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EWA Show #12 Night of the Grudges (2/27/2011)

Posted: Mar 5th, '11, 16:43
by Big Red Machine
Carlos: Welcome to Night of the Grudges! We are here at the Rodgers Ballroom in Brooklyn, New York and tonight’s card is stacked!
Fooda: You can say that again, Carlos. Joel Carter will defend the EWA World Title against Phreak, The Atomic Punks will defend the EWA World Tag Team Titles against Power & Pain, and a card full of grudge matches!
Carlos: We have the tie-breaking third match between Tanakashi Shupiro and Mark Woodbridge, Scottie Adams vs. David Miereneuker, and the first-ever woman’s match in EWA history: Sarah Kaminsky vs. Valerie Knot.
Fooda: Also, tonight will see the Faith Breakers return to tag team action, and Jordan Delux’s in-ring EWA debut!

Jewel: The following match is your opening contest, and is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit! Introducing first, from Beverly Hills, California, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-seven (257) pounds… THE DEAL… JORDAN DELUX!

Delux comes down to the ring, microphone in hand.

Delux: Wow, what a few weeks, huh!? EWA gave me the option to HAND PICK my opponent tonight for my first match! The internet's been ablaze with speculation, my phone was ringing off the hook. "Who's it gonna be!?" The debates ran wild. Was it going to be Chris Everlast? Was it going to be Joel Carter? Was it going to be Phreak? Maybe I'd choose to set the globe on fire and step in here with Shupiro and give you all an international dream match. Maybe I'd even settle the score with....

(Jordan scratches his chin, thinking. The crowd erupts in a Jack Squat chant)

Delux: ...gah. I don't remember his name. It's been such a week, I can't remember squat. Anyway, everyone was very vocal about it, everyone was on the edge of their chairs, and I couldn't help but feel you guys were disappointed with my choice! Some of you, even Malcolm Metal, thought I made my pick out of disrespect. I can assure you all, I meant no disrespect to Malcolm Metal. Look. I thought I made it clear last time, I didn't come here to win "Dream Matches". I've been doing that for years. I came here elevate EWA, and make new stars. Malcolm Metal is one of the most talented guys on this roster, he's got so much potential. This is going to be the most talked about match of his career, and it will prove that I can make a STAR out of anyone I choose. Now, get him out here.

Jewel: And his opponent, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at one hundred and ninety-nine (199) pounds… MALCOLM METAL!

Metal comes down to the ring, playing air guitar. He gets in the ring and looks eager to get at Delux. Eager to prove him wrong.

Collar and elbow tie up into and front facelock by Delux. Delux then takes Metal over with a hip toss, and starts stomping away at him. Delux bends down and picks him up, then hits him with a quick snap suplex. He picks Metal up again, and this time brings him down with an Orton-style backbreaker. Delux keeps his arm across Metal’s throat and rolls over, then locks in a grounded front face lock. He once again stands up with Metal and hits another snap suplex. Delux then starts trash talking.

Fooda: Jordan Delux is in control, and he is letting Metal know it.

Delux stands at Metal’s head, then mimes signing a check before charging off the ropes. Delux comes back and hits a huge leg drop on Metal. Delux then takes time to jaw with a few fans. When he sees Metal getting back to his feet, he runs in with a High Kne-METAL DROPKICKS HIM OUT OF THE AIR!

Metal runs over to Delux and hits him with a back suplex, then handsprings up! Metal charges off the ropes and hits the Rockin’ Roll! He goes for the cover:



NO! Delux gets a shoulder up!

Clearly surprised by Metal’s burst of offense, Jordan Delux rolls out of the ring to regroup. Metal starts a slow clap, and the fans join in, then he charges off of the ropes… STAGE DIVE!

DELUX CATCHES HIM ON HIS SHOULdERS (stumbling back a few paces to maintain his balance)… THEN POWERBOMBS HIM INTO THE GUARDRAIL!

The ref starts the count out:


Delux picks Metal up and hits him with the DELUX DRIVER ON THE OUTSIDE!

Rather than roll Metal back into the ring, Delux goes for the pin on the outside:

Fooda: What the hell is he doing? You can’t get a pin outside of the ring. Everyone knows that!

Delux starts to count his own pinfall on Metal, but doesn’t stop at three. He continues all the way until ten. Then he gets up and takes his sweet time getting back into the ring, finally doing so when the referee’s count reaches {SEVENTEEN!}
Jewel: Your winner, at a time of three minutes and four seconds (3:04)… JORDAN DELUX!

Carlos: What was that all about?

Delux asks for Jewel’s mic, and she hands it to him.

Delux: What was that all about? What was THAT all about!? I just beat one of the most promising guys in the EWA locker room without breaking a sweat. And I didn’t just beat him. I could have beaten him more than three times over! THAT is what THAT was all about. Here's my point: It DOESN'T MATTER WHO I'M IN THE RING WITH. If I can do that to Malcolm Metal, I'm not going to have much of a problem with anyone else on the roster. When this show has the highest viewership to date, ask yourselves, what were all those extra people tuning in to see? Carter and Phreak? Tien Triopiquer and what's his name? Keep dreamin. Where Jordan Delux goes, success follows. I prove it every day.

Delux puts the mic down, then walks back up the ramp. The referee goes over to Metal, who is just starting to get back up, and asks him if he wants help getting to the back. Metal declines, and eventually walks to the back under his own power, which gets some applause from the fans.

Jewel: The following contest is set for one fall, with a fifteen minute time limit.

The lights dim and some familiar yet still freakish music engulfs the arena. Two figures appear in the entrance way.

Jewel: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Ivy and weighing in at two hundred and seventy three pounds, from parts unknown, THE REAPERRRR!!

Ivy leads the way as Reaper walks slowly to the ring. The fans boo Reaper, to which he is oblivious. The pair gets to the ring and Ivy holds the ropes open for her man once they get onto the ring apron. Reaper steps through and stands in the centre of the ring, surveying the crowd.

Jewel: And his opponent...

We put this festival on you bastards.... {Crowd pops}

Jewel: Hailing from London, England and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, GEORGE “THE AGGRO” ADAMS!!

Adams makes his way to the ring, eyes locked on the Reaper, hold his towel either side of his neck. As Adams reaches the end of the aisle, he stands momentarily and looks at the fans either side of him.

Carlos: This will not be the first time these two men have locked horns. They have squared off once in singles competition and also in tag team format back at Hangover.

Adams is now in the ring. He puts his towel over the ring post in a corner and loosens his neck up. Both men go to the centre of the ring and the Ref calls for the bell.


Neither man circles or moves around too much and they lock in a solid collar and elbow straight off the bat. They struggle, but both men’s feet hardly shift from the middle of the ring. Eventually Reaper shoves Adams back against the ropes. Reaper just looks at his opponent, expressionless. Adams just loosens his neck again and then hooks up another collar and elbow. Again the men hardly move and again the Reaper forces Adams backwards. This time Reaper bares a sick grin. Adams just strokes his chin and rolls his shoulders. He goes to initiate another collar and elbow but quickly drops his hands and HEADBUTTS THE REAPER ON THE JAW!

Reaper stumbles backwards and Adams quickly dishes out some stiff chops to his chest {WOOOO! WOOOO! WOOOO!}. Irish whip by Adams, deep arm drag on the Reaper.

Carlos: One from the “Dragon” playbook!

Adams wastes no time and swivels into a front face lock. Reaper works his way to his and quickly reverses into a hammerlock. Adams looks for a way out and reaches above his shoulder with his right arm. Adams has Reaper in a headlock and pulls a Judo style hip throw, then goes into a reverse arm bar. Reaper quickly gets to his feet and manages to counter with a side headlock takedown. Reaper still has the hold locked in for a few moments. Adams then wraps his arms around his opponent’s waist and rolls him over his chest so that the Reapers shoulders are on the mat, PIN!



