WWR Vortex Show 8

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WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by KILLdozer » Sep 4th, '11, 17:21

The opening music and montage plays. The usual pyro goes off, followed by the camera panning over the crowd. The camera then cuts to the announce table, where AJ Cross and Rob Lebeau are shown.

AJ:"Welcome folks,live to WWR Monday Night Vortex! AJ Cross here with the the guest for the evening,Friday Night Mayhem's own Rob Lebeau!"

Lebeau:"Thanks AJ,Im here to bring fairness and represent true stars correctly with my commentary..That being said,I cant wait for that six man tag!"

AJ:"Thats right,tonight were going to have NNTK and Shane Lynas from The Origin,teaming with their ally Robert Randall from The Sons Of Fortune! Theyve got Roach and two partners of his choosing!"

Lebeau:More blatant bias,,but we've also got the Continental title match contract signing here tonight,and James North V Bryan Dean as well!

AJ:"That's right,we've got all this and so much more so light your cigars and crack the beers because this is gonna be one hell of a ride!"

Suddenly the lights go out briefly and they come back on again as The End Of Everything is now playing loudly and the words :"TONIGHT ITS OVER FOR YOU MIKE ROACH." flash across the titantron as flames erupt from the turnbuckles high into the air with an explosion of smoke and fire as the crowd gasps as the show cuts to the first commercial .
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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by Styles » Sep 9th, '11, 04:09

Coheed & Cambria's 'Welcome Home' hits and Johnny Black arrives on stage wearing a shirt with jeans with the crowd a mixture of boos and silence.

Black walks to the ring slowly with a smirk on his face & works the turnbuckles before taking the mic

Johnny Black: "Last week I arrived here in the WWR, the car park was jammed, the locker rooms overcrowded & the backstage area looked like crap, to be honest the stuff in the ring wasn't much better.

I haven't come here to sit and say 'I'm going to be a Champion' ...or... 'I'm going after Vade because he's the biggest dog in this yard'. No. I'm here saying out loud what the smarks are thinking at home & on the internet. I'm saying out loud all the little secrets the average man has no access to. I'm breaking the fourth wall.

BUT. With that being said, I am a wrestler & I want to wrestle. I've been stuck in developmental for too long, it's time for me to be the next breakout star. The next king of the mountain. The new kid on the block. AND IT STARTS TONIGHT!

Last week Mr. Robert Anderson inspired me. He came out here, prepared to take on any challenger. Any guy from the back. This week, I'd do the same buuuuuutttt, I don't really want to. I know there's guys in the back who'd love an opportunity at me, to take a shot after exposing this company as the shithole it is, as the broken down shadow of its former self it is. I don't blame the guys in the back, I don't blame the crew, the cameramen, the referee or even our own Xander Chapman, no.......... I blame the current administration, haemorraging cash into the most exsquisitly lined pockets.

NNTK, might look like the lovechild of The Crow & The Punisher, but let me tell you, that guy, is rich as fuck.

Vade Kruger, another guy who looks like he got truly sodomized by poverty. Rich as hell. Go to the car park, see what he rolled up in if you don't believe me.

Shane Lynas, the one guy in the group who admits his riches, but does he admit he part owns this company? Hell no. Does he mention the board want to buy him off? Hell no. The man has more secrets than god knows what.

That brings me to Mike Roach. I got nothin but respect for this kid. He's a great kid with a great attitude, he hasn't been afraid to step up and lead the locker room against these spotlight hugging assholes.

NNTK, let me tell you something right now bro, I know your past, I've seen your work. If I had 5 minutes with you in a cage, I'd kick your sorry, neglected, spotlight hogging ass. You know I can, and you know, somehow one day pal, I will"

Johnny Black drops the mic and cockily walks off while smirking with his music in the background.

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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by KILLdozer » Sep 9th, '11, 13:44

AJ":Hmm more words of wisdom from John Black,I hope he knows what hes getting into..."

Lebeau:"Shut up! Dont nobody need to hear about him,hes gotta alot of nerve talking about the Origin's company like that! Hed just better hope he stays out of NNTK's way around here!"

Suddenly "Silhouettes" by Smile Empty Soul bursts over the speakers ,blaring all over the arena as Lionna Mcknight walks out on stage to a chorus of boos,in the usual black and white T-shirt with numbers all over it, and yellow and black long tights,with the crown on one side,and black boots with yellow kickpads and white wristape.

Lebeau:"And here comes greatness,Lionna McKnight headed to the ring !"

AJ:I just cant understand why she has to play so dirty when she's as great as she is!"

Anderson:"The following match is set for onefall and is the opening contest of this Monday night Vortex,From Detroit Michigan,weighing in at 140 pounds,Lionna McKnight!!!

And in the ring from Vicksburg, Mississippi,weighing in at 125 pounds,Stacy Fisher!"

The crowd pops lightly for Stacy who stands in the ring with a slight nervous look on her face as Lionna continues down towards the ring ,pushing one hand back through her hair.

The bell rings as Lionna climbs onto the apron and springs in pulling over the ropes.

AJ:"Here we go were underway here tonight;finally some action!"

Lebeau:"Lionna McKnight versus a local talent,hahaha poor girl."

Lionna and Stacy stand in the ring across from each other,Lionna extends a hand.

AJ:"Oh some respect possibly here?"

Stacy takes her hand and shakes it proudly,when Lionna quickly comes forward with a sharp kick in the gut,then slams her over with a standard vertical suplex quickly as the crowd boos loudly .

Lebeau:"Smart move,of course this young lady is going to shake Lionna's hand,as a young rising star of today she probably looks up to Lionna,and then she takes advantage right away."

AJ:"Yea I know the reasoning behind it,that was just dirty."

Lionna pulls her up off the mat by the hair and throws the right arm of Stacy over her own,then clasps both hands around her waist,slinging her overhead ,nailing a Northen lights suplex .

Lionna then gets off the mat quickly and turns to her and begins laying in stomps right in her face repeatedly as the crowd boos louder and louder.

AJ:"Come on! Let off her like that!"

Lebeau:"This is not going to be good for southern girl Stacy Fisher."

Lionna now pulls up from the face up position from behind,then puts on a hammerlock.

Lionna looks out over the crowd as she has locked on,then spins around and takes her down with a leveling clothesline to gasps from the crowd.
AJ:"MAN what a hammerlock clothesline right there!"

Lionna now pulls her up again,and connects right in the side of the head with a roundhouse kick .

Lebeau:"Sharp headkick right there!"

Lionna now goes up to the top rope in the corner and comes off,backflipping right through the air as she comes down lightning quick with a Shooting Star Press hardly across the gut.

AJ:"Impressive highflying move there!"

Lionna now lays in more stomps again as the crowd boos more,then pulls up her by the hair to her knees and backhand slaps her across the face stiffly,then jumps and levels her with a huge dropkick as the crowd really starts letting on now.

Lebeau:"Go ahead and complain AJ.."

AJ:"Complain?! You're damn right complain,kickin her when shes down,grabbin her by the hair,slappin her like that right across the face! Whatever happened to respect and fairplay?!"

Lebeau:"Dont ask me never heard of it.."

Lionna now waits for her to stand,then swings around in a 360 as she sends Stacy crashing the mat with rough Spinning Backfist in the face as the crowd gasps then boos.

AJ:"Oh what big hit that was off the spinning backfist!"

Lebeau:"The end is near here comes the knockout blow!"

Lionna waits for her to slowly rise,watching as Stacy makes it to one knee pushing up off the mat,then Lionna runs in and jumps,stepping off the knee as she cracks her over the back of the head and neck with the McKnightmare as the crowd gasps again then boos louder than ever,as Stacy ever so slowly drops flat to the mat from impact.

AJ:"McKnightmare! What a devasting Shining Wizard/Axe Kick combination!"

Lebeau:"Shes put away so many before with that move now its time for one more!"

Lionna goes into the cover now .

AJ:"1! 2! 3! "

The bell rings now again as Andersons voice comes over the mic as Silhouettes loudly blasts over the speaker again.

Anderson:"Here is your winner by pinfall,Lionna McKnight!"

The crowd now boos loudly again as Lionna stands in the ring with her hand raised by the referee.

Lebeau:"Another rookie mowed down by Lionna,Shes on the way around here,did you see how she took down the biggest woman in WWR on Mayhem the other night?!"

AJ:"Yea I saw that,what an impressive showing that was,,Id definitely say shes on the way to the top if she keeps it up,I just wish thered be more honour shown in the ring!"

Lionna goes up top now again to the corner,then jumps and comes off turning over and over as she hits a huge 630 Senton in what seems like a half second as the crowd roars with the loudest boos yet.

Lebeau:"What a 630 ! What a move! "

AJ:"But see what was the reasoning for that,what was the cause? None."
Lionna now leaves the ring as Silhouettes still plays as the show cuts to commerci
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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by Chris Everlast » Sep 13th, '11, 06:24

The show returns from commercial and the camera pans over the cheering crowd and then stops over the ring. The ring has been decorated with a table and two chairs, a contract laying in the middle of the table.

AJ: ''Well, it's time for the signing of Robert Randall's and Chris Everlast's championship match at WWR Heresy!''

LeBeau: ''Oh, I'm looking forward to see that smug bastard's grin punched off his face.''

AJ: ''For once I agree with you, Randall sure does need a whoopin'-..''

LeBeau: ''I was talking about Everlast.''

AJ: ''Oh..''

The intro of If It All Ended Tomorrow starts playing, and Robert Randall walks out in his usual SoF gear. The crowd boos as he walks down the ramp, avoiding all kinds of contact with the crowd. He slides in under the ropes and peers at the table with the contract, before getting seated. The music cools down and the crowd turns their attention to the entrance as the music changes again.

AJ: ''Here comes the WWR Continental Champion himself!''

Everlast bursts out from the backstage curtains, in jeans and a black hawaiian shirt with teal trims. He struts down confidently, slapping the hands of all the fans he could reach.

LeBeau: ''Ugh.. What a douche..''

He runs up on the apron and grins at the crowd, lifting the Continental strap into the air. He then climbs into the ring and looks at Randall with a vicious grin.

AJ: ''I think Everlast knows the cat and mouse game is going to be over at Heresy soon, when he finally gets his hand on Randall's neck!''

LeBeau: ''Well, if he gets his hand on Randall's neck, Randall wins anyway. Choking is against the rules.''

AJ: ''Actually, I believe it's strangli-''

LeBeau: ''SHUT UP!''

Everlast has taken the other chair, with his front against the titantron. He puts the Continental strap on the table, and quickly signs his name on the contract, shoving the paper over at Randall. Randall peers at him annoyed, and asks for the pen. Chris grins and flings the pen over at Randall, hitting him square in the face! Randall is fuming, but signs the paper anyway and then stands up, staring the sitting champion down.

AJ: ''He's up to something..''

Randall gives the grinning Everlast a hard slap across the cheek, Everlast's grin dissappearing as the slap connects with his face. He stands up, nose-to-nose with Randall, but now Randall grins instead. The Sons of Fortune are behind Everlast, outside of the ring.

LeBeau: ''Randall is so smart!''

AJ: ''The devious bastard!''

Randall signals, but North and the Jones brothers stay put. Randall starts shouting at them and Everlast turns aswell to notice them. Then they turn back to the entrance way where NNTK is standing.

AJ: ''Oh COME ON! What's going on?!''

NNTK lifts his hand and waves the Sons over, and then Sons leave up the ramp to Randall. Randall just stands, astonished as his most trusted members leave up to NNTK! Randall starts cursing and shouting as they leave, Everlast just standing in a corner and blinking. He then grabs one of the chairs and runs up right behind Randall and smashes it into his head, sending Randall to the canvas. He grabs a yank of Randall's arms and props him up in a reverse Fireman's carry, the crowd cheering along as Everlast paces around the ring. He then stands next to the table and slams Randall down with My World, the crowd exploding!


Everlast grins and picks up a microphone from the rubble, tapping it to check if it's on and then speaking.

Everlast: ''Well, Randall.. Now when your bodyguards are gone, and your only ally.. I guess I can do whatever I want to you..''

Everlast looks at the crowd with a diabolical smile, picking up the pen and the contract and scribbling something more on it.

Everlast: ''At WWR Heresy we're competing in a Street Fight, so man up, 'gangsta'.''

He drops the microphone on Randall's back and rolls out of the ring as It's So Easy (GNR) starts playing again, still holding the contract as he dissappears to the back and the show cuts to commercial.

