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Epic Themes

Post by yourcrapsweak » Aug 19th, '12, 21:53

Post some of the most epic themes of all time in this thread! I'll start with one of my all time personal favorites, Jushin Thunder Liger's theme.

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Re: Epic Themes

Post by Verdun » Aug 19th, '12, 23:18

WCW Brad Armstrong theme. It felt so incredibly bad ass every time I heard it.

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Re: Epic Themes

Post by Legacy54 » Aug 20th, '12, 21:41

Verdun wrote:WCW Brad Armstrong theme. It felt so incredibly bad a** every time I heard it.


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Re: Epic Themes

Post by cero2k » Aug 21st, '12, 16:04


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Re: Epic Themes

Post by Bulletclubfan2014 » Jul 31st, '14, 20:13

This is personally my favorite theme of anyone in WWE
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Re: Epic Themes

Post by Bob-O » Aug 1st, '14, 23:21

Some of my favs...

The Brood: The entrance itself might have had a lot to do with it, but I find this to be one of Johnston's best works. It fit the gimmick perfectly and set a mood these guys ultimately couldn't give justice to. Clearly the inspiration behind the masterpiece that was The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness theme.
Mike Tyson (1998): I think he only used it once (at Wrestlemania) before it was tweaked and given to X-Pac, but this remix of the DX Theme gets me fired up. How can you NOT shadow box when this is on!? Screw 'Be A Star'! This song makes me want to bully people and feel good about it. Men like me got dreams to take over the world!
This kid singing "Bangin' It" is pretty epic...
Rob Van Dam (ECW): While a licensed theme might be a cop-out, 'Walk' is an epic theme to me because I was such a huge RVD mark in the 90's. If you're only familiar with WWE's watered down version of Van Dam, please check out the video which features him before he gave a shit about protecting his body. To this very day, I can't listen to this song without envisioning RVD babbling to the camera on his way to the ring while Fonzie bounced around with his whistle. The song embodies heel RVD... my favorite RVD...

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Shogun Rua
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Re: Epic Themes

Post by Shogun Rua » Aug 3rd, '14, 11:55

Can't post a video from here, but Goldbergs theme was pretty badass.

Agreed on The Brood as well.

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Re: Epic Themes

Post by Big Red Machine » Aug 4th, '14, 09:12

Shogun Rua wrote:Can't post a video from here, but Goldbergs theme was pretty badass.
Every time I see that entrance, I like to try to narrate what he is doing to the tune of the entrance.
GOLD-BERG. Walking down the HALL-WAY.

It's oodles of fun.

I definitely agree that the theme was epic, though. It just fit him so perfectly.

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