Reaper rolls back to where he was. After a brief pause, Adams does the same again, another PIN!



Reaper again rolls back across Adams. This time Reaper works his way to his feet, bringing Adams up with him. Adams forces Reaper back to the ropes. He tries to send Reaper across the ring but the Gates Guardian manages to keep the side headlock intact. He takes Adams down to the mat again. Adams counters with a quick head scissors. The Reapers kicks out and is swiftly to his feet. He swings with a lariat but Adams ducks then reverses with a backslide, PIN!



Reaper kicks out!

Both men get up. Adams quickly straps on a front waist lock to Reaper, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Reaper manages to get up quite rapidly but stumbles into the waiting arms of Adams, T – BONE SUPLEX! Now Reaper struggles to his knees. Adams comes across and pulls him up, DRAGON SUP- NO! REAPER QUICKLY SHAKES ADAMS OF AND GOES BEHIND THE BRIT, DRAGON SUPLEX BY THE REAPER!

Fooda: Adams gets one of his own!

Reaper rises to his feet. He turns and punts Adams hard in the ribs, lifting the Brit off the floor. He lands another on Adams before pulling him up. Adams favours his midsection as Reaper forces him back into a corner. Reaper stomps Adams in the gut a few times then jams his left boot up into throat of his opponent.

Ref: Let it go Reaper, HEY! 1...2...3...4...

Reaper pulls away and stares down the Ref. Adams doubles over in the corner, holding his throat. Reaper turns back to him and nails him with a two strikes to the face. Reaper goes to lead Adams out of the corner then swings him back around and sends between the ropes, crashing into the ring post. Adams spills onto the apron the down onto the floor outside.

The Ref gets in Reapers face, who stalks him backwards towards the far corner. As Adams is on all fours outside, Ivy, making sure the Ref cannot see, run at the Brit and kicks him full pelt in the ribs!

Carlos: Hey what’s she think she’s doing huh?
Fooda: She was running to get out of Adams way and tripped over him, what’s it look like??

Fans in the front row let Ivy have it, the words “You” and “Slut” are picked up by the sound guys.

The Reaper now turns away from the Ref and makes his way over to the ropes. He steps through to the outside and the Ref starts a count. Reaper pulls Adams up and drives him back first into the edge of the ring apron. He does it a second time, before scooping Adams up, holding him fallaway slam style and ramming him into the ring post. He does it again, crushing the Brits spine on the steel. Reaper keeps a hold of Adams. He turns and hits Snake Eyes on the guardrail! Adams rolls around on the ringside floor clutching his throat.

Fooda: Don’t see anyone offering “The Aggro” a beer now, do you Carlos? HAHAHAHA!

The Reaper stomps on Adams a few times before picking him and rolling him into the ring, by the time the Ref gets to fourteen. Reaper steps through the ropes then pulls Adams up. Reaper sends his opponent across the ring, crashing into the turnbuckles. Adams stumbles out of the corner, back arched in pain and drops to one knee. Reaper walks over to and picks him up. He pauses with Adams held across his chest. Backbreaker by the Reaper! He doesn’t let go of Adams and hoists him over his right shoulder. Reaper then charges into another corner, crushing Adams into the top turnbuckle, back first. Reaper then turns with Adams still on his shoulder, Powerslam in the middle of the ring. Cover by Reaper,




Carlos: I tell you, it took a lot of effort for Adams to break that pin.

Adams rolls onto his side as Reaper gets to his feet and mockingly pushes Adams’ head with his boot a couple of times. Reaper then pulls the Brit up to his feet. Irish whip by The Reaper. Adams comes back, Flap Jack in the middle of the ring! Reaper quickly stoops down to Adams and roll him onto his front. He grabs his opponent’s feet with one hand and his neck with the other. Reaper puts his knees into the back of Adams, BOW AND ARROW LOCK!

Fooda: This is it! Adams is gonna tap!!
Carlos: The Reaper has worked over the back of Adams, could he make the Englishman tap??

The Ref is straight down to Adams’ face.

Ref: George, do you give up?

Adams: NO!!

Reaper applies more torque. Adams waves his arms around like a bird tangled in a wire. {AG-GRO, AG-GRO, AG-GRO, AG-GRO!!!!}

Ref: George, again, do you give up?
Adams: NO, PISS OFF!!! NO!!

After a few more moments, Adams’ flailing eases off. {AG-GRO, AG-GRO, AG-GRO!!}

Ref: George, what do you say?

The Ref then raises Adams’ right wrist, the one closest to Reaper’s upper body. It drops once.

Carlos: Adams may not even be able to tap!

The Ref raises Adams’ right wrist again. It drops a second time. The Ref raises the wrist for a third time and...It stays up! {YEEEAAAAHHHH!!}

Carlos: Adams won’t quit!

Adams keeps his right arm in the air and makes a fist. He then smashes his forearm down across the chest of the Reaper. He does this twice then follows up with a faster succession of strikes. Reaper breaks the hold!

Adams rolls away towards the ropes as the Reaper starts to get up. The Brit begins to pull himself up using the top rope, when Reaper starts to fire in some right hands. Adams manages to get to his feet. He blocks a right then nails The Reaper with one of his own. He goes to land another but Reaper bats it away. Irish whip by The Reaper. Adams comes back off the ropes and ducks a clothesline, hits the ropes the other side and drives through Reaper with a huge Spear!

Adams gets to his feet quickly, but wearily takes in some air as Reaper favours his midsection after the Spear. Adams’ face now turns to anger and he goes over to Reaper. He starts to stomp on his opponent as he is trying to get to his feet. Adams brings Reaper up and steers him towards the corner. There, he drives Reaper head first into the top turnbuckle and turns him around. Adams drives his shoulder into the midsection of The Gates guardian. He does it a second time then hits Reaper with some hard forearms out of the corner. He then centres Reaper on the ropes. Irish whip by Adams, Backbody drop as The Reaper comes back!

Reaper is back up swiftly but Adams mows him down with a big clothesline. Reaper is up again and Adams sends him back to the mat with another clothesline. Cover by Adams,



Adams drags Reaper up. He knees him in the gut then Butterflies his opponent’s arms and looks either side towards the fans, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX BY ADAMS! Adams is on Reaper like a shot. Front face lock by Adams, who brings Reaper into the centre of the ring. Adams lifts The Reaper, but Reaper doesn’t go up, FRONT SUPLEX BY REAPER! He drives Adams face first into the canvas.

Reaper gets to his feet and shakes off some cobwebs. He quickly gets to Adams before the Brit can get to his feet. Reaper grabs one of Adams’ ankles.

Carlos: Single Leg Boston Crab!!

Adams’ face is a picture of pain straight away.

Fooda: Reaper has Adams in the middle of the ring. He’s not getting out of this!

The Ref goes down to Adams face.

Ref: What do you say George?

Adams: NOOOOO!!!

Adams props himself up onto his forearms and shakes his head despite the pain. The crowd try to rouse “The Aggro”. He presses up and reaches out towards the ropes. Not being close enough, he tries to edge forward. Adams releases a pain stricken growl through gritted teeth while the Ref is in his face. He manages to edge even closer to bottom rope. {PLEASE DON’T TAP, PLEASE DON’T TAP!!} Adams puts his hands behind his head and buries his face in the mat as The Reaper wrenches on his leg. He looks up and reaches out again.


Adams somehow gets within inches of reaching the rope. He shakes his head furiously as the Ref checks if he wants to quit. Adams pushes up from the mat in a huge attempt, he edges closer...

Fooda: I don’t believe it!

