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Did You Know: The Sale of WCW...

Posted: Jul 16th, '19, 14:07
by Bob-O
As the narrative goes, Vince bought WCW for 2.5 Million after their timeslots were taken due to the Time Warner/AOL merger.
General knowledge for most is that there was a bidding war between a few different entities that ultimately backed out once the TV Time wasn't included, as that was what made the deal lucrative.

One would think the brand name alone would be worth more than 2.5 Million. It's often said the only person that the tape library held any value to was McMahon... surely that's not true, and if so... 2.5 million? Really?

If that sounds shady, Did You Know that there's a good chance it was? While it wasn't Bret, Vince/WWE had an inside guy...