
AJ: "What the hell? This guy again?!"

*Sassafras makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic.*

Sassafras: "World Wrestling...Revolution. *mixed reaction* Maybe I'm just now seeing the world through clear eyes, after a binge of putting women through tables and carrying a slack of a partner in a Bush-league promotion *slight boos*...but it seems to me that this so-called 'Revolution' contradicts itself with it's very moniker. It's a name that implies something new...something fresh...something that everybody will want to see, for never having seen it before! This...Legion, is it? Guys who are past their prime, still trying to suck up every bit of glory they possibly can, while guys like me sleep in our cars because the indies don't pay us young kids quite enough to afford a hotel room! And now that I'm back in the biggest professional wrestling organization in the world...it's time to get mine. The WWR Championship. I'm not doing this for my fellow wrestlers, and certainly not for these fans, but for myself. *slightly stronger boos* I could swag across this ring and air my grievances all night long, but Fake Kruger...Shame Lyin'-ass, and my old 'friend' NNT-Gay...you're on notice. Not from me and a group of other wrestlers. That concept is clearly tiring itself out, though I've been guilty of being a part of the two largest renegade wrestling stables in recent memory. Now it's just me...alone. I refuse to share The Legion's blood on my tongue with anyone else. And the gold draped around my shoulder will be a single-handed accomplishment. Not a group effort. Guess what, Galaxy...I'M BACK!" *fairly strong cheers*

*"Pave Paradise" resumes and Roach leaves the arena through the crowd to a mild 'SASS-A-FRAS' chant*

AJ: "Wow...he seems determined."
McGrath: "19 years old, and he's determined to usher in the future...I like it."
AJ: "Yes, for selfish reasons. But his intentions, if played out the way he seems so determined upon, are gonna pay off for us all, whether he wants them to or not. We've seen his ruthless behavior before, and now it may actually BENEFIT the business."
McGrath: "Time will tell..."
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by KILLdozer » Mar 10th, '11, 21:16

Mike:"Tonight weve seen fights,attacks,changes in attitude and even a kiddnaping! Whats going on around here?!?"

AJ:"It has been absolute madness in this place tonight,and its only gonna get better as we go! After this short break we'll take a look at tonights main event."

~Show cuts to commercial.~
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by KILLdozer » Mar 10th, '11, 21:26

~As the show comes back from commercial the camera is on the big screen.~

Mike:"Were back again folks,and as AJ just said a few minutes ago were about to get a sneak preview of the main event tag match set for later tonight."

~"The screen shows footage from last week from NNTK attacking Ryan Ignatius and Vade getting the pinfall..then shows the footage of Vade screwing Bishop at meltdown,then cuts back over to AJ and Mike.~

AJ:"Now see this match is not without a little bit of tension between the two teams,on one hand it will NNTK and Vade Kruger and on the other ,their opponents,the number one contender to the World Title Johny Bishop and NNTKs opponent for Path To Glory,Ryan Ignatius."

Mike:"Not to mention Im sure their Legion team mates will play a role in the match as well,stay tuned for that match and more tonight on WWR Vortex!"

~The camera now flashes to the big screen again where it shows an image of NNTK and Vade on one side and Bishop and Ignatius together on the other side,between them it says "Main Event"~

~The Screen cuts to black briefly and rolls to a commercial.~
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by KILLdozer » Mar 10th, '11, 21:56

~Suddenly "The End Of Everything" by "Stereomud" begins to play,The ringposts explode with flames high into air, and NNTK walks out with Mercer and Taurus with him towards the ring to loud boos.~

AJ:"Speak of the devil,,look who it is,,NNTK and fellow members of Legion ,The Renegadez."

Mike:"This should be interesting NNTK has been silent since returning and joining Legion last week."

~NNTK has a bit of a new look,his hair is in long black dreadlocks that go straight back,a full stubblish black beard,with short black trunks with "Legion" in white in cursive on the front and "NNTK" in white in cursive as well across the back,short studded black wristbands,black kneepads,,and black wrestling boots.~

~NNTK walks into the ring with a microphone and Mercer and Taurus enter after him as the arena fills with more boos.~

NNTK:"Last week I returned to WWR live on Vortex in the main event alligning myself with Vade Kruger and Legion,when we laid out one of our opponents in the main event tonight,Ryan Ignatius,now Ive heard the questions swirling around since I shocked everyone,they all want to know what my motive is,,my reasoning,why I did what I did and why I returned like I did,well thats just not gonna happen tonight."

