WWR Mayhem Show 2

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WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jun 28th, '11, 14:36


#Opening credits roll#

#Camera shoots over the fans as they cheer#

Kirby "Ladies and Gents welcome to WWR Mayhem!! Tonight Sassafras faces his biggest challenge to date - one on one with NNTK!! SwannStarr take on Exodus with their new manager 'Magnificent' Mark Darling and a lots more action!! Speaking of Mark Darling, allow me to introduce you to his replacement......WWR's own Rob Lebeau!! Rob?"

Rob "Thanks man, now you have a REAL commentator here, lets get to it!!!!"
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Chris Everlast
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by Chris Everlast » Jun 28th, '11, 18:49

Nothing To Say (Slash) booms over the crowd as Davis Hardy walks out ontop of the ramp, in a t-shirt and jeans, holding a microphone, and the BCW Title proudly hung over his shoulder. He stays ontop of the ramp, and the music fades out as the crowd starts chanting ''Hardy! Hardy! Hardy! Hardy!''. He calms them down by lifting his hand and raises the microphone to his face.

Hardy: ''Ever since I was signed to BCW, I fought some great wrestlers. Amazing wrestlers. Maxx Damage, Judas Salem, NNTK.. All of Prophecy, actually..''

He pauses for a moment.

Hardy: ''But, before BCW's final nail in the coffin, there was one, just one, wrestler behind there that I always wanted to fight - But I never got to. This person fought for the BCW International title, but came just short by that.. spotmonkey, Matt Driver. The wrestler.. The woman I'm talking about is.. Ronja Martinsdottir.''

The crowd bursts into cheers as they hear her name. Hardy waits until they calm down.

Hardy: ''So, Ronja! For old time's sake. For BCW's sake, and for all BCW's fans - I challenge you, to a match at the next PPV - For the BCW strap..''

The crowd ignites again and Nothing To Say starts playing, Hardy backing into backstage again.

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by KILLdozer » Jun 28th, '11, 20:12

Kirby:"Now here we are on WWR Mayhem,Friday night,a clear cool summer evening,,the reason things havent got officially started is because were waiting for a formal explanation from The Origin and Sons of Fortune,,on this past Monday night they tryed to take out WWR Continental champion Chris Everlast..they might have..in a major,out of control assault that ended in a sick,wild,controversial powerbomb from way off the top by NNTK through a glass table,,,in case you missed that were going to show you what happened right now..Parents PLEASE get the kids out of the room,this is not for the younger fellas,or the weak of heart..."

The camera now closes up onto the Titantron,then zeros in as the camera squares off to fit the tv,,then it shows NNTK standing straight up on the turnbuckle and he slams Everlast through the glass and shock and awe followed by major boos are heard through the arena as the camera cuts back to ringside.

Rob:"God damn,,that was one of the most painful insane things Ive ever seen around here,,oh my god and how it must have felt let it alone the looks of it..there was glass everywhere,I cant believe this ,,poor Everlast.. And dont forget what happened with Hawk EC and NNTK,he never stood a chance against that "Devils Choke"..Surely we'll hear about that too..."

Kirby:"I cant imagine having to feel that pain,that was a horrible crash when he hit that table,and you factor in the massive height of NNTK,the added height of the top turnbuckle they were on,,then bring in the extra distance of him being way up over his head,,and your lookin a damn near ten foot drop as well..Its got to be just a matter of time before we hear some answers and explaining..so just sit tight folks your not gonna wanna miss this..."

Suddenly, The lights go out and come back blaring bright red as flames shoot from the turnbuckle as the screen goes red as well,,"The End of Everything" plays out to massive boos,,Origin walks out to even louder boos,,"Undead" now plays and Sons of Fortune are quickly out behind Origin as well as the boos get louder and louder..

Kirby:"Uh-oh...Here they are here we go..Im on the edge of my seat over here with goosebumps waiting for this moment..."

Rob:"Man this is going to be incredible,,every fan in this building and at home waits patiently for some sort of motive or reasoning...."

The boos continue to reign out from the crowd ,,getting louder and louder as litter and garbage is thrown, they all enter the ring as Undead cuts out now.

The red light fades out and the boos die down slowly with anticipation...

Kirby:"Here we go..The moment of truth..."

NNTK:"Its good to be home...I say "Home" because the three of us have told you over and over that this is OUR house,that we built from the ground up..But noone around here seems to believe us or pay us too much mind..So last week..We had to show you all just whose house your really in...

The crowd boos out louder now,,then fades out more in continued anticipation...

I took out the Renegadez cause they werent worthy of even affiliating with Vade and myself,Dynamite got cost because he wasnt good enough to hold the same title that I held for so long..Not one person could take that title from me..I only lost it cuz I threw it out,,I made the belt what it was so I had every right to! Bishop didnt do SHIT for that belt before he won it and then just up and takes off..I brought the fight to everyone as Dynamics Champion..so I hardly felt Vigo was anywheres near my level to let him tarnish something I worked so hard to build..

More even louder boos now then quickly they die out again..

"And that brings me back to the original point,THIS IS ORIGINS HOUSE! Noone else's! People come in this place like its revolving doors,,but the three men you see in front of you have been here since the damn doors opened,,Weve seen people fall weve seen people rise weve seen them come and go like it wasnt nothing at all...See people like that are just as much of the problem as all these rookies and new free agents..They come in for a cup of coffee and then go like that,,how do you think that makes us feel? The founding fathers of this company?

crowd boos louder yet then yet again die down,hanging on every word from NNTK...

Thats absolute F-ckin BullS-,thats how we feel about it! Both of these two men next to me, Ive caused them to taste their own blood as I carryed this promotion on my back,and theyve done the same thing to me!!! One year and a half ago,the doors opened to WWR,and we walked in together..apart..but together..not a single ONE of the disrespectful hypocrites were anyweres to be found...I say hypocrites because thats exactly what you are,each and everyone of you!

More huge boos then quiet anticipation..

You all wanna come into our house,,and say how much you love it here and that its the largest promotion in the world today,but yet you dont even come to the men that made it that way and thank us for our suffering and pain weve lived through for it! F-ck you! All of you! Each and every one of you thats come into this place! Now either get out or be forced out!!!"

heavy boos reign from the crowd,then quiet down as NNTK hands Randall the microphone..

Kirby:(Talking quietly) "Woah what harsh words directed at basically everyone whose came into WWR lately..Hes usually very vocal and cold and threatening,,but my god...

Rob:(Also talking low) "So apparently this whole thing had to do with an Origin plan..so now lets see where Randall and The Sons play into this whole thing.."

Randall:"Everlast...we stole the show last week in the main event for a reason..It was partly to give you an extreme ultra taste of your own medicine,like I said...but there was more to it then just that..we had an underlying motive for our actions in that tag match...What NNTK just said is true...Back in the early days..I was here too..see.. The reason I did what I did to Everlast on Vortex is because back in the day when Origin was building this place up, I was the only one helping them. All while guys like Everlast and MMA were acting like they ran the place, like they were the top guys...
Well, I'm sick of it, which is why I'e once again sided with NNTK and Origin."

The crowd boos extremely loudly and Randall hands the mic to James North as the crowd boos more briefly before going silent..

Kirby:(lowly) So Randall sympathethizes with Origin..

North:"Now right about now,Im sure everyones looking at me and Marcus and Evan here..Wondering,"Where do they fit it?" "Theyre new around here..SO...." But see your wrong..WRONG about us..Because we actually have RESPECT for what Origin has done for guys like us..thats the biggest difference between us and...You..We appreciate the things theyve accomplished,were grateful that they made WWR into such an incredible organization..Were THANKFUL that they created a place for guys like us to come and showcase our true skills on the biggest stage...I think we three are only men in WWR who are down to Earth and humble enough to admit that we owe so much to them for all the sacrifices theyve made for this place..So that being said..Thank you Origin..Thank you Vade Kruger..Thank you Shane Lynas..Thank you NNTK...You too Rob..You gave us the nod and brought us together and showed us the light we see tonight and for that were eternally grateful...all that being said...We are going to be with The Origin every step of the way as they cleanse their home of unwanted,unwelcome intruders..."

The crowd boos out loudly then silences again as North hands the microphone over to Marcus Jones,then silences again..

Kirby(Quietly) "James North paying respect to Origin,and hes talking down other rookies,,echoing NNTK some..."

Marcus J:"James well put my good man,I agree with you one hundred and ten percent,,here we have three guys who bust their ass for monthes and monthes,every Monday night,,never resting never relenting..all for the sake of making something out of nothing...and not person gives a damn..Typical..Typical of assholes like the other no good talent that gives my brother,James and I a bad name..We dont appreciate the things theyve done either,,the total lack of respect theyve shown for Origin...thats no way to treat guys who helped you out like them..Thats why were going to beat some respect into them..for giving good men like us bad names."

Marcus recieves a storm of boos which come to a full stop as he hands the mic over to his brother Evan..

Evan:"Ah way to go Marc,As always we see eye to eye...If it wasnt for Origin..we quiet honestly may not be standing here in this ring...We might be at home,making no income,,or god knows where doing any number of things...But the fact of the matter is..Origin gave us a chance just like theyve given everyone else back there chances,,chances to be here and shine in front of the world..But the rest of them wanna spit in their faces,piss in their backyard..As Marcus said they make us look bad..as if ALL new talent around here are absolute low down snots,,to good to say thank you and show appreciation..well thats gonna change..because along with these men..Were all going to make you bastards humble."

The crowd roars with more immense boos as NNTK is handed the microphone back..

NNTK:"As youve just heard...Randall is the ONE man who gave us a hand in busting our asses to raise this promotion from the ground up to where it is today...and The Sons Of Fortune are the ONLY young guys around here to actually show us the proper respect we deserve and have earned.....This is a WAR..and its only just started..Last week was a warning,,a statement to show every opposer who we are..and what weve set out to do..The fight is on,,each and everyone of you..Everlast was only the beginning....No more games...We shall take back whats ours..."

The crowd now finally lets out a massive chorus of boos echoing off every corner of the arena,"The end of everything" kicks back in again loudly as Origin and The Sons all shake hands with each other in the ring,,then they leave out the ring,then stand on the top of the ramp looking out the crowd before turning and heading to the back

Kirby:(Talking normally again)"WOW. What seathing,,scathing words from Origin and The Sons directed at basically everybody IN WWR except themselves...Its now clear their is an alliance of sorts between them all to rid WWR of what they call undeserving superstars."

Rob:"That was shocking,,,what strong words there from them all,What about NNTK? He cant say that on the air!!! Evan and Marcus Jones,James North..They LIKE Origin,Respect the hell out of them! And theyve thrown out the gauntlet..man what an amazing start to Mayhem on Friday Night!"

Kirby :"Yea your not kiddin,And boy is there more where that came from!" WWR Mayhem will be right back!"
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jun 29th, '11, 13:51

#Back from commercial for soap powder#

DA "Ladies and Gentlemen this match is set for one fall...."

~The fans erupt as 'Aint It Fun' by G n' R plays loudly, Viggo Dynamite appears and looks out to the crowd at the entrance to ringside~

DA "Introducing first from Pierre South Dakota weighing in at 260lbs here is Viiiiggoooo DYYYYNAAMMIIITEE!!"

Kirby "Viggo looking in good shape here, ready for action. But no towel?"

Lebeau "Maybe hes realised he looks a total ass when hes trying to be Curt Hennig!!"

Kirby "Its more of a homage to Hennig I think Rob"

Lebeau "Hes still an ass in my book. You know me Chris, never afraid of speaking my mind!!"

Kirby "Yeah, thats your only quality though!!"

Lebeau "Hmph!"

~Dynamite hops oveer the top rope into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, raising both arms as the camera flashes light up the arena. The music cuts as he climbs down off the turnbuckle~

DA "And his opponent....."

~Again the fans erupt as generic rock music plays and WWR Dynamics Champion Bryan Dean appears, holding his belt~

DA ".........weighing 245lbs here is the WWR Dynamics Chanpion......Bryaaan Deeeaaan!!

Kirby "Non title of course, but should still be a great match!!"

Lebeau "whats up wioth Dean? Is he frightened Viggo might take his title?? Haha"

~Dean tags the fans hands as he approaches the ring, then walks up the steps and into the ring. His music stops and the wrestlers warm up and ready themselves for the match~

#Bell rings#

~The two lock up, headlock from Dynamite. Reversal from Dean and a headlock of his own, Viggo slips behind out of the headlock and takes Dean down with a legtrip then a seated headlock. Dean cries out in pain as Dynamite applies more pressure~

Kirby "A nice start here from both guys, Dynamite getting the better of the opening exchanges"

~Dean gets back to his feet and throws Viggo to the ropes, shoulderblock sends Dean to the mat. He gets up and both men circle around before locking up again~

Lebeau "somebody please throw a punch, this is boring!!"

Kirby "Its not boxing!!"

~Dean forces Viggo back into the corner and goes to break but hits Viggo with a reverse knife edge chop right across the chest, the sound of 'WOOOOO!!!' from the fans travels across the crowd. Viggo winces in pain for a second but then throws Dean in the corner and hits him with a chop of his own, again the crowd shout 'WOOOOO!!!' then Dean tasckles Viggo down to the mat and the fight is on~

Lebeau "Woo now THATS what Im talkin about!!"

~Dean and Viggo trade punches for a while, the ref gets thrown away when he tries to break them up. Dean gets the upper hand and nails Viggo on the chin with an elbow. Viggo goes limp and flops down on the mat. Cover by Dean~




~Kick out from Viggo~

Kirby "Dean thought Viggo was out cold then, he DOES look a little glassy eyed!!"

~Dean picks Viggo up and liftas him up and over in a gutwrench suplex. Dean jumps up asnd comes off the ropes but misses with a fkying headbutt as Viggo rolls out of the way. Viggo pulls himself up with the ropes and waits for Dean to get up~

Lebeau "Come on nail the bastard!!"

