WWR MaYhEm - Final Show

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WWR MaYhEm - Final Show

Post by VadeKruger » Nov 18th, '11, 10:02

Music bursts out of the speakers as 'WWR MAYHEM' shows on the screen, followed by various shots of the superstars in action flash onto the screen. Then the camera flies over the crowd who wave as they cheer, finally the camera shoots to the announce tabel where Chris Kirby and AJ Cross await.......

AJ "Welcome everyone to WWR Mayhem!!!"

Kirby "Sadly folks it is the final Mayhem but we promise its gonna blow the roof off of the Sanitarium!! Im Chris Kirby and this is the ever present AJ Cross coming to you live...."

AJ "Yeah Chris you said it man, tonights main event sets us up perfectly for the WWR Heresy event!! Its WWR World Champion Vade Kruger taking on his old 'pal NNTK and up and comer Robert Randall in a three way dance..."

Kirby "...But wait right there AJ because I have just received word that theres a special referee for this one, and yeah its none other than Mike Sassafras Roach - the number one contender for the world title!!!!"

AJ "Also tonight The Renegadez will face The War Party, we will see Titan Dividion take on Tommy Hawk and a whole, whole lot more!!!"

Kirby "Finally this past Vortex there was to be a match involving Viggo Dynamite, the WWR Dynamics Champion. However this match was cancelled due to Viggo suffering a suspected stroke during his warm up backstage. We will hopefully hear more about his condition during the night."
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Re: WWR MaYhEm - Final Show

Post by Sassafras » Nov 18th, '11, 16:21

*camera cuts to the ring*

AJ: "It appears we're gonna kick off the final Mayhem with some amazing WWR action!"

*Mike "Sassafras" Roach appears on the stage, with no music, holding a shirt; he makes his way to the ring*

Kirby: "What's going on here?"
AJ: "Well, he's probably got something to say. He does enjoy speaking..."
Kirby: "Is that a referee shirt he's got there?"
AJ: "I believe so."
Kirby: "Don't get me wrong, I love the guy and he's talented as hell. But they HAD to have had that custom-made."
AJ: "Oh, will you stop it?! Would you want him to come over here and put you through our table?"

*Roach steps into the ring and requests a microphone, while soaking in the cheers from the WWR Galaxy*

Roach: "Well, we've got ourselves a situation here. I come here expecting my match with Fernandez, and I'm told that I'll also be refereeing a three-way dance with two old codgers and a coward."

*the crowd boos*

Roach: "Good thing I'm a camera whore. And I know what you're all thinking: Roach is gonna cost Vade this match for sure. Well...think about this. A loss tonight for the champ means a win for either NNTGay or some poser-ass hood figga that I could give a f*ck less about. So, costing Vade the match wouldn't benefit me at all. AT ALL. That means I'm calling the match right...down...the middle. Bet money on it, marks."

*crowd cheers*

AJ: "I believe him!"

Roach: "Now, my Twitter, @Sassafras1991 for those who don't know, has been blowing up all week. Well-wishers and educated marks and Japanese fans asking me to make them proud on Sunday. Internet 'smarks' who haven't seen the inside of a gym since the inside of a uterus, saying that I'm just another flash in the pan, and that Vade is gonna walk all over me. Between his two feet and the four on the walker needs to help him down the ramp, it's gonna be like a gigantic insect walking all over me, isn't it?! Oh, woe. Woe, is me. *cocky grin* The insect analogy goes two ways. Because I could...no, I WILL...step on Vade and not even know it happened. I've been saying all month that I'm NOT just another guy! I just turned 20 years old, so I get a lot of comments about experience or lack thereof! But look at where I've been! Look beyond WWR and realize that other promotions exist! I am considered an ICON on the other side of the world. This Sunday, I'll make it so in American soil, as well. Against a Brit, no less! Look at the impact I've made already. Women's rights groups and just about everyone else have boycotted WWR shows and gotten us some wonderful free press - thank you guys for that, by the way - all because of my behavior the last three months. Johnny Black finally decided to show up and run his mouth and attack people, much in the way that I already had. And this Sunday is probably the most anticipated WWR pay-per-view of all time, just because of the main event!!!"

*the crowd cheers*

Roach: "And I'm never one to disappoint. So I've gotten the green light to turn this b*tch up to 11! I just need to advise all the parents who care about their children being scarred mentally...don't order the pay-per-view! This Sunday, my WWR Championship match with Vade "on-the-Dole" Kruger...will be a Japanese barbed wire & salt match!"