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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by Robert Randall » Sep 16th, '11, 13:02

The show comes back from commercial showing Robert Randall and Leah Luxon walking alone through the backstage hallway..

Randall is completely livid,shouting as he cusses at the top of his lungs,throwing chairs and kicking whatever else he can find on all over the place all the way down the hall.

They continue going as Randall keeps slinging everything around him out of the way in a rage as Leah watches on.

Finally Randall stops walking abruptly and turns to Leah next to him.

Randall:"Damnit,God Damnit,WHAT IN THE HELL was just going on out there?!?! Did you see that s**t?!? I tell North and The Jones to come down to the ring,and then they just stand there lookin,and THEN NNTK shows up on the stage,Looks for a minute then has them leave out with him!! What in F**** NAME IS with that?!? Then Everlast's dumb a** cheap shots me and puts me through that table thanks to the whole deal..f**k him..Wait til Sunday..He wants the street fight Im gonna end his career...And Ive got a match with NNTK later tonight too..its not him I want the answers from...He might have came down there and they left with him but hes not the one I told to get down there and help me.."

Leah stands looking back at him with an irritated expression as well and slightly shocked too..

Leah:"I havent got the slightest idea what the whole lot of 'em's playing at myself,But youre right,youve got the big six man tag match with NNTK in the main event this evening,Settle down,you can bet that after that theyre gonna be down there at the ring with him..So you cant have this clouding your head all during the match..So just keep it all in check until next week for now."

Just then,From down the hall comes walking up NNTK to massive boos.

Then Randall says:"Oh damn right i was just looking for the three of you!" as the James and the Jones come walking up as well shortly after to more boos;Leah rolls her eyes shaking her head;"These guys."

Randall stands right up in front of the three SoF very closely.

Randall:Just what in THE HELL do you think you were doing out there?! You just turn around and leave me out there by myself to get my a** kicked by that smartass Chris Everlast..I said to come to the ring and you just went the other way with NNTK there...I brought you three in here and gave you this shot you're getting right now this second..And this is the way you repay me? By turning on me? I want answes RIGHT HERE AND NOW damnit."

North:"Rob as much as we appreciated the oppurtunity,,you quit on us and just gave up..and what could you teach us anyways? How to be a coward and run away from every damn fight? Were tired of associating with someone whose too scared to stay in the ring all the time,as far as were concerned we dont you or Leah anymore."

Marcus:"And another thing Rob..Its like this..Your friend and ally NNTK is the real leader...thats why he was always the one out there at ringside with us instead of you..Your the one who was our leader and you didnt even come down to the ring for the matches..hes the one who was always studying our matches to help us improve,,not you."

Now Leah just steps forward and cracks North across the face with a slap..

Leah:"Gave up on you on huh North?! You three had been making so much progress out there that by now theres nothing more you need to learn..Youve taken everything Randall has taught you and used it well..But now youve chosen to turn away from us and disrespect us like this then? "Well you know what? Me and you on mayhem,,If you think you can manage the match.."

Randall grows more frustrated at this and quickly turns looking at her angrily.

North turns and looks at NNTK for approval,and he nods a few times,giving him the go ahead.

North:"Well you're on then,Bitch."

Randall and NNTK exchange glances quickly before NNTK and The Sons turn away from them and walk off down the hallway,leaving Randall and Leah behind,as they stand there alone swearing and shaking there heads angrily;The crowd now rings out MASSIVE chorus of boos at everyone involved in the entire conversation.

AJ:"Well damn,what a war of words that was,,quite the heated discussion between Randall Leah and The Sof there,It looks like Randall maybe alone for that Street fight with Everlast at Heresy finally!"

Lebeau:"Thats not funny! Hell still kick his a** trust me,,And why all this arguing between these great stars?! Some of the best this company has to offer if theyd stick together..

The show now cuts to commercial.
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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by Sassafras » Sep 20th, '11, 12:14

*show returns from commercial and "End of Everything" plays, to thunderous boos from the crowd as NNTK makes his way to the ring*

AJ: "We saw the tension between NNTK and Rob Randall a little earlier, but where's their partner for tonight? We haven't seen Lynas around at all!"
LeBeau: "Interesting observation, numbnuts..."

*NNTK steps into the ring with a microphone*

NNTK: "I'm out here to address the idiot who will be captaining my opposing team in tonight's main event, Mike Roach."

*the crowd cheers loudly at the mention of Sassafras*

NNTK: "Now, the way I see it is th-"

*"Sad But True" blares over the speakers and Tony Bastion appears on the stage*

LeBeau: "Get that crook outta here!"
AJ: "Let the boss speak!"

NNTK: "Cut his music! Cut his f*cking music! What do you want?!"

Bastion: "Before I indulge that kinda info, I'd like to remind your apparently Alzheimer's-riddled mind that I CALL THE SHOTS AROUND HERE! I decide when my music starts and stops."

NNTK: "Bullsh-"

Bastion: "SHUT UP! I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Over the weekend, Shane Lynas resigned from World Wrestling Revolution."

*collective gasp from the crowd*

AJ: "No way!"
LeBeau: "What was your 'BFF' thinking, AJ?!"

NNTK: "NO! YOU probably FIRED him! You just can't resist any possible opportunity to screw my team, can you?!"

Bastion: "I'M NOT FINISHED! Since he resigned, I will allow your team the chance to find a replacement, but options are scarce for an asshole like you, aren't they? And don't even think of trying to replace him with Vade! Because tonight, Vade Kruger will go one-on-one in a non-title match with "The Rage" Alex Bourne!"

*the crowd pops*


*"Sad But True" continues and Bastions returns to the back with a final grin at NNTK*

LeBeau: "He won't get away with this!"

*NNTK leaves the ring, fuming, and drops an innocent cameraman with a Lifetaker kick*

LeBeau: "See?! He's pissed!!!"
AJ: "And understandably so! A huge match announced for tonight, but what does this news mean for our main event?!"

*NNTK walks up the ramp as the camera cuts to...*

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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by kirbs2002 » Sep 20th, '11, 13:42

Kayla Killings and Nina Cortez are shown walking toward the women's dressing room. Bastion walks by and stops them.

Hi, ladies! Sorry to hear about your family issues, it's just good to have you back.

It's good to be back.

Bastion reaches into his coat and pulls out an envelope, that he hands to Kayla.

Before Lynas announced his resignation, he made this match for you two, personally. He figured you two would really enjoy it, and he said that if you win this, you get to face Freedom And Liberty at Heresy. I don't have much time to chat, so I'll see you later.

Bastion leaves and Kayla opens the envelope. Her look turns to one of shock, then to anger as Nina has a look. Kayla kicks a hole in the wall and Nina utters a few Spanish curses as the show goes to commercial.
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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by cero2k » Sep 20th, '11, 17:41

**And we're back to the ring**

Anderson: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next bout is for ONE FALL, with a 10 minute time limit. Already in the ring, weighting in at 187 lbs, Ricky Rocko (local jobber)...

**suddenly we hear Atrevete-te-te all over the ring and gutierrez Fernandez makes his way to the ring.**

Anderson: and coming down from the ramp, from Zihuatanejo Mexico, a man that trains with tigers and writes poetry on his free time...GUUUTIIIIIEERRRRRRRREZZZ FEEEEEEEERNANNDEEEZZZZZZZ

AJ: Heeey!! it's your favorite wrestler...

Lebeau: I'm honestly gonna stop talking to you if you say that again...

AJ: but seriously, Gutierrez Fernandez NEEDS to get a win soon if he wants to keep his spot in the WWR Roster. There are many wrestlers willing to do anything for that spot he has...

Lebeau: indeed, i don't know why are we wasting money on this guy, just look at him, short, fat, ugly...GOD, i hope this match goes quick...

**Gutierrez Fernandez and Ricky Rocko start it off in the center of the ring, locking each other. **

AJ: let's see if Fernandez can finally can score a pinfall, we have to admit this is likely the best chance he's had with Ricky Rocko

Lebeau: who?? but yoou can't really expect for Fernandez to defeat Randall can you??

AJ: Or Roach...

Lebeau: ...actually I was expecting that...

** In the ring, GF and Ricky are having a back and forth match that has started with a series of locks, whips and chops. After some dirty tactics, better said an eye poke, GF starts getting the control of the match. Fernandez starts working on the left arm of RR, a series of arm breakers and arm locks.**

AJ: you know, every time it seems like GF changes his offense style. Last time we saw him he was all over the place, today he's carefully focusing on a single body part.

Lebeau: like it matters, by the time he gets to a point he can finally win, he'll be out of here.

** Gutierrez still has the control of the match, he whips RR to the corner, runs and connects a clothsline **

AJ: he calls that "Buenos Dias!!" and he's preparing for another....connects....and here comes the third one!!...

Lebeau: oHH HAHA, he completely missed that one!!

AJ: Ricky, i don't know if he fell or actually dodged, but GF Fernandez went flying all the way to the outside!!

** Ricky goes down to ring side and picks up GF, who he rams directly to the ring apron back first. He clears Gf's chest and connects a knife-edge chop that is heard all over the arena!! **

GF: AAH, what's wrong with you!!!

** GF retaliates with a chop of his own, and they start a back and forth battle of chops. **

GF: AAHH!!, Not so hard!!!

** GF not wanting to continue getting chops, pokes RR's eyes again, see's a small opening, and jumps inside the ring. Runs to the other side of the ropes, comes back and....

Lebeau: WEAPON
AJ: OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!! Ricky Rocko is down

Lebeau: but stupid Fernandez still can't get it into his head that you can't pin your opponent outside the ring!!!

AJ: small technicality, seems like GF is gonna go for the 10 second count this time.

** GF returns to the ring and waits for the ref to count out RR.


AJ: Ricky is barely gettin up!!!
Lebeau: He's not gonna make it!!!

8......9...... HE MADE IT IN THE LAST SECOND!!!

GF: OH come on!!!

** GF jumps on top of RR and starts punching him like crazy, he lifts him up and whips him to the corner. He lifts him up to the top turn buckle and climbs himself. He grabs his arm ***

Lebeau: I've heard about this. It's called The Mexican Dream. It's a top rope arm takedown, which he then connects to a chicken wing.

AJ: after all the work that Fernandez has on this kid, this will be lethal!!

** GF brings down RR with the Mexican Dream and immediately locks in a chicken wing.

AJ: Ricky is doing everything possible not to tap
Lebeau: He's not tapping!!!


AJ: wait?? he tapped??
Lebeau: I think GF just made his first win!

**GF lets go and starts celebrating!! **

Anderson: Time keeper just notified me that the 10 minute limit was reached and therefore this match is a TIME LMIT DRAWW!!!!


AJ: Oh my god, after all that, Fernandez still can't get a win...

** Suddenly we hear a familiar music surround the arena and out comes Tony Bastion!!!! **

Bastion: Hi Gutierrez, you remember me? It seems I was out and yet you still haven't been able to score a single win. You know how it is, you gotta win if you wanna be part of the World Wrestling Revolution roster....

GF: but I uh....

Bastion: I don't care....GF, this is what is gonna happen. You're having your final shot on Mayhem. And we're going full circle, for you will be going one-on-one with the first man you fought on your debut. You're going against the No 1 Contender, Mike Roach.

** Bastion's song replays and he leaves to the backstage. **

AJ: I...I think Fernandez' luck just ran out
Lebeau: I think Mayhem will be the last time we see GF......Good riddance...

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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by KILLdozer » Sep 20th, '11, 18:47

The camera cuts over the crowd,displaying various signs,Including:"Roach youre outmatched!" and "Roach is the man!" and several other signs with WWR on them,and then the show cuts to commercial.

The show returns from commercial as The End Of Everything is already playing and James North walks out in front of NNTK and the Jones as the crowd roars with boos.

JD:"The following match is set for one fall,Introducing first,from Lafayette,Indiana,weighing 236 pounds..He is accompanied by NNTK and Marcus and Evan Jones...JAMESSS NOOOORTHHH!"

The crowd boos more as North gestures around his waist and they continue walking down the ramp.

AJ:"James North flanked by his team mates and NEW leader NNTK,,speaking of that,what a night its been for that man in the hockey mask,,first Randall loses his guys to him then just a few minutes ago we find out Origin has lost Lynas,leaving NNTK and Randall a man down for later!"

Lebeau:"James North is one of the most athletic,agile men on the roster,and the Jones Id throw in that group as well,And Bastion says hell have trouble finding a replacement...hahaha dont count out the man from The Netherworld just yet!"