~Viggo hits Dean with a clothesline, then another followed by a back elbow. He whips Dean to the ropes and comes off the other side with a drop kick~

Kirby "Beautiful drop kick there!! What extension on the legs!!"

Lebeau "Do you fancy him or what?

~Dean falls through the ropes to the outside~

Lebeau "That was a hard landing there but Dean needs to recovedr quickly or his ass is gonna get beat!!!"

~Viggo climbs through the ropes and onto the apron, as Dean gets up he runs along the apron and leaps onto Dean, both men come crashing to the floor. The fans cheer as both men lay on the floor, the referee starting to count~

Kirby "Another beautiful move there from Dynamite but he nees to get up, a count out win wont do him any good!!"

~At the count of 6 Viggo gets to one knee, then springs back into the ring. The referee starts the count again as Dean just gets to his feet and climbs onto the apron. Viggo grabs him to bring Dean back in the ring with a suplex but Dean drops off the apron snapping Viggo onto the top rope, Viggo falls backwards and smacks the back of his head down onto the mat. Dean rolls back into the ring and applies a reverse chinlock~

Kirby "Oh smart move from the Dynamics Champion there, wearing Dynamite down."

~Dynamite in some distress as the referee asks him if he wants to quit. Dynamite replies with 'no' and the match continues. Dean applies more pressure, Dybnamite again refuses to give up. Some of the fans begin to chant 'DY-NA-MITE!! DY-NA-MITE!! DY-NA-MITE!!' and some fans counter chant with 'BRYAN DEAN!!! BRYAN DEAN!!! BRYAN DEAN!!!' Then Viggo starts to get up, Dean tries to appl;y more pressure again but Viggo lifts him up and slams him down~

Kirby "Wow that knocked the wind out of both men!!"

Lebeau "Its actually turned out to be a decent match!!"

~Viggo shakes the cobwebs off then starts to get up, pulling Dean up with him. He whips Dean to the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Dean manages to duck underneath, Dean comes back off the other side but they clotheslinbe each other, both mens legs high in the air before they hit the mat. Deans arm is across Viggos chest~




~Viggo rolls a shoulder, then his arms falls across DFeans chest~




~Dean rolls a shoulder~

Kirby "Close on both pin attempts!!"

~Viggo grabs Dean from behind as they get up at the referees count ofg seven and drives him down with a German suplex, into the pin~



~Kick out again from Dean. Viggo picks up Dean once again but Dean kicks him in the gut and drops him with a DDT. Cover after a moment by Dean~



~Kick out this time from Viggo. Dean lifts Viggo up sznd slams him down to the mat. He looks out to the crowd who cheer him on with approval as he climbs to the top rope but Viggo is up and has caught him on the top rope, he throws Dean across the ring with a huge slam, the fans now cheer for Viggo as he climbs to the top rope. Viggo leaps, looking for a big splash but Dean moves out of the way~

Kirby "Ohh that was a hard fall!! Viggo should try and roll over!!"

~But Dean doesnt go for a cover, hes on his knees in the corner, starting to find a second wind, Dynamite still on the mat. Dean starts shouting at Dynamite to 'Get up!!' and waits, the fans cheering loudly~

Lebeau "Finish this bum then Dean!! Freakin Mr. Perfect wannabe!!"

~As Viggo gets up, Dean charges across the ring looking to hit a spear but Dynamite moves out of the way, Dean goes straight into the ring post between the top and middle turnbuckle~

Kirby "Ohh he couldve dislocated his shoulder right there!!"

Lebeau "Hes goin for it!!"

~Viggo catches Deans head and lifts him up high, then over into the Viggoplex but Dean manages to shift his weight onto Viggos head, pinning him down~

Kirby "Great counter!!"




#Bell rings and Dean rolls out of the ring, grabs his belt and looks back at Viggo as his music plays~

DA "Here is your winner, the WWR Dynamics Champion.........BRYYAANN DEEAAANN!!!"

~Viggo looks on, hands on hips wondering how he lost~

Kirby "Great win there for the champ. I have a feeling Dynamite will want another crack at him though!!"

Lebeau "Well I am impressed with both men, however Dynamite is still a Curt Hennig wannabe!!"

~Dean walks up the ramp, covered in sweat. He turns around and looks at Viggo who is still staring at him. He nods at Viggo who then nods back. Dean tags the fans' hands as he disappears to the back. Viggo stands in the ring and looks out to the crowd who applaud his efforts. He shakes his head before leaving the ring, tagging the fans hands as he disappears in the back~
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jun 30th, '11, 00:22

~Camera shoots to Xander Chapman in the back who is with Ryan Ignatius. The fans cheer as he comes into shot~

Xander "Ladies and Gentlemen.......Ryan Ignatius!!"

Ryan "Thanks man, let me just say first how good it is to be back on Mayhem!! Now down to business, more to the point - GOLD. I have never worn WWR gold and hell I want some!! So Chris Everlast, Im coming for your title!! Whether you still have the Continental title when I get my shot or not I WILL be Continental champion very soon!!! And-"

~Johnny Bishop comes into shot, fans let out a huge cheer~

Bishop "Whoa whoa there Ryan, I want shot at that title too so lets not get too confident yeah?"

Ryan "Hold on there Johnny, this is MY interview, who do you think you are interrupting me like that?!"

Xander "Now guys, Im sure you both deserve an opportunity, so-"

~Suddenly Vance Valentine comes into the picture, looking cocky as ever wearing sunglasses and a suit~

Vance "Ladies please, theres only one man whos gonna get that shot at Everlast, and yeah you guessed it. ME!! You losers are spending too much time bickering amongst yourselves, why not shut up and move out of the way so I, Vance Valentine, The Heartbreaker from Tall Acre can take his rightful place at the top of the pile in WWR!!!"

~Vance walks off, Ryan and Johnny look at each other and shrug their shoulders~

Xander "umm Chris, Rob......back to you guys at ringside!!!"

~Canera shoots back t the announce table at ringside~
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by KILLdozer » Jul 2nd, '11, 09:56

Anderson: "The following match is scheduled for one fall,and it is a two on one one handicap match..Weighing in at a combined weight of 464 pounds...From Memphis TN..They Represent The Sons Of Fortune,Marcus and Evan Jones!!! And They are accompanied by member of The Origin NNTK!!"

Fans boo loudly as Undead blares over the speakers with heavy bass,and Evan and Marcus walk out in identical black trunks with "SOF" in gold across the front in large letters and "Jones" across the back in gold also in large letters and matching black boots with gold kickpads, as they walk slightly ahead of NNTK

Anderson:And Their opponent already in the ring from Cleveland,Ohio, Steve Kingson!

Kirby:This should be interesting,Evan and Marcus Jones' Mayhem and WWR debut,and why is NNTK out here?

Lebeau:Because NNTK is an excellent competitor,theres many things he could teach them out at ringside,you heard them say how theyre grateful to him earlier so hes out here to help them out some with maybe possibly some scouting for their match here to help them afterwards!

The jones enter the ring and NNTK stands at ringside,the bell rings as Evan runs in with a big dropkick in the face Of Kingson,Marcus comes over and starts stomping him,Evan joins in the stomps as well,They let him stand and both kick him,one in the face and one in the leg,,leveling him taking him off his feet to boos from the crowd.

Evan stands leaning on the rope taunting the crowd with an arm raised,then turns back to Kingston and nails him with a standing moonsault .

Again they begin to stomp and double team him on the ground to more boos,then Marcus stands him up and throws him with a gutwrench suplex.

Marcus picks him up and Evan starts pummeling away on Kingson with punchs,,chops and kicks,eventually dropping him as Marcus lets go..

The crowd boos more as they both back up across the ring from different sides,,then both run at Kingson whose getting up..then both jump into the air hitting the "Sup Bro" And "Blackout" (Enzigiri and Trouble 'N Paradise) at the same time..absolutely destroying Kingson.

They get him up for the Flapjack DDT and send him crashing to the mat to heavy boos,marcus with the cover.

KIrby:One! Two! Three! Its over,looking very impressive getting their first win in their debut!

The bell rings as Undead plays again,too boos from the crowd,The ref raises both of their arms in the middle of the ring.

Anderson:Your winners by Pinfall,,MArcus and Evan Jones!

NNTK now enters the ring from behind and instructs Evan and Marcus to get Kingson up again,they lift him and again crush him with the Gotcha flapjack ddt combo,then the three of them begin to jump Kingson together on the mat.

Kirby:Come on!!

Lebeau:Come on nothin This is great! Get out of this arena Steve Kingson,You are no exception!!

Lebeau:Really Rob?!? Now your gonna jump on THAT bandwagon?!

The fans boo louder as NNTK then lifts Kingson up,and runs over to him taking him down hard with the Lifetaker kick.

The fans boo even more now as NNTK and the Jones stand over Kingson,As undead continues to play,then they leave the ring to more boos as they go up the ramp and the show cuts to commercial.
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by KILLdozer » Jul 3rd, '11, 01:21

The camera cuts back from commercial showing Earth Child jump out of the crowd and grabbing Tommy Hawk by the ankle,setting NNTK up allowing him to lock in the "Devils Choke" (Standing Tazmission) off the distraction.then it shows NNTK putting more and more pressure on,choking him out while EC stands and laughs at ringside,the camera cuts back to Kirby and Lebeau at ringside now as the fans boo in the background.

Kirby:After what happened Monday on Vortex that we saw just there,,Tommy Hawk ran into trouble with NNTK and his "Guest of Honour",getting left unconscious at the hands of NNTK,Tommy hawk surely is gonna have something to say about that tonight !! And at some point here its been confirmed that T-Hawk will also be in action as well here tonight! so youre not gonna wanna miss any of this!!

Lebeau:He fell at the hands of the most brutal and savage man around,no shame in that!!

The Fans cheer loudly as a graphic of Hawk is shown onscreen with the words:"TOMMY HAWK IN ACTION TONIGHT" underneath as the show cuts to commercial again.
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 3rd, '11, 03:03

DA "Ladies and gentlemen the following match is set for one fall. Currently in the ring from parts unknown........THEE BLAAAADDEEE!!!!"

Kirby "mixed reaction from the fans....."

Lebeau "Thats because he sucks!"

Kirby "Hes a master of many martial arts Rob, he'd kick your ass!"

DA "And his opponent...."

~The fans go quiet as 'The Shining' begins to play......the lights dim and smoke appears throughout the entire arena, then Titan Dividion appears dressed in all black, red eyes glaring through the long dark hair draped over his face~

DA "......from The Mortuary........TIIIITAANNNNN DIVIDIIIOOONNNN!!!!"

Lebeau "Now THIS guy is a monster, the real deal Kirby!!!"

Kirby "Hes a big guy alright and he can certainly move in the ring!!"

~Titan slowly makes his way to the ring, not showing any emotion~

Kirby "It appears he is oblivious to the fans"

Lebeau "No, hes clearly a very smart man and is playing the WWR Galaxy like a cheap piano!!"

~Titan steps into the ring and the music stops. He pauses for a second, then looks up at The Blade and lightning shoots from around the ringside area~

Kirby "WHOA!!"

#Bell rings#

~The Blade runs at Titan and bounces off....then down to the mat. Titan glares at Blade before quickly flying at him boot first, connecting and flattening The Blade~

Lebeau "Did you see how fast Titan moved across the ring?!"

Kirby "Man I really fear for The Blades health!!"

~Titan picks up Blade and suplexes him across the ring. Blade winces in pain as Titan attacks him with stomps, then kneels over him and pummels him with lefts and rights, Blade helpless to stop the punishment. Titan gets up slwowly and walks away, Blade manages to pull himself up in the corner, Titan bursts into action and sprints across the ring, squashing Blade in the corner with a splash, Blade falls out of the corner and down onto one knee, Titan comes off the ropes and connects with an Enziguri kick. Blade is down again~

Kirby "Its like hes the slowest Elephant in the jungle, but then transforms into a Cheetah!!"

~Titan picks up Blade and lifts him onto his shoulder, then runs across the ring and Powerslams him. Cover~



~Titan pulls Blades' head up and shakes his own at the referee. Titan sets Blade up with an arm ringer and nails him with a short clothesline. Then he picks him up again and brings Blade to the middle of the ring. Titan Dividion sets up Blade for 'The Burial' and looks up to the heavens~

Lebeau "H?ere we go, one of the most devastating moves in wrestling today!!"

~Titan lifts up Blade into the Powerbomb position and snaps him back quickly face first onto the mat~

Kirby "Oh my God!! That really was devastating!!!"

~Titan leans over for the pin~




#Bell rings#

DA "Here is your winner.....TITAAAAN DIVIDIIOONNNN!!!!"

Kirby "We have NEVER seen The Blade manhandled like that before!! Look hes flat out , bleeding from that finisher!!"

Lebeau "Titan is STILL unbeaten in WWR Kirby!! Whos gonna stop him?"

Kirby "Well maybe the next Vortex because he has another stiff test then when he faces former member of The BPA.....Chuck Voorhees!!!"

Lebeau "Ah yes, another big man in Voorhees!"

~Titan leaves the ring to his music and slowly makes his way back up the aisle and to the back, the fans not daring to boo him~
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 3rd, '11, 07:09

Kirby "Right now lets go to the back to Xander Chapman who is with the WWR Dynamics Champion Bryan Dean!!"

~Camera shoots to the back where Xander Chapman stands with Bryan Dean who is holding the WWR Dynamics title belt on his shoulder~

Xander "Right now Im here with Bryan Dean who recently won his first title in WWR. Bryan? Big win tonight!!"

Dean "Thats right Xander a huge win over Viggo, a guy who gives his all in every match so Im proud to have got the one two three tonight!"

Xander "Yes Viggo's a top contender. Looks like he wasnt happy about the outcome of your match earlier on, any chance of a rematch?"