*the crowd pops*

AJ: "Whoa! Has one of those ever been seen in American wrestling?!"
Kirby: "Not in the major leagues and not in a decade."

Roach: "I said it in January, right after wrestling a technical masterpiece and match-of-the-year candidate at the Tokyo Dome: 2011 will forever be known as the year of Sassafras. This Sunday, I make it so."

*Roach throws the microphone down and walks up the ramp to a chant of 'SASS-A-FRAS!'*

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Re: WWR MaYhEm - Final Show

Post by VadeKruger » Nov 20th, '11, 01:45

AJ "Huge words there from Sassafras!!! He really believes he is the next world champion and I for one wouldnt wanna bet against it happening!!"

Kirby "He is a awesome specimen but write Kruger off at your peril!! The man is undeniable!!!"

AJ "Well enough talk, its time for some action!!"

~Camera cuts to the ring~

JD "This tag team match is set for one fall, currently in the ring at a total combined weight of five hundred thirty three pounds, Jay Pontiac and Azande.........The WAAARR PAARRTYYY!!"

~A decent pop from the crowd, then the sound of 'Instruments of Destruction' plays and the fans begin cheering~

JD "Their opponents, approaching the ring at a total combined weight of six hundred two pounds, Mercer and Taurus, THEEE RENEGADEEZZZZ!!!"

AJ "Renegadez returning to action here against the War Party, should be a great tag team match kicking off the action here tonight!!"

~As Mercer and Taurus enter the ring the music cuts, then the bell sounds~

Kirby "And here we go!!"

~Mercer and Pontiac lock up, Mercer backs him into the corner.....clean break as the ref seperates the two. They circle each other and lock up again, Pontiac goes behind into ar armlock and then a wristlock. Mercer powers out and scoops Pontiac up then slams him down. Tag to Taurus~

AJ "Mercer showing his considerable strength there and now its Taurus' turn"

~Taurus comes in and picks up Pontiac, only to slam him down again. Taurus tags Mercer back in~

Kirby "Wow its like theyre playing with Pontiac!!"

~Mercer slams Pontiac again as Azande watches on, Mercer comes off the ropes and doprs the elbow, almost flattening Pontiac. Cover~



~Kick out from Pontiac. Mercer grabs him in a reverse chinlock briefly before letting go, then he drags Pontiac to his feet and sends him hurtling into the corner. Mercer tags Taurus in before charging at Pontiac and squashing him in the corner, then Taurus charges in after Mercer has left the ring, squashing Pontiac again. Pontiac drops to his knees, Taurus runs to the other side off the ropes and catches Pontiac squarly in the mouth, knocking him through the ropes to the outside. Taurus roars and the crowd cheers. Pontiac lays flat out on the outside~

Kirby "Awesome. Just awesome from the former three time tag team champions!!"

AJ "Pontiac really needs a tag he is in serious trouble!!"

~Pontiac begins to stir at the count of 5, bny the count of 8 hes just rolling back in the ring only to be flattened by a legdrop from Taurus. Mercer gets tagged in, he whips Pontiac off the ropes and puts his head down, Pontiac is sent high into the air, some 15 feet before hitting the mat with a huge wallop. Mercer goes to the second turnbuckle on the inside and hits a flying headbutt. Cover~




~Pontiac just rolls a shoulder. Mercer picks him up and whips him to the corner, but this time Pontiac just manages to move, Mercer hits the turnbuckle sternum first and winces in pain, Pontiac begins to make his way to his corner but Mercer grabs his leg stopping him. Mercer goes for an elbow but Pontiacv moves again, this time he makes it to the corner but as he goes to tag it seems that Azande slips off the apron to the floor, injuring his ankle in the process~

AJ "What happened??"

Kirby "Looks like Azande slipped off the apron, maybe something to do with wrestling barefoot??"

AJ "I suppose, looks like hes hurt too!!"

~Pontiac sees Azande on the floor holding his ankle and leans through the ropesd to check his partner, in the meantime Taurus is tagged in - he grabs Pontiac from behind and hits an awesome German suplex, the tags Mercer back in. Taurus Powerslams Pontiac before leaving the ring, Mercer climbs to the top rope and gets a huge cheer as he leaps across the ring, hitting an amazing big splash. He covers Pontiac, hooking the leg~




#Bell rings#

JD "Here are your winners, The Renegadezz!!!"

