EWA Show #14: There's a Train Coming Through (5/29/2011)

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EWA Show #14: There's a Train Coming Through (5/29/2011)

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 6th, '11, 22:47

(EWA Commissioner Ron Ellis makes his way to the ring to some "EWA" chants from the crowd. He enters the ring through the second rope and is handed a microphone.)

Ellis: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to EWA's FIRST show in Montreal!

(The crowd erupts as Ellis encourages them by raising his hands in the air.)

Ellis: With such a warm welcoming, I can assure you all this will be the first of many. It's been quite a journey to this point, EWA gets bigger and better with every show. I don't think anything, or anyONE, illustrates this more than the man I'd like to bring out right now...

(Ron turns his attention to the ramp as Led Zepplin's 'Kashmir' hits the sound system. The crowd erupts once again as Jordan Delux emerges from behind the curtain and makes his way to the ring. Jordan enters the ring and climbs the second rope with open arms, playing to the crowd. As things quiet, he hops down and approaches Ron, putting his arm around him and pointing to the crowd while nodding with approval.)

Ellis: Jordan Delux, ladies and gentlemen!

(The crowd is still hot while Jordan takes the mic)

Delux: Montreal! Long time no see! I've got some fond memories here. It was right here in this very arena that I won my third World Title!

(The crowd begins chanting "De-lux - De-lux - De-lux")

Delux: Thanks guys. But that was then, and this is now. TONIGHT is NOW! And what better time than NOW for Jordan Delux to show you ALL what EWA is all about? Jordan Delux is gonna blow the roof off the damn place!

Ellis: I don't doubt that a single bit, Jordan. As of NOW, however, you don't have a scheduled opponent.

Delux: Correct. Tonight, as is every night in EWA, is a night of growth. A night of exposure. It's EWA's first time in Montreal, and Jordan Delux gonna make someone famous. But who? Who deserves to be the talk of the industry tomorrow? Who DESERVES to be mentioned in the same sentence as Jordan Delux? I've been impressed with a lot of the boys back there in that locker room. Carter, Aggro, Everlast, Phreak, Calloway... so much potential... so many guys who could REALLY BE SOMETHING someday if given the right opportunity. An opportunity such as this.

(The crowd becomes quiet as Ellis looks at Jordan with confusion)

Ellis: What about Jack Squat?

(The crowd lets out a cheer at the mention of his name)

Delux: What about him?

Ellis: Well, you didn't mention him? Is there some reason you don't want to face him?

Delux: Yeah. Yeah there is, Ron. When I signed with EWA I was assured... I was PROMISED that this would NOT be a waste of my time. Jack Squat is a waste of time. What's he done since I got here!? Nothing! He's LOST, Ron. If you think for a split second I'm going to INVEST my time into a loser we can finish this conversation privately. Time is money, Ron, and Jack Squat is begging for change.

(The crowd starts booing and a "We Want Jack" chant starts)

Ellis: I think I speak for everyone here, Jordan, when I say I disagree with you. But, you're entitled to your opinion.

(Delux rolls his eyes and the crowd has really turned on him now, chanting "You ain't Squat")

Delux: Trust me guys, it's just not worth it. How about somebody that's done something LATELY? How about somebody with a little MOMENTUM behind them? Ron, I've got it. Didn't somebody win a title shot at the last show?

Ellis: Hazard. He won a future title shot in the Queen's Cup Gauntlet.

Delux: ...and that's who I want. Somebody that understands the importance of NOW. Hazard is a man that knows what to do with an opportunity. He deserves this.

Ellis: Fair enough. Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight it will be Jordan Delux... (the crowd is on their feet booing)... vs Hazard!

After a minute, Hazard makes his way down to the ring. On his way down, he tells the camera. “It’s okay. I don’t need time to prepare. I can beat the crap out of anybody I want, any time I want!”


The two men square off, and Delux opens up with a quick kick to the back of the knee, then follows it up with a European Uppercut, sending Harazard stumbling. Dropkick by Delux… it catches Hazard right in the face, taking him down. Hazard starts to get to his feet, but Delux kicks him in the back, then hits a neck snap. Delux springs back up to his feet and starts stomping away on Hazard. He brings Hazard to his feet, then hits him with a falling reverse DDT. Delux runs towards the ropes… FINAL OFFER…



As Hazard tires to get back to his feet, he is met with another dropkick by Delux. Delux once again starts to stomp away at him, forcing Hazard to roll out of the ring. Delux throw his hands up in the air to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Fooda: Jordan Delux definitely bringing that explosive style he is known for.
Carlos: And the fans appreciate it, but they definitely don’t appreciate Delux’s comment towards both Jack Squat and the EWA as a promotion.

Hazard asks the ref to make Delux back up before he gets into the ring. The ref finds this reasonable, and Delux obliges as well. Hazard climbs back into the ring and approaches Delux more cautiously. The two lock up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, and Hazard shoves Delux to the ground.

Carlos: Good use of his weight advantage there by Hazard.

Delux gets back up and charges at Hazard for a dropkick, but Hazard swats him down, then starts stomping a mudhole in Delux, returning the favor from earlier. Hazard hits Delux with an elbow drop, then brings him to his feet and hits him with a Double Underhook Suplex. Delux lines him up for a Clothesline from hell. Delux gets to his feet and Hazard charges…

Delux ducks, then hits Hazard with an Orton-style backbreaker! Deep hip toss by Delux. Then another. Then another.

Fooda: No one has executed that move better than Delux since Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat himself!

Delux goes for a snap suplex, but Hazard blocks it and hits Delux with a vertical suplex.

Carlos: And just like that, the momentum changes again.

Hazard drops another elbow on Delux, then goes for a pin:



NO! Delux gets a shoulder up!
Hazard brings Delux to his feet, then powerbombs him down. Boston Crab locked in by Hazard! Delux struggles in the hold for about twenty seconds before he makes it to the ropes. The ref beings to count for the rope break, but Hazard doesn’t let go until the count of four. Hazard then starts stomping on Delux, forcing him out of the ring and to the floor.

The ref starts to count Delux out, but Delux tells him to force Hazard to back up. Hazard obliges, and Delux rolls bac- HAZARD CHARGES FORWARD and stomps away at Delux as he enters the ring. {BOOOO!}

Hazard picks Delux up and hits him with the One and Only! He goes for the cover:



Delux kicks out!

Hazard signals for the end. He brings Delux to his feet, then stands behind him. He locks his arms and lifts him up Canadian Fla-DELUX FIGHTS FREE IN MIDAIR AND DROPS DOWN INTO A DELUX DEAL CUTTER!

Carlos: What a reversal by Delux!
Fooda: That’s why he is one of the best in the world. Moves live that are why Jordan Delux has had success everywhere he has been.

Both men are down, and the ref begins the 10 count:





{SIX!} Delux starts to get to his feet


{EIGHT!} Hazard is up to one knee. Delux is back on his feet.

Delux charges across the ring and his Hazard with a high knee to the face. He picks Delux up, then hits him with a piledriver. This draws some cheers from the crowd, and Delux plays to them.

Fooda: See. They love him!

Delux postures some more while the referee checks on Hazard. Delux goes to the corner closest to Hazard, and climbs to the top rope. HAZARD SHOVES THE REFEREE INTO THE ROPES, CROTCHING DELUX!

Carlos: Hazard is cheating here, just like he cheated on the last show to beat Robert Randall!
Fooda: You gotta do what you gotta do, especially against an opponent like Jordan Delux.