~Loud boos from the crowd at NNTK now.~

NNTK:"Shut the hell up,each and every one of you, right now, I will give my answers when Im ready and when I say,not before and not until then,anyone who says otherwise will face the same fate of Ignatius and Bishop,utter and complete termination"

~Mercer and Taurus stand on both sides of NNTK ,laughing and grinning out at the crowd who let out echos of boos as The End Of Everything kicks back in again and the three of them leave to the back.~

Mike:"NNTK refusing to give answers about his shocking return and union with Kruger last week,he says itll be on his terms when he explains himself."

AJ:"And Im not gonna try and make him,,Ill guess well just have to wait and see,,man Ill tell you Ive watched NNTK a lot now and for a while but he looks meaner and badder then ever now,dont go away,,more Vortex to come still."
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by kirbs2002 » Mar 13th, '11, 11:32

“Trail of Tears” plays as Tommy Hawk makes his way to the ring to loud cheering from the crowd.

The following match is scheduled for one fall. Approaching the ring from the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Tommy Hawk!

Tommy gets into the ring and climbs the second rope to pose for the fans. Then he and Everlast exchange dirty looks.

Looks like those two haven’t forgotten about anything.

The arena darkens as “Sign of Evil (Doom 3 Remix)” plays to a mixed reaction from the crowd. A wall of flames erupts at the top of the stage and Fergal Kiley walks from behind it and makes his way to the ring with a more deliberate pace than usual.

And his opponent, from Kildare, Ireland, weighing 290 pounds, “Hell’s Curse” Fergal Kiley!

Kiley briskly enters the ring and makes a beeline for Everlast, causing Everlast to scramble to the outside. Everlast is shown leaning against the guardrail as Kiley leans over the ropes and uses his index and middle fingers to give a throat-slash gesture at him.

Looks like Kiley hasn’t forgotten about Everlast either.

Considering the anger that’s clearly affecting his demeanor, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Kiley, let alone in the ring with him.

Everlast may very well find out how fast he runs tonight, because it could be for dear life.

Kiley opens the ropes and beckons Everlast to enter, still maintaining an icy stare at him. Everlast hesitates at first but then quickly dives in. Both competitors stare at Everlast as he calls for the bell. Both Kiley and Hawk tie up with Kiley easily pushing Hawk into a corner, trapping Everlast in the corner. Hawk takes the opportunity to mule kick Everlast in the thigh as Kiley breaks. Everlast looks indignant as the crowd cheers.

Occupational hazard, Chris!

The two lock up again as Kiley once again gets the upper hand. Everlast is standing right behind Kiley as Hawk pushes himself free, causing Kiley to stumble back and crack Everlast in the mouth with a back elbow. Everlast gets to his feet, more angry than before.

Total accident! Maybe you should be a little smarter about your ring positioning.

Kiley and Hawk tie up once more and Kiley manages to push Hawk back into a corner. Kiley pushes Hawk’s head back as Everlast starts a five count. Kiley just stares icily at Everlast, causing Everlast to hesitate. Kiley then cracks Hawk with an overhand chop that echoes throughout the arena, causing the crowd to groan at the sound. As Hawk writhes from the shot, Kiley just stares back at Everlast, who looks nervous.

Yes, that was a message, Chris.

That’s what you’ve got coming for you.

Kiley then stands up Hawk, backs into the middle of the ring and slaps on his chest.

I think he’s daring Hawk to top that.

Hawk is all too happy to oblige as he charges at Kiley and connects with a sharp overhand chop on Kiley. Kiley whips his head back and cracks Hawk with a knife-edge chop. Hawk writhes and then connects with another chop to Kiley. The two trade chops for about a minute.

How many people do you know are brave enough to engage in this kind of slugfest willingly with Kiley?

Certainly not that slimy “guest referee” who’s spent all month running from Kiley.

Hawk connects with a chop and Kiley ups the ante by cracking Hawk in the face with a forearm smash. Hawk responds by hitting Kiley with a kick to the leg. Another forearm by Kiley, followed up by a kick to the leg by Hawk, back and forth a few times over, until Kiley punches Hawk and Hawk responds by taking out Kiley’s leg by kicking him in the back of the knee. He then goes for a jacknife pin on Kiley and Everlast is hesitant to count, allowing Kiley to kick out before a count is made.

What the heck was that?!