They continue down the ring as NNTK and North discuss plans and strategy.

The crowd boos even louder as North looks directly at a kid giving him thumbs down and flashes the middle finger at him.

AJ:"Come on! Have some class and decency North! Thats a ten year old kid dont do that shit to him!"

Lebeau:"Hey,That little fanboy gave the thumbs down first North is just givin him a receipt! What do you expect,just smile and grin?"

NNTK gives North some final instruction and North nods his head in agreement as he walks onto the apron.

NNTK and the Jones walk around to Ringside;North pulls on the top rope with both hands,and slingshots himself in,landing on one knee as he points out at the crowd with a sneer as they react with choruses of boos.

Now Come With Me bellows out to a huge crowd reaction as Bryan Dean comes walking out on stage,arms raised overhead in a flex.

Lebeau:"Ok,here we go with Dean,the man who won the Dynamics at Path To Glory and lost it before Heresy! Need I say more AJ?"

AJ:"Yea,you know for once I kind of get your point,but he really gave Vigo a fight for it,and you know ones got to believe that if North can get a victory over the former Champion or even a great showing at least hell be right in there with the rest of the contenders!"

JD:"And now his opponent,From Baltimore,Maryland...weighing in at 240 pounds...BRYYYYANNN DEANNNN!"

The crowd goes wild as Dean walks the ramp,slapping hands with fans and patting them on the back.

AJ:"The fans love Dean and the feeling is mutual! But this should be quite a matchup,two different styles clashing."

Lebeau:"But North has something Dean doesnt...Who better to give you advice on how to beat a former Dynamics Champion..Than another former Dynamics Champion?"

AJ:"Again you have a valid point..NNTK was the most dominant Dynamics Champion weve ever had!"

Dean continues to the ring now and enters it to huge pops from the fans as he steps onto the top turnbuckle..

But while he has his back turned..North looks to NNTK,who gives him a nod and gestures towards Dean.

North then rushes in and nails Dean in the back of head,and then grabs him and forcefully pulls him to the mat with an over the shoulder neckbreaker as the crowd boos loudly.

AJ:"Damnit NNTK just advised North to cheapshot Dean in the corner from behind before the match had even started! What a lowdown move!"

Lebeau:"Id say that was nicely done,NNTK is starting off on the right track with these men for damn sure!"

The bell rings now and North begins laying in repeated stomps and kicks to the face of Dean on the mat to more boos from the fans.

AJ:"And hes still all over him on the mat,let him up and stop the kickin when hes down!"

Lebeau:"My ass,Dean shoudnt have turned his back,that right there is how you take control of the match! Jump em and dont let em up!"

North now drags Dean over so hes lined up with the ropes horizontally,then steps up off the 2nd rope and jumps outwards,coming down hard with a nasty fist drop in the face of Dean.

NNTK and the Jones watch from ringside as NNTK points at the action in the ring as the three of them discuss it.

North now goes into a pin,hooking the leg putting an elbow in the face of Dean.

AJ:"Cover! One! - Not quite Two he got the shoulder up at one and a half!"

Lebeau:"And did you see NNTK and the Jones? Hes showing them the things North is doing as examples of what to do in the future!"

North pulls Dean to a vertical base,then ducks under and quickly snaps him right over with a Northen Lights suplex and bridges over into the pin.

AJ:"Cover off the Northern Lights! One! Again Dean kicks out at one and a half to cheers from the crowd."

North backs up as Dean stands and then runs in and cracks him over the head with a running wheel kick to boos from the crowd.

Lebeau:"North is on fire! You know theres more of that to come in the future!"

AJ:"And you know something I noticed? Randalls not out here with NNTK right now either!"

Lebeau:"Yea youre right,this main event is looking more interesting by the minute."

North lifts Dean up again and hooks up for a northern lights again.

AJ:"North lookin for another Northern Lights suplex!"

North tosses him over but Dean rolls through behind him managing a counter to big cheers from the crowd.

Dean quickly locks the hands around the waist and slings him overhead with a German suplex to more cheers.

AJ:"Dean with the counter!"

Dean now turns him around and takes him over with a fisherman's suplex into a pin;Hooking the leg.

Lebeau:"Dean with a fisherman into the cover! One! North getting out of it by One and a half!"

Dean allows North to stand,then leaps into with a dropkick to the face,then he grabs him up off the mat as he flips him with a standard suplex to loud cheers.

Dean now goes into the cover hooking the leg with the inside cradle.

AJ:"One! Kickout by one and a half!"

Dean goes across the ring some away from him and as North gets up he prepares to take off then runs going for a knee lift in the side of the head but North quickly sidesteps him and goes behind,jumping on his shoulders and twisting as he spins around and around several times then slings Dean forwards to the mat with impact with the Headscissors Takedown.

Lebeau:"What a reversal and then a huge move from James North!"

AJ:"Very impressive lightning quick Headscissors takedown!"

North begins laying in more kicks and stomps to face and head of Dean,really teeing off him as the crowd roars with boos.

NNTK can be heard yelling at North to "Stay on him Dont let him up!"

North nods without turning away from the action,and runs and kicks him in the side of the head one more time.

North now jumps on top of him,quickly striking him several times with mounted punches,then jumps and hits a forearm drop in the face to more boos still.

Lebeau:"Boy NNTK told him to go after him just there and Dean is doing just that! Tear him up!"

AJ:"Just stomping and jumping all over Dean,not giving him an inch to breath!"

North runs up top as hes got Dean downed,then leaps forwards off the turnbuckle and smashes into him with a Diving Elbow in the face and goes into the over.

Lebeau:"Incredible Elbow off the top! "

AJ:"And now North with the cover! One! Two! Kickout right after two!"

The crowd cheers after Dean kicks out ,North forces him up and then hooks the neck and the leg and spins out,putting Dean down with a Fisherman's Swinging Neckbreaker to roars of shock from the fans.

Lebeau:"North has been so damn impressive in this match against the Former Dynamics Champion Bryan Dean!"

AJ:"North is taking it to him and putting the division on notice for sure!"

North drags him to his feet again and goes for a right hand but Dean slips behind him dropping him down with a neckbreaker to huge pops.

Dean stalks North from behind,then hits another neckbreaker as he gets back up to more pops.

NNTK is shown watching shaking his head at the action in the ring.

Dean gets him back up and then slings him over with a vertical suplex,then a fisherman,then goes behind finishing with a big release German to insane cheers.

AJ:"THREE SUPLEXS IN A ROW now Dean is really rollin!"

Lebeau:"Damnit get him North!"

NNTK slams his fist into the apron with anger as he continues to look on.

AJ:"And look at NNTK,he doesnt like this one bit!"

Lebeau:"Dean better watch it he may get his head taken off,the mood NNTK is tonight!"

Dean goes over to the corner and climbs the ropes to the top and jumps off towards North with the Flying Clothesline but North ducks..Dean manages to land on his feet though..When he turns around North cracks him in the head with a huge roundhouse kick to boos from the crowd as North looks out and yells at the fans "Fuck you!"

AJ:"Huge kick after North got out of the way of the clothesline! And that language now after that finger to that boy earlier! "

Lebeau:"What finger? "

The crowd boos even louder as North slaps Dean right in the face then rakes the eyes..Then goes for a kick in the face but Dean ducks it..North comes back around though and this time blasts him with a deafening Savate Kick in the face .

AJ:"What an even bigger kick! He nearly knocked him out! And what finger,,You're really gonna play that game?!"

NNTK looks at North and lifts a fist into the air then gives him the thumbs down,signaling for him to finish it.

Lebeau:"Uh oh,you saw the gesture I think the end is near! Here we go!"

North slowly pulls him up Deans dead weight with all his strength,hooks him up in Powerbomb position down between the legs and shouts "Its over!"

AJ:"Oh man Hes going for that Northbuster!"

North goes to grab deans and lift him up,but Dean manages to somehow out of nowheres quickly slip through his legs behind him,and pulls him down with a neckbreaker to mega cheers.

Lebeau:"Whered that come from?! No!"

AJ:"Sudden counter!"

Dean glances at NNTK with a grin as he stands behind North,North makes it to his feet and Dean clutches the waist with both hands,and hits one,two,then three crushing German suplexes to the loudest cheers yet.

Dean goes back up top now as North gets back up holding his head some,the crowd goes wild as Dean hits the top rope Clothesline this time.

AJ:"That time he got it! Deans on fire now!"

Lebeau:"NNTK wont let him lose so it doesnt matter!"

Dean gets up now and as North runs off the ropes towards him he ducks behind and then comes back off the opposite ropes and smashes into him with a crossbody to more cheers from all over the arena.

NNTK slams his fist on the apron again a few times as Dean goes to the top rope over North whose downed in the center of the ring.

AJ:"Well he better act fast then 'cause he gets this headbutt its done!"

NNTK turns to Marcus Jones and motions him towards the ring.

Marcus now jumps onto the apron and shouts and trys to enter the ring and the ref turns and shouts back,ordering him to get down on the floor now as the crowd begins to boo.

As Dean is perched on the ropes over North on the other side of the ring;With the ref distracted with his back turned, NNTK jumps on the apron and runs across and connects right in the head of Dean with the Lifetaker Kick as he knocks him out cold on impact to thunderous roars of boos.

Dean falls forward some down on the turnbuckle limp,and by now North is up and pulls him down upside down,hooking Deans arms behind the legs as he turns around and jumps forward,planting Dean flat on his face with the Northbuster to louder boos.

Marcus Jones has gotten down off the apron and North rolls him over into a cradle pin as the ref counts.

AJ:"He got it that time Northbuster! One! Two! Three!"

Lebeau:"Its over James North wins,What a statement made by that man!"

The bell rings now as The End Of Everything plays again to a loud ovation of boos.

The ref raises North's arm in the middle of the ring.

JD:"Here is your winner...JAMES NORTH!"

The crowd boos even louder now,and NNTK nods at both Jones and they all three enter the ring.

AJ:"Whats going on here?!?"

Now NNTK the Jones and North have Dean surrounded,then all four attack him at once,putting him right down on the mat as the boos get steadily louder.

NNTK has the Jones get him up and they send him crashing him back down hard with the Flapjack DDT combo,NNTK sends North to the top and he comes down and drills him in the face as he hits the Headhunter legdrop.

The boos are still coming as NNTK grabs Dean up around the neck,then lifts him high overhead with a Military Press then then drops him down over one knee with a Shoulderbreaker,then grabs him by the throat again and lifts him way high overhead as he chokeslams him using only one hand.

The boos get even louder yet as NNTK pulls him by the arm and pulls him and drops him with the Lifetaker Kick.

AJ:"Damnit they just jumped all over Dean ! The match was over! Just plain ridiculous!"

Lebeau:"That's called making a statement,and boy did they ever!"

The four of them stand over Dean as The End Of Everything is playing again and then all turn and leave Dean in the ring as the crowd showers them with boos.

They leave up the ramp to the back as the show cuts to commercial.
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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by Sassafras » Sep 20th, '11, 21:28

*show returns from commercial and the camera is following Rob Randall, who is trying to catch up to NNTK, James North, and the Jones Twins*

NNTK: "We showed Bryan Dean, Mike Roach, Tony Bastion, EVERYBODY who really runs this show!"

*the 5 of them pass Mike Roach and Tommy Hawk, who are sitting at a table and playing the ancient Chinese strategic game of weiqi*

Roach, speaking in a low voice: "So the best strategy can't truly be realized until we know who they're gonna replace Shane Lynas with, but the best course of action as of now will certainly be to capitalize as much as possible on NNTK and Randall's dispute over leadership of their 3 errand boys."

*Tommy Hawk nods in agreement, as NNTK, Randall, and the others stop in front of them; Roach and Hawk stand and pick up the folding chairs they were sitting on, preparing for battle*

NNTK: "What's that I hear, fatass? I get to beat Tommy Hawk before Heresy?! It's like Christmas Eve, when ya get to open the one gift right before bed!"

Roach: "Boy, you best keep yourself at bay. And if you're trying to get me to admit that Tommy is one of my partners tonight, then yes. Yes, he is."
Hawk: "That's right! I'm gonna tear you apart!"

NNTK: "Ha! The odds of that happening are slim to none! But I guess I should explain to Sassafat what 'slim' means."

*NNTK and the SoF laugh*

Hawk: "So many words, so little action."
Roach: "Of course, but what did you expect, brother? It's not all of them against just one dude, so of course they're backing down."

