EWA Show #3: Wins & Losses (4/24/2010)

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EWA Show #3: Wins & Losses (4/24/2010)

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A note to our readers- in order to get the most enjoyment out of the OWWF, it is best to read ONE LINE AT A TIME, so you don't accidentally spoil something for yourself. Also, in another tab or window, you might want to keep the OWWF roster sign up thread open for quick reference to people's characters and moves.

Enjoy- Big Red Machine, yourcrapsweak, Aggro316, & The Great Khali.


Demonico pinned Hoffman after a Downward Spiral


Jewel: The following match is set for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois. He is one half of Power and Pain and weighs in at two hundred and ninety pounds, MEAN MARK ROBERTS!!!

The physically imposing Mark Roberts appears at the top of the ramp as his music hits. He limbers up as he walks to the ring, touching fists with a few fans on the way. The crowd have given a positive response to Roberts, he and his partner Calaway were impressive in their debut last time out. Roberts gets to the ring apron, grabs the tope rope and pulls himself up. He steps through the ropes and faces the camera. He gives an intense “Let’s do this” gesture.

Jewel: And he’s opponent, hailing from parts unknown, weighing two hundred and sixty four pounds, GEAR CREED!!

Creed’s music starts and he steps onto the stage. The crowd boo Creed from the off. He looks out at them, places his hand on his hips then flex’s his pecks. He grins before making his way down the ramp. He sneers at the fans as he walks past them.

“YOU SUCK!” Seems to be the general consensus.

About six feet from the ring, Creed strikes a classic body builder pose. He then moves closer to the ring, jumps from the ringside floor to the apron and climbs into the ring. He walks across the ring to the corner where the timekeepers table is positioned. He stands on the second turnbuckle, strikes another pose, looking down at Jewel. He fixes a sick grin. Jewel looks a little unsettled. Creed jumps down and spins around. He and Roberts now move toward the centre of the ring and the Ref signals for the bell.


Both men pace around before going into a collar and elbow tie up. They both look to gain the upper hand in the struggle. They find themselves in a corner and the Ref separates them. Again, Roberts and Creed move around the ring and again they hook up. Creed manages to slap on a side head lock. Roberts backs up slightly and shoves Creed towards the ropes. Creed comes back and goes for a shoulder block but Roberts does not budge. Creed looks up at Roberts before going to the ropes again and attempts another shoulder block. Again, Roberts does not move. Creed hits the ropes a third time but this time Roberts charges him and hits his own shoulder block, which sends Creed to the mat. The crowd cheer. Creed rolls away and gets to one knee. Roberts looks at Creed and gives a “Bring it” gesture with both hands. Creed stands up and approaches Roberts. He raises his left hand, open, palm outwards.

Carlos: Looks like Creed wants a test of strength with Roberts.

Roberts cautiously brings up his right hand up to Creed’s. They lock it in. Creed raises his right hand slowly. Roberts brings his left hand up. Just as they are about to lock in, Creed hits Roberts with a kick to the mid section, then a quick clothesline! Roberts goes to ground.

Carlos: Cheapshot by Creed!

Fooda: What do you mean? Instead of testing the man’s strength he tested his I.Q. He didn’t score too well.

Creed starts to unload with some stiff kicks to Roberts as he tries to get up. He grabs the back of Roberts head and forces him over to the corner. He drives Roberts head into the turnbuckle. Roberts staggers out of the corner. Creed then rakes the face of Roberts and hits a clubbing forearm to the back of his neck. Front face lock by Creed, then a vertical suplex into the middle of the ring. A quick cover by Creed,




Creed gets to his feet quickly and hits an elbow on the downed Roberts. He pulls Roberts head up and slaps on a reverse chin lock. After some time on the mat, Robert starts get to one knee. Creed slackens the hold and hits a couple of knee to Roberts back. Creed then applies a waist lock from behind. Roberts gets to his feet and Creed drives him towards the ropes. Roberts manages to hook the top rope as Creed backward rolls to his feet. Roberts turns around but Creed hits a running clothesline and sends him to the outside. Creed turns to the crowd and strikes another pose. They boo and give a few “You Suck” chants. The ref has started a count. Creed goes through the ropes to the ringside floor, Roberts is getting to his feet slowly. Creed grabs Roberts by the hair and hits a couple of right hands. (5) Creed then picks up Roberts bear hug style and runs at the ring post, smashing his opponents back into the steel. (9) Creed walks around to the time keepers table where Jewel is sitting.

Creed: You see that baby!? He’s all mine now, you like that huh?

Creed poses for Jewel. She looks away, unimpressed. (13) Creed turns around and charges towards Roberts, who is still near the ring post, but Roberts hits a big boot! (16) Roberts gets himself together, grabs Creed and rolls him back into the ring. Roberts pulls himself up onto the apron and steps into the ring.

Carlos: Again, Creeds constant posing and lack of concentration has seen his opponent get the upper hand.

Roberts lifts Creed off his feet and charges into the corner. Roberts then rams his shoulder into Creeds midsection, again and a third time. Roberts takes a few steps back. As Creed staggers out of the corner, Roberts scoops him up, turns and executes a powerslam in the centre of the ring. Roberts stands over Creed’s and drops a huge Leg drop. He stands up quickly and hits another. He gets to his feet again and hits a third Leg drop! Cover by Roberts,




Roberts pulls Creed up to his feet. He hits a couple of right hands, then a head butt. Creed stumbles backwards onto the ropes. Roberts whips him across the ring, Creed comes back and Roberts pulls off a Back body drop. As Creed is getting to his feet, Roberts grabs him from behind, elevates Creed above his right shoulder, holds him there for a few moments and hits a huge back suplex! Pin attempt,




The crowd break out into a “F*ck him up Roberts, F*ck him up!” chant.

Roberts pulls a very groggy Creed up to his feet. Roberts has him with his right arm, he pauses and hits a devastating Sambo backbreaker!! The crowd clap as Roberts goes for another pin,




Carlos: Well, I give Creed this; he’s showed some toughness kicking out of two huge moves from Roberts, who is really working over Creeds back!

Roberts is up. He stands over Creed who has rolled onto his hands and knees. Roberts moves to one side of Creed and gets him around the waist. He lifts and goes for a Gut wrench powerbomb but Creed wraps his left arm around Roberts head and counters with a huge DDT!!!

Both men are down and the ref starts a count, 1...2...3...
Roberts manages to roll to one side, Creed rolls the other way. The ref is at 8 when both men get to their feet at the same time. Creeds run at Roberts and goes for the Clothesline from hell. Roberts ducks, both men turn and Creed walks into a massive Spine Buster!

Roberts signals to the crowd. He brings Creed up to his feet, applies a front face lock and lifts Creed up vertically from the canvas, then JACKHAMMER!! Hooks the leg,




Roberts stands up as his music hits and the Ref raises his left arm.

Jewel: Here is your winner, MEAN MARK ROBERTS!!

Roberts leaves the ring and celebrates with fans ringside, then does the same with fans either side of the aisle. When he gets to the top of the ramp, Chris Calaway appears and they high five and pump their fists in the crowds direction. They receive a great reaction as they head backstage. Gear Creed then leaves the ringside area, favoring his back.


Jewel: Our next contest has a twenty minute time limit and is set for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and twenty one pounds and hailing from Miami, Florida, CHRIS EVERLAST!!

Everlast’s music plays and he walks through the curtain, accompanied by a different female valet than at HANGOVER, although this one just as pretty. Everlast surveys the crowd, who have given him fairly positive response. His valet then takes his arm and they walk to the ring. Everlast escorts the young lady around to the commentators table and sets an unused chair a couple of feet from our announce team.