Kiley and Hawk get up at the same time. Hawk then goes at Everlast, allowing Kiley to whip Hawk into a corner. Kiley then follows up by repeatedly shoulder-blocking Hawk in the corner. Everlast tries to intervene, only to be pushed aside by Kiley, who continues with the shoulder-blocks. Everlast finally gets in-between them and pushes Kiley back. Kiley glares at Everlast, who pushes him back. Kiely then responds by backhanding the taste out of Everlast’s mouth.

Yes! Perhaps that’ll clear your head!

Everlast is seething with anger, as Kiley dares him to retaliate. Everlast instead storms up the entrance ramp, which prompts Kiley to give him a two-fingered salute.

Hey! Get the camera off that!

Hawk now looks up the ramp, perplexed by what just happened. Another referee hastily makes his way to the ring and tells them to continue.

I guess he rage quit! Good riddance!

He wasn’t even qualified to begin with!

Hawk and Kiley shrug it off and lock up. Kiley twists Hawk’s arm into a side wristlock, Hawk drops down, kips up and turns it into a hammerlock on Kiley. Kiley hooks Hawk’s head and frees himself with a snap mare takeover, but Hawk lays back to avoid Kiley’s attempt to kick him in the back, and instead rolls up Kiley.


Two.. Kickout by Kiley.

Kiley gets up and Hawk charges him. Kiley ducks under and rolls up Hawk.


Two… Kickout by Hawk.

As Hawk gets up, Kiley quickly shoots behind him, grabs him in a waistlock and hit’s a German suplex, bridging for the pin.


Two… Kickout by Hawk.

Kiley slowly sits up but Hawk, thinking quickly, locks in a sleeper hold. Kiley gets up with Hawk on his back and backs up to ram Hawk into a turnbuckle. Kiley walks out of the corner, turns around and gets met with a diving cross body by Hawk into a cover...



T-Kickout by Kiley.

Hawk sits up, the gears in his head turning as he thinks of a way to put Kiley down permanently. Suddenly he seems to get an idea. He gets up on his feet and pushes Kiley out onto the floor, Kiley slowly gets up with the help of the barricade. Hawk starts clapping in increasing pace, the crowd clapping along. At the climax of the clapping, Hawk hops out with a suicide dive but Kiley dumps him on the head with a kneeling piledriver!

Holy crap! That was brutal!

Amazing heads-up thinking by Kiley!

With that, Kiley then throws Hawk into the ring, puts on a waistlock and nails a German suplex, rolls over hits another, then picks up Hawk and drills him with The Stake! Cover by Kiley…



Thr-Hawk gets a foot on the bottom rope!

There’s still some fight left!

Kiley picks up Hawk who sprays a War Cry but Kiley quickly ducks and the referee gets the full force of it. Hawk hits Kiley with a sitout facebuster then climbs to the top rope. The crowd boos as Everlast comes running down the ramp with a chair in hand.

Hey! No! What’s he doing back?

Hawk goes for Scalped ‘Em but Kiley rolls away. Everlast gets into the ring with the chair as Kiley turns around to face him. Everlast quickly swings for Kiley’s head but Kiley side-steps, and Hawk gets cracked with the chair. Kiley then rips the chair from Everlast’s hands, throws it to the outside and sends Everlast back into a corner. Kiley then turns his attention to Hawk, puts him on the top turnbuckle, grabs the head and looks right over at Everlast as Kiley drops Hawk with the Decapitation. He then kneels on Hawk as Everlast hesitantly makes the count, while Kiley still glares at him.




Kiley quickly stands up as the bell rings and Everlast scrambles from the ring.

Here is your winner, “Hell’s Curse” Fergal Kiley.

Kiley follows Everlast to the outside and stalks him around the ring. Everlast quickly bolts up the entrance ramp, with Kiley trailing. As Everlast nears the top a huge wall of flames shoots from the stage, causing Everlast to fall backwards. At this point Kiley stands right behind him. Everlast slowly turns to face Kiley, who lifts him up off the ground by his throat.

Here it is! This is it!

Everlast is begging with Kiley. After a moment Kiley lets him go and walks to the back.

What? Why didn’t he?

He was sending a message.
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by VadeKruger » Mar 14th, '11, 02:31

AJ "I guess youre right Mike, Kiley has Everlast right where he wants him now, right on time for their title match at Path To Glory!!"

Mike "And you can bet that Tommy Hawk is ready for it too after the way he lost that one!!"