The Ref forces Reaper to break the hold. The Zebra then gets stared down and backs away. Reaper turns his attention back to Adams, who is pulling himself up with the top rope. As Adams regains his stature, Reaper nails him with a hard knife edge chop {WOOOO!}, then a second {WOOO!}. Adams takes the hits, clenching his fists and grinding his teeth. Reaper hits a third chop which rings around the arena. Adams becomes more intense.


Fooda: Has George Adams lost his damn mind???

Reaper stares at Adams momentarily, before slamming a chop across the Brit’s chest {WOOOOO!}. Adams slaps his own face a couple of times and tells Reaper to do it again! Reaper looks down towards Ivy, who gestures to just keep hitting him! Reaper looks back at Adams and delivers a fifth chop to his opponent. {WOOOOOOOO!!}

Carlos: My god they must of heard that across the Atlantic!
Adams’ face contorts in rage and he roars up into the face of the Reaper, who actually takes a step backwards! Adams then unloads with all manner of forearm and elbow strikes to the head and face of the Reaper. He batters him into one corner, then along the ropes to the next.

Carlos: Adams is beating The Reaper from pillar to post!

Adams pummels Reaper to the mat in a corner and proceeds to stamp the hell out of his midsection.

Carlos: Aggravated Assault!!!

Adams wheels away spewing various abuses into the air. He goes back to Reaper and drags him up to his feet. He hits a couple of European uppercuts to Reaper then goes behind, BACKDROP SUPLEX INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!

Adams is on Reaper like s**t off a hot shovel. He pulls him up, WRIST CLUTCH EXPLODER!!!{OOHHHHHH!}

Adams signal for one more. He brings Reaper up, OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

Adams paces around the ring as the crowd pop. He stands over Reaper and draws his thumb across his throat.

Carlos: Adams wants to put Reaper away! He’s going for the Aggromatic. Reaper goes up, no wait! Reaper slides down behind Adams! Adams turns around, gets kicked in the gut! Powerbomb perhaps by Reap- NO! BARRY WHITE DRIVER, HE HAS ADAMS UP; ADAMS IS FIGHTING TO GET FREE, BACKSLIDE BY ADAMS!




Both men get to their feet. Reaper goes at Adams with a wild swing, Adams counters with an Arm drag and as Reaper lands he quickly locks in LAST ORDERS!!!



The Ref can’t get Adams to break the hold straight away.

Jewel: Here is your winner, in a time of thirteen minutes and thirty seven seconds and by way of submission, GEORGE “THE AGGRO” ADAMMMSSSSS!!!
Fooda: Another incredible performance from George Adams. I really thought The Reaper had him with that Single Leg Boston Crab earlier, but credit where it’s due, he’s a one tough little bastard!

Carlos: Indeed another fantastic victory for “The Aggro”, he is on a tremendous role here in EWA!

Adams finally breaks the hold and gets to his feet. The Ref raises his arm and Adams makes his way out of the ring. Ivy gets in the ring to tend to her man. Adams walks back up the aisle. He turns back to crowd and raises both arms into the air. The crowd show their support and Adams disappears to the back.

Re: EWA Show #12 Night of the Grudges (2/27/2011)

Posted: Mar 5th, '11, 16:44
by Big Red Machine

“Champion” by Kanye West plays through the arena speakers and John Hall and Rodrigo Machado appear through the curtain to a loud reception. Machado humbly slaps hands and Hall jumps around hugging fans. He climbs over the railing and goes into the crowd, running through it slapping hands and hugging people, and frequently looking into the camera to rap along with Kanye West on the speakers. He goes up to an obese man with a WAC shirt, and stops himself, looks at it with a puzzled look and a smile on his face, and looks into the camera and says, “This is their fanbase!” He gives the man a hug and runs to the ringside area and hops onto the guardrail in one leap, then to the concrete beside the ring. Machado is in the ring on the middle rope, looking down at Hall. A few streamers are in the ring already, and when Hall enters the ring, a few more streamers are thrown in.

Jewel: “The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first, in the ring, at a total combined weight of four hundred and sixty-one pounds, this is the team of “The Brazilian Warrior” RODRIGO MACHADO, and “The Extra Ordinary” JOHN HALL!”


Carlos: “Rodrigo and Hall have been quite the team in the EWA lately. Yet to pick up a victory, but still very impressive in their matches and quite strong crowd favorites as you can tell, Fooda.”
Fooda: “I think Hall needs an ego check, and Machado needs the opposite – a nice kick in the you-know-what. What a couple.”
Carlos: “And don’t forget, John Hall has some unfinished business with Josh Storm. A few months ago, Storm almost broke Hall’s nose with the sickest counter I think I’ve ever seen – as Hall was going for a shooting star, Hall caught him with a double-knee facebreaker. Take a look.”

Footage from Show 8: The Battle Lines are Drawn is shown from the Josh Storm vs. John Hall match.

The music stops for a moment as Hall and Machado settle down and speak some last minute strategy in the far corner.

“Shaolin shadowboxing, and the Wu-Tang sword style. If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous. Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me?” DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Josh Storm bursts through the curtain with an arrogant smile, wearing one of his signature “KEEP GOD OUT OF THE RING” t-shirts. Behind him, Unknown appears wearing a black Ribera Steak House jacket. Storm and Unknown walk to the ring next to each other, ignoring the fans.

Carlos: “Notice the absence of Valerie Knot. She’s getting ready for her match, I presume.”
Fooda: “She doesn’t need to get ready, she’s just psyching out Sarah Kaminsky. She’s gonna rip her apart tonight, Carlos.”

Storm stays on the apron and asks for the mic from Jewel, who knows better to never introduce him by now. Unknown enters the ring and goes to his corner, staring down his opponents.

Storm: “Ahem.”


Storm: “If I could get the undivided attention and absolute silence from you blind, ignorant, faith driven jerk-offs for two minutes, that would be appreciated…”

{SHUT THE F*CK UP! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap*}

Storm: “I wouldn’t be such a dick if you all weren’t such dicks to me, ya know… But I guess… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, considering where you live; in this crime-ridden cesspool, where separation of church and state doesn’t exist because you morons don’t know how to use common sense to control your people.”

The chants are even louder: {SHUT THE F*CK UP! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap*}

Storm: “There’s a reason why I’m here. There’s a reason why we are the most dominate tag team in the world today. It’s because we are disciplined. We don’t play around,” (he looks at Hall), “we don’t go around and pretend to be a 70’s punk revival, like your tag team champions, the new ‘Atomic Punks.’”

The crowd explodes simply at the mention of their name: {YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!}

Storm: “And we don’t pretend to be humble idiots, because we know that we’re the best that tag team wrestling has to offer. And it’s not our fault that we were booked against these peons tonight in front of you people, because I know you were all hoping to see a real match, but, you know, what are ya gonna do… So without further adieu…” (He speaks in a fake Michael Buffer accent) “Introducing, weighing two hundred and twenty pounds, THIS… IS… UNKNOWN!”

A mixed reaction is elicited from his name, and a few green and black streamers are thrown into the ring.

Storm: “And his opponent, from the greatest place on Earth, the place with the best sports teams, the best pizza, and the best women, the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois…” {BOOOOOOOOOO!} “Weighing two hundred and twenty-eight and one-quarter pounds, this is… JOSH STORM!”



Rodridgo Machado and Josh Storm go to the apron, leaving John Hall and Unknown to start the match.

Carlos: “Isn’t this nostalgic, Fooda? John Hall and Unknown had the very first match in EWA history together, almost one year ago!”

Hall looks at Unknown and extends his hand, then playfully smiles at him. Unknown wipes his hand on the back of his trunks and simply ignores it, and Hall retracts his hand. Before they lock up, Hall looks at him, then looks at Storm, and says to Unknown: “You know what, I WANT HIM!” He points at Storm!


