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Cero Reviews TJPW Wrestle Princess II

Post by cero2k » Oct 9th, '21, 03:04

TJPW Wrestle Princess II
October 9, 2021
Ota Ward Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan

Up Up Girls Intro - They sang all the hits for the occasion, well, they sang two songs this time, but it felt like a bigger show than usual. I have no idea how Raku is gonna have energy to open the show, maybe that's why he falls asleep so much.

Raku, Pom Harajuku, & Ram Kaichow vs Haruna Neko, Mahiro Kiryu, & Kaya Toribami - 4/10
Kaichow looks soooo out of place with Raku and Pom, she's way badass to be teaming with them. She's out there flipping people off while Neko is a cat, Raku falls asleep, and Harajuku is, well, she's Pom Harajuku.

The match wasn't great, it's a combo of the wrestlers that usually get left out for a reason, not in a bad way, they're just at that level right now. Ram Kaichow outshone everyone in the match, even if she was the smallest, she looked like the only killer in there. Unfortunately, they left the end of the match to Raku and Neko, which wasn't that good. Raku won with a Swinging Neckbreaker.

Hyper Misao vs Rika Tatsumi vs Nodoka Tenma - 7/10
As usual for Misao, she came with some sort of plan, and in this case, she tried to convince Rika to have a singles match instead, then tried to convince her to tag against Tenma, since they have a long history together, but Rika was just enjoying beating everyone up instead. Eventually, Rika and Misao had a good pair up together, but also worked together to take out Tenma for a bit. At the end, after Riku got taken out, Tenma got eh win over Misao with a killswitch. Given by how Tenma was in a bit of a handicap, she deserved to win. Really fun match.

ASUKA & Yuki Kamifuku vs Marika Kobashi & Nao Kakuta - 7/10
Match started with ASUKA not taking their opponents serious and was too sleepy, but a good slap from Kobashi woke them up. Venyu dominated the ring for a good while, but Kakuta made a good comeback against ASUKA. There was a little story with Kobashi and ASUKA, that the former was too small to make a dent on ASUKA, but after getting her ass kicked for a while, she did manage to lock a guillotine on them and really make some damage. Finish saw ASUKA take out Kakuta with a moonsault to the floor, then sent for Kamiyu to finish off, which she managed after some trouble, but she hit the normal and avalanche Fame-Assers for the win. ASUKA and Kamiyu were just too dominant, I wanted to see more of Kobashi. I don't know if they've been training together, but Kamiyu looked better than usual.

2022 Event Announcements - They announced some big dates for next year, including Wrestle Princess III on 10.9 at Tokyo Dome City Hall.

Riho & Shoko Nakajima vs Arisu Endo & Suzume - 8/10
This match was about two of the strongest veterans in TJPW versus two of the most promising up and comers in the promotion, and while the experience disparity was visible, Endo and Suzume did everything in their power to sell themselves as credible threats.

Riho and Shoko first cut off Suzume, later on Endo, but after both babyface in peril runs, the rookies came back working as a team and got Shoko and Riho in trouble, but the veterans got things under control and got the win. Riho got the win with Somato on Suzume. Endo looked fantastic in this match, she's a natural.

This was my favorite match of the night up until that moment.

Miu Watanabe & Yuki Arai vs Aja Kong & Moka Miyamoto - 7/10
Obviously the question coming in is whether Watanabe will big swing Kong, and if she tries, will be be able? Kong and Watanabe had crossed paths before, at which point Watanabe wasn't strong enough to take down Kong, but she has been training and is ready for another shot. In addition, Miyamoto is out to get revenge on Arai for a pin she has over her, which wouldn't be a big deal, except Moka is technically Arai's senpai. Not heat between the teams, just 3 ladies that have a lot that they want to prove to themselves.