Everlast: Now pay attention to the match guys!

Fooda: Hey Chris, don’t worry about Carlos here. Last time he got a date the girl gave him her number in hieroglyphics!

Carlos: Please!

Everlast walks up the ring steps and ducks between the ropes.

Jewel: And he’s opponent, from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Weighing two hundred and forty pounds, the Brazilian Warrior, RODRIGO MACHADO!!!

Machado comes out to the stage as his music hits and straight away has the high energy, likeable guy thing going on. The crowd give him nice pop and acknowledges them as he makes his way to the ring.

Carlos: Machado a very infectious young man, got a lot of time for the fans, wrestles with a smile on his face and enjoys the spirit of the competition.

Fooda: Yeah, I wonder how he enjoyed getting his Brazilian backside handed to him last time out?

Machado enters the ring and gives a “C’mon” gesture with both fists in front of his face.

The ref calls both men to the middle of the ring and signals for the bell.

Machado offers his hand to Everlast, who looks uncertain at first but then accepts the handshake. The crowd applaud the sportsmanship shown. Both men circle for a moment then we get a collar and elbow tie up. Everlast gets the upper hand and applies a hammerlock. Machado reverses with his own. Everlast reaches behind, jumps and brings Machado over with a high snapmare takedown. Machado is straight back up, facing Everlast. They go into another collar and elbow tie up. Everlast gets the upper hand again and applies an arm wringer. Machado moves around for a few moments then rolls forward and reverses. Everlast makes for the ropes and hits a springboard arm drag. Machado gets up to one knee and looks across at Everlast. Both men are back on their feet. They move in and Machado gets Everlast in a side headlock. Everlast backs Machado to the ropes and manages to send Machado to the ropes opposite. Everlast goes to ground as Machado rebounds. Machado springs over Everlast and keeps going. As Machado comes back again Everlast leapfrogs the Brazilian. Machado fires back of the ropes once more and gets hit by a beautiful dropkick! Everlast goes over to Machado and locks in an arm bar. As Machado gets to his feet, Everlast hits an elbow into his shoulder. Everlast then keeps hold of Machado’s wrist, runs into the corner and runs up the turnbuckles. Everlast then springs of the tope rope and delivers a head scissors take down. The crowd applaud as Everlast gets back to his feet, with a rather smug look on his face. Machado shows some slight frustration at being taken off his feet again. He gets back to his feet. Machado and Everlast meet in the centre of the ring and engage in collar and elbow tie up. This time Machado forces Everlast back into a corner. Everlast spins Machado around into the corner and hits a hard knife edge chop.

Crowd: WOOOO!

Everlast hits another, then Machado grabs him and spins Everlast back into the Corner. Machado hits his own chop.


Machado hits a couple more, and then whips Everlast to the opposite corner. Everlast hits the turnbuckles pretty hard and stumbles forward. Machado is there and delivers a high back body drop. Everlast clutches at his back in pain. He gets to his feet and turns towards Machado, who comes out of the corner with a clothesline, sending Everlast to the mat. Everlast is up quickly; however, once he is up Machado delivers a dropkick that put Everlast through the ropes and down to the ringside floor. Machado works the crowd as the Ref starts his count, 1....2....

Everlast gets up to his feet and smashes the ring apron with his palms in frustration. Everlast uses the count to gather himself walking slowly around the ring favouring his jaw. Machado is gesturing to get back in the ring. Everlast eventually pulls himself up onto the apron and climbs through the ropes. Machado is positioned in the middle of the ring as Everlast paces around him. They tie up. Irish whip by Everlast which Machado reverses. As Everlast comes back off the ropes, Machado goes for a Booker T style jumping side kick, but Everlast ducks. He rebounds of the other side and hits a discuss elbow. Everlast stays on Machado and applies a front face lock as he gets to his feet. Everlast then hits a snap suplex. He keeps a hold and rolls around, bring both men to their feet, he then under hooks Machado’s arms and pulls of a double under hook suplex. Again he keeps hold of Machado. This time he has the Brazilian around the waist and executes a Gut wrench suplex.

Carlos: Three excellent Suplexes from Chris Everlast, the young man determined to make an impression here in the OWWF.

Everlast stands up and takes in the applause from the crowd. He then turns back to Machado. He brings him to his feet and sends him to the ropes. Everlast follows him, coming off the ropes at the same time and hitting a running neckbreaker. Everlast moves quickly to the outside. He measures Machado before pulling off a spring board leg drop across the chest of the Brazilian. Everlast is firmly in control now. He pulls Machado up by his head, to the middle of the ring. Everlast attempts to lift Machado up for My World, but his opponent manages to drop in behind him. Machado picks up Everlast from behind for a High Angle Back Drop, Everlast though rolls backwards and lands on he’s feet behind Machado. He spins Machado around and tries to whip him into the corner, but Machado hold on to Everlast’s wrist and sends him towards the corner instead. Everlast jumps onto the second, springs and turns in mid, connecting with a cross body! As Everlast comes down across Machado, the momentum allows the Brazilian to roll through for a cover!!




The crowd pop!! Everlast has a look of complete shock on his face. He jumps up and gesture towards the Ref that Machado had his tights.

Carlos: Whoa!! Rodrigo Machado just stole one over Chris Everlast! Way to go kid!

Fooda: Are you kidding me Carlos??? Machado had the tights, it was obvious!!

Carlos: Had the tights?? He had the momentum, that’s what he had Fooda!

Jewel: Here is your winner, The Brazilian Warrior, RODRIGO MACHADO!!!

The Ref raises Machado right arm. As he does so, Everlast comes running up from behind and catches Machado with a chop block on the back off his left knee!

Carlos: Oh c’mon, what the hell is Everlast doing??!!!??

Everlast stamps on Machado’s knee as he is on the mat. The crowd boo and the ref tries to stop the attack but gets shoved away. The time keeper hits the bell furiously, to no avail.

Everlast then picks up Machado in the middle of the ring. This time he does hit MY WORLD.

Carlos: Damn it, this is just not called for! What is Everlast’s problem? He lost, get over it!

Fooda: You would say that. You and the rest of these moron’s didn’t see the blatant tight pull by Machado!

Everlast leaves the ring. He shouts at his valet, telling her to get up. Everlast grabs the chair she was sitting on. He folds it and turns to the announce table.

Everlast: I told you. I’m here to make an impression and now I’m going to leave an Everlasting one on that piece of crap in the ring! Chris Everlast does NOT lose in that fashion!

Everlast re-enters the ring. He shoves the ref aside again. He raises the chair and drives the edge of it into Machado’s left knee, again and again and again. Machado screams in agony.
Finally officials from the back hit the ring. They manage to pull Everlast away from Machado, but the damage has been done. Everlast tosses the chair to one side. He tells the official to “Get their hands off”. Eventually, Everlast leaves the ring. He walks over to his valet, grabs her wrist and storms off up the aisle. A “YOU SUCK!” chant fills the arena. When he gets to the top of the ramp, Everlast raises one fist in the air. This is met with a chorus of boos. Everlast then goes to the back.

After a few minutes, Machado is helped from the ring by officials and assisted up the ramp, to applause from the crowd.


Scottie pinned Carnival after a Wipe Out.
Towards the end of the match, Exodus Licairne came out onto the stage to watch the match, but left after a minute or so. Once he had made the cover on Carnival, Scottie rushed off to try and find Exodus.


Hall pinned Corey Rose when he countered an attempted Diving Crossbody with a Blizzard.


Jewel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 199 pounds… MALCOLM METAL!!!

Metal comes down the ramp, headbanging to his entrance music, and gets in the ring. He throws up a peace sign to the crowd, then puts his guitar down.

