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BRM Reviews wXw We Love Wrestling #26

Post by Big Red Machine » Jan 15th, '22, 16:49

wXw We Love Wrestling #26 (12/17/2021)- Borken, Germany

MAGGOT (w/Vincent Heisenberg & Baby Allison) vs. “THE AVALANCHE” ROBERT DREISSKER (w/Anil Marik)- 4.25/10
Everyone at ringside was ejected early on after the referee correctly suspected (but couldn’t prove) they got involved in the match (Heisenberg to cheat and Anil to stop cheating). Avalanche won cleanly with a Dreissker Bomb. Avalanche took a lot more of the match than I thought he should have.

TRISTAN ARCHER vs. TIBO HENDRICK- no rating, good squash
Archer dominated the promising young student, pulled him up when he could have gotten the pin just to torture him with a submission, and then wouldn’t release the submission hold right away after the poor kid tapped, either.

DAN INTERVIEWS JURN SIMMONS & LEVANIEL- Dan said that one of their opponents tonight, Norman Harras “just captured the Shotgun Championship.” That match hasn’t happened yet. Out of all of the companies in the world, wXw is probably the one I would least expect a “WCW, EVERYBODY!” moment from.
Other than that, this was decent. Jurn is apparently challenging for the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title at the 21st Anniversary Show. I’m not really sure what he did to earn this title shot, but he built himself up well. Levaniel reminds us that he is looking for revenge on Bobby Gunns for screwing him over in the opening round of the Catch Grand Prix Blitzturnier.

There is apparently a #1 contendership Ladder match on the Anniversary Show, and delusional Dennis thinks that he and Hektor Invictus are going to somehow both win it.
Dennis won cleanly. Santos was a very good babyface.

ANDY JACKSON INTERVIEWS DENNIS “CASH” DULLNIG- This was an opportunity for Dennis to be a clown and get over the “Hektor and I are going to win together” crap in front of the live crowd. I suppose it’s not impossible that they do some sort of goofy finish where both pull the contract down at the same time and we wind up with a three-way, but I wouldn’t go that route. Then again, I wouldn’t have been doing any of his crap with Dennis.

Both of these guys are students, and both are VERY tall. Oskar is the clean-cut athlete, while Fray is more of tattooed caveman type. This was a REALLY fun five minutes of two tall guys pounding on each other.

wXw SHOTGUN TITLE MATCH: Michael Knight(c) vs. Norman Harras- 7.25/10
Great stuff. They teased their big stuff well and had a great, athletic match. Norman’s diving knee drop looked awesome. Norman won using the ropes for illegal leverage. Hopefully Norman can go back to being his awesome self now that he has the title back. The crowd was pretty happy about this, which I think confirms that I’m not the only one who really wants to see Norman do well.

Norman is all cocky again and calling the fans hicks. He announces his intention to leave this stinky town right now and go back to his five-star hotel and have sex with a hot chick. Andy notes that this will leave Bobby Gunns high and dry in the main event.

Bobby is upset at Norman. Dan suggests that Bobby might be jealous of the fact that Norman is now more successful than him. Gunns got upset and this, flat out telling Dan “you can’t say sh*t like this.”
Tristan Archer walked up and made fun of Dan. He offered to be Bobby’s tag team partner in Norman’s place, and Bobby accepted. This is a good pairing, as it will mean that Archer has to talk less (although I must admit that I thought this segment here was miles beyond anything other mic time he has had in wXw).

EVERYONE IS BARRED FROM RINGSIDE: Vincent Heisenberg vs. Anil Marik- 6/10
This match (with its stipulation) was booked as a result of their little altercation during the opener. Heisenberg was the big monster bully and Anil was the underdog babyface. Heisenberg got DQed for shoving the referee when the ref tried to make him break in the corner.

They kept brawling afterwards. Heisenberg won the brawl, but Avalanche came out to fight him. Maggot and Baby Allison tried to get involved by Avalanche took them out. Avalanche got a mic and said he was sick and tired of this sh*t. He challenged Heisenberg to a match at the Anniversary Show. That felt a little weird, considering that it seemed like he was going to make a challenge for feud-ending match, but I figure they’re saving that for Back to the Roots, which is traditionally bloodier, more hardcore show, and facing Avalanche at the Anniversary Show feels like a big moment for Heisenberg.

They FINALLY announced a card for the 21st Anniversary Show.

The heels worked over Jurn’s arm, then Levaniel’s ankle. This was a great (almost)twenty minutes of action, although Jurn’s piledriver looks way too much like the other guy is just falling on Jurn and not hitting the mat at all. Jurn pinned Gunns, which is a big win for Jurn going into his title shot, and it should give Gunn a chip on his shoulder going into his rubber match against Michael Knight at the Anniversary Show.
Jurn and Levaniel celebrated their victory. I was quite surprised that Marius Al-Ani didn’t come out to have a stare-down with Jurn.

This was a good show from wXw, setting up well for the Anniversary Show and delivering some good matches.
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