NNTK: "Backing down?! You're stupid! We're just saving it f-"

Roach: "Saving it for when there'll be a referee to save you, I know, I know. Shouldn't you boys be finding a third man for your team?"

Randall: "Well, it doesn't look like you guys have one, either!"

Roach: "Of course we do! Don't be silly."
Hawk: "Where is he, anyway?"
Roach: "Ya know, I saw him earlier today and he was goin-"

*just then, Chris Everlast appears behind Roach and Hawk with an arm around each of their shoulders*

Everlast: "Here I am, guys."

*the crowds explodes into cheers; Rob Randall visibly turns as white as a sheet, as NNTK is clearly pissed; Roach, Hawk, and Everlast smile*

Roach: "We're going to leave...an EVERLASTING IMPRESSION...on you and whoever is foolish enough to team with you."
Everlast: "All modesty aside, we're the greatest of all time."

*the crowd cheers as NNTK and his boys walk away; the camera cuts to...*

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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by KILLdozer » Sep 23rd, '11, 23:59

The End Of Everything begins to play now back out at ringside as the fans go into a frenzy of boos.

JD:"The following Tag Team match is set for one fall..Introducing first..From Memphis Tennessee..weighing in at a combined weight of 464 pounds..Accompanied to the ring by NNTK and James North,EVANNNNN AND MARCUSSSSS JONESSSSS!"

AJ:"Now its gonna be the Jones in action,,after we saw James North pick up the win out here a little while ago over a former Dynamics Champion in Bryan Dean! Huge win for North now lets see what the Jones do."

The Jones walk out with NNTK and James North behind them as the crowd continues to boo.

Lebeau:"James North picked up the major win in that match,I bet some people werent expecting him to pull out the win like that but with guidance from the new leader he shocked all those people!"

As the four of them continue down the ramp towards the ring,A fan in the front row holds up a sign that reads "Sons of MISFortune"...they stop and Evan takes the sign and rips it in two,throwing it on the floor,as the arena fills with boos as they continue walking.

AJ:"Go ahead Lebeau..Justify that bit of lowdown rotten filth they just pulled on that innocent spectator!"

"Lebeau:"You and this right and wrong bull,I tell ya what..Sure that fan may have the right to his opinion but North and the Jones dont have to like it...He should have thought of something like that happening before making that kind of joke,thats his own fault!"

NNTK nods his head in approval as they get down to the ring now;NNTK and James North go to one side of the ring as Marcus and Evan both jump straight up onto the ring apron then duck in under the middle rope,both of them raising one fist into the air as the crowd lets out storms of boos.

Now "Alive " by POD bursts over the speakers as the crowd erupts into cheers.

JD:"And their opponents..Hailing from Atlanta,Georgia and Ontario,Canada respectively..weighing in at a combined weight of 450 pounds...Jake Swan and Kristian Star...THIS IS SWAAAAAANSTAAAARRRR!"

Kristian Star and Jake Swan slowly walk on stage in matching tights and trunks as the crowd cheers more at the site of them..then they both turn and look at each other briefly before nodding their heads and then taking off full speed,running down to the ring then they each run up seperate ringsteps and up to the top rope in the corners,they shout and point to the crowd and then flip forwards off the turnbuckles into the ring as the fans scream louder.

Lebeau:"What are these two men doing out here? Why do we have to see these damn showoffs ?"

AJ:"What are you talking about SwanStar is GREAT! Two of the most exciting high flying superstars around here! "

The bell rings as NNTK and James North look towards the ring intently.

Evan and Kristian Star will start for their teams;Marcus and Jake Swan stand on the apron in their corners.

Lebeau:"Now its NNTK and James North watching and studying this match together,they're looking for anything that will help advance North's ring skills."

AJ:"But still I see no Robert Randall out here with them,again hes not out here with his partner for tonight's Main Event! Remember on Mayhem Friday NNTK said he was the best around here,Bar none..Then later on Randall disputed that claim and said noone can match his talent..Very interesting.."

Evan and Star stand across from each other,Star runs straight in at Evan and jumps,taking him down with a flying clothesline,then immediately jumps right back up with a kip-up as the fans erupt.

Evan shakes his head briefly and gets back up,Star runs right back at him and drops him with another flying clothesline,again he hops up again with a kip-up as the fans continue to scream.

Evan shakes it off once more and Star runs and leaps at him with the flying clothesline once again,and he pops up instantly another time as the fans go wild,but this time,before he can even move,Marcus Jones runs in and cracks him in the face with a Mule Kick,knocking him over as the fans boo.

Marcus turns to Evan claps him on the shoulder a couple times and then they both jump into the air and double dropkick Star in the mouth as he gets up to more boos.

Marcus leaves back to the corner as the ref admonishes him,Evan now hooks the leg.

AJ:"Cover off the Double Dropkick! One! Kickout right away!"

NNTK shouts "Thats it just like that divide and conquer and its yours!"

Lebeau:"Hes right,constant double teams and singling out one man is the way to do this."

AJ:"Very true,cheating or not thats the kind of strategy that will win you tag team matches."

Evan stomps Star in the gut,then turns and jumps,flipping backwards as he hits a Standing Moonsault,He goes over to the corner and tags in Marcus.

Marcus comes in and flips Star over and turns him into an Inverted Indian Deathlock,then Evan hits the ropes and nails Star in the face with a Hesitation Dropkick to louder boos.

The ref yells for them to cut out the double teams and for Evan to get out the ring.

Evan steps out onto the apron as Marcus covers Star in the ring.

AJ:"Another quick double team and theyre going for another pin! One! Kickout shortly after
one again!"

Lebeau:"So far its been all Jones in this match except for a few minutes,they've took down Star,slowed the match down and neutralized his speed and agility!:

Marcus backs off ,giving Star enough room to start getting up,then he cracks him over the back of the neck with a few forearms,then grabs him around the waist and takes him over with a Gutwrench Suplex.

Marcus tags Evan back in and they both grab Star by the tights and then pull him up to his feet,then both put arm around his neck and hold the tights as they flip him overhead with a Double Suplex as the crowd reigns out with more boos.

Evan goes into the cover with an elbow in the jaw as the ref again orders Marcus out as he leaves the ring.

AJ:"Cover off the Double Suplex this time! One! Shoulder up from Star!"

NNTK yells instructions :"Hes lightning quick but keep him down! He cant utilize the speed from the mat!"

Lebeau:"More wise teachings there from NNTK,by the time the match is done their game will be on another level!"

Evan pulls him up and turns around going for a Bulldog,but Star pushes him off to exclamtion from the crowd.

Evan gets back up and faces back to Star,who dashes at him and jumps on his shoulders,spins around to the backside,and tosses him over with a Reverse Hurricanrana to more loud pops.

Star runs over and jumps higher than top rope as he takes Marcus off the apron with a dropkick,then he runs into the corner,runs up and jumps on the turnbuckle for only a split second before jumping off and flipping over with a Moonsault as the arena goes nuts.

AJ:Star's countered him and all he needed was a few seconds to get things going in their favor again! Dont stop now keep going!"

Star goes onto the apron and then points upwards as the crowd continues to get behind him,then springboards above the ring high overhead then comes down hard with a legdrop in the face to Evan.

Star now with a cover.

AJ:"One! Kickout by Evan Jones!"

Lebeau:"Allow me to act like you and ask one of your types of questions now..What was with the dropkick on Marcus?! Was no reason for that."

AJ:"If he didnt he would have been in the ring anyways to hit him from behind!"

Star now turns and tags in Jake Swan as the the crowd cheers loudly,and he comes in springboarding off the ropes and takes down Evan with a Jawbreaker as he gets to his feet.

Swan whips Evan off the ropes and when he comes back he runs and springboards off the second rope and catches him with a Tornado DDT to the awe of the crowd.

AJ:"Impressive move by Jake Swan just now!"

Lebeau:"Ive seen plenty of Tornado ddts before,much nicer than that."

AJ:"You just cant give em credit can you?"

"Lebeau:"I just dont want to.I dont like em."

Swan goes for the cover on Evan again.

AJ:"One! Evan Jones again kicks out shortly after one."

Evan gets to his feet and Swan's already bounced off the ropes and ran full speed towards him,he jumps clean over him and catches him with a neckbreaker as he flys through the air as the crowd goes nuts.

AJ:"The vertical leap by Jake Swan! He went clear over his shoulders!"

Swan runs over to the ropes and grabs them,jumping over onto the apron then sprinting and leaping onto the turnbuckle.

Lebeau:"Now whats this idiot gonna do? One of them's going to hurt themselves one day."

He waits for Evan to get up and turn around towards the corner and when he does Swan flys off at him but suddenly Evan jumps into the air and catches him mid-move with a Dropkick in the face,knocking him right out the air as the crowd gasps.

AJ:"HUGE counter by Evan Jones! He took him out the air!"

Lebeau:"And now watch this!"

Evan pulls Jake Swan to the corner and tags in Marcus and he comes in and kicks Swan in the gut and both Jones quickly take him down to the mat with a Double DDT as the crowd now starts up booing again.

AJ:"More double teams from the Jones.! Theyve been all over them with combos like that!"

Marcus lifts him up some then cracks him hard right across the chest with a chop,then punches him in the gut,then a right and a left to the face,then a heavy right in the face and ducks behind afterwards,,pulling him by the waist to the corner tagging Evan back in.

Evan comes in and they both nail Swan right on the jaw with Double Superkicks as the crowd boos more.

Lebeau:"They're looking to get this one back in their control and they've got him in their corner !"

AJ:"Cover by Evan Jones! One! Just got the shoulder up at one and a half!"

Evan lifts him up by the hair as he forces him to his feet,then catches him with a stiff kick in the right leg,then another and another right in a row.

Evan follows up with a kick in the gut then spins him around and runs towards him and jumps into the air and locks around the neck with a bulldog,then he gets back up and taunts the crowd who boo profusely.

Evan now tags in Marcus,who comes into the ring,Evan waits for Jake Swan to make it back up as Marcus lines up behind him..Swan gets up and Evan hurls himself up onto his shoulders and flings him backwards through the air...RIGHT into the waiting arms of Marcus,who slams him down with a kneeling powerbomb ! The crowd lets out a mixture of shock and boos.

AJ:"OH MAN What a combination of moves right there! "

Lebeau:"Cover! One! Two! Jake Swan kicking out !"

Marcus lifts up Swan and hits a Jumping Calf Kick right in the face,laying Swan out.

Marcus turns and runs off the ropes and drops down on top of him with an elbow drop and remains there for the cover.

AJ:"One! Two! Swan getting the shoulder up!"

Lebeau"So what do you think of Evan and Marcus Jones in this match so far AJ?"

AJ:"Theyve been controlling this match off and on by double teaming both members of SwanStar and not letting them get up and really flying around the ring much."

Marcus lifts him up by the arm and irish whips him to the rope,going for a clothelines when he comes back,but Swan ducks under and jumps backwards off the ropes and hits a dropkick.

He turns around measuring Marcus as he gets up and runs in hitting him with a shining wizard,taking him off his feet to loud cheers.

Swan measures him again as he gets up to his feet,then pushes him down between his legs and then lifts him up and flips him into the turnbuckle in the corner.

AJ:"Setting up for that Big top rope move!"

Swan goes up top now,and screams to the crowd who cheer back,Star points at Swan from the apron as he prepares to fly.

He leaps off the top and turns backwards through the air,going for his incredible Backflip Legdrop(Swan Dive) .

But at the last second Marcus rolls over to the side out of the way and Swan crashes and burns as he hits the mat hard.

NNTK now shouts from ringside:"Nows the chance finish them off dont waste any time!"

Evan runs in and darts across the ring and jumps high into the air and catches Star right in the the temple,blasting him with a Jumping hook kick,sending him down off the apron to the floor..Then Marcus runs and levels Swan with a Running Enziguiri in the middle of the ring.

AJ:"Look out they just dropped em both!"

Lebeau"This ones over now,wait for it..."

Evan scoops Swan up over his shouder with the Flapjack and Marcus grabs him by the head and they send him hurtling down with the Flapjack DDT combo.

Lebeau:"Thats it there it is!"

Marcus goes into the cover as Star is still outside.

AJ:"One! Two! Three! Its over the Jones won in a very impressive showing!"

The bell rings and The End Of Everything starts playing loudly again.

Lebeau:"And youve got to give the credit where credit is due to NNTK..Swanstar were going for that high impact,high risk style off the top,Swan missed when Marcus moved..NNTK said theres the moment seal the deal and it was over."