Jewel: And his opponent, from the Shadows and Darkness, weighing in at 235 pounds… the Dark Warrior… EXODUS LICAIRNE. The lights dim, and Exodus walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

We start off with a collar-and-elbow tie-up, but Exodus has a clear strength advantage, and he uses it to wrench Metal of off his feet and toss him around. Malcolm Metal gets up and charges at Exodus, catching him with a dropkick.
Metal charges off of the ropes on the left side of the ring, then does a Handspring Elbow Smash to catches Exodus just as he is getting back to his feet. Metal quickly puts Exodus in a headlock and runs towards the bottom right corner of the ring. He runs up the turnbuckles to hit the Cleveland Cutter, but Exodus uses his strength to prevent Metal from being able to flip over, and instead slams Metal down on his back, turning the move into an inverted Gordbuster. Exodus circles Metal, and begins stomping away at him. Metal tries to escape by rolling away, and rolls under the roped to the apron, but Exodus grabs him by his long black hair. Exodus pulls Metal to his feet on the apron, and throws a big right handed punch. Metal ducks it, and hits Exodus in the gut with a shoulder thrust. AMP IT UP by Metal! The cover:



Exodus kicks out.
Metal runs towards the near ropes and springboards off of them, hitting Exodus with a Springboard Arm Drag. Metal pops back up on his feet and charges towards Exodus, but is met with a big boot. Exodus fires away at Metal with some more hard punches. Jabs, uppercuts, hooks… Exodus back metal into the bottoashm left corner of the ring, and the ref calls for a clean break, but Exodus keeps firing away with his punches. The ref begins a count to disqualify Exodus:


-Exodus ignores him, and just keeps punching Metal


Exodus still ignores the ref


Exodus won’t let up.


After four, Exodus stops punching Metal, and Metal collapses, now seated in the corner of the ring, his back resting on the bottom two turnbuckles. Exodus gets tired of waiting for Metal to get up, so he goes over to Metal and starts choking him with a boot across the throat! The ref again begins a count for the DQ:


Exodus is continues choking Metal


Exodus is still choking Metal


At this point, Exodus stops choking Metal. Instead, he drags him by the legs, towards the ropes, about half way between the bottom right and bottom left corners. Exodus picks Metal up, and drapes his legs across the top rope, but Metal manages to wiggle loose. Metal is now on his feet on the apron. Exodus turns around to face him, but gets clocked by a big right from Metal, sending him stumbling backwards. Springboard DDT by Malcolm Metal! Now Metal grabs Exodus and goes for the Heavy Metal, but Exodus fights out of it with elbows to the side of the head. Exodus grabs Metal and goes for the Darkness Drop, but what goes around comes around, as Metal counters Exodus’ finisher with elbows to the head. Exodus throws a big right, but Metal ducks under it and hits Exodus with a back suplex. Metal handsprings up, and soaks in the cheers from the crowd.

Metal waits for Exodus to get start to gets up, and charges towards the ropes. Metal once again goes for a handspring elbow smash, but this time Exodus is ready for it, and he hits Metal in the back with a big boot. Metal falls onto all fours, and Exodus stalks him. As Malcolm Metal gets back to his feet, Ecodus charges at him, going for a Clothesline From Hell…

It connects! Exodus goes for the cover:



Metal kicks out! A frustrated Exodus starts pounding away at Metal with some hard punches. Exodus then picks Metal up, pulling Metal’s right arm down between the Rock Star’s own legs, and lifts him up for a pumphandle slam. Metal manages to twist around and counter the move into and arm drag. When Exodus gets up, Metal nails him with a running dropkick which sends Exodus rolling to the floor on the side of the ring that is closest to the camera.

Metal gets the crowd pumped up, and runs towards Exodus… STAGE DIVE!... EXODUS MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!... But Metal still manages to land on his feet! Exodus hits him with a few hard jabs to the stomach, as the referee beings the ring out count (“ONE!”) Exodus grabs Malcolm by the throat, and Chokeslams him down on the outside (TWO!). Exodus rolls his opponent back into the ring, then climbs back into the ring himself. He lifts Metal up for a Crucifix Powerbomb, but Metal counters the move, and landing on his feet behind Exodus. Metal hits a back suplex, then once again handsprings up. Not wasting any time this time, Metal brings Exodus to his feet. Metal grabs Exodus from behind, and drapes his near leg over his shoulder… ROCK OUT! But Exodus lands on his feet behind Metal! Metal turns around, and runs right into a Shadow Smash! Exodus goes for the cover:




Jewel: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner… Exodus Licairne!

Exodus walks up the ramp and goes t the back, leaving Metal in the ring. Eventually, Metal is able to pick himself up, and he walks to the back as well.


Phreak def. Kev Carnage after a Phreakish Intents.

After the match, Carnage got up up and said that even though he had been beaten, he was still wanted to fight Merritt Rook tonight. Rook came out and accepted the challenge. OWWF Commissioner Khali came out and signed off on the match, making it official. Right after the ref rang the bell, Rook kicked Carnage below the belt for a DQ.

Rook then cut a promo on Carnage, saying that he doesn't like society's rules. He isn't going to follow the system. If Carnage wants to have a match with him, it will have to be on terms that both men agree on. Rook then walks away.


Calaway made Woodbrdige submit to the Texas Cloverleaf.


The song "Waiting" by Not Forgotten blasts through the arena speakers.

Jewel: Ladies and gentlemen, please we-

"Woah, woah, woah, woah... and just one more woah. Jewel, I love ya baby girl, your Protestant ass is gorgeous, but please excuse me, I got this. I introduce myself… Cut my damn music."
Josh Storm is shown standing atop the ramp, mic in hand, dressed in his wrestling attire and an "ATHEIST" t-shirt.
Storm: I said cut the damn music!
The music is immediately killed.
Storm: In case you live under a rock, or in this frickin' city.. My name is Josh Storm. I am here to bring a message of truth for those only willing to open their eyes. You see, as an Atheist, I see the real world, the world all you cowards don't see. And that, my friends, makes me better than you... It's true. Yeah, I know, I know... I am here to save you all from this delusion and bring you the real world.

He receives a chorus of boos and a few "Shut the f*ck up!" chants, and he enters the ring that Jewel already exited.

Storm: So you see, last week, I didn't exactly win my match, and I'll admit that, because it's a fact. See that might be a little new to you, you who deny facts and believe in all of your silly gods and religions and scripture and blah, blah, blah, and one more blah. Despite this place I'm in right now, I happen to be in a good mood tonight… Yeah, I know. ("Turn his mic off!" *Clap, clap, clap clap clap*) I'm just going to ignore you idiots for a minute... Now like I was saying, I'm in a good mood because I have a surprise for you guys. Yeah, I really do. I sh*t you not. (A fan can be clearly heard yelling "GET THE F*CK OUT OF THE RING!")
Storm turns to the fan: Aww, you're so cute when you're mad... Now if I could get back to what I was saying, that'd be nice.
The fans continue with "You suck!" chants that fill the Asylum, and halts Storm's speech for a moment or two.
Storm: I stand alone in this ring, for I am the only one here who knows the truth. But, that is only in this ring. Among you, there must be at least one or two who agrees with me when I say there is no God.. In fact, I KNOW there are at least two. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please welcome to the ringside area, UNKNOWN AND VALERIE KNOT!

Familiar music plays and Unknown appears through the curtain with Knot following. They stand at the top of ramp, and for the first time ever, we see Unknown crack a smile on his face.
They walk down the isle and enter the ring, Storm holding the ropes open for both of them.
The music stops and the three of them are standing in the middle of the ring, looking into the crowd.