Hazard makes it slowly to his feet, the goes over to the corner. He grabs Delux and gets in position for the Canadian Cracke- DELUX FIGHTS OUT OF IT! He lands on his feet behind Hazard and dropkicks him into the turnbuckle. Hazard stumbles backwards, and Delux whips him across the ring into the opposite corner. Delux charges at him for a high knee, but Hazard catches him and tosses him away. Delux lands on his back, but gets up quickl- CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!

Hazard starts to go for the pin on Delux, but thinks better of it. Instead he stalks Delux, waiting for him to get up. When Delux does, Hazard charges off the ropes: CANADIAN WRECKING BA-DROPKICK TO THE KNEE BY DELUX! DELUX DEAL SEALER!




Jewel: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner at a time of twelve minuts and twenty-one seconds (12:21)… JORDAN DELUX!

Carlos: Another big win for Jordan Delux, this time over the #1 Contender for the EWA World Title!

Delux walks to the back to a combination of cheers and boos. After a minute or so, Hazard gets up and walks to the back, looking extremely unhappy with himself.

Exodus & Mireneuker def. Scottie & Roberts when Exodus pinned Scottie after a Manic Fury.

After the match, Mireneuker and Exodus started to beat Scottie down, but Roberts fought them off. Mireneuker charged back at Roberts, but got a butt-kicking for his trouble, ending in a Jackham-CROWBAR TO THE BACK OF THE KNEE BY EXODUS!

Exodus grabs a mic and announces “Any friend of Scottie’s is an enemy of mine!” and he and Mireneuker put the boots to Roberts. Exodus directs Mireneuker to get two chairs, and they set them up, ready to give both Scottie and Roberts Pillmanizers…
Chris Calaway charges down the ramp and makes the save, chasing the heels off, and almost managing to push Exodus off the top rope. Mireneuker and Exodus escape through the crowd as Calaway checks on his injured tag team partner.

Reaper def. Scott Logan after a Barry White Driver

You know, they ask me why. Why did I? Why did I.. I... I smack Demonico with a chair... Better yet. Why did I throw him off a stage??? But nobody ever really stopped to think, that maybe I didn't do it... Maybe it's just a figment of one's imagination. It could be a dream... Who said it's real??? Maybe I'm not real. This whole thing may not be real. I bet it's just a nightmare all you overweight fans got from eating McDonald's one too many times (cheap shot to draw big heat)... They say gaining 50 pounds will do that to you. So, here's what we're gonna do... Everyone just close their eyes (Reapers eyes shut, as he gives a meditating moan while doing so). Keep em closed........................... Now, open your eyes (sarcastically)... Wait, I'm still here. Demonico is not. Guess it wasn't one's imagination afterall (Reaper lets out a very sadistic laugh).

You see, "The Demon," Demonico runs around here with his "calling." He's supposedly capable of bringing people to hell. But, I've never encountered him while I was there... And I've been to all the depths of there & back. From the corner store, to the liquor store, to the moose he calls his girlfriend's house, which happens to be next to the free clinic, I've explored every angle of Hell. I call him a liar. Like the diarrhea that comes out of Demonico's momma's anus (family incoporation always draws great heat), It's all bulls**t.

Demonico... As you lay there. In your bed, drinking your milk sucking the nipple off a baby bottle... I laugh (evil chuckle). I point. Hell's pointing along with me... At you! An imposter was weeded out. The soft, frail, and fragile are not welcome where I reside. You display all three on a consistent basis. You're nothing but a fly that's waiting to be swatted... Taken out by the strong, because you are weak. There's no room in my abyss, for an imposter. No room for fakes. No room for those that make a mockery off what's real. And what's real is you're laying somewhere broken, because you think it's a game. You think there is an on/off switch to this. As if one day you represent, then the next day, you come out here waving and smiling at these maggots. But you see... The indifels don't take kindly to that. If you were true, you'd know that. But, I guess you didn't think that anyone would halt you dead in your tracks, did you?

I'll leave you to lay crippled in your bed with this... You know the saying "You play with fire, and you will get burned?"........................ Well, burn baby burn, because you lit a match, and set your own a** on fire.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: EWA Show #14: There's a Train Coming Through (5/29/2011)

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 6th, '11, 22:49

Jewel: The following match is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first, Jewel: And his opponent, from your childhood nightmares, weighing 248 pounds, the original psycho... Shadow!

Shadow comes down to the ring, ignoring all of the fans.

Jewel: And his opponent… being accompanied to the ring by Sarah Kaminsky… from Verona, New Jersey, weighing in at two-hundred and forty-three pounds… JACK SQUAT!
“Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi starts to play, and the crowd pops as Jack runs down the ramp, and jumps in the ring. He jumps up onto the top right turnbuckle and pumps his fist in the air, getting the crowd pumped up. The crowd showers him with green streamers. He repeats this process in the other corners of the ring. Kaminsky stays on the outside of the ring. The crowd starts to sing {JACK IS GONNA KICK YOUR a**, DOO-DAH! DOO-DAH! JACK IS GONNA KICK YOUR a** ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY!}

Jack quiets the crowd down, and offers Shadow a handshake, but Shadow doesn’t return it. He just stands there, smiling dementedly at Jack.


The two men square off, then lock up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. They jock for position, and Jack eventually gets the advantage, taking Shadow over with a headlock takeover. Jack starts to apply some pressure, but Shadow extends his legs and reaches the ropes, forcing Jack to break the hold. Jack backs off and Shadow gets back to his feet.

Shadow throws a punch at Jack, but Jack blocks it and throws one of his own. Blocked by Shadow. Shadow throws a punch. Blocked by Jack. Jack punches; blocked. Shadow punches. Jack catches his arm and tries to lock in an arm wringer, but Shadow lashes out with his opposite leg and kicks Jack in the ribs, doubling him over, and making him release his grip on the arm. WHAM! Shadow drills Jack in the face with a big right hand, sending him rolling backwards.

Carlos: That’s just brute force right there.

Jack gets back to his feet, but is clotheslined down by Shadow. Shadow lifts Jack up in a gutwrench: PSYCHO’S RED-JACK FIGHTS OUT OF IT!

Carlos: It’s way too early to go for something like that!

Jack kicks Shadow in the gut. SQUATTING P-SHADOW FIGHTS OUT OF IT! Jack turns around and eats a huge lariat from Shadow.

Shadow picks Jack up, then slams him down on his knee for a vicious backbreaker, but rather than release Jack, Shadow keeps his hold and stands up, lifting Jack up again, then slamming him down for another backbreaker! Shadow now grabs Jack by the legs and tries to turn him over for a Boston Crab, but Jack fights back! He rolls Shadow up!



Shadow kicks out! Both men quickly get to their feet. Shadow charges with a clothesline, but Jack ducks it and rolls Shadow up once again!



Both men get back to their feet and Shadow charges forward right into a superkick by Jack! SNOW PLOW! Jack goes for the cover:



Jack wastes no time. He brings Shadow to his feet, the hoists him up onto his shoulders. Jack shouts “EAT CANV-EYE RAKE BY SHADOW! Shadow squirms his way free and lands behind Jack. He hooks Jack’s neck from behind in a Dragon Sleeper position, but then drops down to one knee, driving Jack’s back down in to that knee. Shadow then stands up, brining Jack up with him, and hits him with a sitout Saving Grace! He goes for the cover:


Jack kicks out! Shadow grabs his legs and locks in a Boston Crab!

Fooda: With all of the damage Shadow has done to his back, Jack will have no choice but to tap out if he stays in this hold for too long!