Dean "If Viggo wants a rematch then hes got one! Itl be a pleasure to step into the ring with an athlete of his calibre again."

Xander "Non title or are you willing to put the strap on the line?"

Dean "If Viggo wants a title match then hes got one!! But remember this Xander, Bryan Dean is on his way right to the top!!"

~Dean walks off~

Xander "Back to you guys at ringside!!"
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 3rd, '11, 07:24

Kirby "Looks like we could have another Dean vs Viggo blockbuster match!!"

Lebeau "Hardly, whats up next Chris?"

Kirby "Tag team action!! Lets get to the ring!!"

DA "This tag team match is set for one fall, introducing first....Jake Swann and Kristian Starr......SWAAANNSTAAARRRR!!!"

~SwannStarr jog to the ring tagging the fans' hands as they pass. Both are wearing full length orange tights and white boots. They slide under the ropes and into the ring, running to the corners and getting the fans to cheer. After a moment their music cuts and they await their opponents. Suddenly 'Come With Me' plays and Exodus appear with their new manager~

DA "Their opponents accompanied by their manager 'Magnificent' Mark Darling........at a total combined weight of six hundred and one pounds, Terry Malone and Adam Griffin.....EXODUUSSSS!!!"

Kirby "Well there they are, they turned their backs on Bryan Dean and Mark turned his back on his announce job"

Lebeau "Sounds like sour grapes their man, Mark knows these guys can get back to the top of the pile!!"

Kirby "So hes in it for the money then!!"

~Exodus approach the ring, led by Darling. He stands to one side as they pass, then get in the ring. The music cuts and the match is under way. Swann starts out with Malone who kicks him in the gut straight away before slamming his forearm down on the back of Jake Swann. He grabs Swann's head and flings him into the corner where Griffin is waiting with his boot up. Malone tags in Griffin who attacks Swann with elbows to the side of his head. Swann drops to one knee and Griffin kicks him in the head~

Kirby "Come on get him outta the corner ref!!"

~Kristian Starr tries to help out Swann but the referee stops him, as his back is turned Exodus double team Swann to the delight of Darling on the outside. The referee turns around just as the double teaming stops. Griffin bodyslams Swann and tags in Malone who drops an elbow. Cover~



~Kick out from Swann. Malone looks down on him with rage and sets him up in the corner for a Superplex but Swann pushes him off, Malone falls to the mat with a huge thud~

Lebeau "If he doesnt make the tag now theyre gonna lose!!"

Kirby "Thats right, SwannStarr havent made a single tag yet!!"

~Swann leapfrogs Malone as he has just got up, rolls forward and makes the tag to Starr, he leaps in over the top and nails Malone with a flying forearm, then over to Griffin in the corner, drop kicking him off the apron. Starr cries out to the crowd just before Malone runs across the ring almost taking his head off with a huge clothesline. Malone rests against the ropes and smiles at Starr who is still down. Malone goes to pick him up but Starr rolls him up~



~Kick out from Malone~

Kirby "Almost, that clothesline a moment ago was unbelievable!!"

Lebeau "The power this Exodus team posess is unreal, SwannStarr need to start dodgin their attacks!!"

~Malone stomps at Starr, then tags in Griffin who had got himself back up onto the apron. The Exodus members double team Starr with a bodyslam and elbow drop combo then Malone leaves the ring. Griffin turns Starr over an slaps on a half crab. Starr crfies out in pain and tries to reach for his corner but hes at the other side of the ring~

Lebeau "Give it up kid theyve got ya!!2

Kirby "I dont think either member of SwannStarr is a quitter!!"

~As Griffin applies the pressure, the fans start clapping. Starr begins dragging himself and the 300 pound Griffin towards the ropes. He gets the within an inch of the ropes but Griffin stamps him back down, then re-applies the hold. Malone tries to get in the ring which gets the referees attention. Whilst the referee is distracted Mark Darling starts punching Starr in the head, Swann drops down off the apron and runs towards Darling but Malone had also left the ring and nails Swann with a big boot then drags him to the gurd rail and slams him into it head first. In the ring Griffin has let go of the half crab and grabs Starr, then throws him out of the ring over the top to the floor. Griffin and Malone both raise their arms in victory to the dismay of the crowd who boo loudly~

Kirby "We'll have to conclusion of this match after the commercial break!!"

--------------Commercial break for 'Huggies' baby products----------------

Kirby "Were back on WWR Mayhem and the Exodus vs SwannStarr match is still going, during the break there was plenty more double teaming from Exodus, a double suplex and double clothesline on Kristian Starr."

Lebeau "To his credit though he has hung in there with these two monsters, trying to come back time after time but I think the tank is getting a little empty. he needs a tag!"

~Malone sends Starr to the ropes and hits him with a back elbow. Again he shows off to the crowd who boo, then he goes to the corner and climbs to the second rope on the inside~

Kirby "Unfamiliar territory for Malone here, he wants to make this count!!"

~Malone jumps but Starr meets him with a dropkick~

Kirby "OOHH!!! Awesome move from Starr that time, looks like he caught Malone square in the mouth!!"#

Lebeau "Yeah Malone's lip is busted, he might be out!!"

~Both men are down, Starr dragging himself toward his corner. Malone is still down though as the referees count reaches five~

Kirby "Come on Starr you can do it!!"

Lebeau "Get up Malone!! Come on man!!"

~As the referees count reaches eight, Kristian Starr leaps and tags in Jake Swann who springboards in nailing Malone with a cross body into the cover~




~Malone just rolls a shoulder. Swann picks him up and nails him with a superkick. Cover again~



~Griffin in to break up the count. Referee ushers him out of the ring, Swann had rolled up Malone seconds before but no count due to interference, Mark Darling slides in the ring and rolls Malone on top of Swann who struggles to get out, Darling scuttles out of the ring and the referee turns around to make the count~




#Bell rings#

Kirby "What?! Cheating low lifes!!"

Lebeau "Thats the power of having a smart manager!!!"

DA "Here are your winners.........EXODUS!!!!"

~SwannStarr look angry at Mark Darling who tells Exodus to attack, they do so and pummel SwannStarr. Darling throws in a couple of chairs but before they can use them, WWR World Tag Team Champions Awesome Booty run to the ring and attack Exodus, standing tall as Malone and Griffin escape the ring. SwannStarr and Booty look on as Exodus with Darling back up towards the locker room, raising their hands in victory~

Kirby "Well they won, even if they did cheat. The Darling effect has begun!!"#

Lebeau "And well done to them!!!"
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 3rd, '11, 10:06

~Camera shoots to the back once again to Xander Chapman, this time he is with Viggo Dynamite who still looks unhappy with his loss~

Xander "Viggo, Bryan Dean says if you want another opportunity at him then its yours, he even said he will put up the strap. Your thoughts?"

Viggo "So let me get this straight. Dean beats me so I get a title match? I dont think so." ~Viggo looks at the camera~ "Listen to me carefully Dean, everything in my life I have worked for, no I dont want a title match but hell yeah Ill wrestle you again and next time I WILL WIN!!"

Xander "So when do you want the rematch?"

Viggo "Vortex. Ill pin his shoulders to the mat and EARN my title match!!"

Xander "Viggo Dynamite - thank you!"

Viggo "Thanks man"

Zander "Back to ringside!"

~Camera shoots to ringside~
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 3rd, '11, 10:35

~The fans erupt as "Sad But True" by Metallica sounds out across the arena~

Kirby "Its the boss!!"

Lebeau "Hail his lordship!"

~Tony Bastion appears, looking out at the crowd, he mouths the word 'wow' as he looks out all the way to row Z. He is handed a microphone as he enters the ring. He points at a sign in the crowd that reads 'WWR 4 EVA' before the music cuts~

Bastion "WOW!!! Every week this place is evern more jam packed than the last!!!"

~Fans roar~

Bastion "I havent addressed you guys for a while so I though Id come out here and make an announcement."

Kirby "OOOh!!"

Lebeau "Very camp Chris!"

Bastion "So for a short time theres been some speculation on what the next massive PPVm will be called.....I can now tell you all that it is indeed 'WWR HERESY'!!! Now theres already one match signed for the event, which puts BCW Champion Davis 'The Dominator' Hardy up against a mountain of a woman who goes by the name of Ronja, with the BCW strap up for grabs. I have booked another match for the card which is Viggo Dynamite taking on the dangerous and unpredictable Fergal Kiley!!"

~Fans cheer in appreciation~

Kirby "Thats huge!!"

Bastion "Thats it for now...............oh there is ONE MORE THING."

~Bastion looks at the camera~

Bastion "At WWR Heresy the WWR World Heavyweight Championship will be defended, whether its Chris Everlast or Vade Kruger who goes in there champion.......their opponent? That will be announced following the outcome of their match on WWR Vortex this Monday!!! And Kruger........if you do happen to get by Everlast, you WONT leave Heresy as champion!! I WILL get that belt from around your waist!!!"

~Bastion gets massive cheers as he hands the microphone back to Denniss Andersson at ringside before walking to the back to his music~

Kirby "Wow, huge news there on the name of the PPV but more importantly Bastion has vowed to get the title off of Vade Kruger. Should be a very interesting run up to WWR Heresy!!!"
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by kirbs2002 » Jul 3rd, '11, 10:53

The show breaks to commercial. It returns to "South of Heaven" (Slayer) playing to a loud pop from the crowd. Heather comes out and gives a battle cry before heading to the ring.

The following is a women's contest scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from County Kildare, Ireland, standing 5' 4" and weighing in at 145 pounds, Heather Gilchrist!

Heather heads to the ring, gets onto the apron and then jumps over the top rope. She then kneels in the middle of the ring and does a Shawn Michaels-like flex.

Well, she's certainly fired up to be here tonight.

She takes great pride in what she does, and is one of the few who will compete in any match, regardless of the circumstances.

Heather then kneels in a corner, as if meditating, as "Woman" (Wolfmother) plays to a decent pop. Sophie Irvine walks out, slaps her forearms and flexes her arms across her chest.

And her opponent, from New York, standing 5' 4" and weighing in at 160 pounds, Sophie Irvine!

Well, we have a woman who prides herself in her mat wrestling abilities in Heather and one who is a mixed martial arts crossover. I think we may have a fast paced technical clinic on our hands tonight.

Should be interesting. Both are evenly matched in size, Heather wrestles a "throwback" style that harkens back to the days of Lou Thesz and Verne Gagne, while Sophie's style is more modernized and befitting recent stars like KENTA and Low Ki.

Sophie walks to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. The referee calls for the bell as both women square off. Heather and Sophie shake hands to applause from the crowd.

Good display of sportsmanship early on.

We'll see if they can maintain that respect throughout the match, though.

Heather and Sophie lock up collar-and-elbow and Sophie tosses Heather with an arm drag. Sophie goes to follow up, but Heather counters with an arm drag of her own into a short-arm scissors. Sophie sqirms around before rolling Heather's shoulders onto the mat into a quick pin...


Tw-Heather rolls forward off the mat, and transitions into a cross armbar. Sophie quickly gets to the ropes, forcing a break. Heather quickly relents and gets back to the middle of the ring. Sophie calls for a knuckle lock and Heather obliges. After a few seconds Sophie gains the advantage, bending Heather backwards over her knee into a submission. Heather squrims and then pushes Sophie back into the same submission. Sophie flips over onto her feet, maintaining the hold and knees Heather in the abdomen, then transitions into a wristlock.

Good agility by Sophie.

Heather connects with a palm strike to Sophie's cheek, then turns into a wristlock of her own. Heather quickly grabs Sophie's other arm and puts Sophie into a standing straightjacket hold. Sophie starts to lifts her arms up to try to free herself, but Heather just pulls the hold tighter, twists so that she's back to back with Sophie and, while still keeping the straightjacket on, drops Sophie with a neckbreaker. Heather hooks the leg and goes for a pin.


Two... Kickout by Sophie.

A bit early for a pin, don't you think?

But each pin makes the opponent exert energy to get free. A solid, "wear 'em down" strategy.

Sophie gets to her feet, but Heather meets her and hits a Northern Lights suplex, bridging into a pin.


Two... Sophie bridges off the mat.

Heather quickly puts on a side headlock, but Sophie slowly pushes Heather back into the ropes and then whips Heather off into the ropes on the opposite side. As Heather comes back, Sophie goes for a kick, but Heather catches Sophie's leg.

Heather saw that coming from a mile away.

Heather then takes Sophie down by sweeping her other leg, and quickly locks in a heel hook! Sophie thrashes about trying to get free, but Heather keeps it in tight. Sophie claws her way to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope, forcing a break. Heather shows some hesitation, but relents at the three count. Sophie struggles to get up, only to be met with a kick to her thigh from Heather, dropping her to a knee. Heather rebounds off the far ropes and goes for a running boot to the head, but Sophie rolls under and as Heather comes back, drops Heather with a lariat. Heather gets slowly to her feet, but Sophie springboards off with a high knee to the head! Into a pin...



Th-Kickout by Heather. Sophie acts quickly and puts on a cross armbreaker! Heather struggles but manages to lock her arms to prevent any further damage. She then rolls Sophie's shoulders onto the mat.



Thr-Sophie breaks and rolls free.

Woah! Way too close for comfort there.

Heather approaches, but Sophie kicks Heather's leg out to get some space. Heather slowly gets to her feet again, but Sophie is waiting and drops Heather back down with a side Russian leg sweep. Into a pin.



Th-Kickout by Heather. Sophie goes right back to work on Heather's arm, with the cross armbar. Heather wrenches about, trying to get to the ropes. Heather scoots towards the ropes a little more and manages to put a leg on the bottom rope. Sophie waits until four to relent.

Uh oh, it's looking like it's starting to get ugly.

Heather slowly gets up, holding her arm. Sophie approaches but Heather kicks her in the gut, and tries twist the arm, looking for the Desecrator, but Heather doesn't have the strength left! Sophie smashes Heather in the face with a palm strike to get free. She then takes down Heather and locks in an Anaconda Vice!