Unknown looks back at Storm who says to him, “Yeah, why not.” He extends his hand for the tag and Unknown tags him – NO! Unknown fakes a tag and charges at an unsuspecting John Hall! {BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!} He wails on him and brings him to his knees! The referee tries to get him off him and Unknown obliges, but drags him into the center of the ring. Unknown turns Hall on his side and delivers a stiff kick to the back! {OOOOOOOOOH!}

Unknown picks up Hall and forearms him in the kisser. He then goes behind him and hits a back suplex! Cover!



THR – NO! Hall gets the shoulder up.

Unknown calmly gets to his feet and picks up Hall. Hall forearms him in the stomach and whips him into the ropes. Unknown ducks the clothesline but comes back to a beautiful dropkick! Hall sits on one knee and opens his arms for the crowd as Unknown gets to his feet with the aid of the ropes. Hall tags in Machado! {YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!}

Both men grab Unknown to pick him up quicker. Hall runs to the ropes and comes back, and Machado hoists him up over his shoulders AND HALL DROPS DOWN WITH A HURRICANRANA ON UNKNOWN! {OOOOOOOOOOOOH!} Machado goes for a cover!



THR – Storm breaks up the count!

Machado looks at Storm as he goes back to his corner. He picks up Unknown but Unknown forearms him in the stomach and hits a Northern Lights suplex!

He doesn’t go for the cover. Instead, he drags Machado to his corner and tags in Storm. Storm comes in and immediately stomps on Machado, then whips him into the ropes. Beautiful tilt-a-whirl backbreaker connects! A clap of appreciation ensues, and Storm goes for the cover!


TWO – Kickout by Machado!

Storm picks up Machado a punches him in the nose, causing him to fall onto one knee to nurse it. He looks at Hall and mockingly grabs his nose and whines: “Owie! My nose hurts!”

Carlos: “Josh mocking John here!”

Hall tries to get into the ring but the referee stops him, giving Unknown the opportunity to jump into the ring. Machado is standing between the two, and Storm hits a enzugiri as Unknown hits a superkick in unison!! {OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!}

Carlos: “Holy crap!”
Fooda: “Expert tandem offense being displayed by the Faith Breakers! These guys know what they’re doing, Carlos!”

Unknown goes back to his corner and Storm goes for a cover. Storm yells at the ref to leave Hall alone and count the pin.



THR – Hall dropkicks Storm in the face, breaking up the pin! {OOOOOOOOOOH!}

Machado rolls out of the way and tags in Hall! HALL JUMPS OVER THE TOP ROPE AND STARTS TO WHAIL ON STORM! {YAAAAAAAY!}

Carlos: “Payback is a bitch, Fooda!”

Hall gets Storm on his back and hits a springboard moonsault! {OOOOOOOOH!} COVER!




Hall wastes no time to pick Storm by the hair and whip him into the ropes. As he comes back, Hall hits a hurricanrana! Storm rolls and gets to his feet without missing a beat, but Hall comes back with a flipping dropkick! Hall stands tall as Storm recuperates on the mat!


He waits by the ropes for Storm to get to his feet. As Storm finally stands, he springs to the middle rope, BUT STORM JUMPS UP THE ROPES WITH HIM AND HITS A SPRINGBOARD RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!!

A faint {HOLY SH*T!} chants is heard, and Storm goes for the cover!




Storm drags Hall into his corner and tags in Unknown. Unknown springs in and tells Storm to hold Hall. He obliges, and Unknown hits a stiff chop across the chest, and then hits a stiff kick across the chest as well! Storm goes to the apron, and Unknown leans Hall against the ropes. Another STIFF chop across the chest!

Carlos: “His chest is bright pink, Fooda!”

Unknown whips Hall across the ring and goes for a kick to the head as he comes back, but Hall rolls under him and evades it! He springs back up and goes for a hurricanrana, BUT UNKNOWN CATCHES HIM AND POWERBOMBS HIM ONTO HIS KNEE! {OOOOOOOOOOH!}





Unknown wastes no time to dig his knee into the back of John Hall, and pull back on the chin. After some time, Unknown extends his hand and Storm reaches as far as he can to connect with a tag. Storm comes in and runs against the ropes, then comes back WITH A DROPKICK RIGHT TO THE FACE!

Some more appreciative claps ensue, and Storm goes for another cover!




Carlos: “John Hall being very resilient here! The Faith Breakers going for very quick tags and frequent covers. They may know the covers won’t work, but it takes it out of you to keep kicking out like that!”
Fooda: “It also psyches you out! It’s all mind games!”

Storm picks up a battered Hall and twists and wrings his arm. He then collapses his leg and GOES FOR THE CROSSFAITH!


Storm lets go and pretends to punch Machado on the ropes.

Carlos: “He needs to make a tag here!”

Storm picks up Hall and hits a snap suplex, and then floats over while holding the head, locking in a submission hold! Machado comes to break it up by delivering a stiff kick to the back of Josh Storm! {OOOOOOOOOH!} Unknown comes in and throws Machado outside of the ring!

Fooda: “This thing is breaking up already!”

Outside of the ring, Unknown forearms Machado and BODYSLAMS HIM ONTO THE CONCRETE! {OOOOOOOOOOOOH!} Unknown looks around into the crowd. Inside the ring, Storm picks up Hall and whips him into the corner, AND HALL SPRINGS OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE IN ONE LEAP, HITTING A BACKFLIP AND LANDING BEHIND STORM!

Carlos: “WHAT?”


Hall looks to his corner for a tag but Machado is on the floor, squirming in pain! Hall looks over the ropes at his partner and grabs his forehead like he can’t believe it. On the other side of the ring, Storm tags in Unknown! Before he turns around, Storm grabs the arms of Hall and drags him into the center of the ring. LUNGBLOWER BY JOSH STORM! {OOOOH!} HE KEEPS HIM ON HIS KNEES, AND UNKNOWN HITS A STANDING MOONSAULT WITH A DOUBLE KNEE SMASH!!! {OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!}

Carlos: “Every rib John Hall possesses must be shattered!”




Unknown gives his crucifix pose and picks up Hall. He puts Hall on his shoulders! BUT HALL SLIDES BEHIND HIM AND MAKES THE TAG TO MACHADO! {YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!}


Machado runs in and hits a lariat on Unknown! Storm rushes in and is greeted with a dropkick! As Unknown gets back up, Machado hits him with a dropkick as well! He goes after Storm as he gets to his feet, and goes for another dropkick, but Storm catches him!

Fooda: “One dropkick too many, Machado!”







Storm throws Hall through the middle rope but he catches himself on the apron. Storm sees this and charges Hall but he drops the rope and Storm crashes to the floor! Hall sees the opportunity and goes to the top rope…

Carlos: “Oh god, what’s he have in mind?!”


Carlos: “OH MY GOD!!”







Jewel: “The time, 6 minutes and twenty-five seconds (6:25), your winners, THE FAITH BREAKERS!”


Carlos: “Well they may not be popular, but you gotta hand it to them!”
Fooda: “The best tag team in the EWA today, Carlos!”

Unknown goes to the outside to find Josh Storm and John Hall both in a heap on the floor. He picks up Hall and throws him over the guardrail into the crowd!

Carlos: “Oh come on! What’s the point of that?”

He picks up Storm and pats him on the stomach, telling him to come on. They walk out to the back together to chants of {HALLCHADO! HALLCHADO! HALLCHADO!} Storm flicks off the fans as they disappear into the curtain.

Re: EWA Show #12 Night of the Grudges (2/27/2011)

Posted: Mar 5th, '11, 16:45
by Big Red Machine
Jack Squat (w/Sarah Kaminsky) vs. Tien Triopiquer:
Squat takes a similar approach to El Demonico at Night of Champions, trying to use hit and runs attacks and focus on Triopiquer’s leg. Like Demonico, Jack was successful for a while, but once Triopiquer was able to get going, Jack had trouble recovering. Jack managed to avoid a Big Splash from Triopiquer and lock in the Leg Jack, but he couldn’t stop the massive Triopiquer from getting to the rope for a rope break. Triopiquer took over once again soon after that, and put Jack away with a TienTizer.

