BRM Reviews the 8/20/2019 205 Live (Captain's Challenge Elimination Tag Team Match)

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BRM Reviews the 8/20/2019 205 Live (Captain's Challenge Elimination Tag Team Match)

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OPENING VIDEO PACKAGE- Gulak’s part was a little too corny and over the top. Lorcan’s on the other hand, was pretty good. Both hyped up their teams for the…

TEN-MAN ELIMINATION TAG TEAM MATCH: Team Gulak (Drew Gulak, Angel Garza, Ariya Daivari, Mike Kanellis, & Tony Nese) vs. TEAM LORCAN (Oney Lorcan, Humberto Carrillo, Jack Gallagher, Akira Tozawa, & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott)- 8.5/10
Nigel referred to Scott as a “former EVOLVE Champion,” and also explained to us that “’Swerve’ mean ‘confidence.’” This both makes me happy by plugging EVOLVE and also explains to me why this guy keeps calling himself “swerve,” which is a weird thing to call yourself.
Gallagher brought all of his teammates umbrellas so they could all do his dive. Crap like this is what I watch 205 Live to get away from! At least they did it for the match had officially started.
Tozawa was the first man out. He was eliminated about six minutes in after bumping heads with Gallagher on the apron and then getting hit by Mike’s finisher. Maria was show watching backstage and was pleased. Mike was then immediately headbutted and pinned by Jack Gallagher. Maria was no longer pleased.
Later we were shown a backstage argument going on between Kendrick, Tozawa, and Gallagher with Tozawa rubbing his head just wanting to know “what happened out there,” Kendrick insisting that Tozawa’s elimination tonight was Gallagher’s fault, and Gallagher firing back by telling Tozawa that he only won their match last week because Kendrick knocked his foot off the ropes. Kendrick said that was a “strong accusation” and suggested that they have a match next week. Gallagher was amenable to that proposal and went to go find Drake Maverick. Kendrick told Tozawa not to believe a word that Gallagher said.
Later in the match they cut off the sound to show us a picture-in-picture promo by Lucha House Party. Lincé Dorado says that Humberto Carrillo had an alibi so he couldn’t have been the one to attack Gran Metalik last week. Kalisto is certain that Daivari did it but Lincé says that they have no proof. Kalisto vows to beat a confession out of Daivari in their match next week. These guys are still acting a little too goofy for my tastes, but this was better than they have been in recent weeks.
There were three stories in this match. The first was Nese still being a babyface even though he was teaming with the heels. The second was Gulak ducking Lorcan, and the third was Garza vs. Carrillo. All of the final seven got a chance to shine, with Garza and Carrillo finishing off the match with a heck of a final segment.

This was a great episode of 205 Live. Anytime you give the balance of an episode to one singular match and that match delivers, you’re going to wind up with a great show. That being said, this didn’t quite have that special feeling that you got from a match like the Ambrose vs. Rollins ironman match in FCW. It was an awesome wrestling match, but it wasn’t anything that belt especially big within the context of promotion. The set-ups for next week were well done, although why they chose to air the Lucha House Party promo in the middle of the match instead of before it is beyond me.
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