JD:"Here are your winners by pinfall,Marcus And Evan Jones!"

The ref raises both of their arms in the air to boos from the crowd then they both slide down under the ropes out of the ring and rejoin NNTK and James North on the outside.

AJ:"Thats why its called High risk! You miss youll liable to take yourself out the match! "

Lebeau:"He hit nothin but mat and they took full advantage! Ive got a feeling the tag team division will really heat up soon around here.."

The Jones NNTK and North turn and walk up the ramp,and stop when they get on the stage and look out at the crowd who boo deafeningly loud as the Jones do the fists raised taunt again as the show cuts to commercial .
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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by VadeKruger » Oct 7th, '11, 11:45

#Show returns from commercial#

AJ "Ladies and Gents welcome back to WWR Vortex!!"

Lebeau "Yes already tonight we have seen some incredible matches and we have a shed load more to come, including a mega main event...."

~Suddenly the commentary is interrupted by the sound of 'Cold' by Static-X. The fans erupt into a mixture of boos and cheers as WWR World Champion Vade Kruger appears through a cloud of smoke, dressed in his wrestling attire carrying the title belt. He pauses to look out at the crowd for a short moment, then he makes his way to the ring~

AJ "What does this jerkoff want?? More attention?!"

Lebeau "Well hes making an appearance before his highly anticipated match with big Alex Bourne tonight, so let the mind games begin!!"

~Vade approaches the ring and grabs a microphone before walking up the steps and climbing in the ring, he circles around the ring, then stops and lifts up the title belt before the music stops. He lifts the mic up to his mouth~

Vade "As I have stood and waited at the top of the mountain here in WWR for a credible challenger, so out of the wholesome light appears Michael Roach. Well Im sorry people, but as I have said many times already, he aint a nice guy. He aint your pin up, nor is he the face of WWR. Even if by some miracle he beats me for this strap he still wont be 'The face of WWR' because hes too damn fat and ugly!!"


~The fans jeer and boo as Kruger steps back and laughs, then suddenly the smile disappears from his face, he looks into the camera and begins to speak again~

Vade "You people at home, here in the Sanitorium and back in the locker room better hope to your Gods that Sassafras doesnt get this world title. Because he and Bastion will ruin WWR............and I will be gone."

~Kruger drops the mic and lifts the world title belt high as 'Cold' plays. He takes a look around the ring before exiting and walking back up the aisle to the back. Music cuts~
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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by KILLdozer » Oct 24th, '11, 23:47

The camera cuts to the backstage hall to show NNTK and the SoF walking as the crowd belts out boos..they come across Ryan Ignatius as the crowd then erupts with cheers.

AJ:"Whats the meaning of this?!"

Lebeau::"Lets wait and see ."

NNTK now turns to Ignatius.

Ignatius:"What do you want bastard,what are you here for?!"

NNTK:"Now is that any way to talk to an old friend and former business associate? The profanity and name calling? What do I want? What am I here for? Thats the way you welcome me when I approach you after all the things we've done together in this company? The three letters Ryan..the army of rebels that took this place by storm.."

The crowd boos heavily now,louder than before..

Ignatius:"I dont wanna talk about those letters..You blew your chance with me when you showed up that night and kicked me in the face in the threeway against Vade."

NNTK:"Theres nothing to talk about..The history between us speaks for itself..The Red and Black Attack..We combined your team and mine to create the most devasting force ever seen here..Anyone who stepped to us or got in our way got put on injured reserve..I kicked you in the face when I returned to WWR because you seem to have forgotten who you are."

Ignatius:"Well you may be right about our history but thats all it is..past history..that was then this now..I didnt forget who I am Ive just changed unlike you ..So tell me "old friend"..what is it you came for?"

NNTK:"Ive come here to make you a proposition..to extend my hand to you..See I know that your still the same guy from BCW that I brokered the deal with way back then..When Roach burnt that shirt in the ring a few weeks ago he not only disrespected me he disrespected you as well..He disrespected us all that were a part of that movement..With whats happened tonight I need another partner..Take this opportunity and remind Michael Roach how we did things."

The crowd now roars with boos as NNTK extends a hand to Ignatius who steps forward then looks at his hand then stares up at NNTK intently.

Ignatius:"No.Sorry,I cant do it,you speak the truth but I just cant,like I said,Old times and different days."

NNTK now stares at Ignatius.

NNTK:"Fine.So be it,make your own decision and choose your own fate,After I take care of Roach tonight Ill be dealing with you.This isnt over."

The crowd roars with boos now louder than ever as NNTK clinches a fist as he nods his head towards the SoF and they leave walking off after NNTK gives Ignatius one last piercing glance.

AJ:"Well what an intense conversation that was..NNTK looks for a third partner in his former ally Ryan Ignatius and gets turned down..Honestly Im glad..this place cant handle that a second time. Well the search continues for the third man on NNTK's team for the main event,and like Bastion said..I dont know who's going to team with him,OR Robert Randall!"

Lebeau:"Thats bull,Ignatius is gone nuts,hes gonna deeply regret turning him down watch...And Roach Everlast and Hawk will get taken care of..Surely someone around here is smart enough to take the opportunity and even the odds and thwart Bastions attempted SABOTAGE of the greatest star here!"

AJ:"OH again with that?!!? Why dont you give it a rest at least until the main event?! (Rolls eyes) Anyways folks well be back live on WWR Vortex!"

The show cuts to NNTK and The Jones and North walking down the hall again as the camera fades to commercial .
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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by kirbs2002 » Oct 25th, '11, 11:43

"The Blister Exists" (Slipknot) plays to a loud pop from the crowd as Allanah and Heather walk to the ring together. They get in and Heather grabs a microphone as the crowd cheers loudly. Heather nods approvingly with a slight grin and runs her fingers through her hair before addressing everyone.

It's amazing how things can change so quickly. At first when I came here tonight I was in about the worst mood imaginable and, to be honest, this announcement was going to be for mine and Allanah's immediate retirement. But as I said, things can change so quickly, and you guys--the loyal WWR fans--have yourselves to thank for that.

The fans burst into cheers once more as Heather nods approvingly.

Another problem with that would have been what that says about me: Big match for the WWR Women's Championship coming up and I pack up and walk away, why? Because of unrealistically large egos back there. A certain... person... has been spewing his sh*t and asking ME to do HIM favors for HIS new little... toy... as if we'd been buddies all along. I'll leave him nameless here because, unlike him, I'm a moderately classy person. I'm going to make this very clear for you and you know who you are: We ARE NOT friends, we NEVER WERE friends, and I WILL NEVER BE your friend. I digress, that's enough of that. About what's at hand, the big match coming up with a certain... Angel...

The crowd boos slightly.

You might have weaseled your way out of a submission match, but it won't make a lick of difference. You're going to get in that ring, be hopelessly overwhelmed, and snapped in half like the little twig you are. I'm faster, more agile, and stronger than I've ever been in my entire life, let alone my career. You might be able to persuade your way out of certain doom most times, but the last person to try and talk their way out of a beating was Allanah. How'd that turn out?

My worst beating state-side since the 90's.

Well, I'm kinda getting ahead of myself a bit. I didn't come here just to talk and she didn't come here to look good, although she does well at it. We came here to kick some ass!

The crowd erupts into cheers as "South of Heaven" (Slayer) plays.

We'll be right back.

Show fades to commercial.
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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by kirbs2002 » Oct 30th, '11, 20:33

The show returns with "South Of Heaven" (Slayer) still playing. The arena goes silent and "Perfect Insanity" (Disturbed) hits to a thunderous cheer from the crowd.

The following is a tag-team match set for one fall. Already in the ring at a total combined weight of 305 pounds, Allanah and Heather Gilchrist! And their opponents, from Juarez, Mexico, and weighing in at a total combined weight of 325 pounds, Nina Cortez and Kayla Killings: Beautifully Dangerous!

Well Heather and Allanah came into the ring with quitting on their mind, but will that have any effect on their performance here?

Whenever someone shows up at work with their notice on their mind, their performance is never optimal. The better question is whether their hindered performance will still be enough to get them the win against one of, if not the hottest tag team in WWR tonight.

All competitors shake hands, the ring clears and the bell rings with Kayla and Allanah squaring off. They circle each other for a moment. Kayla shoots in trying for a waistlock but Allanah avoids it. Then Allanah shoots in for the same but Kayla avoids it. They then lock up with Kayla quickly gaining a hammerlock on Allanah. Allanah reverses but Kayla then reverses, maintaining a hammerlock on Allanah. Allanah then takes over Kayla with a snapmare, delivers a quick kick to Kayla's back and backs into a neutral corner as Kayla gets to her feet.

They approach and lock up once more. Kayla sends Allanah away with an arm drag, Allanah charges again to be met with the same. They then lock up again, with Kayla sending Allanah into the ropes. Allanah rebounds with a waistlock, looking for a German suplex, but Kayla blocks and twists Allanah into a kneebar, with Allanah scrambling to the ropes for the break.

Both get to their feet, stare at each other for a moment and then Kayla and Allanah tag in Nina and Heather. They enter slowly, tie up in a knuckle lock and jostle for position. Nina gains the advantage, twisting Heather into a standing straightjacket. After a moment, Heather slowly lifts her arms up and manages to reverse the hold, twisting Nina into a straightjacket. Heather then puts a foot into the back of Nina's knee to bring her down.

Nina goes to a seated position and Heather puts a knee in her back for extra leverage on the hold. Nina scoots forward toward the ropes but Heather gets down and puts both feet into Nina's back. Nina groans, arches her back and manages to scissor the bottom rope with her legs. Heather releases with some hesitation and gets up as Nina is hesitant to get back up.

Heather then charges but Nina pulls the top rope down, sending Heather tumbling to the outside. Heather looks up at Nina, who chuckles and then beckons Heather to get back in, opening the second and third ropes. Heather gets onto the apron and cautiously gets back in. She and Nina circle the ring.

They approach and engage in a knuckle lock once more, but before Heather can get her other hand up, Nina quickly jumps up, scissors Heather's arm and locks in a cross armbreaker. Heather thrashes around, having been caught off guard. She scoots around some more and manages to get her back off the mat, improvising a pin on Nina.


Two... Nina releases Heather.

Heather gets a quick burst of energy and tags in Allanah, who springboards in and dropkicks Nina, following up with a quick pin.


Two... kickout by Nina.

Allanah is quick to grab Nina's legs and twist her into a Boston Crab, wrenching Nina's back. Nina tries to free herself by sliding towards Allanah, but she only wrenches the hold harder than before. Nina then fights and claws her way to the bottom rope and forces a break. As Nina struggles to get up, even slower than before, Allanah jumps her from behind with a double-knee backbreaker. Into a pin.



Thr... Kickout by Nina.

Allanah gets up and backs up into a neutral corner as Nina struggles to get to her feet in the opposite corner. Nina props herself up on the turnbuckles and Allanah charges, but at the last second, Nina ducks away and Allanah goes through the turnbuckles and smashes her shoulder against the ring post. Nina rolls up Allanah.


Two... Kickout by Allanah.

Allanah gets to her feet before Nina. Allanah then grabs Nina and lifts her up for a powerbomb, but Nina counters with a desperation hurricanrana that sends Allanah down on top of her shoulder. Both women are down in the ring and the referee starts the ten count.



Three! Nina is still arching her back and Allanah grasping her shoulder.




Seven! Both women are clawing to their corners as their partners anxiously await a tag.


Nine! Nina is first with a tag and Kayla bolts in as Allanah manages to tag in Heather.

Heather ducks a lariat from Kayla and turns around as Kayla gets to the second rope and falls back with an elbow to the head. Heather gets up only to be met by Kayla, who grabs her leg and tosses Heather with a flapjack. Kayla, thinking quick, immediately follows up with an ankle lock. Heather tries to claw her way to the ropes, but Kayla just pulls her back to the middle.

Heather manages to lift up her other leg and kick Kayla hard enough to get her grip loosened, which gives Heather the opening to get to the ropes. Kayla won't release the hold, and Heather gives Kayla another kick, which mercifully breaks the hold. Heather leans up against the ropes as Kayla charges only to be low-bridged to the outside. Nina and Allanah are sitting on the floor, still regrouping.

Kayla uses the announcers' table to get back to her feet. She turns toward the ring and is met by the sight of Heather charging, leaping over the top rope and nailing Kayla with a dropkick, which sends Kayla tumbling hard over the table. Heather crawls back into the ring and the referee begins the countout.