Anaconda Vice! This could be all!

Heather manages to slowly scoot to the ropes, reaches out, and doesn't get there! She raises her arm like she's ready to quit.

Heather may well give it up here!

Heather tries to move a little closer, but doesn't get anywhere. She reaches out once more for the ropes and...


Sophie can't believe it and doesn't let up on the hold. The referee counts, but Sophie still won't break. Finally he forcibly breaks the hold and scolds Sophie. Sophie hits the ropes and charges towards Heather but Heather hits a desperation superkick to stop Sophie dead in her tracks! Into a pin!



Thre-Kickout by Sophie at the last moment! Heather then ties up Sophie's legs and rolls her over into the Dungeon Chains! Sophie is dead center in the middle of the ring and grimaces before finally tapping out! The bell rings to cheers and applause from the crowd, as Heather lets go of the hold and grabs her arm in obvious pain.

Here is your winner, as a result of a submission, Heather Gilchrist!

What perseverance by Heather, to manage to get out of the Anaconda Vice and submit Sophie.

Indeed. A testament to one's will to win.

Sophie is helped to her feet as Heather extends her injured arm for a handshake. Sophie hesitates but shakes her hand, to a louder ovation from the crowd. Then both her and Heather walk to the back together as "South of Heaven" (Slayer) plays.
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by KILLdozer » Jul 3rd, '11, 23:47

Show returns and "The End Of Everything" is playing at ringside as NNTK walks down alone to massive boos from all around.

Kirby:"Here comes NNTK,,oh no,what is this about?"

Lebeau:"One can only wonder what that man's up to,chances are hes hatching a dark diabolical plan we might be about to see unfold!"

The crowd boos more as NNTK ducks in under the ropes, grabbing a microphone as he enters the ring.

NNTK stands out in the middle of the ring to more massive boos from the crowd.

NNTK:"I'm out in this ring right now for a reason,the first being that its my ring so Ill spend as much time in it as I like,the second being that Im down here to make a statement,and make an example out of someone."

Kirby:"Make an example of someone?! What?! Who? How? My god this sounds like it coud get really bad!"

Lebeau:"I hope its you!!"

The fans receive this with more boos,getting louder than before,,then beginning to chant,"You Suck!" over and over again at NNTK.

NNTK:"See,that's what Im talking about,its what Ive said so much lately,No respect..You people in the crowd are no different than any other superstar back there in the sense that you don't appreciate what Ive done for you. I come in here and for all of you people,give everything Ive got to make sure every one of you that's spent your money here goes home happy,completely satisfied..and this is how you treat me in return..blatant rudeness and just general bad attitude,no courtesy no graciousness.."

More boo massive boos from the crowd and the chants continue directed toward the ring.

NNTK:"That's fine,say what you want right now,I don't care,Because in just a few seconds..Im going to make an example out of one of YOU."

More boos now as they get considerably louder as the chants still continue.

NNTK now drops the microphone and leaves the ring,and then quickly jerks a male fan in the front row out of the crowd forwards over the guard rail to the loudest boos yet.

Kirby:Hey!!! Look at this!! He just put his hands on a fan damnit!!

NNTK blasts the shocked fan with a tremondous right in the face, sending him to the floor then as the fan gets up he comes in running with a Lifetaker kick in the face,quickly dropping the man to masssive boos.

Kirby:"This is ridiculous! Lifetaker kick on the fan!!"

NNTK grabs the fan up to his feet and throws him into the ring quickly under the ropes.

Kirby:And hes not done yet either!! Now hes got him in the ring!!! What now??!

Now NNTK ducks down below the apron,and reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a black steel chair to very heavy boos.

AJ:Oh my lord! Hes got a chair! And hes headed into the ring!

NNTK enters the ring now ,dropping the chair briefly as he grabs the fan,then picks it up again and places the fan's neck in the chair as he lays flat on the mat,NNTK standing over him at the head to extreme boos.

Kirby:"Oh my god!!! NO! no! Dont let him do it! Someone get out here and stop him now!!! Hes gonna seriously hurt that man bad if he stomps the chair with his neck in it!! Hell crush his throat!"

Lebeau:"See I told you,Here is his entire plan for being out here,take out a fan in a big way and teach all the crowd something!"

NNTK now backs up some,looking like hes ready to stomp the chair,when suddenly huge cheers are heard from the crowd,Next thing you know,,Tommy hawk is running down the ramp and slides in and dropkicks NNTK in the back,as he gets up and turns around Hawk flings him backwards with a jumping hurricanrana,Hawk then sprints off the ropes and nails a shooting star elbow to the heart of NNTK to more massive cheers from the fans,then a rolling thunder to the gut with a big impact as the crowd goes nuts.

Kirby:"Tommy Hawk!! Tommy Hawks here in the knick of time to make the save! Thank god because that was starting to get scary! Not to mention some major retribution there as well as he just took it to NNTK there!"

Lebeau:"Ah god damn! That was ridiculous!! I for one cant believe your so happy that He just ran down here out of nowheres and cheap shotted NNTK,then he furtherly assaulted him!! This cant go unpunished!! Please believe if Bastion doesnt handle this NNTK will himself eventually!!"

Hawk grabs a mic as he reenters the ring and then helps the fan up taking the chair off his neck,then checks him all over making sure hes alright,,then helps him out the ring back to his seat in the crowd to massive cheers,then he shakes the mans hand with a smile as he gets back into the ring,standing over NNTK with the mic.

Hawk:"Now that the fans ok and back in his seat,Boy did It feel good to just pay you back for all the times you cost me and jumped me in the ring lately,and not to mention after how you choked me out on Vortex as well. Still,thats not enough and its not good enough for me,,This Sunday,WWR Heresy,,Me and You,Tommy Hawk versus NNTK,one on one! Retribution will be mine! For me and The War Party!"

The fans cheer massively now louder than ever,as Hawk drops the mic and leaves NNTK behind leaving the ring as "Trail of Tears" blast over the speakers as he heads backwards up the ramp looking at NNTK with a smile,then suddenly flames shoot high from the turnbuckle with an explosion and the screen briefly turns red as NNTK sits right up in the ring shaking his head with a furious look on his face,looking up at Hawk on the stage,whose smile has now faded .

Kirby:"Oh boy! Problems between NNTK and Tommy Hawk may be settled at the coming PPV,"Heresy" as T lays down the gauntlet,challenging NNTK!! That should be a great contest! If NNTK accepts sometime tonight!"

Lebeau:"Hell accept don't kid yourself! Hes gonna have the match with T Hawk and really tear him in half this time,,there's not gonna be any Chris Everlast to tag out to like On Monday!"

The camera cuts back in forth between NNTK sitting in the ring to Hawk on stage a few times before cutting to commercial.
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by KILLdozer » Jul 6th, '11, 13:20

Camera returns from commercial with Kirby and Lebeau at the table .

Kirby:"Were back live here on Friday Night WWR Mayhem!! And weve got much more in store for you tonight,so sit back because right now as promised weve got Tommy Hawk in singles action!"

Lebeau:"That guy? Really? Right now? "

The crowd pops big as Tommy Hawk walks out on stage to Trail Of Tears.

Anderson:"From The Reservation,weighing in at 225 pounds,Tommy Hawk!!!"

Kirby:"Yep! This guy! Here he is ! Now lets get down to this match!"

Hawk walks down the ramp towards the ring slapping hands with fans and grinning the whole way down.

Lebeau:"Whats he grinnin' about? "

Kirby:"Hes got a right to be happy! A little while ago we saw him get a slight measure of revenge on NNTK !"

Hawk walks further down and gets into the ring and turns to the crowd receiving big cheers.

Anderson:"And his opponent in the ring,Judas Salem!!!"

The crowd boos and the bell rings starting the match.

Salem runs in and hits Hawk with a quick forearm in the face,,dropping him with the cheap shot.

Kirby:"Well that was dirty! Salem still hasnt changed evidently!"

The crowd boos more and Salem stomps Hawk in the mat,then pulls him up and goes for a sharp roundhouse kick in the face.

Lebeau:"Kick his ass Salem!"

Hawk catches the leg tho to cheers from the crowd and jumps into the air,spinning around nailing him with an enziguiri dropping him to the mat to even bigger cheers.

Hawk runs across the ring,jumping over Salem hitting the second rope and springboarding off,coming down with a Lionsault to cheers from the crowd.

Kirby:"What speed and agility from Hawk! Just like we saw him do with NNTK!"

Lebeau:"You keep talking about that like it was some major feat,Watch NNTK WILL get him back for that !"

Salem stands and Hawk twists him around slinging him to the mat with a hurricanrana to more cheers.

Hawk rolls across the ring with a somersault and comes up on top of Salem with a Rolling Thunder.

Then Hawk runs off the ropes and jumps up and flips in mid air landing on the chest of Salem with a shooting star elbow to major cheers from the crowd.

Kirby:"Oh man what a move!"

Hawk not lets Salem get to his feet,backing away,then when he gets up he drop him with a kick in the gut followed by the buzz saw kick to a major ovation from the crowd.

Kirby:"War Cry!"

Hawk now goes up top,and jumps off landing on Salem with the Scalped em shooting star leg drop to an extreme ovation ,bigger than the last.

Hawk goes into the cover now.

Kirby: "One! Two! Three! Hawk won in a fantastic showing!"

Lebeau:"Big deal!"

Kirby:"It is a big deal! You gotta believe NNTK is gonna take notice of this!"

The bell rings as the crowd pops big for Hawk.

Anderson:Your winner by Pinfall,Tommy Hawk!

Trail of tears begins to play again,and the ref raises Hawks arm in the middle of the ring to more cheers.

Suddenly,Earth child comes in from behind and low blows Tommy,dropping him to the mat to heavy boos from the crowd..

Kirby:"Hey! What the hell?!? Where did she come from?!? Last week she was a "Guest" and we saw what happened there and now this!?!"

Then suddenly NNTK comes in from behind as well,leveling Hawk with a chair as he was starting to get up to even louder boos.

Kirby:What?!? And Now NNTK with that damn chair again! God damnit!

NNTK drops the chair and comes around front on Hawk and grabs him by the neck,lifts him into the air and jumps,taking him down to the mat hard face first with The Endless Rage right down onto the chair to more boos.

Kirby:"Endless Rage on the chair now! Come on! This is ridiculous!"

Lebeau:"Thats one hell of a move,such strength and athleticism on display there!"

NNTK gets back up as EC smiles the usual huge almost sadistic grin at him,then he looks back at her a minute then leaves the ring.

NNTK goes and grabs another steel chair from under the apron now and reenters the ring again with it.

NNTK throws the chair onto the mat,then grabs Hawk and forces him onto it facedown..

NNTK goes and picks up the other chair now and stands over Hawk from the side,and then brings the chair down across the back of his head with a Con-Chair-To to huge boos.

Kirby:"He just sandwiched him between those two steel chairs! MAN what a hit!!!"

Lebeau:"Chris I TOLD you NNTK would show Hawk for the sneak attack earlier!! And this is what he gets!"

NNTK now stands over Hawk with EC alongside of him for a minute then drops the chair and goes out again and this time gets a microphone and goes back in standing over Hawk.

NNTK:"Hawk,Your on for Heresy! You want the match you got it,except were gonna do things my way,In a Hardcore Match! You're gonna step into my world!"

The fans boo louder as The End Of Everything begins to blare over the speakers and NNTK and EC leave the ring.

Kirby:"Woah! A hardcore match! Thats gonna crazy! Hersy is shaping up nicely already!"

Lebeau:"It sure is,Were gonna have a great show in four weeks time ,live on PPV!"

NNTK and EC go up the ramp to the back as the show cuts to commercial as The End Of Everything is still playing as the crowd continues to boo them all the way to the back.
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by Robert Randall » Jul 6th, '11, 13:52

suddenly Mayhem returns from commercial.

Chris Everlast is beating on a downed Robert Randall in the arena parking lot.

Kirby: "wow, this is crazy, Everlast is tearing Randall apart!"

LeBeau: "Where the hell are the Sons of Fortune and Origin?!"

Everlast rips off Randall's jersey and starts choking him with it

Kirby: "I've never seen Everlast like this"

LeBeau: "This guy is insane, he belongs in a mental hospital!"

Kirby: "I don't blame him after what Randall and company did to him on Vortex."

Everlast starts looking for some kind of weapon

LeBeau: "The Sons of Fortune and Origin NEED to get out there"

Everlast picks up a steel pipe and walks to Randall's legs.

Kirby: "He's gonna end this once and for all!"

As Everlast prepares to swing, Randall kicks him with a low blow.

LeBeau: "Thank G-D he avoided that!"

with Everlast down, Randall runs straight for his lime green Nissan Skyline and gets in. Everlast grabs Randall by the throat but Randall hits the gas and speeds off, leaving Everlast alone frustrated.

Everlast: "That's okay, I'll see you at Vortex you little b****, your a** is mine!"

Kirby: "Randall managed to get away tonight, but how long can he run?"

LeBeau: "How long can Randall run?! No, the correct question is, How long will Everlast survive tonight with Origin and the Sons of Fortune after him?!"
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by Chris Everlast » Jul 6th, '11, 19:29

Camera cuts to commercial then comes back to Kirby and Lebeau.

Kirby:"Time for more in ring action! Next is Everlast versus James North,one of the men who had a hand in his heinous assault last week and the one who leg dropped him across the throat as well!"

Lebeau:"Everlast is outmatched,North is a superb athlete and Everlast is gonna see that firsthand,Randall may have left but Everlast is nowheres near out of the woods just yet!"

Anderson:This match is set for onefall and introducing first,from Miami ,Florida,weighing in at 226 pounds,,CHRIS EVERLAST!

