2 Cents: Brock's Reign Has Killed the Universal Title

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2 cents: John Cena
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2 Cents: Brock's Reign Has Killed the Universal Title

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 4th, '18, 12:41

I'm of the opinion that this whole Brock thing has gone on so long that it has actually killed the Universal Title because it has made doing the show without the champion around so regular. Anyone else agree?
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Re: 2 Cents: Brock's Reign Has Killed the Universal Title

Post by KILLdozer » Jul 4th, '18, 14:54

Absolutely and fuckin' entirely so without 1 percent of any doubt. It's ridiculous and garbage as can be. There IS...NO TOP TITLE ever shown or seen. What is a casual to think if they never see the top world champion? There isn't one?

AJ Styles rightfully so, is pretty much the top champion and therefore the number 1 star you could say. I wonder how Heyman legitimately feels about the whole thing. It can't be easy to almost entirely carry it all. It should have ended a long long time ago. He doesn't deserve it any longer because at this point in time he isn't there to actually earn it.

Wtf is the real thought process behind booking this consistently and constantly? Awh yeah, legitimate star appeal! ? Who cares when it destroys the top and most important part of the card with nothing to represent it and continually draw in viewers? The "mystique and appeal of the champion" thing.. Doesn't work when it's a ridiculous attempt at hammering home the same match over and over again with the same, unintended result, not to mention the matches are always the same formula. Strowman should have taken it months ago when he was the red hot monster.

The determined insistence to keep the title on him also stops and holds off others ability to actually shine and thrive on that higher next level. Don't tell me bullshit about "everyone isn't going to be THAT GUY.", when this is your entire plan about "THAT GUY." New record for days as champion? He did worse than a John Cena reign, which is at least consistent. How in the hell can anyone actually turn THIS into your new record breaking title run and feel legitimately well about it?

This needs to end. Tomorrow at a house show. Get it over with, and don't do it again. Don't start it back up at any point down the road. Bring legitimacy back to Monday Night Raw. This is THE WWE show.

Act like it.
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Re: 2 Cents: Brock's Reign Has Killed the Universal Title

Post by cero2k » Jul 5th, '18, 07:41

yeap, totally killed it. Worked for a while, I used to like that the champ was 'bigger' than the company and the show, but we now see tons of guy 'chase' becoming a no 1 contender, and at the end, it's the same two guys, Reigns and Strowman, and neither can capture the title. It's boring as fuck.

Having said that, at least it's not a storyline about low blows.

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