Jewel: Please welcome at this time… DAVID MIERENEUKER

A man comes down to the ring dressed in very plain black wrestling tights, plain black kneepads, and plain black elbow pads.

Carlos: This is the guy who jumped Scottie Adams at Night of Champions. He’d better have a damn good reason for it!

Miereneuker asks for Jewel’s mic, and she hands it to him. The crowd boos.

Miereneuker: I realize that I have a lot of explaining to do, so if you would please let me get through it… {BOOOOO!}

Miereneuker: You all knew me as Disneyland Reject, but that is not who I am anymore… and I now realize that was never who I truly was. As Disneyland Reject, I would come out here and goof around. I wrestled here a few times, and won a single match. At Aftermath, Jack Squat kicked my ass so hard I never wanted to come back. Not because of the pain, but because of the humiliation. But I am NOT a QUITTER! I kept up with the EWA, hoping to get the courage to ask for another booking, when I heard a voice.
One man’s words changed my life so profoundly. He preached to me. He told me that being successful wasn’t about being goofy. It wasn’t about doing things for the fans. It was about being serious,a nd working for yourself.
Now, I was skeptical at first, but the evidence was right in front of me. How could I have been so blind as to not see it before!? Look at the EWA’s top names: Joel Carter. Phreak. Jack Squat. The Faith Breakers, Power & Pain. The Atomic Punks. The Royal Appointments. Chris Everlast. Tanakashi Shupiro. Mark Woodbridge… what do they all have in common? They are serious. They don’t allow themselves to get distracted by anything or anyone… and if they do, they channel that distraction into something useful… RAGE. That was what happened when Jack Squat utterly destroyed me at Aftermath.

But now that I had heard the words of this prophet, I needed to reach him. To get him to notice me. I wanted to be able to pay him back for the help that he had given me. I want to be his disciple. And so I bought a ticket to Night of Champions… but then I was heartbroken when I found out that my prophet wasn’t going to be there. I needed to act quickly. To do something to both get myself noticed, and to ingratiate myself to him. So I did the thing I thought he would most approve of: I attacked Scottie Adams. The scum who is foolish enough to ignore my prophet. And I will beat Scottie here tonight… and I will prove my loyalty and worthiness to my personal savior, Exodus Licarine!

Scottie Adams charges down to the ring, and tells the ref that he wants this match right here, right now.

Scottie charges at Miereneuker, and lets the punches fly. He beats him back into a corner, then whips him across the ring. Scottie charges at Miereneuker, but he side steps it, and hits Scottie with the Yippy-Ka-Yay. Miereneuker then starts stomping away at Scottie, who rolls out of the ring to avoid further punishment. Miereneuker follows Scottie out, and the two brawl all round the ringside area, throwing each other into the ring steps and barricade. They are fighting on the ramps when they are finally counted out.
Jewel: The result of this match is a DOUBLE COUNT OUT!

Scottie and Miereneuker don’t care, though. They keep brawling, and eventually make their way back into the ring. Miereneuker gets the advantage after an eye rake and goes for the Exo-Cution, but Scottie avoids it, then hits him with the Surf’s Up. Scottie goes to the top rope to hit the Tidal Wave, but Exodus comes down towards the ring, crowbar in hand. Scottie sees him coming, and rather than hit Miereneuker, he dives at Exodus, taking him out.

The fans start to chant {SCOTTIE! SCOTTIE SCOTTIE} and Scottie bows in appreciation… but gets hit from behind by Miereneuker. Scottie and Miereneuker brawl, until Exodus gets up and hits Scottie with the crowbar. Exodus and Miereneuker beat Scottie down, ending in Miereneuker hitting Scottie with the Shining Light.

Exodus grabs a microphone, and Miereneuker looks at Exodus expectantly.

Exodus: "Look at yourself, Scottie… on the floor again, thanks to my hands of evil. I’ve tried to instruct you to walk away from the darkness that I am, but it appears to have fallen upon unhearing ears. So once you once more get destroyed by the undying hatred I have for you that’s just been unleashed by myself and this man (looks to Mierenuker). Since I have mentioned this man…yes… Yes, David. I will show you the ways of the midnight hour. You will learn how to rip apart your opponents with violence and control them with fear, just as I do. You will rise to evil as you learn from true darkness itself, and one more thing there Scottie: talking of evil and darkness… all this "Surfin" everyone always mentions when of speaking of you… you have just surfed into the night, which only means more pain and suffering for you. Now bring out this fool who has dared to challenge me. He shall also feel my wrath!

A medical team comes out to take Scottie to the back. Then Sebastian Marburg comes out, and he and Exodus start their match.

Exodus Licairne (w/David Miereneuker) vs. Sebastian Marburg:
A back and forth match in which both men show off their skills and their tolerance for pain. The match goes about fifteen minutes before Exodus pulls out the win with the Dark Hatred.

Exodus and Miereneuker leave the ring, and Marburg eventually makes his way backstage as well.

J ewel: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome El DEMONICO!!

El Demonico’s entrance theme starts to play.

“Cut the music!"

"I said cut the music damn it!”

El Demonico appears in the entrance way.

Demonico: And put the frickin’ lights back on huh? I can’t see where the hell I’m going!

Normal lighting returns to the arena and El Demonico starts to walk towards to the ring.

Demonico: Last time out, I was on the wrong end of a streak vs mask match against Tien Trio whatever his name is. As you saw, I wasn’t really in the mood to hang around and answer the obvious questions.

El Demonico reaches the ring and climbs up the steps. He steps through the ropes.

Demonico: But now I thought I’d come out here and set the record straight. So here’s the deal. First up, hey guess what? I’m not even Spanish! I can’t even speak Spanish! I just picked up a few words in a bar down in Tijuana this one time, I dunno.

A few pockets of laughter can be heard amongst the fans.

Demonico: And no one in my family is Spanish either! My Grandparents are from a small village in Ireland for godsakes! Truth is, I put that mask on because I thought it could make me different, thought it would make me stand out, become popular, create an interest in me.

El Demonico puts his hand to his brow and shakes his head

Demonico: I mean, what was I thinking, hailing from the Depths of Hell?? Jeez, was that meant to be cool? Meant to get me over? That's worse than residing in Parts Unknown! What type of idiot claims to be from Parts Unknown anyway? Think of the problems the post office must have! And taking people back to hell? Seriously, apart from Lady Gaga, who was the last person you see who needed to go back there?

More laughter.

Demonico: It really doesn’t matter if I tell you my real name or where I’m from, bottom line is I got to get things done in the ring and I wasn’t getting it done walking around in all that “dark” crap, so as of now I’ll be taking care of business from here on in, without looking like a complete tool!

El Demonico throws the mic down and leaves the ring.

Fooda: At least this goofball has learned his lesson!

Re: EWA Show #12 Night of the Grudges (2/27/2011)

Posted: Mar 5th, '11, 16:45
by Big Red Machine
Mark Woodbridge vs. Tanakashi Shupiro (w/King Kang):
Shupiro def. Kang after a Mandate of Heaven. After the match, Kang once again ran his mouth about the superiority of Japanese wrestlers.

Jewel: Ladies and Gentleman, allow me to introduce to you the new EWA commissioner, RON ELLIS!

The commissioner makes his way down the aisle, shaking hands with as many fans as possible and thanking them for their continued support. The crowd clap and give the new commissioner a warm welcome. Ellis is around 6’1 and rather lean with it. He’s aged somewhere between forty two and forty nine.