Two! Nina moves to help Kayla, but Allanah shoves her away.

Three! Kayla crawls out from under the table.

Four! Allanah throws Nina into the ring steps.

Five! Kayla Slowly crawls toward the ring.


Seven! Allanah's undivided attention is still on Nina, as she throws Nina onto the ring apron.

Eight! Kayla manages to get to the ring apron.

Nine! Kayla gets up onto the ring apron as Allanah goes to stop her.

Te... Kayla rolls back into the ring to narrowly avoid the countout to a thunderous cheer from the crowd.

Heather grabs Kayla, whips her to the ropes and tags in Allanah, who looks like she's regained her bearings. Kayla rebounds off as Nina slyly tags herself in and Heather lifts her leg to blast Kayla with a superkick but Kayla ducks the superkick and spears Allanah as she enters the ring. Nina quickly chop blocks Heather to take her down and Kayla is quick to nail Heather with a springboard moonsault. Nina rolls Heather to the outside as Kayla turns her attention to Allanah. She lifts up Allanah and whips her to the ropes. Allanah rebounds off into a flapjack lift from Nina and Kayla combines with a cutter to hit Double D's! Kayla sends Heather back with a baseball slide as Nina falls onto Allanah for a pin.




The bell rings to cheers from the crowd as Perfect Insanity (Disturbed) hits.

The winner of this match, the team of Kayla Killings and Nina Cortez: Beautifully Dangerous!

What a spectacular finish to a spectacular tag team match.

Dare I say that match put a certain brand's divas and another's knockouts to shame?

Well, we're not done here tonight. Up next is what you've all been waiting for: the main event. We'll have that when we return!

Nina and Kayla hobble up the ramp victoriously and Heather and Allanah slowly limp that way as the show cuts to its final commercial break.
Reality TV is faker than "fake" wrestling!

"The views that I'm about to express are not necessarily those of anyone else but myself, but they ought to be and, in fact, they probably are"

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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by VadeKruger » Nov 15th, '11, 13:02

~As the show returns from the commercial break, the camera shoots to the back showing a beaten and bloody Alex Bourne being seen to by medical staff~

Lebeau "What the-"

AJ "Looks like SOMEONE didnt want Bourne to make ti to the ring!! I wonder who that was!!"

Lebeau "Lets not make assumptions right now, but look at the state of Bourne!!"

AJ "Yeah man hes in baaad shape!!!"

~Camera shoots to the broadcast table briefly as AJ and Lebeau talk, then the sound of 'Cold' by Static-X begins to play and the smoke appears. The camera shoots over to Vade Kruger who bursts out, carrying the WWR World title. He looks to the crowd and lifts up the strap, boos fill the arena with some cheers in the background. Vade walks down the aisle and into the ring with purpose~

AJ "Yeah he did it, he made sure Bourne didnt make it!!"

Lebeau "Are you sure? He looks like hes expecting a match...."

JD "This match is set for one fall, entering the ring from Warrington, England weighing 259 pounds here is the WWR World Heavyweight Champiooonn..............'The Instrument of Destruction' Vaaaade Kruugeerrrr!!!!"

~Vade receives another mixed reaction as he passes the belt to the otuside and readies himself for the match~

AJ "He knows full well Bourne aint gonna make it out here!!"

~After the music stops, Kruger awaits his opponent but nobody shows. Then after a few short moments a WWR official runs to the ring and speaks to the referee. The referee then explains to JD at ringside whats happening~

AJ "Looks like were about to get an official word..."

JD "Ladies and gentlemen, due to unforseen circumstances, Alex Bourne will not be able to compete tonight.......so the winner of the match by forfeit - The WWR World Heavyweight Champion......VAAAADE KRUUGEERRR!!!!!!"

~The fans boo, Kruger looks bemused as the announcement is made. His music hits and he leaves the ring with the strap, shaking his head. He is pelted with screwed up paper and plastic bottles as he walks to the back. The music cuts~
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Re: WWR Vortex Show 8

Post by KILLdozer » Nov 15th, '11, 13:15

The show returns from the commercial to AJ and Lebeau at the table as the full crowd is shown sitting behind them.

AJ:"Well were here live and back..It is finally time for our main event folks,the Six man tag team match..And Ive gotta say,It doesnt look like NNTK has had much luck finding a partner..They might have to go this alone!"

Lebeau:"Oh they'll have someone dont worry,But hey even so I think Randall and NNTK could take Roach Everlast and Hawk alone! You've seen how theyve handled those three lately!"

Now Behomouth by Eric Bible plays and Roach Everlast and Hawk walk out together to insane amounts of cheering from the crowd..Team Roach goes to their corner outside and begin talking strategy .

Lebeau:"Those fuckin punks! Everyone of em! Theyre all gonna fall to the greatest tonight!"

Suddenly Sad But True roars out over the speakers as Tony Bastion walks out to a big pop from the crowd.

Lebeau:"Ohhhhh GOT DANG and now this guy!"

Bastion now walks out on stage and down the ramp and over to the table,joining Lebeau and AJ as he sits down picking up a headset.

AJ:"Well hey look who it is! Big man in charge Tony Bastion! To what do we owe this unannounced visit?"

Bastion:"Well AJ I came out here to see how NNTK up close in action actually..All the problems weve had in the past two months its only right for me to want to see how he fares in this one."

AJ:"Well its great to have you out here with us!"

Bastion and AJ now shake hands.

Bastion:"Its great to be here,by the way,Hello Lebeau!"

Lebeau:"Hello,Bastion"(In a low irritated tone) Anyways enough of you two,match is about starting here we go!"

Now "Undead " begins to blare through the arena as boos soon follow when Randall and Leah walk out onto to the stage alone.

AJ:"Heres the first man up for this team,Robert Randall,Hes got a Street Fight for the WWR Continental Title this Sunday at Heresy! Notice hes just with Leah;His partner NNTK and the SoF arent coming out with him!"

Bastion:"See,NNTK is either losing or getting rid of all his friends lately,Hes not even getting along with his own partner it seems!"

Randall continues down the ramp and waves a fan off before throwing his black and gold basketball jersey right on top of a guy ,in the usual obnoxious manner .

Lebeau:"Boy you two sure love to talk NNTK down and fabricate things against him,Randall and NNTK havent argued once! What makes you think there's trouble there? Im sure he's just back there a bit behind with the new partner,thats all!"

Now "The End Of Everything" kicks in deafeningly loud as the arena fills with boos all over..The lights shut off for a few seconds and when they return the arena blares bright red all over briefly before the lights return to normal..the boos get louder as NNTK walks out with ONLY James North and Evan and Marcus Jones..NNTK carries a microphone with him.

Bastion:"Alright thats it I dont see a partner with him so excuse me for a minute guys Ive got to handle this..Like I figured I would.."

Bastion now stands up and looks over at NNTK on the stage.

Bastion:"Well whats going on? I thought this would happen,its Main Event time and you've got no partner! See just like I told you..All the enemies youve made lately makes it impossible for you to find ONE man who will agree to team with you in a cooperatitve match! You give me problems and you viciously attack and slander the hell out of everyone ;Well I think it's time some of thats caught up to you..So whats it gonna be ? HAVE you got a plan here or or you just going it alone with Randall in a Two On One Handicap Tag match>?"

The fans cheer with enthusiasm before NNTK begins to speak.

NNTK:"Dont count me out just yet..Once again you've tried to purposely me screw me over and make things difficult for me..Because you know if you dont that I will keep gaining ground and rising all the way up the ladder to the top of this promotion..and you're scared of having me as World Heavyweight Champion again..you cant hardly contain me now but if I was holding the highest honour here Id hold all the cards..I would once again be the dominant scourge that brought fear and chills into this arena every week..The menacing..unstoppable..out of control..mysterious man in black that left a trail of bodies in my wake as I RULED this company..Bastion...Lets be honest...NO ONE could touch me..not one man was in my league..It took a screwjob by two men to derail my reign of terror and save this place..Long story short..Me as Champion is bad news for you and everyone else here..but without further ado..onto other things..Lets talk about right here tonight..Ive got a partner..you're right..Of course Ive got a plan..One thing you should know about me by now is to never think I havent got something up my sleeve..My partner for tonight is..This man..

AJ:"What?! Who the hell's the third man then?!"

The arena is clammering with excitement from the crowd as hushed whispers along with boos flood around the arena.

NNTK now turns to the entrace way and raises a hand into the air..Suddenly the lights go out and then out of nowheres lightning strikes the top of the ramp as they come back on..

AJ:"WOAH! What the hell was that!?!"

Next thing you know "The Shining " is playing all through the arena as Titan Dividion's massive frame steps out alongside NNTK as the arena fills with shock fright and awe.

Titan turns over to NNTK and NNTK gives him a quick nod and he returns the gesture..Titan then cracks his knuckles and rolls his head side to side as the five of them make their way towards ringside.

Lebeau:"HA! Hows that you two!?! Not only DID he find a partner,but he found the LAST man you expected! Ah this is gonna be great!"

Bastion now glances at NNTK with a shocked expression as he quietly sits down in his chair again..NNTK just looks back at him with the icy stare.

The bell now rings as NNTK steps in ducking under the top rope,joing Everlast in the ring as the bell rings..The SoF stand down at ringside and Titan joins Randall on the apron,standing stoically.

AJ:"Well this is about to be under way and boy did NNTK ever surprise everyone here! The six man tag is on and started!"

Bastion:"Getting Titan was an excellent move,Ill give him that..I guess deranged minds think alike.."

Leah shouts at Everlast from ringside:"You just better hope he takes you out before Sunday!"

Everlast turns and looks at her,and NNTK takes advantage of the brief distraction and when he turns back around he runs in and takes him off his feet with a stiff lariat as the crowd boos.

NNTK drops five consecutive stomps right in the face of Everlast quickly,then jumps into the air as he comes down with a Knee Drop in the face to more boos now.

NNTK goes into the cover now.

Lebeau:"Hes got a cover! One! Everlast gets the shoulder up!"

AJ:"And NNTK's capitalized and hes got him down early!"

Bastion:"Ive never said the man couldnt get it done in the ring,that Lariat is something else now lets see where he goes here."

NNTK lays in five more stomps in a row,then he pulls him up ,yanking him in by the arm and drops him again with an enziguiri to the side of the head as the fans boo more still.

Lebeau:"Hes still rollin here,Everlast hasnt had a chance against the best pure competior on the roster!"

NNTK now leans down with one hand as he kneels on one knee,half crouching as well as he slaps a hand down around the throat of Everlast,choking him as the boos continue.

The ref begins to count him out,NNTK keeps the clutch tight as he looks over at Roach and Hawk,staring right through them both on the apron as the ref hits four;NNTK finally releases the choke as the ref shouts at him.

AJ:"Look at that,blatantly choking him right in front of the ref! How dirty can you be!"

Bastion:"I watch monitors back there,and Ive seen many a NNTK match..Believe me I know how he does..Hes gonna get you down and then just unleash everything hes got on you..Everlast needs to get up while this is still in the early goins and turn it around."

Everlast begins regaining breath and sitting up when NNTK runs in and dropkicks him in the face,then looks back over at Bastion as the crowd boos.

Lebeau:"See that? He looked right at you that time Bastion."

Bastion:"Dont look at me look at what' you're doing in the ring!"

NNTK reachs down and slaps Everlast across the face then drags him by the hair to TItan in the corner and tags him in.

AJ:"Uh oh here we go.."

Titan steps in over the top rope as the crowd boos then levels him with a big double axehandle to awe of the fans.

Titan gets him up by the hair and then hits a heavy kick in the gut,then he unloads with a strong quick combination of three punches in a row then whips him off the ropes hard and takes him down with a rough clothesline,then he goes back over to NNTK and tags him in again.

NNTK comes in the ring as the booing starts again and then grabs Everlast around the neck,pulls him to his feet,slings him off the ropes and when he comes back lifts him high overhead with a Military Press then throws him forwards down across the knee with a Gutbuster as Everlast clutches his gut in pain.

NNTK jumps and comes down across the gut of Everlast with a big Standing Splash and the goes into the cover.

Lebeau:"Cover! One! Kickout just after one there!"

NNTK whips him to the corner and then tags in Titan and he holds Everlast in place as Titan comes rocketing into the corner and hits a big bodysplash in the corner,nearly flattening Everlast as the fans let out a mix of shock and boos.