Storm: When this man came out in the middle of my match last week, I swear to GOD, I had no idea what the hell he was doing. Then when I walked through that curtain, the first person to meet me backstage was Unknown. He told me I had a great match, which I did, and that I had Phreak beat, which I also did. He said that the few words I spoke before my match had spoke to him, and we had a nice discussion before his match. And unlike you morons, he listened. And he learned the ways of Atheism. He now knows the truth, and his lovely woman also talked to me before his match, and she suggested I go out and take a look at the wrestling machine Unknown was. So I did, and I realized, I needed him as much as he needed me. So I welcomed him with open arms to start the Faith Breakers, Josh Storm and Unknown, with Miss Knot in our corner.

Unknown takes the mic, and we hear his voice for the first time.

Unknown: I couldn't have said it any better myself, Josh. Let me address something a little different now. Surely, you all have heard, and everyone backstage has heard about this. So tell me, did you read our letter, Atomic Punks? Are you ready? Because quite frankly, we've done a hell of a lot of talking and now we're ready to do something we're even better at, and that's kicking some ass. Get your punk asses out here. Maybe even your little Kitten would like a piece of Val, here? I'm sure she's just as ready as -

Unknown is cut off by music, and two men and a girl are shown atop the ramp in matching vests. The girl, Kitten, has a mic.

She stutters and begins to say something, but then cuts herself off and says
Kitten: You know, there isn't enough time for talking right now.

Just as her sentence finishes Cowboy and Ajax rush to the ring and slide inside in unison, but the Faith Breakers quickly exit the other side. A referee is shown running down the isle and then we see the two teams exchanging harsh words.


The bell has sounded but the Faith Breakers are still on the outside, however the Atomic Punks go to the outside and chase them. Cowboy chases Unknown and Ajax chases Storm, and they split to opposite sides, eventually meeting on the other side. Storm and Unknown slide into the ring and run against the ropes and both baseball slide Ajax and Cowboy at the same time as they try to enter the ring. Cowboy falls but Ajax is just steered backwards. Storm connects a right hand to Ajax, but it seems like all it did was wake him up because he comes back with a right hand of his own, and they exchange fists, faster and faster by the punch. Meanwhile, Unknown picks up Cowboy and throws him into the ring.

Eventually Cowboy gets the advantage and clotheslines Storm on the floor. Then the camera cuts to Unknown whipping Cowboy into the ropes, Cowboy comes back with a headscissor takeover, but Unknown catches him, brings him back up into a powerbomb position, drops him down into a Styles Clash position, weaves his hands through a leg into a cradle, and drops him on his head!

Carlos: Holy crap he broke his neck!
Fooda: That was assisted suicide, Carlos! He went for it but he got caught!
Carlos: That was an inverted cradle tombstone piledriver. I have never seen that before in my life!
Fooda: Look on the outside!

The camera shows Ajax clotheslining Storm over the guardrail and into the front row's lap. The fans get out of the ring of fire as Ajax climbs over and rams his head into the guardrail a couple of times. Meanwhile, a cover in the ring!



THR - NO! Cowboy kicks out!

Carlos: I didn't even know the match had begun!
Fooda: The ref has lost total control of this match, Carlos. Just the way I like it.
Carlos: What the hell is going on!

The camera shows Storm throwing a steel chair at Ajax's face, Sabu style, and another one. And another one. The fans keep feeding him chairs! Eventually Ajax falls but Storm keeps throwing chairs at him! After Ajax is completely motionless, Storm stops, and lifts an arm into the air. For the first time, the fans cheer him in appreciation of the brutality and intensity.

Fooda: If the ref didn't see it, it's legal!
Carlos: Listen to this crowd, they like this car wreck!


They got blood, because Ajax is wearing the crimson mask from all those chair shots!
Storm gets right in Ajax's face, takes off his black "ATHEIST" t-shirt and wraps around the neck of Ajax, choking him and forcing the blood to flow even harder.
Storm screams while choking him: "Where is your god now?"

Back in the ring, Cowboy is up, but getting beaten by Unknown with stiff kicks. A kick to the back, then the chest, Cowboy is down on two knees and his chest is red, and one final blow to the back of the head knocks him flat on his stomach. He's flipped over and another pinfall!




Unknown looks into the crowd for a moment at Josh Storm who is beating on Ajax. The referee finally sees them outside and tells them to get into the ring, but is only recognized by Storm's middle finger. He starts his 20 count.

Unknown is about to leave the ring to the outside (1), but Cowboy stops him with a kick to the chest as he's bent over the second rope exiting. He's pulled back inside and Cowboy hooks the head (2) for a DDT, runs, springboards, tornado DDT! But Unknown catches him and doesn't go down, (3) instead stopped Cowboy and suplexes him over his head! (4) Unknown then goes to the outside and jumps on top of the guardrail, jumps off and kicks Ajax with a spinning heel kick! (1) Storm joins Unknown in kicks Ajax while he's down, and then they back off and raise their hands to a mixed reaction of claps (of pure appreciation) and boos. (2).

Carlos: Wait a minute!

Cowboy is shown on the top rope (not the turnbuckle, the rope) and he springboards off the rope, into a senton, INTO THE 5TH ROW IN THE CROWD ON TOP OF UNKNOWN AND JOSH STORM!

Carlos: OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!!
Fooda: Sorry mom, but HOLY SH*T!!!

The camera shows the 4 men down in middle of the fifth row, then pans to a wide view of the Asylum, with every single fan on their feet, chanting "HOLY SH*T!"

Carlos: There's a move for the highlight reel, let's take another look at that!

A few replays from a few different angles are shown, and we're back to the four men in the crowd, Ajax and Cowboy trying to get to their feet. Ajax picks up Storm and Cowboy picks up Unknown and they simultaneously whip them into the guardrail. Ajax gets on his hands and knees in front of them both, and Cowboy runs, jumps off Ajax's back and clotheslines both men over the railing!

Ajax climbs over and throws both Faith Breakers into the ring, and he and Cowboy follow. Cowboy stays on the apron, because you probably forgot by now but this is a tag team match.

Unknown is kicked over and rolls under the ropes after the ref yells at him to do so, then stands on the apron.

Carlos: Finally, we have some order in this match!

But the order doesn't last as Unknown tries to get inside the ring while Ajax stomps on Storm, and the ref runs over to stop him. Behind his back, Storm connects with a low blow! When Unknown sees it, he goes back to be obedient and the ref returns to see no wrong doings.

Storm looks at Cowboy and spits in his face. Cowboy rushes in but is stopped by the referee, and they argue as Cowboy tries to get passed. Unknown then sneaks in and superkicks Ajax right under the chin, and he falls back right into Storms arms and he hits a reverse DDT as he falls! Cover, but the ref is distracted! Storm yells "HEY REF!" and he turns around and runs to count, but doesn't even get a 1 because Cowboy runs faster than the ref to kick Storm viciously in the head.

Unknown runs in to defend his partner and kicks Cowboy in the midsection that doubles him over in pain. Storm picks him up into a powerbomb and keeps him up, then Unknown springboards off the middle rope and hits a spinning wheel kick to the exposed back of Cowboy, then Storm hits the powerbomb! He goes for a pin but the ref reminds him he isn't the legal man!

Storm then tries to cover Ajax!


TWO - Storm is pressed off!

Ajax turns around and starts to get up, and catches Unknown's foot that was coming towards his head. He stands up, holding Unknown's leg, and Unknown goes for an enzugiri, but Ajax ducks and he lands on his feet. Ajax grabs Unknown and hits an Atomic Drop. Unknown grabs his butt and Ajax clotheslines him from behind! Cowboy is now up, but hurting, and kicks Unknown out of the ring.

