2 cents: The Miz: my new favourite wrestler

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2 cents: The Miz: my new favourite wrestler

Post by e-moose » Sep 10th, '17, 11:08

I don't see it often happen that an approximately 10-year WWE veteran, endlessly stuck in the mid-card, suddenly cranks up hiz game like this. Most wrestlerz by this point just become complacent in thinking "Well this iz just the way it iz. The office just plain doezn't see my potential and I'm a mid-carder till the end. I'm gonna just keep doing what I'm doing to keep my job and get a paycheque and that's it." Miz iz obviously a different kind of animal. It's been stated, and I've alwayz believed az well, that the most anybody can give iz 100%, and it's impossible to give 110%. I think that over the past year,
the Miz iz challenging that. The man iz a traditional style wrestler. He doezn't do flashy movez. This iz part of what impressez me so much about him lately. He hazn't adjusted that style at all. All the man haz done iz simply WORK HIZ ASS OFF in the ring (both phyzically and psychologically), so much so lately that I find it impossible to NOT get really into hiz matchez. With this work ethic he makes a person take notice and watch the match. He'z proving single-handedly that traditional style wrestling doezn't have to be boring and it's definitely not a dead art. A month or 2 ago I saw a match between Miz and AJ Styles.
Upon introduction, the crowd, and myself watching at home, were backing Styles, who iz of course, phenomenal in the ring. Az this match progressed, Miz simultaneously turned both myself and the live crowd around, and by the end we were rooting for Miz to win. This doezn't happen often, and remember,
the opponent iz, of all masterz of the ring, AJ Styles! For a heel wrestler to win over the audience in a match vs. AJ Styles purely uzing hard-nozed ring work and ring psychology... it just seemz like an impossible accomplishment. Anywayz,
I hope to see the Miz have hiz career skyrocket to the highest heights from this point forward. Nobody dezervez it this year more than him.

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