Fooda: So this is our commissioner huh? Doesn’t look all that great but anyone is better than the last guy!

Carlos: A monkey in a straight jacket would have been better than the last guy!

Fooda: Well this guy doesn't look like much more than a suit.

Carlos: Will you even give him a chance to speak before you make judgments?

Ellis climbs the ring steps and steps between the ropes. He walks around the ring and applauds the fans before taking the mic from Jewel.

Ellis: Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for that welcome. I don’t intend to take up too much of your time as we have a busy show tonight. I just want introduce myself, so you people can put a face to a name. I have actually been here since day one, working behind the scenes putting together what was OWWF and then overseeing the change to the EWA.

Some fans break out a small EWA chant.

Ellis: It’s been quite a first year, very eventful both in and out of the ring. We’ve had some of the most amazing matches involving the best crop of talent I’ve seen in a long time. The EWA is the fastest growing promotion in the land right now and it’s down to one thing and that’s you guys, the fans!


Ellis: The future is bright for the EWA; we want to keep this thing rolling and continue to grow. As you know we’ve signed a major player in Jordan Delux, he- (Ellis pauses for some boos to die down, he grins) Hey, that guys The Real Deal, no matter what we think! (Ellis grins again and shrugs as some fans are now clapping)

Ellis: So I’ll just finish off by saying thank you, thank you all again for your support of the EWA and let’s work together to ensure that our second year is twice as good as our first, thank you!

Ellis hands the mic back to Jewel on the outside and makes his exit. Again he shakes hand with fans on his way back up the aisle.

EWA World Tag Team Title match: The Atomic Punks(c) (w/Kat Klash) vs. Power & Pain (Chris Calaway & "Mean" Mark Roberts)
The Atomic Punks win after a long, hard-fought, grueling match.

Re: EWA Show #12 Night of the Grudges (2/27/2011)

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by Big Red Machine
Jewel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match-up is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, from being accompanied to the ring by Jack Squat… from New York, New York, weighing in at one hundred and forty (140) pounds… the Stiff Kick Chick… SARAH KAMINSKY!

The crowd cheers as Squat and Kaminsky make their way to the ring.

Jewel: And her opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Unknown… weighing in at one hundred and thirty (130) pounds… VALERIE KNOT!

Knot and Unknown receive the exact opposite reaction from Squat and Kaminsky. They are hounded with boos and profanity, and even a few rolls of toilet paper.

Carlos: And we are set to go in our first ever women’s match!

Kaminksy offer Knot a handshake, but Knot doesn’t accept it.

Carlos: A sign of respect shown by Kaminsky, but Knot won’t reciprocate
Fooda: And why should she. She clearly doesn’t respect this blonde bimbo.

Kaminsky is now angry. She rolls out of the ring and grabs Jewel’s mic. She gets back into the ring.
Kaminsky: You don’t think I can take shot? HIT ME, BITCH! (Kaminsky extends her cheek) HIT ME! PUNCH ME!

Rather than a punch, not dismissively bitchslaps Kaminsky. An enraged Kaminsky drops the mic and responds with a forearm shot to the face. Knot responds with an uppercut. Kaminsky with a forearm. Now Knot throws a forearm, and Kamsinky throws a big right hook. Knot manages to connect with a series of uppercuts, knocking Kmainsky backwards. After creating space between the two of them, Knot charges for a clothesline, but Kaminsky ducks it. Both women turn around to face each other, and Kaminsky connects with a kick to the jaw! Bridging German Suplex by Kaminksy!



Knot gets her shoulder up!
Kaminsky gets to her feet first, and when Knot tries to get up, Sarah sends her back down with a superkick. Kaminsky picks Knot up and tosses her overhead with a Sarah-Plex.

Carlos: Kaminsky is just womanhandling Knot here!
Jack Squat starts to chant {F*CK HER UP, SARAH, F*CK HER UP!}, and the crowd joins in, while Kaminsky lays some boots into Knot.

Once again, Knot tries to get up, only for Kaminksy to drop her with another superkick. Kaminsky goes for the cover:



Knot kicks out! Kaminsky stays on her, bringing Knot to her feet, then bending her over. Kaminsky goes for the Cherry Bomb, but Knot fights out of it, then scampers to the outside to recover.

Kaminsky goes to the ring apron and sees up for a running knee off of the apron, but Knot sees it coming and runs to a different side of the ring. Knot slides in the ring and charges at Kaminsky, who attempts to get back into the ring, but Knot cuts her off as she is climbing through the ropes.

Fooda: Great strategy by Valerie Knot.

Knot stomps away at Kaminsky, then drags her away from the ropes. Knot spends the next few minutes showing off her skills as a submission wrestler, transitioning through omoplatas, cross armbreakers, and other MMA-Style submissions.

After spending a few minutes working over Kaminsky’s right arm, Knot picks her up for a Samoan Drop, but Kaminsky manages to wiggle free and lands on her feet behind Knot. Kaminsky applies a waistlock, but Knot catches her in the face with an elbow. Knot goes for a kick, but Kaminsky ducks it. Kaminsky grabs Knot’s arms and hits the Kaminsky Buster! She goes for the pin:


Knot kicks out!
Kaminsky wastes no time. She rolls Knot over onto her stomach, then knees her in the head a few times before locking in the Kaminsky Clutch!

From the outside, Jack Squat starts shouting {TAP! TAP! TAP!} and soon the crowd joins in as well. Knot is determined, though. She doesn’t want to lose her first ever EWA match. She toughs out the pain and makes it to the ropes. Kaminsky gives her a clean break.

The two square off in the middle of the ring, and Knot lashes out with a stiff kick at Kaminsky, which misses. Knot lashes out with another, which catches Sarah in the right arm. Kaminsky winces in pain. Seeing this, Knot lashes out with a nother kick at the arm, but Kaminsky avoids it. Knot goes for another kick and Kaminsky ducks it, then goes for a kick of her own. Knot ducks it and hits Kaminsky with a Release German Suplex. Kaminsky rolls to the outside of the ring to recover. The ref starts the count-out: {ONE!}


Jack Squat and Unknown both rush over, but see each other, and get tense, each daring the other to make the first move.
By the time ref’s count has reached {SEVEN!} Knot is back on her feet. She picks Kaminsky up and rolls her into the ring {EIGHT!} Then rolls into the ring herself. Knot goes for the cover:



Kaminsky kicks out. Knot immediately locks in a cross armbreaker on the right arm, but Kaminsky is close enough that she is able to quickly get to the ropes. The ref demands a clean break, but Knot keeps the hold locked in until the referee counts to four.

Knot lets Kaminsky get up, but then immediately grabs for the arm. Kaminsky manages to pull Knot back so that they are in the corner. The ref demands a clean break, but Knot wraps Kaminsky’s arm around the ropes and twists it, once again hanging on until the count of four. When Knot brewak the hold, she runs across the ring and hits Kaminsky with a huge Yakuza kick. Kaminsky falls forward on her face. Knot drags Kaminsky away from the ropes, then runs towards the turnbuckle. TTJL! Knot’s leg crashes down across the back of Kaminsky’s head. Knot rolls her over and goes for the pin:



Kaminsky kicks out!

Knot waits for Kaminsky to start getting back to her feet. “Come on, bimbo!” Knot shouts, then smacks Kaminsky across the face. “GET UP!” Knot runs to the opposite corner, then charges back for another Yakuza kick… KAMINSKY DUCKS! Knot turns around, Kaminsky starts pouring on the kicks. Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick. Knot stumbles out of the corner, and Kaminsky drills her with a superkick. Kaminsky pulls Knot away from the corner, then climbs to the top turnbuckle. MOONSAULT…




KNOT GETS HER SHOULDER UP! Te newly fired-up Kamisnky brings Knot to her feet, then whips her across the ring. As Knot comes back, Kaminsky charges at her, and turns her inside out with a leaping lariat. Kaminsky flips over in mid air and pops back up to her feet after a somersault. Kmainsky picks Knot up upside down over her shoulder for the Kaminsky Kru-SUNSET FLIP BY KNOT!



