BRM Reviews the wXw Shotgun 2020, Episode 7 (7/17/2020)

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BRM Reviews the wXw Shotgun 2020, Episode 7 (7/17/2020)

Post by Big Red Machine » Aug 31st, '20, 10:34

This was a much better mission statement than that thing we got form them before. They want the titles to make money for their families, and they will win them at all costs.
Also, I think that was Norman Harras in the background, but I could be wrong.


I thought his fable was going to go somewhere interesting that would help us understand how he now feels about us fans, but it really didn’t.

Stephanie tells her to stay true to herself and not let Alexander James be such an influence on her.

AVALANCHE PROMO & VIDEO PACKAGE- decent babyface stuff

wXw SHOTGUN TITLE TOURNAMENT SEMIFINAL MATCH: “The Avalanche” Robert Dreissker vs. Metehan (w/Ezel)- 3.75/10
Metehan won clean in just under five minutes. I was SHOCKED that a match between these two went so short.

Marius scolds them for just standing around and talking rather than working out. He says that Avalanche must be teaching them nothing, which gets Anil Marik upset. Al-Ani says that he’d be a much better coach than Avalanche, and walks off. Marik, Heisenberg, and Fast Time Moodo all dismiss the idea.

The first few minutes of this were Levaniel trying to get Kelly to talk about her relationship while Kelly kept telling him “no, I’m here to talk about the women’s title.” Levaniel kept insisting, with these tremendously transparent reasons as to why Kelly should forget about Amale’s wXw Women’s Title, and Kelly kept seeing through his bullsh*t and saying “no.” It was more entertaining than it sounds.
Eventually Levaniel shifted tactics and told Kelly that she should trust in Absolute Andy’s secret plan, but Kelly got fed up and said that Andy should come out here, and lo and behold, Andy did.
Andy finally fesses up that there is no secret plan. Levaniel then snatches the mic away from him and starts to tell Kelly that he was trying to tell her exactly that: There is no secret plan, and thus she should forget all about the title.
He prattles on, criticizing her for refusing to have a title shot handed to her at 16 Carat Gold, but now coming out here and wanting one. He calls her a “stupid, silly girl” and says that giving up her title shot is “almost as stupid as your relationship with AJ.” This whole segment you could see Kelly starting to lose it, and it ramped up when Andy came out and told her that there was no plan, and Levaniel criticizing her relationship was the last straw and she slapped him and was about to mount him and rain down punches but Andy pulled her off.
Levaniel tried to get a cheap shot in on her but Andy was in the way and threatened to punch him in the face. Andy then gave a speech where he actually sounded like a real leader for once, telling Kelly that everyone is in a bad situation and there is no champion for her to fight, so what does she want him to do? He says that Levaniel is right that she gave away her chance for a title shot, so if she wants one now, she’ll have to earn it. And she can do that by defeating… “Miss Levaniel.” Yeah, that line was maybe a little misogynistic, but Kelly had no problem with it. In fact, she was downright pleased. Levaniel, on the other hand… not so much.

NO DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH: Ezel (Abdul & Aytac) vs. Prugelbruder (Mike Schwarz & Alpha Kevin)- 4.25/10
The no DQs stip was a surprise for both teams, added by Andy right before the match, but it makes sense with the feud. This was a very meh brawl. I was shocked that Ezel lost, as the fact that they’re associated with Metehan had me assuming that they’re pegged for a much higher spot on the card than the lovable undercard duo of Prugelbruder. This loss- both because of how short it was and who it was to- made them look A LOT less dangerous than they should.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT- After the babyfaces leave, Metehan comes out and scream at Ezel and smacks them around a bit. This shows that at least wXw understands that I said in the above paragraph and that they already have a plan to do something about it.

DIE RAUCHERPAUSE HAVE A TEAM MEETING- Everyone is joking around until Norman Harras shows up. He says they need to talk about Ezel (so it seems I was right before) and that’s our cliffhanger.

This was an okay episode of Shotgun 2020. It was definitely disappointing in the ring, but the stories are all starting to come to a head, so that’s good. They definitely have me interested with their little cliffhanger.
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