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BRM Reviews the 8/27/2019 205 Live (awesome!)

Posted: Aug 28th, '19, 18:36
by Big Red Machine
OPENING SEGMENT- didn’t like it
We started off with a recap of last week’s captain’s challenge tag team elimination match, followed by footage from earlier today of the two survivors of that match, Humberto Carrillo and Team Lorcan captain Oney Lorcan, in Drake Maverick’s office. Lorcan insisted to Drake that he wasn’t done with Drew Gulak yet and wanted another shot at his title. Drake said that because they the survivors of last week’s elimination tag, it means that they both “technically” have a victory over Drew Gulak, and thus would meet in a #1 contendership match later tonight.
Sorry, Drake, but I’ve got to call BS on this one. First of all, while their team did beat Gulak’s and they were the remaining members of the team when Gulak was eliminated, Gulak was eliminated via DQ and thus neither of them really did anything to earn a title shot. Secondly, if we’re giving out #1 contendership matches to people who have merely “technically” gotten wins over the champion, then the rest of their team should be in this match as well, as they won the match just as much as these two did. It was a TEAM match, so if you want to be technical about it, everyone wins or everyone loses.

They did a lot of experimenting with moving the crane-cam during the action. It gave things this odd CGI type of feel. The match itself was very exciting, with several big spots placed very well in the match. Daivari eventually got the win when he countered an attempted Salida Del Sol by turning Kalisto’s mask so he couldn’t see, then hitting his finisher.

Daivari attacked Kalisto after the match. Lucha House Party came out to make the save. Gran Metalik was a few steps in front of Lincé Dorado, Daivari was able to dispatch of him before Lincé got into the ring. When Lincé finally arrived, Daivari tried once again to convince Lincé to leave Lucha House Party and join up with him. Lincé didn’t join up with Daivari, but he didn’t try to attack him, either, allowing him to leave the ring unmolested. The story continues.

Nese acknowledges his clean defeat last week. He says he is still committed to his vow to do “anything” to win the title back, but realizes that he might need to change up “the way I go about doing things.” The real message here was that previously when he said “do anything” he really just meant he was willing to team with people he doesn’t like, as he volunteered to do in last week’s big elimination tag. After getting beaten cleanly last week, it seems like he is now going to take the next step down that slow road to heel-dom. It came across a lot less dry than I’m making it sound.

They realize they’ve been losers, so they are going to take some time off to examine things and promise to come back better than ever. Hooray for not having to see these two goofballs on my TV anymore!

#1 CONTENDERSHIP MATCH: Oney Lorcan vs. Humberto Carrillo- 8/10
The story of the match was Lorcan grounding Carrillo early on, but as Carrillo was able to get some space and start flying around more, Lorcan had to start taking high-flying chances as well. Carrillo won. He has not suffered a pinfall loss since before WrestleMania.


Yet another awesome episode of 205 Live, the best weekly wrestling show in the world.

1. Vic Joseph made a comment about how “if we can’t seem to figure out who attacked Roman Reigns, then Gran Metalik might be in trouble.”
I guess Vic wasn’t watching the end of Smackdown a mere fifteen minutes ago, because we just did find out who attacked Roman Reigns.