Both women quickly get back to their feet. Kaminsky connects with a quick kick to the gut, then goes for a Sarah-Plex, but Knot spins out of it, controlling Kmainsky’s arm, and goes for a Straightjacket Powerbomb. IT HITS!




Knot quickly gets to her feet and starts to stomp away at Kmainsky’s head and arm. She then backs up and waits. When Kaminsky starts to sit up, Knot charges forward for a huge kick to the head. KAMINSKY DUCKS BACK DOWN! SCHOOL GIRL!


KNOT GETS HER SHOULDER UP! She traps Kaminsky’s arm, then rolls over and grabs her head. GOGOPLATTA LOCKED IN!
Kaminsky is fading. On the outside, Jack starts a {PLEASE DON’T TAP!} Chant.

The ref comes over and rasies Kaminsky’s free arm.

It drops.

He raises it again.

It drops.

He raises it a third time…

It drops

BUT THEN SHOOTS BACK UP! With a burst of strength, Kaminsky starts to lift herself up, using her free hand to pick up all of Knot’s weight as well. Knot keeps the hold locked in, so Kaminsky has to fight through the pain. She pweorboms Knot down, causing her to break the hold. Kaminsky picks Knot up in the air and tosses her up over her head. On Knot’s way down, Kaminsky kicks her HARD in the face!

Carlos: Alarm Clock connects!
Fooda: NO! NO! NO!

Knot picks Kmainsky up in powerbomb position once again, but this time, she lifts Knot up into the air off of her shoulders. CHERRY BOMB! The ref counts the pin:



Jewel: The winner of this match, at a time of eighteen minutes and three seconds (18:03)… SARAH KAMINSKY!

Jack Squat rolls into the ring, and he and Kaminsky celebrate. Meanwhile, behind them, Knot shakes herself back up. She grabs Kaminsky from behind and turns her around…

And offers her a handshake. Kaminksy accepts.

Carlos: Well, that’s one feud settled here tonight at Night of the Grudges… now we go backstage to Lucy, who is standing by with John Hall.

Lucy: Now John, you have asked for some time to make announcement.

Hall: Yes, Lucy. I am announcing that I am ending my tag team with Rodrigo Machado. He is a great guy, and has a lot of heart, but he just isn't pulling his weight. Teaming with him is holding my career down. I have already discussed this with Rodrigo and there are no hard feelings, so none of this rumor-mill BS. I am just telling you this, because starting at the EWA First Anniversary Show, you are going to see the return of the truly extraordinary John Hall.

Lucy: Big news! A tag team has dissolved, and John Hall is going to shoot for the stars! Back to you, Carlos and Fooda!

Carlos: Thanks, Lucy. Now it is time for the main event! Carter vs. Phreak!

Re: EWA Show #12 Night of the Grudges (2/27/2011)

Posted: Mar 5th, '11, 16:47
by Big Red Machine
Jewel: The following match is your MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! It is scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit… and it is for the EWA WORLD TITLE! Introducing first, in the corner to my right, the challenger; Weighing in at an even two hundred (200) pounds… HE … IS… PHREAK!

The crowd cheers for Phreak, chanting {NEXT WORLD CHAMP! NEXT WORLD CHAMP! NEXT WORLD CHAMP!}, and he raises his arms in appreciation.

Jewel: And his opponent, in the corner to my left… From Buffalo, New York, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-one (251) pounds… he is the reigning EWA WORLD CHAMPION… “High Impact” JOEL CARTER!

The fans boo Carter heavily, but Carter doesn’t care. In fact, he seems to revel in it.

Fooda: That’s right, Joel! Don’t listen to these numbskulls. You put this guy away easily before, and you can do it again!

Carlos: That was over nine months ago. Since then, Phreak has been around the world training, and he feels that he has now plugged all of the holes in his game. He is much faster than before, and has shown that in his victories over Chris Everlast at Zero Hour and in his the Fatal 4 Way match at Night of Champions which earned him this very title shot.

Fooda: He might be a bit faster, but he is still the same chump. Carter will Gore him and pin him, just like he did last time.


As soon as the bell sounds, Carter charges at Phreak, trying to catch him with a quick Gore. Phreak sidesteps it. Carter comes back at him for a clothesline. Phreak ducks. O’Connor Roll by Phreak. Carter rolls through his legs and pops up to his feet behind Phreak. Release German Suplex by Carter. PHREAK LANDS ON HIS FEET! Carter turns around and gets nailed with a dropkick! Carter rolls to the floor to catch his breath.

Carlos: It’s been all Phreak here in the early going
Phreak climbs the turnbuckle and receives a pop from the fans. Carter rolls back in, and Phreak jumps down from the turnbuckle. Carter lashes out with a kick, but Phreak ducks it. He catches Carter with a kick of his own, then takes him down with a neckbreaker drop.

Phreak gets behind Carter and tries to lock in the overdose, but Carter manages to scramble to the ropes. Phreak breaks the hold cleanly.

Carter gets back to his feet, and they lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up. Carter uses his weight advantage to force Phreak into a corner. The ref calls for a ropebreak, and Carter breaks the hold… but then hits Phreak with a massive chop.

Carlos: It’d be nice to see Joel Carter extend the same courtesy that his opponents extend to him.
Fooda: Why should he? He is being the smarter wrestler and taking advantage of their silly code of ethics.
Carlos: HE’S CHEATING! It’s in the damn rulebook!
Fooda: Then why doesn’t the referee enforce it?
Carlos: There are times when I wish they would, but that would cause Carter to get DQed, and screw a deserving contender out of a title shot.

Phreak has recovered from the chop and charges at Carter. Carter grabs him and hits him with a snap powerslam. Rather than go for the pin, Carter starts raining down forearm shots and punches on Phreak. Carter picks Phreak up, then biels him across the ring. Carter follows Phreak over, hitting him with a sliding dropkick, then starts laying the boots to him.

Fooda: Not so fast now when he’s on his back and getting the crap beaten out of him, is he, Carlos? You still think Phreak has a snowball’s chance in hell tonight?
Carlos: I think he has a great chance!
Fooda: Are you willing to put $10 on it?
Carlos: Sure.
Fooda: Sucker.

Carter picks Phreak up and sends himinto the bottom right corner of the ring. Carter hits Phreak with another chop.
Carter poses, then starts to jaw with the crowd before turning back to Phreak. Carter chops Phreak again. Phreak ducks it. He grabs Carter by the head and goes for a Tornado DDT…

Carter manages to keep Phreka in the air, then tosses him off. Phreak lands on his feet in front of Carter, and Carter quickly charges at him for a Gore!

Phreak leapfrogs it! He turns around and kicks Carter in the gut, then hits a Jumping Tornado DDT!

Phreak brings Carter to his feet and hits him with a pumphandle backbreaker. Phreak then picks Carter up again and hits him with a pendulum backbreaker, then lifts Carter up form off of his knee, flips him over, and hits him with a gutbuster. Phreak locks in the Overdose! Carter struggles in pain.

Carlos: Phreak has dominated the majority of this match, and now he is set to take the title!
Fooda: Don’t get ahead of yourself, Carlos. Carter is making some progress towards the ropes.

Carter progress is slow and steady, all the while the pain gets more excruciating, but Carter does eventually make it to the ropes to force a break.

Phreak waits for Carter to get up, then grabs him and lifts him up across his shoulders.

Carlos: Phreakish Intents coming!

Carter manages to elbow Phreak in the chin, and Carter escapes, then scampers to the outside to recover.