AJ "Speaking of messages I have just been informed the WWR World Champ Vade Kruger has a message for us........."

~Camera cuts to a dark place.....filled with smoke. After a few short moments Vade Kruger appears - hair covering most of his face and dressed in all black~

Kruger "Out of the sewer...............the lower leagues of this world comes a boy, 'Sassafras' is his name............... who is so very deluded................he seems to believe that the WWR title is achieveable. Look around you Michael, we are in our prime right now...........you are but a spec of dust on MY title and I will blow you away just like that.................I reject ANY challenge you present because you arent a challenge.............come Path To Glory you and everyone else will realise just how dominant The Legion are.....................whatever form we assume."

~Kruger puts his head down and is consumed by the smoke, the camera backs away and returns to ringside~

AJ "Umm, that guy has gotta be on crack!!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by VadeKruger » Mar 19th, '11, 09:51

~Camera shoots to the back where Alex Bourne is walking, readying himself for his match~

AJ "Look at this monstar, he's ready for his match with Vance Valentine tonight!!"

~Suddenly Bourne is attacked from behind~

Mike "What? Who the hell is that?"

AJ "Its Valentine!! He knew he couldnt beat Bourne one on one so hes taken the cheap way out!!"

~Valentine pummels away at Bournes skull, then rams him into the wall. He follows this up with a kick to the gut and throws him head first into the same wall. Bourne drops to his knees clutching his head. Vance grabs him and throws him into a table of refreshments, Mark Pallas is there having a drink, he steps aside as Boure goes flying into the table. Valentine grabs a mop and breaks it across Bournes back. Valentine drags Bourne by his head toward the curtain, Bourne gets a couple of digs in but Valentine kicks him in the groin~

AJ "Valentine is all over Bourne here Mike!"

MIke "I know this, I also know what Valentine is doing, its nothing knew to wrestling either Vance......"

~Vance continues to kick away and punch the face of Bourne as they appear on the ramp. Bourne retaliates with a 3 punch combo which sends Valentine rolling down the ramp, Bourne still groggy from the punishment manages to stagger to Vance. Valentine gets up and drags Bourne by the shorts straight into the ring apron. A referee is now on the scene trying to get both men in the ring, Vance still kicks away at Bourne, then rolls him in the ring~

AJ "Surely this match isnt going ahead Mike!!"

Mike "I think were about to find out...."

#Bell rings#

Valentine runs across the ring straight into a massive spinebuster from Bourne, the fans erupt~

AJ "Whoa what a spinebuster!!! Both men are down!!"

~Bourne gets to his knees, then shakes his head to bring himself around. He waits for Valentine to come around, then almost takes his head off with a huge clothesline, Valentine rolls out under the ring to the outside~

Mike "Well it looks like Valentines plan hasnt quite worked hehe"

AJ "Maybe the crafty Vance has another trick up his sleeve, he should do because no way he can go toe to toe with this monster Bourne!!!"

~Vance goes to get back in the ring but stops as Bourne goes for him. The referee pulls Bourne back, as he does Valentine rolls in, runs across to Bourne and rakes him in the eyes. Bourne falls into the corner and Valentine nails him with knees to the mid section, then a couple of shoulder blocks. He grabs Bourne by the head and drops him with a DDT. Cover~



~Kick out from Bourne, Valentine goes to work on his neck, driving the knee to the back of it. Vance lets onto the fans who boo, he then turns his attention back to Bourne~

AJ "I gotta say Vance is looking like he could actually beat Bourne!!!"

~Vance picks Bourne up who explodes into a Pele kick to the head, Vance falls to the mat again. Bourne gets up and walks around the ring, then he screams and slaps an ankle lock on Valentine who cries out in pain. The fans urge him to tap, but he reaches in his trunks and pulls out some salt, then throws it in Bournes eyes. The referee calls for the bell~

#Bell rings#

~Valentine escapes the ring and walks quickly up the ramp backwards, Bournes clears his vision and looks on, then gets his hand raised by the referee~

JD "The winner of this match as a result of a Disqualification........."The Rage" Aleeeeeeex Boouurrnne!!!"

AJ "That it one tough son of a bitch!!"

Mike "Look at him, hes barely sweating, he took one hell of a beating!!"

AJ "Just shows the conditioning of these WWR superstars, this truly is the biggest and best prganisation in the world!!!"

Mike "mmm nice plug AJ, so we only have the main event left!!"
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