Jack struggles in the hold for about fifteen seconds as he crawls towards the ropes… but Shadow pulls him away and locks the hold in tighter! Jack struggles towards the ropes again, but stops about halfway there. His hand wavers in the air… {PLEASE DON’T TAP! PLEASE DON’T TAP!}

Jack feeds off of the fans and resumes his struggle towards the ropes. Fifteen seconds later, he reaches them, and Shadow releases the hold.

Shadow then points towards the bottom right turnbuckle.

Fooda: Shadow feels like he is in control now. He is confident enough to bring out the big stuff.

Shadow grabs Jack by the waist and drags him over to the bottom right corner of the ring. Shadow then picks jack up, and sits him down on the top turnbuckle, with his back facing the ring. Shadow points at Jack, then points towards the ring behind him. He climbs up to the top turnbuckle behind Jack and beings Jack to his feet. He grabs Jack around the waist for a Super German Suplex…
Jack wiggles loose and jumps down to the apron! Shadow loses his balance and falls forward, draped over the top rope and the turnbuckle. Jack springboards off the middle rope and soars high in the air, coming down with a leg dro- SHADOW MANAGES TO PULL HIMSELF BACK INTO RING, AND OUT OF HARM’S WAY! Jack misses and continues down to the floor, just barely managing to land on his feet. Baseball slide by Shadow. Shadow gets to his feet and runs towards the opposite ropes. He comes back and charges towards Jack… SPRINGBOARD 450 ONTO THE OUTSIDE! {HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T!}

Fooda: What amazing agility for and almost 250 pound man!

The ref starts to count both men out. By the count of EIGHT! Shadow is back on his feet. He picks Jack up and rolls him back into the ring. Cover:



Jack gets his foot on the ropes!
A frustrated Shadow picks Jack up and points at the turnbuckle again. This time he lifts Jack up in a Gorilla Press and runs towards the turnbuckle… He goes for Snake Eyes…
Jack wiggles free and shoves Shadow into the turnbuckle. Jack grabs Shadow by the back of the head and repeatedly smashes his face into the top turnbuckle. Kaminsky and the crowd count along {ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN!}

Shadow stumbles away from the turnbuckle towards the center of the ring. Jack runs towards the corner and hits a Whisper in the Wind! Jack gets back to his feet, then pulls Shadow up as well. He hooks Shadow’s arms. PEDIGREE!

Jack hooks the leg and goes for the cover:




Jewel: Your winner, at a time of ten minutes and forty-nine seconds (10:49)… JACK SQUAT!

On his way up the ramp, Jack looks at the camera and says “How was that, Jordan? That good enough for you?”

Jewel: The following grudge match is set for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Valarie Knot, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, the man with a million ways to break your neck, he is UNKNOWN!

Unknown comes down the ramp to a very loud chorus of boos and even has some paper cups thrown at him. It doesn’t break his focus however and gets into the ring with Knot. The song changed to Van Halen’s The Atomic Punk.

Jewel: And his opponent, being accompanied by Kat Klash, from The Bronx New York, weighing in at one hundred and eighty five pounds, TRAVIS VANS!

Vans arrives on the scene with Kat and one of the tag team championship belts around his waist. The crowd gets boisterous cheering for them.

Carlos: It’s obvious that these two are a part of the bigger war between the Faith Breakers and the Champs the Atomic Punks.

Fooda: And this is just going to be another battle in that war.

Both Knot and Klash exit the ring and the referee signals for the bell.


Unknown takes advantage of the size difference immediately and takes down Vans with a Thesz Press. The lays in with rights and lefts and Vans tries to cover up. The referee tries to pull Unknown off but can’t so he starts counting.


Unknown gets up and grabs Vans by the hair. He gives him a few more rights for good measure and whips him into the ropes. Vans ducks the intended clothesline and stops just behind Unknown who turns around and gets greeted by at superkick to the jaw. But he doesn’t go down so Vans Jumps to the top rope and leaps off in a cross body pin.



Both guys get up and lock into a grapple. Unknown easily pushes Vans into a corner and knees him in the gut. He sits him on the top rope and begins setting up for a superplex. Vans tries to fight it off with hooks to the ribs and even a few headbutts. Unknown changes his mind on the superplex and uses his strength to just push Vans off the turnbuckle to the outside.

Fooda: OH! He landed right on his head!

Carlos: Sickening!!!!

Unknown gets down from the top rope and raises his fist above his head to loud boos from the crowd. The referee starts counting Vans out.

Vans hasn’t moved much as Unknown rolls out under the ropes, picks up Vans and throws him back into the ring.

He hooks the leg for a pin.




Vans rolls away from Unknown as he glares at the referee for what he thought was a three count. He turns back to Vans who has just gotten to his feet. He kicks him in the guts and hits a Michinoku Driver. Unknown then drags Vans into the middle of the ring and applies a Tequila Sunrise on him. Vans claws at the mat and tries to haul himself to the ropes. The referee gets him his face asking if he wants to quit. He shakes his head and continues to the ropes but isn’t making much progress.

Vans then tries to use his one free arm to attack Unknown. He clocks him really hard in the side of the head and Unknown releases the submission. Vans rolls away to the edge of the ring for a quick breather as Unknown shakes off the cobwebs.

Carlos: Man this got intense fast!

Unknown has regained him composure and goes over to Vans to continue his punishment. He tries to stomp on him but Vans catches his foot and twists it, forcing Unknown to fall flat on his face. Vans gets to his feet and steps onto the apron. He then springboards over the top rope, hitting Unknown with a legdrop to the abdomen. Unknown rolls away, nursing his ribs. Vans stays on the ball and sits Unknown up. He then hits him numerous times in the back and chest with kicks. Unknown stays sitting up as Vans runs and bounds off the ropes and comes back, with a flipping neckbreaker. He goes for a pin.




Both men get to their feet but Vans is first to act. He whips Unknown into the ropes and then kicks him in the gut. He hooks up a front face lock and runs up the turnbuckle, hitting a tornado DDT. The crowd get fired up with him as he goes for another pin.


Vans gets up but Unknown stays down and rolls away. Vans stops him by grabbing his hair and pulling him to his feet. He chops him a few times and gives him an enziguiri to the back of the head. Unknown falls to his knees. Vans runs to the ropes and comes back with a drop kick to Unknown’s chest laying him out flat. Vans kips up to his feet and jumps up onto the closest top rope. He signals top the crowd and then cuts his neck with his thumb pointing at Unknown. He soars off the turnbuckle and goes for the 630 Senton.

But Unknown rolls out of the way.


Carlos: Oh My God!!! That was......

Fooda: How did he manage that?

The crowd pops as Unknown gets to his feet surprised. The landing affected Vans however and limps a bit. Unknown sees his opportunity and strikes him with a powerful Clothesline from Hell. He gets on top of Vans and pounds on him. He gets up and drags Vans into the middle of the ring. He grabs his ankle, twists it and slams it to the mat. He picks him up and hits an avalanche northern lights suplex. Unknown he goes for the pin.




Both men get up and Unknown whips him into the turnbuckle. He then gets a run up and hit Vans with a bicycle kick to the mouth. He pulls him out of the corner, picks him up and hits the Grave Driver.

Fooda: OH! An inverted clutch tombstone piledriver!

Carlos: Travis Vans could be knocked out cold here.

Unknown goes for a pin.

ONE! – But he breaks his own pin attempt!

Carlos: He could have won it right there!