Phreak sees Carter on the outside then starts a slow clap. The fans join in, and Phreak charges off of the opposite ropes then charges towards Carter, diving over the ropes at him.





The fans pop, and start chanting {PHREAK! PHREAK! PHREAK! PHREAK!}
The ref restarts his count {ONE!}
Phreak climbs up on the apron, then jumps to the top rope… springboard leg drop by Phreak, right on the back of Carter’s head!
Phreak takes his time getting up, then picks Carter up and rolls him into the ring. Phreak climbs back into the ring and goes for the cover:


Carter gets his shoulder up!

Phreak stands Carter up then, bends him over.

Carlos: Phreak going old school, here. He is looking for a piledriver!

Carter manages to fight the piledriver off and hits Phreak with a back body drop. Carter starts to get up and but Phreak quickly gets to his feet and nails Carter with a dropkick to keep him down. Phreak locks in a Dragon Sleeper. Carter struggles in the hold for about ten seconds before managing to spin himself around. He lifts Phreak up and hits him with a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex.



Phreak gets his shoulder up.

{THIS IS AWESOME! *clap! clap!*- *clap!*clap!*clap!*} {THIS IS AWESOME! *clap! clap!*- *clap!*clap!*clap!*}

Carter hits Phreak with a jumping elbow drop. Then another. Then he grabs Phreak’s legs and locks in the Carter Crab. Phreak struggles in the hold. It takes him twenty seconds to get to the ropes, and when he almost does, Carter pulls him right back. Phreak once again tries to crawl to the ropes, but he is having trouble making it. Phreak uses his leg strength and manages to rolls Carter sideways. PHREAK ROLLS HIM UP!


Carter kicks out! Carter catches Phreak with a HUGE lariat! He picks Phreak up and hits him with the F-5! He waits across the ring, setting up for a Gore. When Phreak gets back to his feet Carter charges. GO-DROPKICK TO THE KNEE BY PHREAK! He pops up and charges at Carter lashing out with stomps and kicks. Phreak picks Carter up onto his shoulder for the Phreakish Inte-CRUCIFIX DRIVER BY CARTER!
The ref counts the pin:



Phreak kicks out!

Both men are down. The referee applies a double-count.







Both men are now starting to get to their feet.

Both men are now back on their feet. Phreak connects with a solid dropkick to the chest, sending Carter down. Phreak goes to the apron and leaps onto the top rope. Springboard Clothesline! Carter ducks it! Phreak rolls through and pops up on his feet. SUPERKICK BY CARTER! He picks Phreak up onto his shoulders and charges towards the nearest corner. Steam Roller! Split-legged moonsault! Carter hooks the leg:



Phreak kicks out!
Carter is getting frustrated, but he walks it off. He waits on the other side of the ring, ready to hit Phreak with a Gore when Phreak gets up. Phreak starts to get up, but sees Carter charing at him, so he quickly rolls out of the ring.

Carlos: Phreak is so quick. I don’t Carter can possibly hit him with a Gore.
Fooda: No he’s not. He’s just getting luckly.

Phreak takes some time to recover on the outside, but Carter doesn’t want to give him any. He charges towards Phreak and goes for a Heat Seeking Missile…

IT CONNECTS! Both men are down on the outside, and the fans chant {EWA! EWA! EWA! EWA!}


Carter takes his time recovering, then rolls Phreak into the ring. Carter climbs back into the ring himself as well. Carter goes for the cover:



Phreak kicks out!

Carter now drags Phreak to the center of the ring. He brings him to his feet and goes for a Carterizer, but Phreak pushes him off. Phreak goes for a dropkick, but Carter holds onto the ropes, and Phreak crashes down to the canvas. When Phreaks gets back up, Carter charges at him.


Carter turns around. Kick to the gut by Phreak. Gutbuster. Phreak tries to lock in the overdose, but Carter throws him off. Phreak hits Carter with an arm drag, then drops him with a DDT.

Phreak picks Carter up and whips him into the upper left corner of the ring, then follows him in with a huge clothesline. As Carter stumbles away, Phreak hits him with a Reverse Russian Leg Sweep, slamming him face-first into the mat. Phreak calls for Phreakish Intents, and the crowd cheers.

Carlos: I think we’re going to have a new world champion soon!

Phreak picks Carter up onto his shoulders. PHREAKISH INTEN-CARTER AVOIVDS IT! He lands on his feet behind Phreak. Phreak turns around and Carter charges…





After a few seconds, Phreak gets back to work. He picks Carter up, then drives him down again with a swinging neckbreaker. Phreak climbs to the top rope, and waits for Carter to get back to his feet. When he does, Phreak leaps off of the turnbuckle and hits Carter with a Blockbuster. Phreak pops up behind Carter and quickly locks in a Dragon Sleeper! The crowd chants for Carter to {TAP! TAP! TAP!}

Carlos: With all of the damage, that Phreak has done to Carter’s neck and head so far with his array of Neckbreakers, DDTs and Phreakish Intents, I think Phreak is changing strategies, here. He is going for a submission victory.

Fooda: Really, Carlos? I never would have thought of that on my own. I’m glad we have you here.

Carlos: Just shut up and enjoy the match Fooda. Just like I’ll enjoy taking your money when this is all said and done.

Fooda: Really? What makes you think that Phreak is going to win?

Carlos: He is on top right now, and he has the support of the fans.

Fooda: Jack Squat had the support of the fans, too, but it didn’t help him.

Carter has been in the hold for a full forty-five seconds now, but will not give up. He pulls some strength out from deep within himself, and makes it to the rope, forcing a rope break. Phreak obliges, and when Carter is ready, the two men lock up again. Carter gains control, and hits Phreak with a Judgment Slam. Phreak seems to be out.

Carter sees this, and sets up for a Gore. As Phreak slowly makes it back to his feet, Carter charges him. GOR-PHREAK COUNTERS IT INTO A CODEBREAKER! Carter is stunned. SCHOOL BOY BY PHREAK!




Carlos: BRILLIANT strategy by Phreak! He played possum and goaded Carter into going for a Gore, and was ready with the perfect counter!

Phreak keeps the offense going with several stiff kicks and hard punches to Carter’s chest. Phreaks gets him up for Phreakish Intents…

Carter rakes the eyes to escape the move. Carter charges for a clothesline… PHREAK DUCKS IT! BACKSLID-NO! CARTER ROLLS ON PHREAKS BACK, and lands in front of him on his feet. Kick to the gut. TRIGGER EFFECT!




Carter crosses the ring and once again stalks Phreak, waiting for him to get up. When he does, Carter charges at him…







After taking a few moments to recollect himself, Phreak starts towards the bottom right corner of the ring. He climbs to the top rope and turns around. PHOENIX SPLASH!

The ref begins the double count:

They charge at each other, and exchange quick kicks. Superkick by Carter. Phreak ducks, then connects with a forearm, sending Carter stumbling backwards. Flying headscissors by Phreak. Phreak pops up to his feet and charges at Carter with a lariat. Carter ducks it. He grabs Phreak’s arm. JUDGMENT SLAM!

Fooda: Carter drops him right on his head!

Carter takes a few seconds to recover, then picks Phreak up and hits him with a German Suplex. He bridges it:



{THIS IS AWESOME! *clap! clap!*- *clap!*clap!*clap!*} {THIS IS AWESOME! *clap! clap!*- *clap!*clap!*clap!*}

Carter gets back to his feet and measures Phreak for the Gore. Phreak gets back to his feet as well. Carter charges at him…







Jewel: At a time of forty one minutes and two seconds (41:02)… your winner… AND STILL EWA WORLD CHAMPION… JOEL CARTER!!!!!!!

Carlos: Phreak's speed was formidable, but Carter managed to find away around it, and retain the EWA World Title. We'll see you next time from Merry Ole' England for the EWA First Anniversary Show!