Storm runs against the ropes and comes for Ajax but he is thrown up into the air instead into a flapjack, and Cowboy catches him into a STIFF AS HELL DDT! The crowd gasps!

Ajax calls for something with Cowboy and Cowboy goes to the ropes. Ajax picks up the broken Storm and powerbombs him hard to the mat, and immediately, Cowboy flies off the top rope into a senton bomb! The gasps even louder!





Unknown slides back into the ring and attacks Ajax, eventually pushing him to the corner. He runs back and misses a Yakuza kick that would have taken his head clean off. Ajax got out of the way by sidestepping out of the corner, and Unknown's leg is caught on the top rope. Ajax comes back and hooks Unknown into the tree of woe! He's helpless now! Ajax goes to the opposite corner, and runs back to baseball slide into Unknown's face, but Unknown lifts himself up and Ajax slides right into the ring post where the sun don't shine! The fans never gasped this loud! Unknown unhooks his legs and jumps off the rope, and stomps both feet on Ajax's head!

Fooda: Good lord he killed him. His first match in the OWWF and he dies right in the ring!
Carlos: For god's sakes Fooda don't say that!

Unknown rubs his hand against the bloody face of Ajax and smears the blood on his chest in the form of an upside down cross, and he cynically smiles. Ajax is completely motionless, lying in a bloody heap.

Carlos: How vile and sadistic! That's sickening!

Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Cowboy is in control of a now bloodied Josh Storm, and he's trying to rip open the cut with his fingers and nails. Unknown comes from behind and caves in Cowboy's knee with a kick, and Storm out of nowhere GRABS THE ARM AND HOOKS IN THE CROSSFAITH!


Carlos: He's inches away!

Unknown comes and kicks Cowboy's arm away from the ropes! COWBOY TAPS!


Jewel: At 20 minutes and 9 seconds, here are your winners, Unknown and Josh Storm, THE FAITH BREAKERS!

Storm still has the Crossfaith locked in well after the bell sounds, and the ref can't break the hold. Soon after seemingly forever in agony, more referees rush to the ring and break Cowboy free. Both of the Atomic Punks are left motionless in the ring as the Faith Breakers are warded off by referees and backstage personnel that have come out to help. They raise their hands to an overwhelming boo from the crowd, and walk out, raising each others' hands while facing the crowd. Kitten doesn't know what to make out the situation and tries to aid both of her men, but the referees and backstage personnel (there are about 10 of them) tell her it'd be better to just stay away from the carnage.


Carlos: Okay folks; let’s get you to our next match up!

Jewel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, from London, England. Weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, GEORGE “THE AGGRO” ADAMS!!

F**king in the Bushes by Oasis plays and Adams comes through the curtain. He is in he’s white amateur wrestling attire and black boots and knee pads. The crowd respond with mild applause. Adams has his towel around his shoulders. He looks extremely serious as he walks down the ramp. Adams is halfway down the aisle when The Reaper sprints up behind him and hits a forearm to the back of the head!!!

Carlos: Whoa, look out!!! The Reaper comes out of nowhere and nails Adams!

The Reaper starts stomping Adams as he is on the floor. We see Ivy, smiling a twisted grin, walking slowly down the aisle towards the assault. The Reaper picks up Adams and whips him into the guardrail, back first. Reaper then grabs the back of Adams head and drives it into the top of the guardrail. Adams is slumped against the rail as Reaper grabs him and brings him into the middle of the aisle. Reaper shapes Adams up for what looks like a piledriver attempt!

Carlos: No way, not on the outside!!!

Reaper hooks his arms under Adams belly and tries to lift. He gets Adams feet slightly off the floor but no further. He tries again but Adams counters with a backbody drop!!


The Reaper immediately clutches at his back in pain as Adams is on one knee trying to shake the cobwebs away. Adams turns around, grabs Reaper around the back of the head and unloads with right hands. Adams lifts Reaper to his feet and leads him to the ring. He hits European upper cut then whips Reaper into the ring steps with a huge crash. Adams then rolls The Reaper under the bottom rope into the ring. Adams follows him in and the Ref is able to signal for the bell.

Carlos: Well this match is now officially underway!

Fooda: They picked up from where they left off at Hangover!

Adams stomps on Reaper a few times then drops an elbow into his back. He then brings Reaper to his feet and sends him to the ropes far side. Reaper comes back and Adams lands a reverse elbow, sending him to the canvass. Adams picks Reaper up and walks him to the corner. He drives Reapers head into the top turnbuckle, before an Irish whip across to the far corner. Adams follows up with a running clothesline. Reaper slumps against the turnbuckles. Adams holds onto the tope rope and starts delivering some vicious stomps to Reapers midsection. He continues to unload until Reaper is flat out in the corner. Adams mouths off in Reapers face then gives a couple of two finger salutes, Nigel McGuiness style.

Fooda: George Adams just letting The Reaper know who he thinks will be Victorious, I guess.
Adams drags The Reaper out of the corner by his arm and gets him in a front waist lock. Overhead belly to belly suplex!! The crowd applaud. Adams gets up and is straight on Reaper. He picks him up and hits a double underhook suplex!! The crowd show their appreciation again. Adams stands over The Reaper and signals for one more. Adams brings a very groggy Reaper to his feet. Adams is supporting the Reaper with his left arm; he reaches down with his right, then POP! T-Bone Suplex!!! Adams goes for a pin,




The crowd like the action and Adams surveys them as they clap. He then pulls Reaper up to his feet. He delivers two European uppercuts then sends Reaper to the ropes. As Reaper comes back, Adams runs at him and hits a vicious clothesline. Adams stands over The Reapers head and delivers a quick leg drop across the neck. Adams goes for another pin,




Adams picks up Reaper by the head and scoops him up. He body slams Reaper near the corner, then walks around to the turnbuckles. He stands on the second rope, points at the Reaper and taps his forehead. Adams begins to fall forward with his arms by his side, but the Reaper rolls out the way at the last second!

Carlos: Nobody home with that falling head butt from Adams!

Adams rolls around clutching his face as the Reaper gets to one knee. He gets to his feet and focuses on Adams. Ivy bangs the apron and points at Adams.

Ivy: Now torture him Reaper, torture him!!!

The Reaper starts to stomp on Adams as he tries to use the ropes to get up. Reaper beats Adams down, then jams his right foot under his chin, pulling on the tope rope for leverage.

Ref: He’s got the rope, 1....2....3....4...

The Reaper takes his foot away just before five. He turns and stalks the ref towards the centre of the ring. Whilst doing so, Ivy tries to choke Adams with both her hands! She lets go just in time for the ref to miss it. Reaper turns back to Adams. He walks slowly over to his opponent and brings him up to his feet. He gives Adams a measured head butt, leans him into the ropes and then whips him across the ring. Adams comes back and Reaper hits a quick powerslam. Reaper gets to one knee and fixes the crowd with a cold blank stare. There are a few claps, but there is a strange quietness to the audience.

Carlos: This crowd not too sure what to make of The Reaper.

Fooda: What is there not to be sure about? He is just plain scary!

Reaper lifts up Adams by the head. He then grabs Adams wrist, performs an arm wringer then drives his right elbow into the left shoulder of Adams. He keeps hold of the wrist and whips Adams into the far corner. Adams back hits the turnbuckles with force. Reaper walks over, leans on the tope rope and once again jams his right foot into the throat of Adams.

Ref: Outta the corner, c’mon! 1....2....3....4...