Fooda: He obviously has something else in mind

He pulls a limp Vans to his feet and hooks him up for the Unknown Driver. He tries to hit it but Vans blocks it. Unknown tries to lift him again but gets blocked a second time. Vans gets an arm free and strikes him in the ribs several times until he lets go. Vans hits him in the gut with a toe kick and runs to the ropes. He locks Unknown in a head scissors and twists around but Unknown stops his momentum and picks him up and slams him down in a vicious powerbomb.

Fooda: Stopped dead in his tracks.

Carlos: That’s going to hurt tomorrow morning.

He hooks both legs for the pin.




Vans slowly gets to his feet and Unknown stalks the referee, intimidating him. Vans nurses his back then runs up behind Unknown, hitting him with a bulldog. He picks him up and locks in a grapple.

Carlos: Maybe this is not such a good idea.

Fooda: Yeah because the vivacious vixen Valarie Knot is tied up with the referee on the apron.

Unknown breaks the grapple and low blows Vans, incapacitating him. Knot jumps down from the apron seeing that her job is done. Unknown picks up Vans and hits him with the Harriman Driver. He hooks both legs again for the pin.




Jewel: Here is your winner at a time of eight minutes seventy five seconds, UNKNOWN!!!!

Carlos: And Unknown wins this battle for the Faith Breakers.

A pissed off Johnny Rage runs down to the ring with a chair. Unknown and Knot leave the ring post haste.

Carlos: Rage is fuming as he paces the ring. Now he is ordering a microphone.

Rage: It all makes sense to me now. You guys cheat to win because you know that you can’t beat us in a fair fight. The Atomic Punks are the best tag team here in the EWA and we want to wrestle the Faith Breakers to prove it.

Fooda: I can see Josh Storm coming down the ramp now. With a microphone of his own.

Storm: Why should we wrestle you? We have already proven that we can beat you, both as a team, and in singles matches.

Vans has regained his composure and takes the microphone from Rage

Vans: What if we make it a little bit more interesting? We’ll but the EWA Tag belts on the line!

Storm: You're on!
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: EWA Show #14: There's a Train Coming Through (5/29/2011)

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 6th, '11, 22:50

Jewel: The following match is set for one fall and has a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, from Portland Oregon, weighing in at one hundred and ninety pounds, the extra ordinary JOHN HALL!!

Hall comes down the ramp, slapping hands with a few fans that look reluctant to do so. He spots one woman sitting next to the railing and demands a kiss on the cheek. She pushes him away so he waves her off in a “You’re not worth it anyway” gesture and gets into the ring.

Jewel: And his opponent, From Chicago Illinois, weighing in at two hundred and sixty five pounds, CHRIS CALAWAY!

Calaway comes down the ramp looking like business as usual. He slaps hand with the fans who do so willingly and rolls under the bottom rope into the ring.

The referee signals for the bell.


The match is starts out slow as both wrestlers test the water. Calaway ends up with the early advantage, hitting a string of power moves. Hall then reverses the momentum with a few technical moves and goes on the offence. The brawl spills out over the ropes and onto the floor, they stay out there until the count of nine where they get back into the ring then straight back to the outside area. Finally, after a second count of nine, they get back into the ring where they trade the momentum until out of nowhere John Hall hits his finisher but only gets a two count. The two again trade moves until Calaway hits the frog splash then locks in the South Side Stretch. Hall screams in pain but does not submit he has the move locked in for what seems to Hall like an eternity. Then, suddenly the bell rings. Hall has not submitted

Jewel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the fifteen minute time limit has expired; therefore this match is a draw.

Calaway breaks the South Side Stretch while the crowd chants for "FIVE MORE MINUTES!" Both guys are good to go, but EWA Commissioner Ron Ellis comes out and says that their isn't enough time left on the show. The crowd boos this news, but Ellis promises a rematch in the near future.

Shawn Stevens def. Mark Woodbridge with a roll-up.

After the match, EWA Commissioner Ron Ellis and EWA Lt. Commissioner Victor Omnious came out onstage. Woodbridge glares at Omnious, then starts walking angrily towards him, but Ellis is quick to cut him off.

Ellis: What is going to happen now is that Mr. Woodbridge, you are going to come with me to my office, where we will discuss the matter of you putting your hands on an EWA Official… and while we do that, Victor has something he would like to say. So please come here…

Woodbridge starts up the ramp again as he and Omnious stare daggers at each other.

Ellis: DON’T touch each other. Just walk past…

Ellis and Woodbridge go backstage while Omnious climbs into the ring, mic in hand.

Omnious: I was asked by EWA Commissioner Ron Ellis to come out here and apologize publicly to Mark Woodbridge and Scott Logan. Well, Mark and Scott, I am sorry that you ignored the rules and got caught...I am sorry that you put your hands on me and got laid out for it, and most of all I am sorry that you are so used to inadequate and unacceptable officiating that you actually believe I am in the wrong! Let's look at the facts here...I had the ruling CORRECT and therefore will not now, nor EVER apologize for doing my JOB ! The match before me had HORRIBLE officiating, the finals of the Queen's Cup Gauntlet Match had HORRIBLE officiating, and the EWA World Title match had ATROCIOUS officiating ! Well luckily for the EWA...I AM HERE and things will change for the better ! Everyone needs to consider themselves on notice that the rules WILL be enforced as of right now ! And as for you Mark Woodbridge, you DID indeed put your hands on an official and for that you will be PUNISHED one way or another! (Omnious slams down microphone and heads backstage)
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Re: EWA Show #14: There's a Train Coming Through (5/29/2011)

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Hazard’s music plays and he walks down the ramp.

Carlos: What does Hazard want?
Fooda: Maybe if you would shut up and let the man speak, we’d find out!

Hazard grabs a mic and gets in the ring.

Hazard: When I was out here before, I didn’t do too well… but that’s only because I wasn’t prepared. Delux knew he was going to pick me! He had it planned out all along. He got to prepare and I didn’t! It wasn’t fair!
*takes a few deep breath and calms himself before he starts to talk again*

Anyway, I went to EWA Commissioner Mark Ellis, who is a very nice man, and from the depths of the his kind, generous heart, agreed to give me some time tonight to call out someone from the back, and to show you fans what I can really do. So now, I’d like to call out that young kid I met a few minutes ago backstage. Joe or James or whatever his name was… and we’re going to have a match right now. So kid… get out here! Here’s your big break.

Some generic music starts playing and a young kid, no older than 19 comes out.

Carlos: That’s Jake Smith, a local wrestler here in the Montreal area. He has a promising future.
Fooda: Yeah, but that’s the future. In the present, he has to deal with Hazard!

Smith comes to the ring and climbs through the rop-CHEAT SHOT BY HAZARD!


Hazard spends the next few minutes tossing Smith around the ring, toying with him, and cutting off any attempt at offense. When he seems to have become board, Hazard finishes Smith off with a Canadian Wrecking Ball. Hazard then picks up the mic.

Hazard: SEE! I can beat anyone in the back, including Joel Carter and including Tien Triopiquer! So it doesn’t matter who comes out of the next show with the EWA World Title, because I’m going to beat that guy whenever I feel like it. I can beat anyone in that lockerroom. In fact… I feel up for another match. Who wants to be my next victim?

Come on? Any takers?

“Not Afraid” by Eminem starts playing and Robert Randall charges down the ramp. By the time he gets there, Hazard has fled the ring and taken off through the crowd. Rather than chase him, Randall grabs the mic the Hazard dropped.

