Did You Know Nigel McGuiness...

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Did You Know...The Rock
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Did You Know Nigel McGuiness...

Post by Bob-O » Sep 22nd, '19, 11:42

I'll assume this is common knowledge around here, but TIL:

Nigel and Dragon were trying to get into WWE at the same time. Nigel had been told by his doctor that he had a clean bill of health and was 100%, because of this Nigel was honest with WWE about an injury he'd sustained and they passed on him.

Daniel Bryan lied about several WAY worse injuries and got the job, despite WWE being more interested in McGuiness.

Also learned that McGuiness retired from the ring by choice and not injury/risk/doctor's recommendation . He could likely pass a physical today but wants to hold true to his retirement match. He felt like he couldn't keep up anymore and wasn't happy with his work.

Like I said, probably common knowledge for you guys, but I always figured it was one of those "if you take one more bump you might never walk again" kind of things...

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