The Reaper takes his leg away, Adams clutches at his throat, coughing. Reaper grabs the back of Adams neck, brings him out of the corner slightly, then turns and rams Adams through the second and third turnbuckle, left shoulder first into the ring post. Adams is slumped on the second turnbuckle. Reaper then turns to the ref, who backs up. Ivy runs around and gives Adams a stinging slap across the face. Reaper turns back to Adams and drags him back through the ropes. He picks up Adams and hoists him onto his right shoulder. He moves to the centre of the ring and hits a shoulderbreaker! Reaper goes for a pin,




Reaper rolls Adams onto his front, placing his knees onto Adams back. He grabs Adams ankle with one hand and his neck with the other. He rolls backwards into a Bow and Arrow! Adams grimaces in pain, his arms flailing frantically. The ref is there, seeing if Adams is going to quit. The Reaper then adjusts himself, let’s go of Adams neck and rolls to the side, turning the move into single leg crab. Again, the ref is there to ask Adams if he wants to quit. Adams shakes his head, saying no. He reaches out for the rope; it’s a foot away from his finger tips! The crowd start to clap. Adams edges closer to the bottom rope. The Reaper applies more pressure. Adams is in a lot of pain.

Fooda: He’s gonna tap!! Look, he’s ready to quit!!

Adams gives a big surge and manages to grab the bottom rope. The ref calls for Reaper to break the hold, but he keeps it locked in!

Ref: Hey, release the hold Reaper! He got the rope! 1....2....3....4....
Reaper lets go of Adams ankle and stares down at the ref, who points out that he is in charge, but not with much confidence. Adams has rolled away and starts to pull himself up. Reaper comes over and lands a couple of right hands. He Irish whips Adams, who keeps hold and reverses. Reaper hits the ropes and comes back, Adams goes for a back body drop but Reaper drops to one knee and strikes Adams with an uppercut! Reaper gets up as Adams staggers, he kicks him in the gut, applies a front face lock and lifts Adams into the air vertically. He holds him there for 7 seconds then falls backwards.

Carlos: Great power there shown by the Reaper, with that vertical suplex!

Reaper stands over Adams, looks out to the crowd then lands a jumping knee. Reaper then pulls Adams up to his feet. Reaper again goes for a front face lock and shapes for a fishermans suplex, but Adams counters with an inside cradle!!




Both men roll away and Reaper springs to his feet. Adams is partially up and pulls of a drop toe hold as Reaper sprints towards him. Reaper is up quickly, but Adams hits a clothesline. Adams is building a head of steam and pulls up the Reaper. He underhooks Reapers arms as they stand face to face, then proceeds to rapidly head butt him in the chest! Reaper reels away. Adams hits a chop to Reapers chest, the crowd respond. He hits another, the same response. Adams hits a third chop, “WOOOOO!” Adams backs Reaper into the ropes and sends him for the ride. Reaper comes back, Double A Spinebuster from Adams!! He paces around the ring, circling The Reaper. Reaper very slowly rolls onto his front and starts to struggle to one knee. Adams has positioned himself behind Reaper.

Carlos: I think Adams is setting The Reaper up for that sleeper he used at Hangover!!

Sure enough, as Reaper unsteadily gets to his feet, Adams locks in Last Orders!! Reaper starts clawing at thin air with both hands. Ivy has her hands either side of her face, which has a look of despair. Reaper hopelessly reaches for the ropes but he is too far away, Adams has him dead centre in the ring. Reaper then thrusts backwards towards a corner, he crushes Adams against the turnbuckles. Adams slackens the hold but doesn’t let go. Reaper charges backwards again. This time Adams releases. Reaper stumbles forward, Adams is in the corner. He charges out with a clothesline and Reaper turns around, but Reaper ducks. As Adams turns, Reaper kicks him in the gut and goes for a DDT, but Adams reverses with a Northern Lights Suplex! Bridge pin,




The Reaper has his arms wrapped around Adams chest from underneath. He rolls around, still clutching Adams. Reaper lifts Adams, he’s going for the Barry White Driver!! He has Adams above his head, but he manages to get free and drop the other side of Reaper! Backslide by Adams, pin,




Both men get up, Reaper ducks a wild swing from Adams and slaps on his own Rear Naked Choke!!! After some frantic struggling, Adams drops to his right knee and shifts his weight to one side. He gets his right arm around the inside of Reapers right leg and powers back up to his feet.

Carlos: Adams has turned Reapers choke hold into his own fireman’s carry!

Adams swings Reaper around into a Cutter! THE AGGROMATIC!!! Pin,




Adams gets the win! He stands up, favouring his throat with is right hand as the ref raises his left.

Jewel: Here is your winner, GEORGE “THE AGGRO” ADAMS!!!
Adams music hits. He leans on the tope rope, brings his left hand in front of his face and points upwards. Reaper rolls out the ring and staggers up the aisle with Ivy. Once clear of the entrance ramp, Adams walk leaves the ringside area also.
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Re: EWA Show #3: Wins & Losses(4/24/2010)

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11. JACK SQUAT (w/ Sarah Kaminsky) vs. JOEL CARTER

Jewel: The following matchup is your MAIN EVENT. It is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit!
Introducing first, being accompanied by Sarah Kaminsky, from Verona, New Jersey, weighing in at 240 pounds… JACK SQUAT!
Jack jumps up on the turnbuckle and pumps his fists a few times to get the crowd pumped up.

As Jack finishes his entrance, he begins to lead the crowd in song. “Jack is gonna kick your ass! Doo-dah. Doo-dah. Jack is gonna kick your ass all the live long day!”

Jewel: And his opponent- From Buffalo, New York, weighing in at 251 pounds… JOEL CARTER!

DING! DING! DING! The bell rings, and the two opponents shake hands.

The match starts off with a collar-and-elbow tie-up, which Jack is able to turn into a standing side headlock. Carter flips Jack over with a snapmare, then locks him in a headscissors. Jack rolls until he is on his feet, and handsprings out of the hold, then hits a quick dropkick to the seated Carter.

Jack plays to the crowd a bit while Carter gets up. They lock up in another a collar-and-elbow tie-up, and this time, it is Carter who is able to get the advantage with a knee to the gut. Carter hits Jack with a Snap Suplex, rolls over, still holding Jack, and stands up. Carter now goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Jack manages to avoid it, landing on his feet behind Carter. Discus Clothesline by Squat… Carter ducks it and lays Jack out with a superkick. Jumping elbow drop by Carter. And another. And a third. Carter goes for the cover:



Jack kicks out. Jack gets up, and Carter whips him off the ropes. When Jack comes back off the ropes, Carter hits him with a hip toss, then drops down and once again locks Jack in a headscissors. Jack again manages to get his feet planted firmly o the ground, handsprings out of the headscissors, and hits Carter with another dropkick. Jack runs off the ropes and hits Carter with an atomic leg drop. Jack gets up and runs towards the ropes once again… SPRINGBOARD ELBOW DROP! Jack goes for the pin:




Carter gets his right shoulder up.

Jack goes for an Armlock, but Carter rolls it over into an in inside cradle:



Jack kicks out quickly, and Carter kips up. The crowd claps as they square off.
Yet another collar-and-elbow tie-up. Carter wins this one by transitioning it into a headlock takeover, then locks Jack in a straightjacket stretch. Jack tries to wiggle his way out of the hold, but Carter uses Jack’s squirming to get the necessary distance between the two men for him to hit the New York Neck Jack. Carter quickly gets up, bounces off the ropes, and hits the seated Squat with a running dropkick. Carter then locks in a head scissors, but once again, Jack is able to roll himself over so that his feet are planted flat on the ground, handsprings out of the hold. Jack again goes for the quick dropkick, and Carter gets his hands up to block it… only to learn that the dropkick was a feint as Jack hits him with a Shining Impact. Jack hits Carter with a Flair Knee Drop, then signals for the Pedigree. Jack picks Carter up and doubles him over with a punch to the gut. Jack hoo- Double leg takedown by Carter! Bridge!