"Hazard, you said you could beat anyone in the back and issued the challenge for someone to come out and face you right now. Was I NOT who you expected to show up? Anyways, since you just ran away, let’s have a real match at the next show. But since I came here for a match tonight, Phreak, I'm here so get out here and let’s do this now."

Phreak dazzled Randall with his speed and kept up the offense for almost eight minutes, but once Randall managed to get a hold of Phreak’s ankle and lock in the Heel Hook, it was over.

Jewel: The following contest is tonight's main event!

Jewel: Introducing first, from El Paso, Texas Standing at 7 feet and 6 inches, weighing in at 515 pounds, Tien Triopiquer!

Music plays and the massive form of Tien Triopiquer enters the arena. The crowd is in awe for a moment, taking in the full measure of the great Texan before cheering his presence. Tien appears oblivious and steadily makes his way into the ring.

Fooda: Here he is. Tien Triopiquer, a mammoth of a man.
Carlos: There is talk that Joel Carter is afraid of him.
Fooda: Afraid? Carlos, Joel Carter just needs time to prepare for the upcoming match. It's just like when man met a giant bear for the very first time. He's a little surprised but he needs time to think before he acts.
Carlos: And what does man do after he thinks and prepares for the bear?
Fooda: He takes out his gun and shoots it between the eyes obviously.
Carlos: Obviously....

Jewel: And his opponent, hailing from Nottingham, England he stands at 6' 7” and weighs in at 290 pounds, “Big Nasty” Kev Carnage!

Another song plays and Kev Carnage enters the arena. There is no pause from the crowd who condemn him all around. A mix of irritation and disgust graces the face of Carnage as he makes his way to the ring.

Carlos: Not an easy task ahead of Carnage tonight.
Fooda: Definitely not. Kev Carnage is not a small man, but Tien Tropiquer makes him look tiny by comparison.

Both combatants are inside the ring and the crowd eagerly awaits the opening bell. After a short pause the bell sounds and the two men close on each other. Carnage is wary of Tien and isn't quite ready to fully commit to action.

Carlos: This is interesting from Carnage. Normally he's very aggressive, very physical.
Fooda: He's certainly not used to dealing with men of Tien's size. He's playing it smart, using his head before charging.

Uninterested in delaying the match any further, Tien lunged forward grabbing for the neck of Carnage. A step ahead, Carnage moves to the side and delivers a swift kick to the back of Tien's knee.
In an instant, Tien spun around, his arm outstretched arm swinging around catching Carnage square in the back. Carnage fell into the mat with a harsh thud thanks to the stinging blow from Tien.

Carlos: Impressive clothesline to the back from Tien.
Fooda: You bet, IMPRESSIVE speed and response for a man his size. That kick did not even phase him.

With Carnage lying on his stomach Tien took the opportunity to follow up. With a throaty bellow he leapt up, his elbow out and driven firmly into Carnage's back as he fell. Through gritted teeth, Carnage let out a pained grunt. Things were far from over as Tien looped his arm around Carnage's neck and wrenched back firmly, letting the weight of his body rest on the back of Carnage.

Fooda: A textbook headlock by Tien. Normally this wold be painful, but I assume when this is done by a 500+ pound like Tien it must hurt a hell of a lot more.
Carlos: Indeed. This is also a VERY smart display of tactics by Tien. He is using his superior body weight to put even more pressure on Carnage.

Fighting the intense pressure, Carnage slowly edged his way to the corner. Every second felt like an eternity as he eventually reached the bottom rope with an outstretched hand. Tien kept the hold on for a few seconds longer before finally releasing Carnage. Tien got to his feet and roared out to the crowd who responded gratefully with cheers and applause.

Carlos: Tien has certainly set the tempo for this match.
Fooda: Carnage will have to think creatively if he wants to win this one.

Using the rope to assist him, Carnage slowly pulled himself up to his feet. Slowly stalking his opponent, Tien watched as Carnage got up before charging out full force. Tien burst out with impressive speed towards Carnage getting ever so close before his opponent dipped out of view. With a full head of steam Tien ran forward, running right over the lowered ropes and fell unceremoniously out of the ring.

Carlos: That would be creative....and very painful.
Fooda: Remember Carlos, the most painful car crashes are made at high speeds.

With a resounding crash Tien fell to the outside hard with Carnage looking on. Looking quite pleased with himslef, Carnage slowly stepped between the ropes and exited the ring. Now on the outside, Carnage took the time to bury his foot a few times into the back of Tien's skull, his kicks growing more enthusiastic as the crowd's disapproval rose. Not wanting to wait for Tien to regain his composure, Carnage lifted Tien up by the head. With his opponent on his feet Carnage took firm hold of Tien's head and smashed it hard against the side railing. There was a familiar sound of metal crashing as Tien's head bounced off the railing and the big man fell to his feet once more.

Carlos: Crude.. but effective move by Carnage.
Fooda: He's knocking the big man down a few dozen pegs.

Carnage looked up, noticing the referee at a four count and immediately rolled back into the ring. Looking on with anticipation, Carnage eagerly encouraged the referee to count faster.




At this point, Tien was stirring and slowly making his way to his feet. Through gritted teeth, Carnage furiously smashed the mat hoping the referee would count faster.



Moments before the count of ten, Tien rolled back into the ring.

Carlos: Close call by Tien. He may have been overconfident. Let's see if he can make up for this.
Fooda: And you were concerned Carter would be afraid of this.

As soon as Tien reenters the ring, Carnage is on him, with a furious axe handle blow to the back. A barrage of lefts and rights followed this as Carnage buried fist after fist into the Tien's back and head.

Carlos: This is more of a beating than a match.
Fooda: Remind me never to rush into ANYTHING.

The referee finally steps in and shoves Carnage off Tien. Tien slowly rises to his feet and the referee goes over to check on his condition. Before the referee can see anything, a titanic roar erupts from Tien as he once more charges for Carnage. Carnage looks on, stunned for a moment, unable to react as Tien's shoulder crashes hard into Carnage's stomach.

Fooda: And this is how quickly fortunes can turn here in the EWA.

With authority Tien spears Carnage into the mat and goes for the pin.




Barely recuperating from the sudden shock, Carnage gets a shoulder up and the match continues.

Carlos: A close call for Carnage after Tien hits him out of nowhere.
Fooda: Gotta be honest Carlos, I thought that would have been it.

Not wasting any time, Tien grabs a hold of Carnage's head and wrenches him up to his feet. With a hard shove Tien forces Carnage into the corner. Carnage is helpless as Tien continues to bury shoulder after shoulder into his midsection.

Fooda: I have a feeling any minute now we're gonna see what Carnage had for lunch.

With Carnage battered in the corner, Tien took a few steps back. Again, Tien charged out, his shoulder out intended for one more charge into Carnage's midsection. Unable to compose himself, Carnage is helpless as Tien closes in. Like the fury of a charging bull, Tien smashes his shoulder into Carnage's gut. His eyes bulging wide, Carnage falls to his knees before falling flat on his side. Looking a bit ill, Carnage's face puffs up a bit; a measure of red pouring out as he opens his mouth.

Carlos: The tides certainly have turned for Carnage.
Fooda: He'll need more then a jacket and life preserver to get through this storm.

Not content with what he's already done, Tien lifts Carnage to his feet one more time and doubles him over. Placing an arm around Carnage's neck, Tien lifts his opponent up in the air.

Carlos: Tien is thinking vertical suplex!

