Did You Know The Fabulous Freebirds...

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Did You Know...The Rock
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Did You Know The Fabulous Freebirds...

Post by Bob-O » Aug 16th, '19, 08:38

...held the WCW World Tag Team Championships for NEGATIVE six days?
Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin version of the ‘Birds actually held the title for negative six days. How? WCW used to tape weeks of TV at a time. At the February 18 tapings, Garvin and Hayes lost their Tag Titles to the Steiners. Problem was, they had not yet won them at the WrestleWar card. It didn’t matter at the time since it played out correctly on television, but it was not long before everyone found out what had happened. Classic WCW.

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Re: Did You Know The Fabulous Freebirds...

Post by Big Red Machine » Aug 16th, '19, 08:40

Yup. And this is not the only negative-length WCW World Tag Team Title reign, either.
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