Its so easy(GNR) plays loudly as the guitar kicks in and the fans go nuts with cheers,Everlast walks out in a new black t-shirt with blue lightning bolt style letters that reads "Force Of Nature" across the front,"Bird flies,grass grows,sun shines, and I hurt people" on the back,and in the usual purple and gold attire,showing the fans respect,but with a stern look
on his face as well.

Kirby:It wasnt that long ago Everlast was THIS close to Randall,but he jumped in the car and took off!

Lebeau:"Too bad cuz thats as close as hes gonna get to him !"

Everlast continues towards the ring, takes off the shirt to reveal his shoulder and waist area bandaged from the glass from Monday ,as the fans continue to cheer him loudly.

Leabeau:"Look at his shoulder! Look at his waist! HAHAHA He shouldnt be out here tonight hes lucky They all let him slide like they did and live to fight another day!"

Kirby:"Thats not funny! They demolished him he couldve been seriously injured!"

Everlast gets in the ring awaiting North as the cheers die down.

Now,Undead plays loudly and North walks out, as the crowd boos massively.

Anderson:"And his opponent,Representing The Sons of Fortune,From Lafayette,Indiana,weighing in at 236 pounds,James North!"

North is dressed in long black tights,With "Sof" in gold going down one side and "NORTH" in gold going down the other, gold knee pads over them,with black boots,and white wrist tape with black elbow pads.

As he walks down the ramp,North points at Everlast and shouts at Everlast:"Im gonna finish what we started!" too more boos from the crowd.

Kirby:"Everlast may have other plans North!"

Lebeau:"Thats fine but they just might go awry you watch!"

He continues down the ramp to more boos and then gets in the ring as the bell rings.

Everlast runs in at North,immediately jumping right on top of him with a running crossbody for a cover.

Kirby:"Everlast right to it! Cover! Not quite even one there!"

North gets up and Everlast quickly takes him back down with an arm trap neckbreaker,going for the pin again right after.

Kirby:'Another cover!North just getting the shoulder up before one! Everlast is waisting no time though!"

North gets up,Everlast trys to go for a suplex,but before Everlast can take him over North pokes Everlast in the eyes to boos from the crowd.

The ref gets onto North for the dirty tactics,North spins around dropping Everlast with a roundhouse kick,then lets him back and runs in spinning through the air with a wheel kick putting him back down.

The fans boo more as North stands over Everlast and disrespectfully pushes his head with his boot,then goes down into the cover.

Lebeau:"Cover by North! One! Everlast kicks out!"

North jumps up as Everlast gets up and spins in the air again,this time taking him down with a rolling savate.

North goes to lift Everlast up,he gets him on his feet and goes a for Northen Lights Suplex,but before he can get it hooked properly Everlast kicks him in the gut,breaking it up.

Everlast then jumps in the air out of nowheres and puts North on the mat with the picture perfect dropkick to huge cheers from the crowd.

Kirby:"What a dropkick! Amazing!"

Lebeau:"Big deal,everyone on this roster almost can do one including James North!"

Everlast scoops him up with a german suplex,sending him over and going into the bridge pin as well.

Kirby:"Cover!One! Kickout from North just after one!"

Everlast grabs him and pulls him to his knees,and slaps him in the face to cheers from the crowd.

Kirby:"Take that North!"

Lebeau:"Take that my a**,What kind of man slaps another?!"

Everlast then whips North off the ropes,goes for another dropkick,North ducks down and comes back off the ropes and when Everlast gets up and turns around North jumps and wraps the legs around his neck,twisting and twirling him all around before finally slinging him to the mat.

North goes to the top rope,comes flying off and lands on Everlast with an elbow drop right in the chest to boos from the crowd.

North then hooks the leg going into the cover.

Kirby:"One! Kickout at one and a half from Everlast!"

North gets back up and goes across the ring and steps onto the apron ,then Everlas is on his feet and North springboards off and lands on his shoulders ,then twists down into a hurricanrana,rolling Everlast for the pin too.

Lebeau:"Cover! One! Kickout at one and a half! Come on North!"

North lets Everlast up,then hooks the arm around the neck,then grabs both arms locked near the lower back,and slams him over backwards with the Northen lights suplex,nailing it this time.

North goes into the pin holding on as well.

Kirby:"One! T- Kickout from Everlast! "

Lebeau:"Come on North,Kick him in the face,slam him down,jump down on top of him,tear him apart!"

North lets him up,kicks him in the gut,then grabs him around the neck with the arm wrapped,then grabs him under the leg as well,and spins around,planting him a fisherman's clutch neckbreaker to gasps from the crowd.

Lebeau:"Big move from North! Cover him put it away!"

North goes into the cover now.

Kirby:"One!T-Kickout from Everlast!"

North pulls Everlast up,then chops him across the chest,kicks him in the gut,then begins hammering away with shot after shot as the fans boo.

Lebeau:"Oh yea tear him up!"

Kirby:"Oh man that kick in the gut was right into the injured ribs of Everlast!"

North eventually drops him with the punches,then pulls him back up and twists an arm around,exposing the ribs as he kicks him in the gut again to boos from the crowd.

Everlast drops to the mat holding his ribs and gut to more boos as James North stands over him

Kirby:"Again right back the injured ribs! Damnit show some honour North!"

Lebeau:"See you're so worried about being nice and good to everybody in the ring you fail to realize that its smarts to go after your opponent's injuries!"

North picks up Everlast,pulling him to his feet,when suddenly Everlast grabs North in a suplex,taking him over down to the mat to cheers from the fans.

Kirby:"Everlast showing some fight left come on Chris!"

Lebeau:"Whatever he's not going anywheres here!"

Everlast ducks behind North and he sends him back with a back drop suplex to more cheers from the crowd.

Everlast lets him stand again and then takes him down with another german suplex,then another,then one more all in a row,keeping the arms locked, as the fans get louder and louder.

Everlast gets up and turns to the crowd shouting to more cheers still,then North gets up and Everlast spikes him down flat on top of his head with a ddt as the fans continue to cheer wildly.

Everlast measures North as hes stirring,then grabs him in a front face lock then runs to the corner and spins through the air drilling him with a tornado ddt to big pops.

Kirby:"Everlast still rolling,Hes on fire here!"

Everlast goes out and stands on the apron,clapping his hands getting the fans joining in as he waits for North to stand,then pops him in the face with a springboard dropkick to the crowd's delight .

Everlast runs and jumps with both feet onto the chest of North,coming down with the double foot stamp to big cheers.

Everlast backs up as North starts to stand to his feet slowly and the crowd cheers,as they know whats coming.

Kirby:"North is down and Everlast waiting,may be going for My World here to put it away,come on Everlast!"

North stands up on his feet,but before Everlast can lift him onto the shoulders,,he jumps and dropkicks Marcus Jones in the face ,who just springboarded off the ropes toward Everlast and the crowd lets out massive cheers.

Kirby:Hey! Marcus Jones! Where'd he come from?!? Everlast avoiding the attempted attack though!"

Lebeau:"Shake it off Marc! Get up and take it back to him !"

Everlast turns around to Evan Jones now flying off the turnbuckle at him,and Everlast sends him down to the mat with the Everlasting Impression,hitting the cutter in mid air to even bigger cheers.

Kirby:"And theres Evan Jones too ! Whats going on out here?!? Everlast handling both Jones' attempts at interference though! Stay focused and finish the match !"

Lebeau:"Get up Evan,Put Everlast on the mat!"

Everlast turns back around to James North now,when hes struck out of nowheres in the face with a chair by NNTK as the fans boo massively.

Everlast gets laid out from the chair shot as the bell rings now.

Kirby:Hey! Theres NNTK again with that steel chair! Damnit and he just cracked Everlast over the head! Where did he even come from?!? Where did they all come from!??

James North is up and standing again by now and hes telling Evan and Marcus Jones to come on and get up,soon they get up shaking off the effects of the dropkick and cutter and the three of them surround Everlast.

NNTK instructs Marcus and Evan to get him up and hold him,they grab him under the arms and NNTK swings the chair,smashing him in the face again as they let him fall to more boos from the crowd.

Kirby:"And again! Another chairshot from NNTK! Son a bitch what is the point of this?!? "

Lebeau:"What was the point of Everlast attacking Randall like that earlier then!?!?"

The four of them begin to attack Everlast at once,all stomping him on the mat to boos from the crowd.

Then more boos ring out loudly as Vade Kruger and Shane Lynas begin walking down the ramp,clapping their hands and nodding with approval as they get closer to the ring.

Kirby:"Oh no and heres the rest of Origin! Theyre coming to join NNTK and The Sons!"

Lebeau:"Alright things just got even better!"

Kruger and Lynas step in the ring,coming under the second rope and join in with the rest of them with the stomps,,now all five men are stomping and kicking away at Everlast to loud boos.

The stomps subside,Kruger pulls him up,then cracks him in the face with the WWR World Title belt to more boos.

Kirby:"Now a belt shot from Kruger! After two chair shots in the face from NNTK! There gonna break his neck or give him a concussion or somethin!"

NNTK now lifts Everlast up on his shoulders in the Electric Chair,then Lynas comes off the tope taking him off NNTK's shoulders sending him back to the mat with a clothesline to even more boos still.

Kirby:"OH! Reminiscent of The Road Warriors there! We saw that on Tommy Hawk Monday!"

As Everlast is laid in the middle of the ring,the Jones get him up and send him crashing back down again with the Flapjack DDT combination to more boos.

James North waits,measuring Everlast as he slowly pushes off the mat,getting up,when NNTK hands him the steel chair and tells him to "Hang on" as the fans continue to boo.

Kirby:"Hang on."? For what? Whats coming here? I dont like the looks of this!"

Lebeau:"I do,this is awesome,whats next?!"

NNTK grabs Everlast and throws him through the ropes ,slinging him out to ringside by the back of the neck,NNTK lets Everlast get up and takes him off his feet with the Lifetaker kick to more boos,Then picks him up and lays him across the announce table face down,then motions to North,then to the top rope,then to Everlast on the table,then mouths "Headhunter." And North starts to get a sadistic grin on his face.:

North now takes the chair,and climbs to the top rope,and he jumps off with the chair under him,and crashes into Everlast on the announce table,hitting him with the chair in the back of the head with the Leg drop,sending the whole table to the floor to boos from the crowd.

Kirby:"Good Lord! Headhunter Guillotine Legdrop through the announce table! My god the table is broken here in front of us!"

Lebeau:"Amazing! What a feat by James North ! How'd that feel Everlast?!?"

North gets up after a minute,brushing off the damage from going through the table with Everlast,and NNTK And North rejoin Kruger and Lynas and Evan and Marcus in the ring and they stand a minute looking out at the crowd who boos extremely loudly.

Anderson:Here is your winner by DQ,Chris Everlast!

The fans let out a mixed reaction as Its So easy plays,cheering some because technically Everlast won,they boo as well at what just happened.

Lebeau:"Another massive statement made by Origin and The Sons of Fortune! Incredible ,Once again theyve put everyone on notice here tonight!"

Kirby:"bulls**t!Incredible my a**,Everlast just gang attacked by five men at once!! What a crock!"

The Sons and Origin leave the ring as the crowd boos them all the way to the back,and Everlast is slowly crawling out of the reckage of the table as the show cuts to commercial.

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by Sassafras » Jul 7th, '11, 12:10

*show returns from commercial and cuts to the hallway near the outside of Tony Bastion's office, where Mike Roach and the members of Tokyo Drift are having a conversation in Japanese; the crowd cheers; Bastion sticks his head out of his office door*

Bastion: "Roach, you speak Japanese?!"

Roach: "Hai."

Bastion: "Well, it's a good thing I recognized your voice. Turn off the subtitles and switch back to English. I need to speak to you for a minute."

*Roach bows to Tokyo Drift and steps into Bastion's office as Tony sits down at his desk; Mike Roach stands in front of him, like a soldier waiting for orders*

Bastion: "You look a little too formal. At ease, Sassy Man. I'm not like your last boss."

Roach, grinning: "That's true."

Bastion: "However, we need to talk business. The reason I called you in here is to reiterate to you, what you're already very aware of: the importance of your match tonight. Your brawl with NNTK last week really showed some truth to all your words since your return, proving that you can go toe-to-toe with a member of the Origin. Just when I thought I couldn't have any more faith in you, you proved me wrong and THAT is why I made the match for tonight."

Roach: "Thanks, boss man."

Bastion: "No. Thank YOU. Tonight is Phase One of Operation: New Blood. Go out there and make sure NNTK REALLY needs his buddies' help...walking backstage after you're done with him."

Roach: "Yes, sir."

*Roach and Bastion shake hands, and Roach leaves the office, to cheers from the live audience*

Bastion: "If he can do this, that kid just might be the future."

*camera cuts to...*

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

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*show cuts back from commercial to Kirby and Lebeau at ringside*

Kirby: "Well, here we go! Soon, we're gonna have our Main Event: NNTK versus Sassafras. The time has come for Roach to see if he's got what it takes to overcome his former boss and leader. I've got a feeling NNTK isn't going to go easy on him for old time's sake!"
Lebeau: "This match is going to bring down the house, these two monstrous men are going to tear the ring apart out there!"

*the camera then cuts to the hall near Tony Bastion's office, where NNTK is there with him standing in front of the desk, which Bastions sits behind, leaning forward; Bastion sits with a mock friendly smile on his face; NNTK stands stoically*

Bastion: "Are you ready for this? Just about time for Mike Roach to teach you a lesson, isn't it? You've slandered him and a lot of other guys around here - not to mention assaulted, as well. I've got a feeling you're gonna get just what you deserve tonight, my friend."

*the crowd lets out heavy cheers for Bastion*

NNTK: "Teach me a lesson? Him? Teach me? No, I'm gonna teach him quite the hard, brutal lesson is more like it, just like I've taught him so many lessons about everything he knows in his short time here. I'm also going to teach you a lesson about trying to make things tough for me. You think Roach will give me a challenge? You think he's going to punish me? Not in the least, so what happens to that young man is in your hands. I'm gonna come out on top, just like I always do, hand raised, out in the middle of that ring..."