True to the statement Tien holds Carnage up vertically, with his opponent's head pointed downward. Wishing to prolong the suffering, Tien keeps Carnage upside down indefinitely. Tien plays a bit to the crowd, slowly spinning around. The crowd's ever increasing cheers equal to the ever increasing discomfort of Carnage.

Fooda: Correction, he's thinking delayed vertical suplex!

Finally satisfied with the delay, Tien fell backward, dropping Carnage hard onto the mat. Carnage, turned onto his side, a hand cradling his back as it pulsated in agony. Tien brushed Carnage's hands aside and went for another cover.




Another close call, but Carnage is able to get his shoulder up. Tien is surprised for a second, apparently thinking he had beaten all the fight out of his opponent. Undaunted, he rose to his feet and looked at Carnage who was still laying on his back trying to get his bearing. Cocking his elbow, Tien dropped down, forcing the point into Carnage's already weakened gut. Through gritted, blood-stained teeth, Carnage shouldered the pain as best he could but everyone present could see how much it hurt.

Fooda: This is quite terrifying. Carnage is a by no means a small man, but he simply cannot compete with the power of someone a foot taller and almost twice the weight. Tien is truly a frighting competitor. With the strength of his size, but lightning fast speed.
Carlos: So it wouldn't be TOO far off for Joel Carter to be concerned with this man?
Fooda: What? No! I'm an announcer of course I can be afraid! Carter's probably finding his gun as we speak.

Tien rose again to his feet, this time dragging the battered Carnage up with him. Carnage's body wobbled and swayed, kept up only by the hands of Tien. With firm resolve Tien wrapped his giant arms around Carnage's midsection and lifted him off his feet.

Fooda: I do NOT like the look of this.
Carlos: Neither do I, Fooda.

Lifted two feet off the ground and gripped at the waist by Tien, Carnage was in a dangerous position. Without warning Tien tightened his grip, squeezing the life out of Carnage. Carnage cried out in agony, his ribs caught in a vice between Tien's arms and shoulder blades.

Carlos: A mammoth-sized bear hug by Tien. This does not look good for the already weakened gut of Carnage.
Fooda: Carnage needs to get out of this because I don't think he can take a lot of this.

Tien continued to squeeze harder and harder much to the protest of Carnage. Trying desperately to break out, Carnage pushed frantically against Tien's head but as the increasing pain flooded into his battered stomach so did Carnage's will to resist. Tien looked on into the puffed up, suffering face of Carnage, but continued to apply relentless pressure, intent on squeezing out the very last bits of life out of Kev Carnage. Finally, Carnage's hands fell slack and began to dangle to and fro; his head lolled backward. The referee went over to lift Carnage's arm for the three count. For good measure, Tien relaxed his grip before compressing Carnage's gut one more time. Carnage's head jerked forward, letting out large cough and with it a copious amount of red. Tien grunted in discomfort, letting go of Carnage's limp body as it fell to the mat. Furiously clawing at his face, Tien tried to clear the blood that was obstructing his vision.

Carlos: An odd turn of events, but is this legal? Is this a disqualification?
Fooda: Of course not. It's not poison mist, its blood! More importantly it wasn't even intentional! Tien squeezed and that's what happened.

The referee surveyed the situation and looked at both wrestlers. Tien struggling with his eyes, and the barely stirring body of Carnage laying prone on the mat. Deciding that it wasn't intentional, the referee chose to let the match continue. He went over and asked if Tien wanted to continue who grunted incoherently, before nodding his head furiously. Tien was doubled over, still trying to clear his eyes. The referee turned in time to see Carnage crawling towards Tien. Despite the sheer exhaustion in his step, there was a gleam in Carnage's eyes; his opportunity was here. Taking advantage of his disoriented opponent, Carnage grabbed onto Tien's head and rolled him over.

Fooda: Small package by Carnage!




Tien fought his way, but still struggled with his blindness. From the corner of his eye, Carnage saw Tien on one knee, still trying to clear out his eyes. Fighting the exhaustion and pain as hard as he could, Carnage sprang to his feet. He raised one leg up before thrusting his boot out. Tien fell over, Carnage's boot exploding into the side of his head.

Carlos: A devastating yakuza kick from Carnage and Tien is down!

Not content with the initial blow, Carnage was once more on Tien, pounding furiously with closed fists. Angry blows on the head and chest rained down on Tien before again the referee pulled him off.

Fooda: Looks like Carnage is looking to bounce Tien right out of this match!
Carlos: Tien is gonna have to get his head on straight if he wants to turn this around.

Carnage was hunched over a few paces in front of Tien, watching the bigger man get up. Right before Tien could get up fully, Carnage ran forward past Tien and rebounded off the far ropes. Rapidly coming up behind Tien, Carnage extended an arm out, smashing it into the back of Tien's skull.

Fooda: That was a hell of a clothesline, Carlos.
Carlos: You said it.

Tien fell flat on his face, falling with a thud onto the mat. Dissatisfied with the damage, Carnage opted to punish Tien further, dragging his opponent closer to the turn buckle. With Tien laid out, Carnage quickly climbed the rope.

Carlos: Looks like Carnage is going high risk!
Fooda: Given his opponent, its not like he has many options!

Taking a deep breath, Carnage jumped off the top rope. With his arm bent and pointed downward, Carnage fell burying his elbow straight into the back of Tien's skull.

Carlos: Diving elbow straight to the skull!
Fooda: I don't care if you're five feet or 7 feet, 150 or 510 pounds, THAT is painful.

Content with the damage, Carnage rolled Tien over for the cover.




At the very last moment, Tien pulled a shoulder up saving himself and the match. Anger and frustration covered Carnage's face as the referee informed him that he only got a two count. Stepping behind Tien, Carnage stood hunched over, waiting for his opponent to rise. With slow, sluggish movements Tien pulled himself up. Once more he was on one knee when Carnage broke into another run. Rebounding off the far rope, Carnage charged forward, his arm stretched outward for another decapitating blow to Tien. With arms held outward, Tien caught Carnage and lifted him up into the air.

Fooda: I have a feeling this is not going to end well...
Carlos: Well... not for Carnage certainly.

Carnage looked down, bug-eyed into the furious eyes of Tien Triopiquer; eyes that were no clear of blood and filled with rage. Despite Carnage shaking his head desperately for mercy, Tien fell down to one knee before letting go of Carnage's body. There was little Carnage could do but free fall down, his gut crashing into the knee of Tien. Carnage's eyes bulged, feeling his gut liquify as he rolled off Tien's knee to write in pure agony on the mat.

Fooda: That wasn't a gut buster, THAT was a gut destroyer!

Tien stood over Carnage, watching his opponent when an uproar exploded from the crowd. Turning around, saw a man standing on the turnbuckle.

Carlos: What the hell! THAT'S SHAWN STEVENS!

Shawn Stevens, having rushed his way in from the crowd, and was now in the ring on the top rope. With a savage yell he leapt off the top rope, intent on having Tien break his fall. With a mix of scorn and irritation, Tien easily caught the smaller man in mid air, holding Stevens up just as surely as he had been holding up Carnage mere moments ago. And just as Carnage before him, Stevens looked on with bulging eyes, as Tien easily walked to the edge of the ring and unceremoniously dumped him off the side.

Fooda: And there WENT Shawn Stevens.

With a dull thud, Stevens crashed into the floor outside the ring. With the annoyance dealt with, Tien looked back to his real opponent, Kev Carnage. Looking at the fallen, unmoving body of Carnage, a devious smile spread around Tien's face.

Carlos: I do not like that look.
Fooda: I especially do not like that look.