Randall is shown looking on from the apron as NNTK exits the ring.

AJ:"And look at Robert Randall on the ring there,he hasnt been in once its been all NNTK and Titan!"

Bastion:"Think thats on purpose or somethin? Hmm maybe theres more there than meets the eye huh Lebeau?"

Lebeau:"Oh just watch the match,dont get to jumping to conclusions again you two !"

Titan turns Everlast over and jumps high into the air and comes down nearly crushing the face of Everlast with a big leg drop.

Titan lets him stand then goes over to the corner where Randall's hand is extended,but Titan tags NNTK instead as the crowd boos.

NNTK holds Everlast up as Titan extends the leg and catches him right in the face with the big boot and Titan turns and steps over the ropes as the ref begins shouting about the double teams.

AJ:"Now did you see that? Randall wanted the tag but he went to NNTK instead.."

Bastion:Everlast just got dropped,NNTK held em up and Titan put him down,Hes got to make a tag here soon or they're gonna cut this one off before it even gets started."

NNTK kicks Everlast in the gut as the crowds getting behind him to turn it around now,NNTK hits a quick European Uppercut,Stunning Everlast as he nearly takes him of his feet,then places a kick to the gut and deadlifts him up onto his shoulders into a powerbomb to some shock from the crowd.

Lebeau:"Theres that extraordinary freakish strength from NNTK,and weve seen this before we know whats coming here!"

NNTK now charges across the ring then throws Everlast with a Powerbomb ,as Everlast's head smacks the bottom rope to loud boos from the crowd.

AJ:"He threw him onto the ropes man NNTK and Titan are ON FIRE!"

Bastion:"Look for Roach and company to turn this around soon..they just NEED an opening.."

NNTK pulls Everlast up to his knees,when Suddenly he throws his hand up and slaps NNTK right across the face to the huge delight of the fans.

Lebeau:"What the hell was that?! Again with his slappin people in the damn face? Bastion how do you let that go on?!"

AJ:"It appears Everlast has plenty fight left!"

Bastion:"Hell hit that bastard right across the face again Chris!"

Lebeau:"OH that's nice,Blatant bias right here!"

Everlast just slyly smirks at NNTK,who stares down coldly at him ,unaffected from the slap as Everlast trys to start pulling up on his trunks.

The crowd starts yelling "GET UP GET UP GET UP!" at Everlast,but the chanting turns to boos as NNTK cracks him in the side of the head with a stiff right hand.

AJ:"Oh it appears he only further angered NNTK there!"

Bastion:"What a hit,right near the temple,he knows what hes doing,Ill say it again..Everlast has to fight through this all though."

NNTK again goes to force him up to his feet ,as he pulls him to his knees a second time,Everlast out of nowheres explodes with a fury of backhand chops to the chest of NNTK as the crowd explodes..This stuns NNTK and knocks him back long enough for Everlast to dive and hurl himself towards the corner,slapping Hawk into the match as the crowd continues to burst with cheers.

AJ:"Finally! Everlast just came to life and forced himself to the corner! Here comes Hawk ,the fresh man!"

Hawk runs in with a full head of steam at NNTK,knocking him back to the mat as he flips through the air nailing a dropsault to more loud cheers from the fans.

Hawk charges in again at him and drops him again with a Flying Forearm smash right in the face to even louder cheers still.

Hawk waits on him to rise,and then he runs in on him another time,cracking him with a calf kick ,this time catching him hard enough to put him on his back for a few minutes.

Bastion:"Go T while you got him on the floor hurry!"

Tommy looks at NNTK downed on the matt briefly,then turns and shouts to the crowd and runs full speed off the ropes and jumps forward and slams down into the gut of NNTK as the crowd continues to get more and more behind him.

Roach is marching on the apron,cheering Hawk clapping his hands and shouting.

On the other side,Randall and Leah are talking about something that sounds like :"Why arent you in the ring?!" "Because I can't get a damn tag!" as he waves his hand to towards the ring

Lebeau:"The tides turned in this one but not for long watch,Tom's about to get a taste of what's coming Sunday watch!"

AJ:"And did you hear Leah and Randall there? Even shes noticing hes not been in this match once!"

Bastion"Yea Im not sure whether that's by his partners' choosing or not still but you cant help but notice it.."

Hawk goes over to apron from across NNTK and lines up waits for him to slowly rise to his feet from mat.

The crowd is shouting "HAWK HAWK HAWK HAWK!" as NNTK is making his way up.

Hawk now jumps into the air and lands on the top rope and springboards off towards him as he goes a flying clothesline.

AJ:"But wait! Look out NNTK's gotten up quicker than he expected! Watch it Tommy!"

Just as AJ says this NNTK leaps off thr ground high into the air and dropkicks Tommy right in the knee to awe of the crowd.

Bastion:"He caught him in mid air and cut him off! My god,thats that sudden speed and athleticism you gotta watch from NNTK..He can turn it on at just the right moment..when you're least expecting it."

Lebeau:"Hahaha how's that you two Doubtin Thomas's? Still think Hawk's team looks good?"

AJ:"Ill give the devil his due he's turned the tide back in the blink of an eye."

NNTK now stomps the knee of Hawk,as he gets up NNTK kicks him hard in the leg,sending him crashing to the mat clutching it in pain as the crowd boos loudly.

NNTK leaps into the air and Knee drops Hawk in the face to more boos then goes over to the corner and steps back onto the top rope and jumps off,stomping the leg of Hawk again.

Lebeau:"All over that leg still,I think we know whats coming soon here.."

NNTK now waits for him to get up,then grabs him,flipping him like hes going to for a Tombstone Piledriver but instead he runs across the ring and slams him backfirst into the post in the corner,where he hangs him upside down in the Tree Of Woe,then backs up some before running back in and dropkicking the exposed leg,sending Hawk falling down out of the corner with shock and awe from the crowd.
AJ:"Hes on fire,hes really pinpointed that body part after that huge counter."

Now the shock turns to boos as NNTK grabs him and turns him over into an Ankle Lock.

Lebeau:"There it is! There's that Ankle Lock thats nearly crippled Roach over the past few weeks..Heck all Three of those men have felt it recently,now Get em in the middle of the ring and break his damn ankle!"

NNTK now clamps it on tighter and now drags him all the way to the middle of the ring as the fans continue to boo.

Titan watches on staring directly at Hawk and NNTK,While Randall still seems to be waiting.

Hawk tries to pull across the ring but NNTK will have none of it,as neither of them budge from the spot in the ring.

NNTK stands shaking his head,steadily twisting and cranking back as Hawk trys to reach for the ropes but hes way to far away.

Everlast and Roach now begin clapping and stomping on the apron and steel steps as well trying to will him into it.

Hawk begins trying to fight the pain off,closing his eyes and clenching his fists now as the fans are getting behind him.

Bastion:"Hes got to get to the ropes and get him off his ankle some how or he may not be able to compete Sunday! "

Lebeau:"Good! Then maybe you can just go ahead and give NNTK a match for the next number one contender for the World Title instead and get it over with!"

Hawk continues to fight in the hold,steadily refusing to quit to the ref,He slowy starts to gain a few inches but NNTK shakes his head again and pulls him back as the crowd boos.

AJ:"He was gaining just a bit of ground but NNTK took it back away from him! COME ON Tommy!"

Everlast extends a hand as Tommy again starts gaining a few inches..but NNTK once more refuses and pulls him right back to the middle of the ring..This happens several times before Hawk starts getting closer when Titan comes steamrolling in and clotheslines Everlast off the apron..NNTK maintains hold of the ankle then lifts Hawk way off the mat by it,picking him up over the top rop then slamming him down into the canvas knee first then starts torquing the Ankle Lock again as the fans are really starting to boo.

AJ:"Damnit! Hawk was nearing Everlast when TItan just came in and changed the whole ballgame! And did you SEE how high he lifted him before he slammed on the knee? Good god the strength!"

Lebeau"You know I think Titan just knew Everlast was about to be coming into to attack NNTK first to get him off Hawk there..So turnabouts fair play guys!"

Bastion:"He was waitin for the tag! "Was gonna cheapshot him anyways" !

Randall now shouts at NNTK:"Oh dont bother taggin me in looks youve got it under control anyways,PAL!"

NNTK turns sideways and glances at Randall who stares back as Hawk still trys fighting with all hes got to get away from NNTK.

AJ:"Now I KNOW you just heard that! Randall just basically told NNTK,"Hey dont even worry about taggin me,your handling it just fine! " Hmmm what an interesting match this is turning out to be."

Bastion:"And only here can you see all of my lowdown worthless employees like those two..right here on WWR programming!"

Lebeau:"And dont forget the most hated boss around."

NNTK now begins pulling back as far and hard as he can,trying to break the ankle now as the fans boo loudly.

AJ:"Look at that! Hes trying to snap the ankle and take him out! You know you may be on to something Lebeau..By REMOVING his opponent for Heresy NNTK will climb further up the ladder..Just like he mentioned to you before the match Tony..

And now out of nowheres with an adrenaline rush Hawk manages to make it to the ropes,clutching onto them with vigor as the crowd explodes.

Bastion:"Rope break! He got the ropes! Thats the way T,your still in this yet!"

As the ref shouts for the rope break,Roach starts to come rushing in,almost as if he expects NNTK to not let off the hold.

But the ref turns to catch Roach from getting involved,and sure enough,NNTK refuses to let go and instead grapevines the leg and ankle and keeps wrenching back to the displeasure of the crowd.

AJ:"GOD DANG GET OFF THE ROPES! Rope break! Now watch this,with the ref distracted like that hes gonna utilize it!"

The ref and Roach begin to shout and argue as Roach trys to alert him of the cheating behind him,but the ref continues to order him out the ring as NNTK continues the Ankle Lock.

Lebeau:"Rope break? How about get out of the ring Roach?! I noticed you completely ignored that one!"

NNTK has now held the hold for the standard four count basically while the refs back was turned,so when the ref finishes with Roach,Having no idea NNTK was refusing the rope break the whole time;He starts the count at one.





Now NNTK finally relinquishes the ankle lock and gets up off him,as the crowd begins to roar with anger and boos.

AJ:"ONE? One two three four?! It was four a long time ago! He just utilized the distraction for every second it was worth!"

Bastion:"Roach KNEW that he was gonna refuse a clean break in the ropes so he came in to stop him,and I think NNTK fully expected that as well."

Lebeau:"So Bastion how's it going? How are you likin all of this action here tonight?"

Bastion":Its great,the best wrestling on the world,Id be enjoying that much more though if THAT man wasnt in control the last twenty five minutes!"

NNTK adjusts one glove before he starts quickly laying in several stomps to the back of Hawks head to more boos.

AJ:"Get off em like that! ..Kickin em when hes down.."

Lebeau:"HEY it wasnt kickin em when hes down when a certain someone used to stomp mudholes and walk em dry was it?"

Bastion:"Youve gotta be kidding me Lebeau..HAHAHA"

Lebeau:"Nothin's funny about his favoritism Bastion."

Now NNTK grabs Hawk by the hair with one hand and pulls him up to his feet,then grabs him around the neck with both hands,lifts him high over head in the air then slams him down on his back as he sits down,going directly into the pin.

AJ:'"That Chokebomb! Weve seen that before,What strength!"

Lebeau:"And hes got the cover! One! Two! Chris Everlast coming into break it up!"

Bastion:"Right on Everlast,Right place right time,he might've just saved the match!"

Lebeau:"Right on? That was blatant cheating! You two are killin me,its worse than usual behind this table.."

AJ:"But if that was NNTK Randall or Titan?!"

Lebeau:"It doesnt matter cuz NNTK and Titan have managed to control the match!"

NNTK gets up and turns to the corner and Randall looks right at him for the tag but he just stares right back coldly and tags in Titan instead.

Leah now turns and looks at NNTK as well,and he stares back at her from behind the mask.

AJ:"Uh oh,here comes Titan again.."

Bastion:"And did you see how he looked right at Randall and still didnt tag him? I really think theres problems there now."

Titan comes in and grabs Hawk,he drops him down on knee with a backbreaker then flips him over into a gutbuster.

AJ:"Big combination there from NNTK's monstrous partner!"

Lebeau:"I dont know though Bastion,Speaking of Problems,Now I like Randall and Leah as much as I like NNTK and the SoF..but giving NNTK that side look she did isnt smart..Thats a good way to get your head kicked off blondie."

Randall has gotten down off the apron though and is talking to Leah on the floor,

NNTK notices and turns towards them:"What are you doing?! Get up on here on the apron!"