*the crowd boos loudly as NNTK and Bastion stare at each other as NNTK turns and leaves the room to more boos; Bastion gets up and speaks to NNTK as he goes down the hall*

Bastion: "Hey, we're not done here! We're gonna talk soon about what you did to Everlast at the end of Vortex!"

*NNTK turns back to him to respond*

NNTK: "That's right, we're not done. I'll be seeing you again quite soon..."

*the fans boo more as Bastion shakes his head and goes back into the office, shutting the door behind him; NNTK walks on further backstage and is soon met by Kruger and Lynas, along with Leah Luxon and The Sons of Fortune; the crowd receives them all with more boos*

Kirby: "What was that all about?! Quite the interesting discussion there between WWR Owner Tony Bastion and Origin member NNTK. I, for one, hope Bastion is right, come the end of the match! Comeuppance is upon us in the form of a gigantic teenager, NNTK!"
Lebeau: "Yeah, a bit of a disagreement. I agree with NNTK, though. I gotta say, it seems to me that Bastion's just stirring the damn pot and being biased! Up next, when we return, we're gonna have NNTK taking on Roach, right here on WWR Mayhem!"

*NNTK walks with a determined, angry look in his eyes as the Origin part ways with the SOF and head towards the ring; NNTK takes off his black and lime green Origin shirt as the show cuts to commercial*

#commercial break#

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 2

Post by Sassafras » Jul 7th, '11, 12:38

*the show returns and the camera is on Dennis Andersson, in the middle of the ring*

Kirby: "Here we go! Won't be much longer now until this showdown."

Andersson: "The following contest is our Mayhem MAIN EVENT CONTEST! It is scheduled for one fall and has a sixty-minute time limit!"

*blue strobelights engulf the arena as the opening riff to "Words of War" by Raid blares over the loudspeakers*

Andersson: "Introducing first...from Memphis, Tennessee and weighing in at 400 pounds...Mike "Sassafras" Roach!!!"

*the crowd pops HUGE as the song kicks into the first verse and Roach appears on the stage, holding his trademark towel, singing along with his entrance theme, and begins to walk down the ramp; he then he steps up into the ring and stands in the middle, waiting*

Kirby: "The audience here seems to be very much behind Mike Roach. Since his return from his second home of Japan, he's taken it upon himself to completely rid the WWR of the tyrants that we call the Origin. Not to mention, he's pretty intent on becoming the youngest WWR World Heavyweight Champion in company history, while he's at it. And the crowd can't get enough of this guy."

*suddenly, all the lights kick off in the arena, and "The End of Everything" by Stereomud begins playing loudly over the speakers; the lights come back, flashing bright red as flames shoot from the turnbuckles and a bright red piercing light fills the arena; NNTK walks out to heavy boos with Shane Lynas And Vade Kruger accompanying him*

Andersson: "And his opponent...from The Netherworld and weighing in at 285 pounds...accompanied by fellow Origin members Shane Lynas and The WWR World Champion Vade Kruger...NNTK!!"

*NNTK looks down at Roach the entire way to the ring; Roach stares back as the fans boo NNTK the whole way down the ramp*

Lebeau: "The staredown between former leader and soldier! NNTK is the man who brought Roach into this company, Kirby!"
Kirby: "This is certainly quite chilling. Sometimes in this line of work, you know you're a part of history as it's happening, and that's exactly what's occurring right now! We are in for a war!"

*NNTK gets up to the edge of the ring and Roach goes to step out through the ropes after him; the ref stops him midway through and NNTK backs up a minute, yelling at the ref "Get him back! Get him back, now!"*

Kirby: "Roach, wasting no time in the pursuit!"

*the ref continues to tell Roach to let NNTK into the ring; NNTK uses the distraction to quickly jump forward and hit Roach in the side of the head with a big right hand, staggering him, to loud boos from the fans*

Kirby:"Awh, come on! That was just dirty!!"
Lebeau: "NNTK's a smart man, he lured Roach right in there!"

*NNTK stands outside a minute and the ref yells at him, "Get in the ring! Come on, let's start the match!"; NNTK now slides in under the bottom rope and the bell rings. NNTK then clotheslines Roach, goes over to the downed Roach's face and jumps into the air and comes down with a rough knee drop to the face; the fans boo more now as NNTK grabs Roach by the arm, pulling him up, then yanks him in short-arm style and takes him back down with a stiff lariat*

Kirby: "NNTK, taking big Sass off his feet, dropping him with that Lariat.*
Lebeau: "Come on, take it to him, NNTK!"

*NNTK goes into the cover and hooks the leg of Roach*

Lebeau: "Cover from NNTK!"


Lebeau: "One!"

*Roach kicks out*

Lebeau: "Kickout at just after one from Roach!"
Kirby: "You like NNTK, don't you, Rob?"
Lebeau: "You're damn right! He's one hell of a competitor!"

*NNTK jumps, hitting another vicious knee drop in the face of Roach, then Roach starts to sit up and NNTK runs and puts him back down with a hard dropkick to the face; more boos from the crowd; NNTK looks down over Roach and shouts at him as he slaps him in the face, "Tonight, you learn why I was the Leader!" NNTK then begins to choke him on the mat with a hand around the throat*

Kirby: "How disrespectful!"
Lebeau: "Nothing but a display of dominance! It's not NNTK's fault that Roach had no idea what he was getting into!"

*the fans boo more as the ref tells NNTK to get off the choke; after a few moments, NNTK releases the grip on Roach's neck, walks around to his gut, and jumps into the air and comes down on Roach with a splash, going right into the cover*

Kirby: "Cover!"


Kirby: "One!"

*Roach kicks out*

Lirby: "Again, Roach kicks out shortly after one!"

*NNTK backs up away from Roach as he gets up onto his feet and NNTK is immediately on him, with an enziguri to the head, knocking him back down*

Kirby: "NNTK, all over Roach here, so far!"
Lebeau: "So far, it appears that NNTK was correct in his conversation with Bastion earlier!"

*NNTK runs across the ring at Roach as he's getting up, but Roach counters with a belly-to-belly suplex; cheers from the crowd*

Kirby: "Beautiful counter by Roach!!! Keep going, Sassafras!"

*Roach covers NNTK*


*NNTK kicks out*

Kirby: "NNTK kicks out just after the count of one!"

*Roach jumps up and leg drops NNTK in the face, then goes for another cover*

Lebeau: "Cover again by Roach!"


Lebeau: "One!"

*NNTK kicks out; the crowd boos*

Lebeau: "NNTK, kicking right out again!"

*Roach lets NNTK stand and then lifts him up on his shoulders, going for a Samoan drop; NNTK drops down, landing behind Roach; NNTK hits Roach in the back of the head with repeated forearm shots, then turns him around and grabs him by the neck*

Kirby: "NNTK reversed that and it looks like he's got something big in mind!"

*NNTK grabs Roach up, lifting him over his head with a gorilla press*

Kirby: "Look at that! NNTK's got Roach over his head!! That's a four hundred pound man!!!"

*NNTK walks to the middle of the ring, holding Roach up, and slams him down across his knee with a gutbuster*

Lebeau: "Kirby, you saw it here! NNTK is THE strongest man in this company!"

*NNTK goes into the cover, pushing his elbow into the jaw of Roach*

Kirby: "And he's got him covered!"


*Roach kicks out*

Kirby: "Kickout from Roach at just about one and a half!"

*NNTK backs off, and as Roach starts to stand, NNTK runs in and kicks him in the gut from the side, then drops several elbows, then starts stomping him on the mat repeatedly; NNTK turns him over and nails him with a jumping fist drop in the face*

Kirby: "Rapid offense from NNTK, and into the cover!*

*NNTK goes for the pin*


Kirby: "Kickout at one and a three quarters from Roach! And NNTK's quickly turned this back around in his favor! He's been almost dominating Sassafras in this match!"
Lebeau: "It's going to keep happening, too! NNTK is the superior wrestler here!"
Kirby: "I quite disagree!"

*NNTK lifts Roach up to his feet and runs in, Roach counters with a quick side headlock takedown, to big cheers from the fans*

Kirby: "Roach starting to turn it around again! Don't stop big man!!!"

*Roach uses all his weight to disorient NNTK with the side headlock on the ground*

Kirby: "We're seeing some nice technical offense here! Roach, making NNTK carry all that weight with his head and neck. That will just drain the energy out of ANYONE, no matter how tough, after some time."
Lebeau: "Yeah, yeah. He's impressive. But he's no NNTK."

*Roach slowly stands, still holding the headlock; he spins around to a standing front facelock and begins to knee NNTK in the ribs, never relinquishing the submission hold*

Kirby: "Sass is using his Krav Maga knowledge to his advantage, and is slowly weakening the Origin's NNTK."
Lebeau: "It's gonna take a lot more than a textbook facelock to finish NNTK."
Kirby: "He's not going for the finish, Rob. He's going for strategic advantage. It's wrestling genius!"

*After a few more knees during the facelock, NNTK drops to one knee; Roach drops with him; NNTK is slowly grounded on the mat*

Kirby: "And this is where it gets bad for the veteran. 400 pounds on top of you, on the mat, your chances of getting up become slimmer and slimmer by the second!"

*after holding the facelock for almost a full minute, Roach stands with NNTK, never letting go of the facelock*

Lebeau: "Roach is taking a chance by getting back up with NNTK, where the odds of a reversal are much greater."

*Roach slings NNTK over with a vertical suplex, then goes for the cover*

Lebeau: "Cover from Roach after the suplex!"

*NNTK kicks out*

Lebeau: "And a kickout from NNTK, shortly after the count of two!"

*as NNTK slowly gets up again, Roach kicks him in the gut and hooks the front facelock again, and shouts "This one's for Jesse!"; Roach then falls back to the mat, leveling NNTK with a DDT; the fans cheer big as Roach goes into the cover again*

Kirby: "A tribute to his former partner and Prophecy/BPA stable-mate, and current friend, Jesse Phillips!"


*NNTK gets a shoulder up*

Kirby: "Another two-count!"

*Roach reaches down to grab NNTK, but NNTK reverses by grabbing Roach and slinging him face first into the bottom turnbuckle to boos from the crowd*

Lebeau: "The tide may have just turned again!"

*NNTK gets up and stands back over Roach, who's now seated in the corner; NNTK shakes his head at Roach; NNTK backs up across the ring, lining up sideways from Roach, then runs full-speed across the ring, slamming into Roach with a forceful dropkick to the side of the head; the crowd boos as Vade taunts the fans at ringside now, then he looks over to Roach and makes a 'cut-throat' sign to more boos*

Kirby: "And the champ seems to be enjoying this..."

*NNTK is down on one knee in front of Roach, several feet away and to the side, then stands and runs across the ring again, nailing another dropkick to the head; even louder boos from the crowd*

Kirby:"OH! Another hard dropkick from NNTK on Roach!"
Lebeau: "The leader is kicking the students a**!!!"

*NNTK pulls Roach out into the middle of the ring and covers him*


Kirby: "Roach, just getting the shoulder up at two! You gotta hand it to Sassafras, that was some resolve, kicking out of those two dropkicks in a row from NNTK!"

*Roach staggers up and NNTK is already bouncing off the ropes, blasting him with an elbow to the head; NNTK again covers Roach, hooking the leg*


Lebeau: "One!"


Lebeau: "Two!"

*Roach forces a shoulder up*

Lebeau: "Son of a bitch! Roach kicks out at two again!"
KIrby: "Again, Roach being able to tough it out and kick out from that running elbow! Roach is giving as good as he's getting when he can get some offense in!"

*NNTK grabs Roach up, then lifts him to his knees and nails him with a right hook, but to cheers from the crowd, Roach slugs NNTK back; NNTK blasts Roach with another heavy shot, then Roach still returns with a blow of his own, to the crowd's major approval*

Kirby: "Roach is fighting back!!!"

*NNTK continues to pound Roach with shot after shot, and Roach returns fire every time, then keeps hitting and hitting NNTK until he can finally get to his feet, to a huge pop from the crowd*

Kirby: "Yeah, there we go! Roach, managing to get back up! Come on, now! Sassafras, go!"

*Sassafras continues swinging away on NNTK, the fans cheering the whole time as he throws repeated chops and closed-fist strikes*

Lebeau: "Come on, Roach! Quit cheating! Open the fists!"
Kirby: "Cheating? He's taking it right to NNTK, is what he's doing!"

*Roach quickly kicks NNTK in the gut, continuing the offense, then cracks NNTK with a heavy chop across the chest, to big cheers from the crowd; NNTK stumbles back some, clutching his chest, then Roach runs in with a heavy left hand, dropping NNTK, to near-ecstatic delight from the crowd*

Kirby: "How's that one feel, NNTK?! Roach, with a big left punch on NNTK, and he's really got this turned around!"

*Roach doubles NNTK over, then grabs him around the gut and jumps, spiking him on his head with a piledriver*

Kirby: "Piledriver from Roach! He's trying to break his damn neck!"

*Roach attempts a cover*

Kirby: "Cover!"


Kirby: "One!"


Kirby: "Two!"

*NNTK throws a shoulder off the mat*

Kirby: "And a near-fall! Roach almost had it!"

*NNTK gets up, turning around, and Roach plants him down into the canvas with a quick, heavy Samoan drop; the crowd begins a chant of "THIS IS WRESTLING!" (clap, clap, clapclapclap)*

Kirby: "Roach is still rollin'! And it looks like he's got something big planned here! You're damn right this is wrestling!"