Standing over the fallen Carnage, Tien raised a boot up and buried it hard into the gut of Carnage. His chest leaning forward from the pressure, Carnage grunted in pain from the obscene pressure. Tien leaned down towards Carnage, adding more and more pressure onto his opponent's gut. Cocking his arm back, Tien delivered a staggering blow into the pained face of Kev Carnage. The blow sent a stunning shockwave through Carnage's body as his chest fell backward back into the mat.

Carlos: If we're keeping score, Tien should have won this match a long time ago.

With all the bad intentions in the world, Tien dragged Carnage's limp body closer to the corner. An even louder uproar erupted from the crowd as they saw a man well over seven feet tall climb the turnbuckle.

Carlos: He isn't....
Fooda: The ref should definitely stop this match.

The crowd held it's breath as Tien Triopiquer jumped off the top rope, his body falling down flat. He fell through the air before finally crashing down atop the body of Kev Carnage, effectively flattening the man beneath his sheer bulk. Fully satisfied with this last act, Tien Triopiquer covered Kev Carnage.




Jewel: And the winner of this match by pinfall, Tien Triopiquer!

On his way up the ramp, Triopiquer looks into the camera and says "I'm coming for your belt Carter! Keep it warm for me."
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Re: EWA Show #14: There's a Train Coming Through (5/29/2011)

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Aggro V. Carnival

Jewel: The following contest is your main event for the evening. It is scheduled for one fall with a fourty-five minute time limit!

Jewel: Introducing first, from London, England. Standing at 5 feet and 9 inches, weighing in at 245 pounds, George “Aggro” Adams!

Music hit and George “Aggro” Adams entered the arena. The reception was luckwarm and leaning towards negative.

Carlos: Not a lot of love for Aggro tonight, Fooda.
Fooda: Everyone is second to the hometown hero. You know that.

Uncaring for the reception Aggro made his way to the ring. He made no stops or interactions as he walked down the aisle, strode up the ring steps, and made his way into the ring.

Jewel: And his opponent. He stands at 6 feet and 5 inches and weighed in at 250 pounds. Hailing from
Montreal Quebec, Canada, he is Jimmy Carnival!

Another musical track plays and Jimmy Carnival entered the arena. A somewhat louder and somewhat more positive reaction came out of the crowd. Carnival however, made no response to the fanfare and stoically made his way to the ring. He saw only straight ahead, not even registering the fans at ringside all holding out hands or hollering for attention. Carnival made his way inside the ring, and eagerly eyed his opponent.

The bell rang and the match was under way; Aggro and Carnival walking around the ring sizing each other up. Without warning, they both sprang forward and locked up in a bid for position. After several seconds, Aggro clearly got the upper hand and forced Carnival to one knee. Another handful of seconds and Aggro slowly pushed Carnival to the mat and pinned his shoulders.



Being so early in the match, Carnival easily kicked out of the pin and Aggro released the hold before taking a few steps back. In appreciation, a ring of applause spread throughout the crowd as Aggro waited patiently for Carnival to get to his feet.

Carlos: An early advantage by Aggro. If anything he may have a psychological advantage now over Carnival.
Fooda: Possibly Carlos. Aggro, despite giving up several inches in height, has shown that he is the stronger of the two. However, I would never count out Carnival.

With a look of determination, Carnival raised up his hands and implied he wanted to try another lock up. Eager to comply, Aggro raised up his hands and charged for Carnival. Aggro stopped short of Carnival, the swift kick in the gut from Carnival stunning him as he doubled over. Carnival was quick and followed up with a devastating ax handle blow to the back of Aggro. As Aggro fell to the mat, a mixed response rang through the crowd; conflicted between cheering a countrymen and condemning poor form. As if to decide for the crowd, Carnival bent to one knee beside the prone form of Aggro and with a face full of contempt slapped Aggro hard on the back of the head.

Carlos: Carnival is quickly losing support with the crowd. Canada has a rich wrestling history and this unsportsmanlike conduct is not something they want representing them.
Fooda: What?! This is a competitive sport, Carlos! They should be applauding the fact that Carnival is leading!

Completely unconcerned with the crowd's growing hostility, Carnival slowly dragged Aggro to his feet. Carnival's eyes widened, suddenly face to face with the scowling eyes of Aggro. Before Carnival could respond his arms were suddenly locked in with Aggro's. Unable to smash into Carnival's head, Aggro struck with a furious barrage of headbutts into Carnival's chest. Recoiling in pain, but unable to disengage from Aggro's arms Carnival had no choice but to take blow after blow to the chest. Finally without warning, Aggro let go and wrapped his arms around Carnival's waist. With all the strength he had, Aggro lifted Carnival's body off his feet and threw his oppenent over his shoulder.

Carlos: A belly-to-belly suplex and Carnival is down!
Fooda: But this match is far from over.

Aggro was quick to follow up, pulling the disoriented Carnival to his feet. Stepping behind his opponent, Aggro wrapped his arm around Carnival's waist. Aggro readied himself to bear the weight before a sudden bolt of pain washed over his forearm. In an effort to fight off another suplex attempt, Carnival delivered another elbow into the forearm of Aggro. Feel the weight weaken, Carnival continued to pummel the forearm of Aggro till the grip faltered. Quickly spinning behind Aggro, Carnival wrapped his arms around Aggro's waist. Before there could be any protests, Carnival lifted Aggro up, and fell backward, smashing Aggro hard on his back.

Carlos: Carnival counters a German with a German of his own!
Fooda: There's the bridge, this could be over!




A solid two count hits before Aggro kicks out of the German suplex pin. There is no time for a breather before Carnival is back, charging at the Aggro who was prone on the mat. Without warning Carnival angrily punched into Aggro's back and head. Content that his opponent was stunned for the moment, Carnival buried his knee into Aggro's spine before grabbing one of his opponent's arms. Using his knee for leverage, Carnival wrenched back on Aggro's arm pulling it in a direction that it most certainly did not bend to.

Fooda: Looks like Carnival wants to zero in on that arm.
Carlos: He's definitely planning for a Canadian Armbar in near future, Fooda.

Despite the yelling protests of Aggro, Carnival continued to pull back, further torquing the arm of his opponent. The referee went over to ask Aggro if he wanted to give up, but Aggro refused with emphatic shakes of the head. Instinctively, Aggro kicked out with his legs repeatedly before finally finding the bottom rope. Reluctantly, after milking the count as far as it could go, Carnival released Aggro's arm.

Carlos: That's a lot of damage Carnival opened up. He'll definitely want to continue.

Sure enough, Carnival walked over to Aggro and pulled his opponent to a sitting position. He then grasped Aggro's arm and tied it around the middle rope before pulling on it forcefully. Again Aggro yelled in pain as Carnival continued to yank on the arm. The referee again started the five count. After the a long four count, Carnival again released the arm of Aggro. Aggro fell prone to the mat, cradling his damaged arm. There would be no respite, as Carnival grasped onto the injured arm once more and viciously slammed it into the mat. Aggro yelled in pain again as his arm bounced off the mat. In an effort to exacerbate the pain, Carnival lifted Aggro to his feet by wrenching the damaged arm. With Aggro's arm resrained firmly, Carnival raised a boot and furiously kicked out at the damaged arm. Aggro broke away from Carnival's grasp, reeling backward as he held his damaged arm.

Fooda: Aggro's arm won't be able to take much more of this.