Match saw Moka and Kong cut off Arai and beat her up for a while, Kong was probably gatekeeping the idol, to see if she could take some Kong strikes. Watanabe tagged in and the match built to Kong and Watanabe finally clashing again, and when Watanabe went for the swing, she sold it and sold it, but she couldn't do it. She did manage to slam Kong, she also did hit the bear hug into big swing, aka Blooming Giant Swing, on Moka and it looked great, she used Moka as a battering ram on Kong. Things ended up coming down to Kong and Arai, with Kong getting the win with a backdrop and second rope Diving Elbow.

Arai got her first taste of GAEAism. Kong didn't hold back on that tin can strike.

International Princess Championship Match
Hikari Noa (C) vs Yuki Aino - 7/10
The rivalry between these two is mostly based on respect, Aino came in with little credibility, but as she chased Noa, she got a win on her AND Yamashita, but now that Noa is getting into Exploding barbed wired bat matches with Onita, she still won't take Aino seriously. While she has been tag team champion before, this is Aino's first ever shot at a singles title in her career.

The match was probably one of Noa's best, at least one of the ones I've seen, she was out there pulling out some Negro Navarro submissions and just going from one to another, torturing Aino, who did at points get some offense in, but she just wasn't at Noa's level, Noa just looked better. Finish saw Noa escape Aino's UBV and finish her off with the Blizzard Suplex Hold.

Princess Tag Team Championship Match
NEO Biishiki-Gun (Sakisama & Mei Saint-Michel)(C) vs Magical Sugar Rabbits (Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki) - 9.25/10
Story coming in is that the Sugar Rabbits don't have a good record against Sakisama and her minions, they actually lost the titles to Sakisama and Misao in 2019, and now Sakisama and MSM have reminded Mizuki that she will get pinned again.

The match was awesome, Mei is such an incredible wrestler at her age and experience, she just gets it. The story was that NBG initially cut off Mizuki, who had been sold as the weak link of the team, but after a while, she tagged out and we got a really good exchange between Sakisama and Sakazaki, but it all led to Mizuki and Mei, who straight up wrestled about 70% of the match, with TONS of near falls, Sakisama and Sakazaki would come in and out for spots, but it always kept going back to Mei and Mizuki. Eventually, after overcoming the cheats, the pins, the double teams, Mizuki finally managed to hit the Cutie Special for the win.

Post-match - The Rabbits embraced crying while Sakisama, somewhat out of character, yet she tends to show this side every now and then, helped Mei to the back.

Itoh vs Yamashita Build Up Video - Great. Yamashita talked about how considers Itoh to be one of her biggest challengers for all the different reasons as her former challengers. Itoh talked about how she is the most fit to take TJPW to a new direction internationally.

Princess of Princess Championship Match
Miyu Yamashita (C) vs Maki Itoh - 8.75/10
Great match, this I believe is either match number 6 or 7 between them, and Itoh has lost them all, she keeps getting closer and closer, but she can never topple the Ace. The story of the match was somewhat playing into that, showing Itoh's growth and heart. While Itoh's point of focus tends to be the legs towards the Itoh Punish, this was more of a clash between the greatest kicker in the promotion and the skull of steel. The match as it went on, became a matter of Yamashita chipping down Itoh more and more and more and while Itoh kept coming back with near falls, she was too hurt and every kick from Yamashita weighted more and more until the only thing she could do was defiantly scream and wait for the killing Crash Rabbit Heat that ended her.

The match had some really stiff sounding spots, a couple of headbutts and DDTs that just sounded more than they should. Itoh also took some gnarly kicks, including a great looking Skull Kick.

Post-match - Yamashita put over Itoh's growth and hoped that they will continue tag team in the future. She thanked the crowd and had her winner's promo. No challenges or surprises, just a happy ending, for Yamashita at least.

Post-post-match - Yamashita was joined by the roster on the ramp for the big announcement that they're going to Ryogoku Sumo Hall in 2022 for Grand Princess.

Great show from TJPW, it was their biggest show of the year and it felt like it. Early on didn't feel like a big crowd, but towards the end, you'd believe the place was packed. The show had a little of everything, guests, nostalgia, fun stuff, cute stuff, tears, friendship, bubbles, happy endings, and promising futures, and yes, even for the workrate nerds, there was workrate.

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