*NNTK rises up; Roach waits and when NNTK stands, Roach goes for a big kick in the gut, but its blocked as NNTK catches his leg, shaking his head at Roach from behind his mask; NNTK still holds the leg, then drops Roach hard with a swinging lariat, to boos from the crowd*

Kirby: "NNTK turned it around quickly!"

*NNTK now turns Roach over, flipping him over onto his stomach, applying an ankle lock; Roach screams out in pain as NNTK twists and wrenches back on the ankle; NNTK then pulls Roach out into the middle of the ring*

Kirby: "Dead in the center. This isn't good..."

*the crowd begins to will Roach, trying to pump him up as NNTK is steadily pulling and cranking on the leg in the dead center of the ring*

Lebeau: "Shut up, you stupid people! This is the same guy that you were booing just two months ago, and now you're rooting for him to beat a legend?! How fickle can you be?!"
Kirby: "He's gotta get to the ropes, NNTK has that forceful ankle lock on, he'll snap his damn ankle and take him out if he gets the chance! And you know Origin would just love that..."
Lebeau: "I hope he does!"
Kirby: "And shut up, Rob! Everything these fans were booing Roach for were all the orders of NNTK!"

*Roach struggles as NNTK has a deathgrip around the ankle, crowd cheering and cheering Roach on as he continues to shout with pain; Roach begins to shake all over, forcefully trying to make himself get to the ropes, but NNTK is pulling back hard and isn't budging from the middle of the ring; The crowd begins to yell "Sass-a-fras! Sass-a-fras!", and Roach finally makes it to the ropes, clinging onto them as the crowd goes crazy*

Kirby: "Rope break! Rope break!"

*the ref tells NNTK to break the hold, but NNTK refuses and instead keeps on the hold, locking it in tighter, then drops to the mat and grapevines the leg; the crowd reigns with heavy boos for NNTK as the ref begins the count*





Kirby: "That sick bastard..."

*NNTK finally breaks up the hold, releasing the ankle and getting up and backing away from Roach; NNTK backs up further, and then steps backwards in the corner and climbs to the middle rope, then jumps off and stomps the same leg he had the ankle lock on*

Kirby: "NNTK going back to that leg, this is really starting to get good! The balance of power has shifted so many times in this one!"

*NNTK lets Roach stand up and runs in from behind and kicks out the same leg, dropping Roach off his feet; the crowd boos as NNTK stands over Roach, turns him over and grabs the legs, and applies a Sharpshooter on Roach, arching his back as he pulls back*

Kirby: "Uh-oh, here we go again. NNTK really trying to void the vertical base of the largest competitor in WWR."

*NNTK stands up some as Roach reaches out for the ropes, and is denied as NNTK pulls him out to the center of the ring*

Lebeau: "Center of the ring and nowhere to go! Tap out, Roach!!!"

*NNTK pulls back on the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring, Roach yells out, refusing to quit as the ref asks him; Roach begins shaking his head as the crowd cheers for him loudly; Roach begins to feed off the momentum from the crowd, and gets about a fingertip's length away from the ropes when NNTK stops him dead, stands up some and pulls Roach all the way across the ring to the opposite side, to major boos from the crowd*

Kirby: "Oh my god! He just literally jerked him all the way across the ring! NNTK has really been matching, maybe even exceeding Roach's infamous power game in this one!"
Lebeau: "Roach better give up, if he values the advancement of his career!"

*NNTK cranks all the way back on the hold, bending his back, leaning way back as he torques the leg, ankle, and foot of Roach; the arena is going nuts for Roach; Roach cries out in immense pain, then somehow drags all the way across the ring to the ropes; the fans pop louder than ever*

Kirby: "He got the ropes! But NNTK's not gonna break again though, damnit!*

*NNTK continues holding on, leaning all the way back as he pulls and pulls back with the Sharpshooter; the crowd boos extremely loud as the ref starts the count*


Kirby: "That lowlife bastard milked that count for everything he could get out of it!"

*NNTK holds it until the count of four and finally lets go; the ref tells him,"I'm not gonna tell you again about breaking it up in the ropes!"; as the ref shouts at NNTK, Vade takes advantage of the distraction and reaches over the bottom rope to slap Roach in the face; Vade backs away with a sadistic laugh as the crowd explodes into boos; Vade shouts at Sassafras, "Never! Never will you beat me!!! You're not even gonna make it out of here tonight!!!"

Kirby: "That was a damn cheap shot! Come on! Kruger hit him in the face!!! Disqualify NNTK right now, damnit!"
Lebeau: "Ref never saw it, so it doesn't matter! Too bad, Mike Roach!"

*NNTK pulls Roach away from the ropes some, then steps up off the second rope and jumps down with a stomp in the back of Roach's neck; NNTK covers Roach, now hooking the worked-over leg*


*Roach forcefully kicks out*

Kirby: "Kickout at almost two and a half that time! Roach better watch it!"

*NNTK stands over Roach, and shouts at him, "It won't be long now!", then suddenly the fans boo as Lynas gets up on the apron; the ref cuts him off immediately; while the referee has his back turned, NNTK grabs Roach, quickly pulling him to his feet in a collar and elbow tie up, then knocks him off his feet with a stiff, quick low blow kick as Roach winces with pain; the crowd erupts with deafening boos*

Kirby: "Low blow! Come on, damnit! Pay attention, ref!"
Lebeau: "Again...ref never saw it, it doesn't matter!"

*NNTK covers Roach as Lynas jumps down off the apron with a proud grin on his face*

Kirby: "Ah, man...that below-the-belt shot might've done it!"


*Roach kicks out again*

Kirby: "Kickout from two and a half again! How did he do that?!? NNTK cant believe it!"

*NNTK, and Kruger and Lynas at ringside, are livid as the fans go nuts for Sassafras; NNTK shakes his head, then as Roach slowly gets up, NNTK grabs him around the neck with both hands quickly*

Kirby: "What's he gonna do here?! Don't tell me he's gonna try some sort of chokeslam on the massive Roach!"

*NNTK then snatches Roach off the ground, quickly lifting him up way over his head; holding him above the mat by the throat with both hands, NNTK sits down on the mat, slamming Roach down flat on his head and back with the chokebomb*

Lebeau: "He did too! How do you like that, Kirby?! Still think THAT is not THE strongest man in WWR!?"

*NNTK keeps his hands around Roach's neck as he goes into the cover*


Lebeau: "One!"


Lebeau: "Two!"

*Roach elbows NNTK in the face and gets a shoulder off the mat*

Kirby: "AGAIN, Mike Roach kicks out of an absolutely devastating move from NNTK! Roach will not die!!!"

*the crowd goes crazy again for Roach as Kruger and Lynas again can't believe the kickout; NNTK is kneeling over Roach in the ring*

Lebeau: "He better stay down or he may just end up getting killed in that ring!"

*NNTK backs away from Roach and runs in, but out of nowhere Roach jumps to his feet (momentarily limping on the worked-over leg) and takes NNTK down with a big snapmare, to major cheers from the crowd; Roach kicks NNTK in the back, then drops to one knee behind NNTK and applies an Asian shoulder claw*

Kirby: "And Roach, with a nerve hold that is sure to cause searing, white-hot pain!"

*Roach continues to cinch his fingers deep into the side of NNTK's neck, and his right shoulder*

Lebeau: "Break that up, ref! Break it up before Roach causes permanent damage to NNTK's arm and shoulder!"
Kirby: "Roach's huge hands could most definitely cause irreparable damage, that's for sure."

*Vade and Lynas appear very nervous, as NNTK begins to fade; the ref lifts NNTK's arm and it drops*


*the referee again lifts NNTK's arm, and it again drops*


*as the referee lifts NNTK's arm for the third and final time, Vade Kruger jumps onto the ring apron; with the ref's back turned, NNTK's arm falls for a third time; the crowd boos as loudly as they can*

Kirby: "Vade just screwed Roach out of a win! Are you serious?!"
Lebeau: "The champ clearly had something very important to tell the ref..."

*Roach walks over to the apron and Vade drops back to the arena floor; Roach talks trash to Kruger and Lynas, then turns back around to see NNTK getting to his feet; Roach drops NNTK to the mat with a strong AA spinebuster, just as he gets up; Roach attempts another pin*

Kirby: "Cover from Roach!"


Kirby: "One!"


Kirby: "Two!"


*NNTK pushes Roach off*

Kirby: "Another near-fall! The hatred between these two has produced one of the greatest matches in WWR history, and it still isn't over!"

*Roach goes to the top rope*

Kirby: "We see the behemoth going up top, taking a major risk. He better hope it pays off."
Lebeau: "I just hope he falls off and knocks himself out."

*Roach comes off the top rope with a massive leg drop across NNTK's chest as the fans ignite with cheers; Roach covers NNTK*

Kirby: "Another cover!"

*the crowd counts along with the ref*


*NNTK gets out of the pin once again; the crowd jeers it's disapproval*


*Roach waits for NNTK to begin to stand, runs across the ring, and hits a swinging neckbreaker and falls back into the cover*

Kirby: "Here we go again!"

*the crowd again counts with the referee*


*NNTK somewhat more easily kicks out; the crowd's jeers are even louder*

Kirby: "Kickout around two and a half there!"

*the fans cheer as Roach backs up as NNTK starts to get up*

Kirby: "Roach has gotten his breath back, a second wind, he's turned things around again and it looks like he's going for something major!"

*Roach runs in with a full head of steam as NNTK rises up, but he's caught dead in his tracks as NNTK suddenly slaps a hand around his throat, standing straight up now as the crowd gasps*

Lebeau: "HAHA! You can't keep him down, Kirby! Look at that!"

*NNTK lifts Roach right off the ground, using only one arm the whole time, and plants him with a thunderous one-armed chokeslam, right in the middle of the ring*

Kirby: "He just chokeslammed him with one hand like it was nothing! Thats four hundred pounds and he made it look easy!!!"

*NNTK with the cover across Roach*

Kirby: "Middle of the ring!"


Lebeau: "One!"


Lebeau: "Two!"

*Roach kicks out with such vigor that it could be seen clearly from the cheap seats*

Kirby: "Kickout after a two-count! How does Roach kick out every time like that?!?"

*as Roach stands, NNTK fires him into the corner with an Irish whip and quickly runs in right after him and hits a high knee in the jaw, then backs out and quickly jumps off the second rope and tags Roach with a big enziguiri to the side of the face; NNTK now turns sideways, picking Roach across his shoulders with a fireman's carry, hoisting the big man up with relative ease*

Kirby: "400 Pounds across his shoulders and hes not even wincing! The strength of NNTK is unreal! Just downright scary!!!"

*NNTK runs across the ring some, with Roach still on his shoulders, then takes him over sideways as he sits out, drilling Roach right on top of his head with a Brainbuster*

Kirby: "Fireman's Carry Brainbuster by NNTK!"

Lebeau: "It's gotta be getting closer! I'm starting to think NNTK's got this one put away!"

*NNTK goes into the cover, hooking the leg*


*Roach gets a shoulder up, out of desperation*

Kirby: "Roach barely got outta that one!"
Lebeau: "Either way, it wont be long!"

*NNTK reaches down and wraps an arm around the neck of Roach, then lifts him up on his feet and grabs the back of his shorts and heaves him into the air with a suplex, then lets him float over backwards, laid out across the top rope; NNTK grabs the neck with both hands and sends Roach crashing down to the mat with a heavy neckbreaker; NNTK covers Roach right away as the crowd boos*

Kirby: "Oh, he hung him out to dry with the neckbreaker on the ropes!"


*Roach kicks out once again*

Kirby: "Yet another intense near-fall!"

*NNTK now goes to the mount position on Roach, then rapidly begins to hit strike after strike and several elbows in the face and to the head of Roach, busting him open in the process; boos from the fans*

Kirby: "Oh, man! NNTK just busted him open! We knew it was going to be a war for Roach to make it past NNTK but man this is getting wild!!!"
Lebeau: "This is all Roach's doing! He could have just put on the shirt!"

*NNTK tries another pin*


*Roach wills a shoulder up again*

Kirby: "Roach barely got the shoulder up that time!!! HOW?!?"

*NNTK pulls Roach up and then takes him over with a suplex clutch, then drops on top of him with a jackhammer, dropping an elbow into the chest of Roach in the process, holding it for the cover*

Kirby: "Jackhammer Elbow Drop! He almost destroyed Roach with that move! This could be it!"


Lebeau: "Roach gets the shoulder up again, just in the knick of time!"

*NNTK goes to pull Roach up but Roach pushes him back to the ropes and when he comes back, Roach runs forward and takes him over the ropes backwards with a big clothesline, to joy from the fans; Roach touches the blood on his face, and wipes it on his chest, with a sick smile*

Lebeau: "What sort of disgusting creature enjoys bleeding?"
Kirby: "One that carries his wounds with pride, Rob! instead of hiding behind a group of other guys! And Roach quickly turning the match around with another counter, but for how long?"

*Roach goes out after him as the referee starts counting them both out*


*Roach and NNTK are brawling on the outside, trading heavy punches back and forth, as the ref has reached a three count now*


*they continue to trade shots, coming back from each punch with one or two of their own*


*it looks like Roach is getting the advantage, getting several unanswered shots in a row as the fans start to rally up, when NNTK kicks Roach in the gut, cutting off the momentum; NNTK quickly pushes Roach backwards around the waist, running him up into the steel railing around the underneath of the ring, then he grabs him and runs him headfirst into the barricade; loud boos from the crowd*


*the ref's count has reached seven, and NNTK throws Roach into the ring and follows up with a cover as he goes in behind him*

Kirby: "MAN, what a huge combination of moves there! NNTK using the environment to his advantage! Cover!"


*another kickout from Roach*

Kirby: "Roach once again manages to survive, kicking out at the last second! NNTK is tearing him apart but Roach won't quit! He just keeps getting the hell beat out of him and comes back with his own offense!"

Lebeau: "NNTK HAS this one put away, no sweat, it's only a matter of time until Roach gets dropped on his head again and can't kick out in time!"