Randall shouts back:"Why?! So you two can NOT tag me?!"

Back in the ring,Titan jumps into the air and leg drops Hawk in the face,then turns towards NNTK to see what the commotion is about,and NNTK just gestures towards him with his hand to not worry about it,,and he turns back to Hawk now.

Titan takes him off his feet with a rough back elbow,and Roach is shown standing on the apron about to tear his hair out ready to get in the ring.

AJ:"Woah.And there it is,the first real sign of trouble between those two in this match..this is getting great."

Lebeau:"And do you know who DOES look like they're on the same page? NNTK and TItan,theyre looking very cohesive tonight!"

Bastion:"And look at Mike Roach,Hes ready to get in this thing but hes been over there for close to forty minutes now! Titan and NNTK have cut the ring off and basically turned this into a standard tag team match,since Randall hasnt came in either.

Titan lifts up Hawk and then massively Suplexes him overhead towards the NNTK corner,and Titan looks at NNTK and tags him,as NNTK glances back at Randall.

Randall isnt happy one bit:"Hey! Look at me damnit! What the hell are you trying to pull tonight?!"

NNTK turns back around to him and begins to stare as Randall continues to get upset,but Tommy Hawk has used the distraction to finally get back up and going some and clubs NNTK in the back of the head to the major cheers of the crowd.

Randall can be heard saying"Good!" as Hawk now whips NNTK into the opposite corner and tags in Roach as the fans go ABSOLUTELY NUTS.

Lebeau:"Dangit Randall! Now look what you did! This jackass is in the ring now!"

AJ:"More troubles between NNTK and Randall here! And its allowed Hawk to turn the tide and it was all he needed to get Roach in!"

Roach enters the ring and begins going crazy on NNTK,,laying into him with quick rights and lefts to the face and then then chest and gut,,then he starts rapid firing back hand chops to the chest as well,and the crowd is just losing it as he tees off on NNTK.

Lebeau:"Out of the corner! Out of the corner! Come on AJ call that!"

Bastion(With a contented look in his eyes) "Yea take that,all of it,give it to him Mike!"

Roach drags him out of the corner and plants him with a Samoan drop as the fans are all on there feet for Roach.

Roach now into the cover.

AJ:"One! Two! Kickout by NNTK!"

Lebeau:"Come on Get up! Screw Roach turn this thing around!"

NNTK staggers back up and Roach tosses him backwards with the release Belly To Belly.

AJ:"Cover again!One! Two! Kickout by NNTK again!"

Bastion:"Thats alright,Im not surprised,Just keep on him Roach and Ill be happy.

Lebeau:"You just want to see NNTK lose dont you?"

Bastion:"Well hes my number one troublesome employee right now so yea."

NNTK now again rises up,this time Roach slings him over with a Standard Vertical Suplex,then as he gets up he piledrives him flat on his head,then as NNTK gets back up once more Roach catches the front Facelock with one arm and DDTs him on his face as the crowds still cheering away.

AJ:"He just leveled him with those three moves,And it looks like NNTK is finally staying down for a second!"

Roach goes up top as NNTK is laid out flat on the mat below him,as Roach begins to crouch preparing to come off and on NNTK with the Leg Drop,NNTK's fist begins to shake and he slams it into the mat and suddenly jumps up out of nowheres and runs,leaping onto the top rope as he brings Roach down to the mat with a Superplex to stunned silence from the fans.

Lebeau:"Tides turned again boys,THAT quick!"

Bastion:"And theres that other level hes got youve gotta watch out for,Like I said before when he needs to hell come out of nowheres with it and put you on the mat in a heartbeat."

NNTK stands over Roach as the crowd boos loudly now,Then he turns and looks at Bastion again at the table briefly as the fans boo more.

Bastion:"Once again Dont look at me, look at THAT!(Points to the ring) Im not in the match!"

NNTK now turns away and jumps up and Knee Drops Roach in the face,then he gets him and forcefully jerks him in by the arm and puts him on his back with the Shortarm Lariat.

He lets Roach up,then kicks him in the side of the head with an Enziguiri as the crowd boos loudly.

As Roach starts sitting up NNTK jumps and dropkicks him in the face to more boos.

NNTK lets him get all the way up then backs up and runs in and jumps down across him with a Running Crossbody as the fans boo.

AJ:"Massive Crossbody out of nowheres! "

Lebeau:"Oh yea NNTK's got Roach right where he wants him,not lookin so good for Team Roach again now.

NNTK into the cover now on Roach.

Bastion:"Hes got him covered! One! Two ! Roach kicks out!"

NNTK grabs Roach up as he pulls him off his back into an Inverted Facelock by the hair,he reaches down clubs him in the face with a downward right hand then falls to one knee and drops Roach backfirst across it,then spins around in a 180 and drops him with a neckbreaker.

NNTK then goes into the cover on Roach again.

Lebeau:"Cover off the Backbreaker Neckbreaker combination! One! Two! Kickout by Roach!"

NNTK pulls him up and Roach fights him with quick stiff punches as the crowd starts coming alive again,Roach continues to keep him at bay with stiff kicks and knees in the gut as well,keeping him stunned long enough to hit a belly to belly suplex to cheers from the crowd.

He irish whips him off the ropes and then hits another Belly to Belly as the crowd goes wild.

Roach now tags in Chris Everlast as the fans ignite.

Everlast comes running in and ducks around and wraps up NNTK for the Armtrap Neckbreaker to big pops from the crowd.

AJ:"Mike Roach fighting out of that situation and allowing the fresher Chris Everlast to get in!"

Bastion:"Team Roach leading this thing again!"

NNTK begins making it up,when Everlast slaps on a front facelock then plants him hard on top of his head with a Spike DDT as the crowd keeps going wild.

Everlast goes into the cover.

Lebeau:"One! Two! Kickout by NNTK!"

Everlast waits as NNTK gets back up again,and then he puts on another front Facelock then backs into the corner,pulling NNTK with him ,then climbs the second rope and jumps off ,spinning around as he plants NNTK with the Tornado DDT.

The crowd is on fire chanting "Ever Last! Ever Last! " as he points to the air with a smile and goes up top,waiting on NNTK to rise.

AJ:"Everlast up top and he better watch it,NNTK will crush him right in a second if hes not careful!"

As NNTK once more gets back up,Everlast jumps off the turnbuckle throwing himself at him,flying through the air as he lands on him with a Flying Crossbody into the pin.

Bastion:"Cover by Everlast! One! Two! Kickout from NNTK there!"

AJ:"What fast paced back and forth action we've had in this match,things swinging back and forth like that several times!"

Lebeau:"Ah itll change again soon,Everlast is getting to cocky and ahead of himself."

Everlast backs off and goes to the apron as NNTK's making it to his feet,then he springs off the ropes and catches him right in the face with a Springboard Dropkick as the crowds cheering still.

Everlast stands behind him as he gets on his feet,and when he turns around Everlast nails a brilliant picture perfect dropkick in the face as the crowd goes nuts.

Everlast waits a minute as NNTK is standing,then he runs off the ropes and kneels down going for the Kneeling Uppercut.

Everlast thrusts his arm upwards towards the chin of NNTK,but instead he gets caught around the neck by NNTK as the crowd gasps.

Lebeau:"Hes got him around the neck! "

AJ:"Oh my god where did that come from?!"

NNTK stares down at Everlast,choking him with one hand,then pulls him on his feet by the throat,maintaining the grip;then he lifts him high overhead in a Military Press ,then he lets go and catches him down in his arms,then flings him backwards through the air with a major Fall-away Slam as the crowd boos.

NNTK turns to Everlast across the ring then lets him up and he chops over the head with a Heavy Brain Chop ,dropping him hard to more boos.

Now NNTK forces him up to feet then gets him in a Firemans Carry and slings him over planting him on his head with the Firemans's Carry Brainbuster as the crowd continues booing.

Lebeau:"Yea I think NNTK is finishing this one off as we speak,Team Roach let the upper hand slip away too many times."

NNTK gets Everlast up from behind and gets him in Inverted Firemans Carry then drops him down and hooks in the Full Nelson as he sweeps out the leg to major boos from the crowd.

AJ"Huge move! NNTK has this firmly in hand for his team and he looks like hes closing in on victory!"

Lebeau:"Yep were about three moves away from going home now fellas!"

Bastion:"I hope not,His hand raised is not the last thing I wanna see out here tonight."

NNTK lifts Everlast over his head in a Military Press again,this time he switches him around and just drives him into the canvas with a huge spinebuster.

Lebeau:"Press Spinebuster! Theres one!"

Bastion:"Come on.."

NNTK now stares coldy down at Everlast,then to Roach and Hawk,then over at Bastion,and finally turns and stares at Randall and Leah behind him.

Lebeau:"Woah he just sent a message to all of you!"

NNTK now turns back to Everlast and when hes gets up he grabs him around the throat so rough and viciously that a slapping noise echos through the entire arena.

NNTK chokes him as he cuts the other fist across his throat,then with one hand only he lifts him way over his head and high above the ring with the monstrous One Armed Chokeslam as the arena fills with boos all around.

AJ:"That Chokeslam,he used ONLY one hand the entire time to snatch him off the ground and absolutely destroy him with that frighteningly strong Chokeslam!"

Lebeau:"Thats two AJ..You know whats coming next here.."

Bastion:"So do I ,oh god no,,dont let this happen.."

Everlast is down bad,as he starts pushing up on his hands and knees with everything hes got,,NNTK backs up to the other corner.

Lebeau:"Yep! Here comes the Kick! Lifetaker Kick coming ,Extinguish em!"

But before NNTK can run in and kick Everlast,Randall takes it upon himself to slap NNTK on the back of the shoulder,tagging himself in as the fans watch on quietly..

AJ:"HEY! Blind tag! He just forced NNTK to let him in the match! Randall could steal the win over his Heresy opponent like this if he gets that Sword of Chaos!"

Bastion:"He should of thought of that sooner!"

Lebeau:"What the hell was that?! What is he doing?!"

NNTK slowly turns to face Randall and they look eye to eye with each other..Randall says:"If you wont tag me Ill get myself in this! AND it looks look IM the one going into Sunday with the win,not YOU!"

AJ:"Uh oh looks like things are about to finally break down here between these two!"

Bastion:"Good! Makes things easier for me!"

Now NNTK shoves Randall back a bit and Randall comes back forward and shoves him back when next thing you know NNTK's got him way up in the air with the One Armed Chokeslam and he plants him in the mat as he throws him down hard as the crowd is shocked.

NNTK now leaves the ring and tells the Evan and Marcus Jones to "Come on!" and they follow him as they all four head up the ramp as the crowd is booing now.

AJ:"NNTK just chokeslammed Randall and walked out of the match! Randalls the legal man in this thing too!"

"Lebeau:"What the hell is goin on here!? NO! NO! This is not good!"

Bastion:"Well I couldn't be happier right now!"

Everlast has used the time to recuperate some and gain his breath back,shaking off the punishment he took from NNTK,but still isnt ready to get in the match,so he crawls over and tags in Hawk as the crowd goes completely insane with cheers and chanting.

Tommy goes over to the other side of the ring and grabs Randall and pulls him from where NNTK left him laying and gets him set up in the middle of the ring.

Tommy goes up top in the corner as the camera cuts back and forth between Leah watching at ringside and NNTK and the SoF on the stage then back to Hawk up top.

AJ:"Here it comes..big air coming soon for Hawk!"


Bastion:"Go Hawk go!"

Hawk jumps off the turnbuckle and then flips through the air,crashing down on Randall's face with the Shooting Star Legdrop as the fans ignite.

AJ:"Hes got him covered too! ONE! TWO! THREE! They got it Team Roach wins!"

Titan leaves the apron as Roach Everlast and Hawk celebrate in the ring,as Titan goes up the ramp and joins NNTK and the The Jones and North,with Randall and Leah staring up at NNTK furiously and he returns their gaze with an icy one of his own..

Bastion:"Now thats my kind of ending! The assholes lose and the heros win!"

AJ:"What a match and even moreso what a hell of a show! Well be here on Mayhem with ya at the end of the week!"

Lebeau:"Dangit! What a bunch of crap! Damnit Bastion! I swear you two...Oh...You know what nevermind..Regardless of that were out folks! See ya next time!"

The camera cuts back to the top of the ramp,where NNTK cuts his throat at Leah and Randall as the screen fades to black.

"end of show"
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