~Mercer and Tasurus have their hands raised, then leave the ring to the sound of their music~

AJ "Good win for The Renegadez however The War Party may feel a bit cheated due to Azandes injury."

~Pontiac is flat out in the ring, suddenly Azande gets to his feet and stares coldly at Pontiac, then after a short moment he walks away up the ramp and to the back, the crowd jerring and booing~

Kirby "I think we just saqw the end of The War Party!!"

AJ "Looks that way but I have no idea why??! We'll try and catch up with both guys later on!!!"
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Re: WWR MaYhEm - Final Show

Post by KILLdozer » Nov 21st, '11, 15:24

The camera cuts to the back showing NNTK walking in..with a completely new attire..He now has a spiked black mohawk,a white hockey mask,white taped fists,long white tights with a black flame design going up them all over,and white boots with black kickpads that say NNTK on them vertically.

AJ:"Look at him! Just now walking in the damn door! Is it too much to ask for NNTK to be on time for the start of the show? And by the way..man does he look different..What the hells gotten into him?!"

Lebeau:"Hey,listen here..when your the absolute greatest around here like he is you can show up any time you damn well please..If you were anywheres close to his skill level you would feel the same way as he does...And I like the new look..its wonderful,he looks even tougher than ever before! And you know AJ I think you should grow a mohawk like that as well.."

NNTK continues on down the hall with an intense determined look in his eyes as the crowd boos immensely loudly..On the left he comes across the door to Tony Bastion's office.

AJ:"And just what the hell you think he wants with Bastion? I bet hes going to have something to say about "The greatest showing up whenever he says!"

Lebeau:"Ya know what? I hope hes gonna go in there and straighten Bastion out once and for all! Lay it down right in front of em who's really in charge!

The show now cuts to commericial as NNTK is shown reaching out grabbing the handle to the door of Bastion's office.
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Re: WWR MaYhEm - Final Show

Post by KILLdozer » Nov 21st, '11, 20:43

Now the show returns from commercial showing Tony Bastion behind the desk to huge SCREAMING ovations from the crowd.

Bastion:"Dont you knock?! Its what the door's there for,or else it would be an open office right out there,And your late."

NNTK:"Why should I obey the rules of your office? Im going to tell you this to your face now..You don't run things around here,Your not in charge of shit so what makes you think Ill do as you say? And I know Im late..I did it on purpose just to show you who's really at the helm and that I could show up here any time I want at whatever time I please."

The fans boo loudly now as NNTK stands in front the desk and Bastion sits behind it,letting out a deep breath as they stare at each other intently.

Bastion:"Well gee,See now if you would have been here right on time when your supposed to you would've heard my announcement and would know by now that You've got a main event match tonight against Vade and your friend from last week who you had the falling out with in the ring...Now I KNOW you dont have a problem with me and "my rules and ways of doing things" making that match do you?"

NNTK:"Oh really? Your not joking me right now? I've got a match tonight in the Main Event against those two with all that's riding on the line? Randall and I are gonna finish this..and as far as Vade goes..You know the history there just as well as anyone else..Im not going to let him stand in my way on this path back to the top..Ive gave too much in that ring for too long to let anyone stop me."

Bastion:"Right,like I said..You..Vade..And Randall in the last Mayhem main event,You've got the chance to show everyone more of that incredible skill I saw firsthand last week..You can go out there and knock off the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION AND the Number One Contender to the Continental title at one time if you handle everything right..You go out there and take care of business..Like you always do..I'll admit that and give you credit where credit is due...you do that and you'll have defeated two of the top men on the scale around here..And NO ONE will be able to ignore that."

NNTK:"Well alright then.Get a good look because your only going to get a sign of things to come,You might even enjoy when I crack Vade in the mouth."

Bastion:"Oh and I almost forgot..One more thing..There's a special guest referee for this blockbuster: Roach."

The crowd begins cheering loudly before NNTK starts speaking again.

NNTK:"What? What? Are you kidding me? The man Ive had so much trouble with lately is standing between me and one of the biggest wins I could get in god knows how long? You're not serious are you? Ill take him out in a heartbeat if he tries to cost me tonight..If there's ANY kind of biased officiating in that match I wont think twice about it..He wont make it to Heresy because I'll permanently send him out of My Company. And you make damn sure you tell him that when you see him."

The fans ignite with boos now as NNTK turns and leaves the office.

The camera pans back to Bastion now ,he says "Good luck" down the hall towards NNTK as the show cuts to commercial.
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