Jack forces himself up, pressing down on Carter’s arms with his legs, landing Carter in a Jackknife pin!




Carter rolls out of it, and hits the seated Jack with a quick dropkick, then springs off the ropes for an Arabian Press… It hits! Carter goes for the pin:




Jack gets a shoulder up, but Carter keeps on the pressure, applying the Carter Clutch! Jack struggles in the hold for about ten seconds, but manages to roll himself over, but Carter still has the hold lock in. Jack manages to once again roll himself over, but this time, he reaches the bottom ropes for the clean break. Jack gets up, and Carter charges at him for a clothesli- drop toe hold by Jack, leaving Carter draped over the middle rope in perfect 619 position. Jack runs off the far ropes, then comes back towards Carter... and delivers a stiff kick to the buttocks.
Jack looks at the crowd and says “I told you I’d kick his ass!”

Carter starts to get up, so Squat goes for an O’Connell Roll:




Carter kicks Jack off of him, and kips up. Running Lariat by Jack… Carter ducks… Waistlock by Carter… Standing switch by Jack, but Carter switches right back. Bridging Back Suplex by Carter:




Jack gets his right shoulder up.
Carter spins around quickly. Stiff kick to the hea- Jack catches his leg, and twists into a single leg crab, but Carter is able to quickly get to the ropes on the farthest side of the ring from the camera, breaking the hold.
Jack Irish Whips Carter, but Carter reverses it, shooting Jack off the ropes instead. Carter drops down, and Jack leapfrogs over him. Jack bounces off the opposite ropes, and Carter pops up with a dropkick. But Jack grabs onto the ropes, and the only thing Carter hits is face when, he comes crashing down to the canvas. Jack scrambles over to Carter, and locks him in a seated abdominal stretch. After about ten seconds in the hold, Carter manages to counter it with a hip toss, then locks in a headscissors. Again, Jack is able to maneuver himself so that his feet are flat on the ground. Once again, Jack handsprings out of the maneuver, and hits Carter with a Shining Impact. But Carter is able to roll through the maneuver, and holds onto Jack’s arm, locking him in a crowbar. After thirteen excruciating seconds, Jack is able to roll Carter forward so that his shoulder’s are pinned to the mat, although the hold is still applied.

Carter is still holding on!

Carter STILL maintains the hold!

Carter maintains the hold as long as he dares, but releases it when it is clear that Jack will not tap out. Carter quickly gets up and delivers a stiff kick to Jack’s injured arm, then drops down and locks in an STF. Jack suffers in the hold for about fifteen seconds before he is able to make it to the rope for the clean break.

Carter goes to the opposite side of the ring, and stalks Jack, waiting for him to get up. As Jack pulls himself up on the ropes, he catches sight of Carter, waiting to charge, so he rolls out of the ring to recover. Carter charges anyway, and dives through the ropes, hitting Jack with a Heat Seeking Missile! The crowd chants roars its appreciation while the ref starts the count. Carter is up after the count of “FOUR!” and he takes Jack, and whips him into the barricade. Carter picks Jack up and runs (5) slamming Jack’s back into the ring apron, then he whips him into the barricade again, as the ref counts “SEVEN!” Carter picks Jack up in a Military Press, then (8) drops him down, ribs first, onto the barricade. With Jack now draped over the barricade, Carter (9) hits a vicious stiff kick to Jack ribs. Carter climbs up onto the apron (10), and then hits a dropkick off of the apron, right into Jack’s back, once again, smashing his ribs into the barricade. Carter grabs Jack (11) from behind and lifts him up with a bear hug, doing more damage (12) to Jack’s ribs. Carter squeezes the life out of Jack on the outside (13), and transitions Jack up into a Torture Rack (14), then hits Jack with an Argentine Backbreaker. Carter leaves Jack on the outside, and he gets back into the ring at the count of “FIFTEEN!”

On the outside, Jack is writhing in pain (16). He finally manages to pull himself back up at “SEVENTEEN!” and starts to climb into the ring, but gets (18) cut off by a baseball slide from Carter. Jack stumbles to his feet and (19) manages to slide into the ring JUST in time to avoid the count-out… but he is not able to avoid the basement dropkick by Carter. Carter grabs the top ropes, jumps back and swings forwards, driving his feet into Jack’s stomach, and pushing him onto the ring apron. Carter waits for Jack to stand up, then flips over him for the sun-set flip powerbo- JACK GRABS ONTO THE ROPES TO HOLD HIMSELF UP! Jack drives a knee down right into Carter’s face. Then another one. Jack sets up for a Taker-style leg drop… but Carter rolls out of the way… Jack sees this at the last second, and manages to grab the top rope, and use it boost himself up, off the rope, and down onto Carter with a beautiful Arabian Press!

Jack plays to the crowd, who roar their appreciation, while the ref starts the count. Carter is up at ‘THREE!” but not for long, as Jack takes him down with a big boot. Jack picks Carter up, and (4) rams him into the barricade. Jack picks Carter up once again (5), and rolls him into the ring. Jack follows Carter into the ring, and stalks his opponent, his right arm reared back, ready to strike like a cobra. Carter gets to his feet, and Jack’s arm shoots out, catching Carter in a goozle… CHOKESLAM! Jack now climbs to the top turnbuckle on the bottom right side of the ring, and goes for the Squatting Star Press…

IT HITS! Pinfall:




CARTER kicks out!
Jack picks Carter up, and hits him with the Freedom Bomb! Jack goes for the pin:




Carter grabs the bottom rope! Jack allows Carter to pull himself up with the aid of the ropes, but once Carter is on his feet, Jack lands a few forearm shots on his back. Jack mimes shifting an object around in his hands, then points at Carter. Jack picks Carter up onto his shoulders, and threads his hands under Carter’s arms and behind his neck. Jack is going for the Rubix Cube… but Carter grabs the ropes behind him, preventing Jack from driving him down on his head. Carter lets go of the ropes with only his right arm, uses that arm to punch Jack in the head several times. Jack loosens his hold, and Carter rolls forward. VICTORY ROLL!




Jack kicks out!

Carter is up on his feet a split second before Squat, but that is all the time he needs to connect with a stiff kick to Jack’s injured ribs. Carter follows it up with another. A third kick to the ribs by Carter is countered when Jack blocks it and catches his foot. Enzugiri by Carter! Now Carter butterflies Jack’s arms... TRIGGER EFFECT! The pin:




Jack JUST kicks out! Carter is really ready to put Jack away now. He goes to other side of the ring and waits for Jack to get up. When jack makes it to his feet, Carter charges across the ring… GORE… COUNTERED BY JACK WITH A DROPKICK TO THE KNEE! Jack locks on the Leg Jack. Carter struggles in the hold for about ten seconds before he manages to get to the ropes. Jack picks Carter up, kicks him in the gut to double him over, then puts him in a standing front facelock. He jumps backwards for the Jack Hammer… but Carter counters it with a double leg takedown. Carter locks in the Carter Crab, attempting to exploit Jack’s already injured ribs and back to get the submission victory, but Jack is able to quickly get to the ropes.