*NNTK begins to hammer down on Roach, hitting him with forearm after forearm to the back of the head; Roach steadily fights back, punching back constantly, trying to fight NNTK off, to a growing chorus of cheers; NNTK runs forward, closing the distance between him and Roach, then goes for a lariat; Roach ducks and when NNTK turns around, coming back, Roach grabs NNTK and hits a big Hangman Neckbreaker, to an explosion of cheers from the crowd*

Kirby: "Roach is again back in this! What's he gonna do now?!?"

*Roach sets NNTK up for the Antidote and lifts his left fist to the sky as the crowd screams "ANTIDOTE!"; when he lifts him, NNTK shifts his weight back to the ground, then reaches down and grabs Roach's legs and lifts him up from underneath, spins around a few times, then throws Roach down to the mat with a thunderous Alabama Slam*

Lebeau: "What impact!!!"

*the crowd boos as NNTK stands over Roach in the ring, then goes into the pin, hooking the leg*


*Roach lifts NNTK and throws him off*

Kirby: "Kickout from Roach as time was running out!"

*Roach slowly gets up again, trying to fight NNTK back as he drops heavy blows down on him, and he does, keeping NNTK at bay; Roach gets up and gets the advantge, whipping NNTK off the ropes; as NNTK comes back, Roach ducks down, lowering his head, setting up for a back body drop, but NNTK stops and kicks him in the face quickly; NNTK lifts Roach on his shoulders in powerbomb position, then he runs forward and throws Roach all the way over the ropes and into the announce table with a powerbomb as Roach's back hits the table hard, to a collective gasp from the crowd; the ref waits a moment, then starts to count Roach out*


Kirby: "My god! What a sick hit, he just threw him from the ring, right into our table here! Lets take another look at this!"

*a replay shows in the corner, showing the running powerbomb into the table again, then cuts away as NNTK goes out through the ropes after Roach; the count restarts*


*as Roach slowly gets up, blood is leaking out of a cut on his shoulder from where he hit the corner of the table; the fans see this and begin to chant"HOLY S**T! HOLY S**T!"


*NNTK notices the cut and rams the shoulder straight into the ring post; blood gushes out more as Roach falls to the ground; NNTK turns Roach over, exposing the arm, and kicks him in the shoulder with a hard stomp and blood starts spurting out of the wound now*


*the fans gasp collectively at this, as the ref keeps the count going at five; NNTK throws Roach into the ring now and goes into the cover*


*Roach kicks out again*

Kirby: "Roach again kicking out before three! This match will continue but OH MY GOD, look at Roach's arm!"
Lebeau: "That was awesome strategy, he's tearing Roach's arm up!"

*NNTK stomps the bleeding arm again and then grabs it with both arms and wraps his legs around it and pulls it back, locking in a cross armbar*

Kirby: "This is typical NNTK style, jump on a certain body part ,and keep going! Wear 'em down and destroy 'em. He's got the armbar on the same arm that he opened up when he threw him into the table, now trying to injure it worse."

*Roach tries to fight the hold as NNTK is now laid back flat on the mat, pulling on the arm and shoulder, NNTK stretches and stretches, the crowd cheering and cheering for Roach; Roach eventually makes it to the ropes, but at the exact same time, Kruger jumped on the apron; as the ref looked away from the hold, never seeing the ropebreak, Lynas runs forward and slaps Roach's arm off the ropes as the ref isn't looking, to heavy boos; NNTK maintains the hold*

Kirby: "Come on, damnit! More Origin cheating and interference behind the ref's back! Lynas just pushed Sassafras's arm off the rope while Kruger was up on the apron!"

*the crowd boos more as NNTK yanks the arm back more, the whole while Roach is refusing to tap; NNTK lets off the arm and gets up, then goes to the top rope and jumps off, landing on the arm with a stomp*

Lebeau: "NNTK, again after the injured arm! That's why he's such a great ring competitor, stuff like that, just classic skills! This man has achieved so much in his WWR career and is destined for more greatness! Just remember I was the first to say it!"

*Roach gets up, suddenly clotheslining NNTK down, holding one arm behind his back in pain; the crowd cheers big as Roach hits another clothesline, then another; Roach gets a big ovation from the crowd as he runs and dropkicks NNTK in the face*

Kirby: "Four-hundred-pound Dropkick! What athleticism and agility from the big man!!!"
Lebeau: "Ah, so what? NNTK is gonna finish Roach off here soon! He nearly broke hs leg earlier and now look at his arm!"

*Roach runs at NNTK again, but NNTK quickly ducks behind and pulls Roach's arm behind his back and, wrapping his arm around his head coming back around, kicks the leg out quickly, as well*

Kirby: "Big Hammerlock Legsweep DDT from NNTK! Again after the arm!"

*pin by NNTK, pressing the arm down in the process*


*Roach gets the injured shoulder off the mat*

Kirby: "Kickout from Roach at the last second! Roach won't go down! He can't be put away, Rob! What do you say now?!"
Lebeau: "Whatever, Chris. Roach needs to just lay down and get it over with before he gets hurt!"

*NNTK pulls Roach up now between his legs, then lifts him on his shoulders into a powerbomb clutch, then drops him forward and jumps into the air and spikes him down flat on his face with a cutter to boos from the crowd*

Kirby: "Huge move from NNTK there! I don't know if he's gonna be able to kick out of that one now!"

*NNTK covers Roach, now hooking the leg with an arm draped across him forwards*

Lebeau: "Cover! Come on, NNTK!"


Lebeau: "One!"


Lebeau: "Two!"


Lebeau: "T-"

*Roach kicks out*

Lebeau: "Kickout from Roach!"

*the crowd pops huge for Roach kicking out, and NNTK waits for Roach to get up and get to his feet; NNTK lifts Roach up in a gorilla press high overhead, holds him up straight in the air for a moment, then drops him down into a huge spinebuster slamming him into the mat*

Kirby: "OHHH, MAN! Huge display of incredible strength and power from NNTK, getting the four-hundred pounder over his head like that, then being able to get him switched around and just dropped him with that spinebuster!"

*NNTK goes for a cover*

Lebeau: "NNTK's got a cover! This could be it!"


*Roach kicks out again, with authority*

Kirby: "Kickout from Roach at about two and point ninety-nine!"

*the crowd goes insane for Roach still fighting, still having heart enough to kick out; NNTK runs toward Roach and the crowd goes crazy again as Roach drops NNTK suddenly and hard with a Samoan drop; Roach goes for a pin on NNTK*


*NNTK kicks out*

Lebeau: "NNTK, kicking out now at the last second!"

*Roach lets NNTK up, then hits him with a sidewalk slam, to an explosion of cheers from the crowd*

Kirby: "Roach, gaining momentum here, fast! And if he can keep it up, he might be able to get the win and finally finish the match! This one has been insane!! Completely exceeded my highest expectations!"
Lebeau: "Yeah, this has been outstanding!"

*Roach whips NNTK off the ropes and attempts a clothesline, NNTK ducks, rebounds off the ropes and runs into a back elbow from Roach; Roach jumps and comes down with a knee drop to the face of NNTK, to bigger and bigger cheers*

KIrby: "COME ON, ROACH, GO! He's been taking it to NNTK and he's about got him where he wants him!!!"
Lebeau: "Don't count NNTK out just yet..."

*Roach waits for NNTK to rise; Shane Lynas is pacing at ringside, Vade slams his fist on the apron, telling NNTK to "Come on, man!"

*NNTK makes it up and Roach throws him back across the ring, to heavy cheers, with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex*

Kirby: "Roach really rolling now! He's about to show NNTK who's REALLY better!"

*Roach stalks NNTK on the mat, then lifts him and slams him with another Samoan drop as he gets to his feet and the fans go absolutely wild, screaming "Sassa-a-fras!", over and over on their feet; Roach stands in the middle of the ring, flexing and yelling to the crowd; he grabs NNTK and thrusts him down in the powerbomb hold between the legs and lifts him up onto his shoulder for the Antidote to loudest cheers yet from the crowd; the crowd shouts "ANTIDOTE!"*

Kirby: "Oh, going for the Antidote Powerbomb!!! If he gets it, this one's over!!!"

*Roach tries to lift him up fully to slam him down, but he can't, as the injured arm gives out; Roach winces in pain, allowing NNTK to slip down back to the mat*

Kirby: "Oh, no! Roach's hurt arm just quit on him, mid-move!"
Lebeau: "AHAHAHAH! See?! I told you NNTK knew what he was doing! The working over of the arm, preventing him from ending the match!"

*NNTK now backs up across the ring as the fans boo, waiting for Roach to turn around*

Kirby: "Don't tell me he's going for the kick here now! Lifetaker kick coming!!!"

*NNTK rushes across the ring at the moment Roach turns, but Roach ducks, heaving NNTK over the top rope to the outside, to cheers from the crowd*

Kirby: "He countered! He avoided the kick! Great job by Roach, or this match would've been over now!"

*Roach takes just a moment to catch his breath, then as Lynas and Kruger begin to help NNTK up on the floor outside the ring, Roach looks to the crowd quickly and bounces off the ropes, running full-speed across the ring, jumping clear over the ropes, going for a suicide dive*

Kirby: "Oh, my god! Roach going over the top!"
Lebeau: "Amazing! All bias aside, that was incredible!"

*the fans go nuts, as Roach jumps on the Origin; the ref begins to count Roach and NNTK out*


*Roach poses for a second, then gets back in the ring*


*Roach waits for NNTK to stand, and runs and tries to suicide dive onto him again; as Roach is flying through the air, at the last second, NNTK jumps into the air, dropping Roach flat with the Lifetaker kick in the face; boos from the crowd; the ref restarts his count*


Kirby: "Man, he got him! Lifetaker kick in midair!"

Lebeau: "That's it!"


*NNTK picks Roach up and throws him into the ring, and goes in behind him, covering him as he hooks the leg*


*Roach knees NNTK in the head*

Lebeau: "WHAT?!?"
Kirby: "Roach got out of it!"

*Roach climbs to his feet and grabs the still-reeling NNTK into a powerbomb clutch; he raises his left fist and screams, with crowd accompaniment, "ANTIDOTE!"*

Lebeau: "The idiot just tried this, and failed! Is he really stupid enough to try again?!"

*Roach lifts NNTK onto his shoulder and plants him with the Antidote*

Kirby: "Looks like he got him! Roach just planted NNTK through the canvas with that Antidote Powerbomb!"

*Roach attempts a pin*


*Vade Kruger and Shane Lynas both climb to the apron, distracting the ref; Roach breaks his pin and gets a running start, bounces off the opposing ropes, [at this very moment, Andersson announces "There are 60 seconds remaining in the one-hour time limit for this contest." and a timer appears on the screen, counting down the 60 seconds before the expiration of the time limit] and takes them both off the apron with a running cross-body; Vade and Lynas are both knocked into the security barricade*

Kirby: "The interference is eliminated! No more distractions, for the moment! Get him, Roach! You're running out of time!"
Lebeau: "NOOO!"

*NNTK has rolled over onto his stomach; Roach sees this, grins at the crowd, and locks in the Humbler*

Lebeau: "There's no way he's gonna tap!"

*NNTK screams in pain, with 24 seconds left on the clock; Roach increases the torque*

*the crowd counts down the clock: 9, 8, 7...*

*NNTK taps out; the bell rings; the crowd pops louder than they have all night*

Kirby: "NNTK is tapping out! HE'S TAPPING OUT!!!"
Lebeau: "NO! F*CK!!!"
Andersson: "Here is your winner, by way of submission. Mike 'Sassafras' Roach!!!"

*the crowd is in a frenzy*

Kirby: "That was one hell of a war, that was Sassafras's biggest match to date, and did he ever show his dominance! The first man to make NNTK submit, with just 6 seconds left on the clock! That was a SIXTY MINUTE match! Incredible action from these two!"
Lebeau: "As much as it sickens me to say, Roach just made a believer outta me!"
Kirby: "He just made believers out of the entire WWR Galaxy! We knew this was going to be great. But I don't think ANYONE could have predicted what we just saw! This may have been the best match in the history of this organization!!!"

*"Words of War" plays to massive cheers from the crowd and the ref raises Roach's arm in the center of the ring as the crowd cheers "THAT WAS AWESOME!" and "MATCH OF THE YEAR!" and Roach limps across the ring and sits in a corner, nursing his injured leg and shoulder; as NNTK and Lynas walk slowly back towards the lockerroom, Vade rolls into the ring and approaches Sassafras, who pulls himself up in the corner*

Kirby "What now?!? He won the match, Kruger...just leave him alone!!!"

*Kruger looks at Sassafras, then at his world title belt; Kruger shouts, "This is what this is all about, isn't it? Well, you'll NEVER get your hands on it!!! This strap is mine, you little b*tch!!"; Sassafras squares up to Vade and responds with, "Get your two-dollar a** outta my ring, before I make change!"*

Lebeau: "Knock his head off Vade!"
Kirby" "VERY interetsing!!!"

*the referee informs them that the match is long over, but both men continue to stand nose-to-nose; suddenly, "Sad But True" plays over the speaker system and Tony Bastion appears, holding a microphone*

Bastion: "Hold on there, just a second!"

*Kruger and Sassafras look up at Bastion*

Bastion: "Now, I wanna see this and I think all these people do, too. However, Sass, you aren't next in line to face Kruger!"

*fans boo*

Bastion: "This coming Vortex, Vade Kruger will face WWR Continental Champion Chris Everlast in a cage match for the WWR World Title. So, I see it only fair that Mike Roach gets a match the very same night. Sassafras, you will face the other member of Origin, Shane Lynas!!! Now, if you both win your respective matches, then I will have no choice BUT to sign the match between you two. Good luck gentlemen..."

*Bastion leaves as "Sad But True" plays him out, leaving both men in the middle of the ring, looking at each other*



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