Pressing his advantage, Carnival again grabbed Aggro's arm, wrenching Aggro back to the middle of the ring. Carnival's eye's suddenly widened as he saw an arm closing in on him. With overwhelming force, Aggro's arm crashed into the chest of Carnival, forcing him to the mat.

Carlos: A huge turn around for Aggro!
Fooda: But only if he can take advantage!

Aggro bent his good arm and fell to the mat, driving his elbow into the gut of Carnival. Following up, Aggro rose and dropped two more elbows onto the stomach of Carnival in quick succession. Not relenting on his offense, Aggro dragged Carnival to the corner. Without warning Aggro buried his boot into the body of Carnival. Grasping the ropes for leverage, Aggro followed with a onslaught of kicks into the head and body of Carnival.

Fooda: Someone call the cops, Aggro is commiting Aggravated Assault!

Content with the amount of boots he buried into Carnival's body, Aggro dragged his opponent a short ways away from the turnbuckle. With his back to the turnbuckle, Aggro helped himself up to the second rope.

Carlos: Looks like Aggro is ready to put an exclamation point onto Carnival.
Fooda: Wait a minute...

Without warning, Carnival was up as he rose to his feet with sudden awareness and lept onto the turnbuckle. In a second Carnival had his arms wrapped around Aggro's waist.


Carnival pulled back hard to throw Aggro, but his opponent was not going up and over him. With arms held firmly on the ropes, Aggro held his place. Cocking his head back, Aggro struck out, his forehead colliding into the face of Carnival. The shockwave broke Carnival's grip and he fell flat on his back onto the mat. Not hesitating Aggro leapt from the top rope falling from the turnbuckle and smashing his head into the body of Carnival. Aggro got to his knees, shook off some of the cobwebs, and went for the cover.




Carnival kicks out midway to three and the match continues. Aggro looked over at the referee who confirmed that he only got the two. With a small degree of frustration, Aggro got to his feet, dragging the sluggish carnival with him. With a swift knee to the gut, Aggro doubled Carnival over. Wrapping an arm around his opponent's head, Aggro attempted to lift Carnival up for a vertical suplex. Carnival's body went up in the air, but Carnival flipped over Carnival's shoulder and fell landed soundly on his feet.

Carlos: Vertical attempt counterd by Carnival!

Before Aggro could realize it, Carnival had a hold of his injured arm. With a swift kick in the gut, it was Aggro's turn to be doubled over. Still holding Aggro's arm, Carnival twisted around, contorting Aggro's arm in the process. Now with Aggro's arm rotated the wrong way, Carnival held Aggro's arm up before yanking it down forcing Aggro back to the mat.

Carlos: A brutal arm wrench from Carnival and Aggro is back to the floor.

Aggro was flat on his stomach, the pain in his arm outstretched and in a great deal of pain. Seeing the arm out in the open, Carnival took his opening leaping into the air and burying both knees into the exposed arm of Aggro. Another loud crash as Aggro rolled onto his stomach, craddling his damaged arm, a pained expression covering his face.

Fooda: Carnival BADLY wants to cinch in that Canadian Armbar.
Carlos: He's doing a great deal of work, he'd be foolish not to.

With great enthusiasm, Carnival again grabbed the damaged arm of Aggro and dragged him into the corner. Carnival, with Aggro's arm still in tow, exited the ring via the bottom rope.

Carlos: Oh no.. not this!

With all the force he could muster, Carnival threw Aggro's arm into the turnbuckle. Aggro rolled about in pain, fiercely clutching his damaged arm. Aggro squirmed about for a moment, before rising to a sitting position, his back resting against the turnbuckle as he continued to nurse his arm. By now, Carnival was back in the ring, surveying his opponent as if to contemplate what to do next. As if finally deciding, Carnival strode over to Aggro, grabbing him by the hair as he slowly pulled him up. Aggro was one one knee when he frantically at Carnival's leg. High on a sudden burst of adrenaline and using his shoulder to bear the weight, Aggro lifted Carnival up off his feet. Shocked streamed across Carinval's face and before he knew what was going on, a firm hand pushed his body forward. Carnival fell down, falling hard on his back with a loud crash.

Fooda: Somehow Aggro found his bearing to hit a huge spinebuster!

The sudden use of his arm did not come without cost as Aggro fell back into the corner, the pain from his arm welling up.

Fooda: He's wasting valuable time here!

Holding his pained arm close to his gut, Aggro walked on his knees and made the cover.




Another solid two count before Carnival kicked out and the match continued.

Fooda: You see that? Aggro was not hooking the legs and could not apply any pressure to that pin!
Carlos: I'm afraid the longer this match goes the longer this one is going to favor Carnival.

Aggro rolled off his opponent to once again nurse his injured arm. After taking a few moments to massage his arm, Aggro used the ropes to get to his feet. With slow, sluggish movements, Aggro was back up on his feet. He turned and took a step forward and came face to face with a blur of black. The arena shook for a moment, Carnival's boot landing flush on the chin of Aggro. Aggro fell back reeling, before bouncing off the rope and falling flat on his face.

Fooda: Too much time Aggro. TOO MUCH TIME.

Breathing heavily, Carnival looked on with extreme contempt at Aggro fallen below him. With much relish, Carnival grabbed onto the damaged arm of Aggro. Carnival twisted the arm and prepared to apply the pressure to his shoulder.

Carlos: Carnival wants that Canadian Armbar!

A second after the hold was locked in, sense streamed into Aggro as the pain washed over him. Struggling chaotically, Aggro tried desperately to escape the hold. He did not have to struggle long before he found the bottom rope. With a firm hand, Aggro held the rope for dear life while Carnival held the hold. Aggro clamped down as if tearing the rope from the ring would speed up Carnival releasing the hold. The referee counted to four before Carnival grudgingly let the hold go.

Carlos: A rookie mistake by Carnival.
Fooda: He's got to position first!

Unable to hide his frustration, Carnival grabed once more on Aggro's arm pulling hard to drag him out of the corner. Despite, some resistance, Aggro followed, his knees dragging along the mat. Carnival took one deep breath before clamping his grip on Aggro's injured arm. With his grasp firm, Carnival moved forward to place his other arm on Aggro's shoulder.

With all the strength he had, Aggro pulled back on his damaged arm. Surprise spread over Carnival as he jerked forward ahead of Aggro. With Carnival off-balance Aggro freed his arm. Seeing his opponent in front of him, Aggro cocked his elbow and threw it forward. The stinging blow to his kidney stunned Carnival as he fell to his knees. His moment finally arriving, Aggro charged forward, looping his arms around Carnival's neck and under his arm. Aggro finished the hold as by locking his legs around Carnival's waist.

Carlos: And thanks to Carnival there is nowhere to go.

The hold cinched in the middle of the ring there really was little room as the referee looked over at Carnival. He struggled as best he could, Carnival fighting in every direction to get out of the hold. For what felt like an eternity to Carnival he kicked, bucked, and yelled trying to break out. But with nowhere to go he finally, grudgingly, and with a great deal of pain tapped out.

Jewel: And the winner of the match, by submission, GEORGE AGGRO ADAMS!

Carlos: It's been a great show tonight. Good night from Montreal! We'll see you next time when Tien Triopiquer challenges Joel Carter for the EWA World Title!
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Re: EWA Show #14: There's a Train Coming Through (5/29/2011)

Post by KILLdozer » Jul 7th, '11, 11:26

eight minutes seventy five seconds???? that would be nine fifteen,,,who wrote that one? lol

and aside from again exodus' match was quick writen review style,id've liked to have read it and actually seen all the action,,,all was well good stuff
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