Carter Irish Whips Jack, who comes off the ropes with a Springboard Crossbody… Carter catches him! Carter hoists Jack up onto his shoulders… F-5! Carter goes for the cover:




JACK KICKS OUT! Carter drags Jack over so that he is closer to the bottom right corner of the ring. Carter climbs to the top turnbuckle in that corner, and leaps off of it… FROG SPLASH… hits nothing but canvas as Jack rolls out of the way! We are down to 2 minutes and fifteen seconds now. At the two minute mark, Carter is still down, and Jack has rolled to the bottom right corner. Jack climbs up to the top turnbuckle as Carter starts to get up. Jack leaps off the ropes, and hits Carter with a Kane-style flying clothesline. As Carter gets back up, Squat hits him with a Jack Attack, then charges off the ropes and knocks him down with a Big Boot. Jack is in complete control now, but he only has one minute and twenty seconds left in which to put his opponent away.
Jack signals for the Pedigree. He hooks Carter’s arms… but Carter fights it off, and hits Jack in the gut with a forearm shot, doubling him over. Carter butterflies Jack’s arms for the Trigger effect… but Jack fights it off.
Jack kicks Carter in the gut, and once again goes for the Pedigree. As Jack goes ot hook his arms, Carter starts to fight it off, but Jack clubs his arms down on Carter’s back, ending the resistance. Jack hooks Ca-DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN BY CARTER! CARTER ROLLS JACK OVER AND LOCKS IN THE CARTER CRAB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!
Jack struggles in the hold, crawling to the nearest set of ropes, but Carter pulls him back into the center of the ring as Jewel informs us that there are 30 seconds remaining. The crowd starts to chant “PLEASE DON’T TAP!” and Kaminsky is pounding the ring apron, trying to will Jack to crawl to the ropes. Spurred on by Kaminsky and the crowd, Jack once again crawls for the ropes…. And once again is brought back to the center of the ring by Carter. The crowd counts the final ten seconds of the match down along with Jewel: TEN! NINE! EIGHT! SEVEN! Jack is in excruciating pain, thanks to the damage that Carter had done to his ribs and back earlier- SIX! FIVE! FOUR! Jack has now been locked in the hold for over forty seconds-



Carter breaks the hold.
Jewel: Ladies and gentlemen, the result of this match is a TIME LIMIT DRAW!
The crowd immediately starts to chant “FIVE MORE MINUTES!” *clap* clap* clap* clap* clap*

The ref asks Carter if he wants five more minutes. Carter says yes. The ref then goes over to Jack, who is still doubled over, and clutching his back in pain, if he wants five more minutes. Jack accepts as well. The ref orders the bell to be rung.

As soon as the bell rings, Carter charges across the ring, and catches the weakened Jack with a Gore! Carter goes for the pin:




Carter wastes no time- He drags Jack towards the bottom right corner of the ring, climbs that turnbuckle, and hits a beautiful Frog Splash, arcing high in the air, and landing right on Jack- gets his knees up! Jack now rolls to the outside to buy himself some time to recover. Jack has had barely 7 seconds on the outside before Carter gives chase, causing the referee to restart the ring out count (which had gotten up to 2). Carter whips Jack into the steel steps, then (1) picks Jack back up and dumps him on the ring apron (2). Carter then stands on Jack’s back on the ring apron (3), uses the ropes to boost himself up, and comes down on Jack with a double knee drop to the back. Carter jumps up (4) and down on Jack’s back, using the ropes for an extra boost, then he jumps backwards while still holding onto the ropes and swings forward, extending (5) his feet to so he kicks Jack in a dropkick-like motion, pushing Jack into the ring. Carter gets up and slides into the ring.
Carter grabs Jack’s legs and goes for the Carter Crab, but Jack kicks him off. Jack makes it back to his feet, but Carter hits a quick double leg takedown, and once again goes for the Carter Crab, only to be kicked off by Jack. Jack makes it back to his feet. Clotheslines by Carter. Jack ducks, and both men continue, charging off of the opposite ropes and comes toward each other once again. Another clothesline by Carter, but the Jack Attack makes contact first. Big boot by Jack, Carter catches his foot, and does a single leg takedown. Carter grabs Jack other leg for the Carter Cr- LARGE PACKAGE BY JACK!



Carter kicks out.
Carter hits Jack with a stiff kick to the ribs, the picks him up onto his shoulders. F-5! Jack lands on his feet! Jack picks Carter up on his shoulders to make him Eat Canvas… but the strain on Jack’s injured back and ribs is too great to throw his opponent off of his shoulders. Carter gets down from Jacks shoulders and goes for a Judgment Slam, but Jack lands behind him on his feet. Jack charges off the rope, running up them and twisting in mid air to perform a Springboard Crossbod- CATER CATCHES HIM! Carter lifts Jack up onto his shoulders, and goes for a Finlay Roll… IT HITS! Split-Legged Moonsault off the nearest set of ropes… Jack gets his knees up!

Jack picks Carter up and puts him in a front facelock. Jack Hammer- no! Carter manages to prevent the move, landing on his feet in front of Jack, but still in a standing front facelock. Carter grabs Jack’s torso with is right arm, and lifts him up and over for a modified Northern Lights Suplex. Carter now picks Jack up, and set him up, seated, facing the ring, on the top turnbuckle in the bottom left corner of the ring. Carter follows Jack up, and tries to butterfly his arms, but Jack fights out of it with a few forearms to the gut. A-BOMB BY JACK!




Carter gets his shoulder up!
A “THIS IS AWESOME!” chant starts in appreciation of the action we are seeing here in this match.
Carter tries to get up, but Jack runs charges at Carter (“ONE MINUTE REMAINING!”) and hits him with a Shining Impact to keep him down. Jack knows that he has to act fast. He picks Carter up with a gutwrench, and brings him up onto his right shoulder. SQUATTING POWERBOMB!




Carter kicks out! Jack goes after Carter once again, but once Jack gets in close, Carter grabs him by the waist and takes him down, then starts to rain the punches down on Jack. Carter locks Jack in an STF as Jewel announces that there are now just “THIRTY SECONDS REMAINING! It takes Jack about eight seconds before he is able to make it to the ropes to break the hold. Once Jack gets up, Carter charges at him with a Gore! Jack sidesteps it! Jack bounces off the ropes on left side of the ring and hits Carter with a Jack Attack! Carter is stunned, and Jack takes advantage by hitting him with a Snowplow! Jack goes for the pin!


TWO! (10 seconds remaining)

Carter kicks out with just 9 seconds remaining.

Jack picks Carter up with 7 seconds remaining!


Into the cover with 5 seconds left!

ONE! (4)

TWO (3)!

THRE-NO! Carter gets his shoulder up at about 2 and 4/5s, as and the countdown reaches 2!

Jewel: Ladies and Gentlemen , the result of this match, a time-limit draw.
The fans once again chant for “five more minutes!”
The ref asks Jacks Squat:

He agrees.

The ref asks Joel Carter:

Carter asks for a mic.

Jewel gives him her mic, and Carter calls Khali out.

OWWF Commissioner Khali answers Carter’s summons. Carter asks “If I draw this match, I will only have one win, but will have two draws, and no losses. Technically, I am still undefeated. Will this qualify me for the World Title Tournament?
Khali: Yes. And Jack Squat is in the same boat. Do you guys still want to go another five minutes?

Squat: Yes.

Carter: No. Jack, you’re a great wrestler, and I would love to have a match with you where we actually decide a winner, but I came to the OWWF to prove that I am the best wrestler in the world. The person who holds the OWWF World Title will have solid, tangible proof that he IS the best wrestler in the world. I know that I am a great wrestler, but how can I claim to be the best wrestler in the world, if someone else has proof that they are. That’s why I need to win the OWWF World Title. And right now, the only way to absolutely ensure that I get my shot at that belt is to decline an addition 5 more minutes, and accept a draw.

Carter walks over to Jack and offers him a handshake. Jack hesitates for a few seconds, then accepts it. The show closes with that image.
"I was trending worldwide on Twitter once. And then I looked in my wallet, and there was no money in there."
-Kevin Steen

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