BRM Reviews the 9/11/2019 NXT UK

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BRM Reviews the 9/11/2019 NXT UK

Post by Big Red Machine » Sep 15th, '19, 14:12

IMPERIUM PROMO- good heel stuff. I like the “heels who think they are the real babyfaces” aspect to it.

IMPERIUM (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) (w/Imperium) vs. TWO JOBBERS- squash
The jobbers tried very hard but were no match for Imperium. WALTER beat one of them up after the match, just because. I didn’t like that part, as it made them feel a bit too much like generic heels.

He accuses Ohno of using “underhanded tactics” in their match last week. I don’t remember any, and the closest the recap came to anything like that was saying that Ohno “took advantage” of the fact that Scala was “unprepared” and “forced to wrestle in street clothes,” which is Johnny Saints fault for booking the match, not Ohno’s.
Scala apparently went and whined to his buddy Johnny Saint who has booked them in a rematch for next week in a “British Rounds” match. At least that part makes sense because Ohno has been telling everyone that he is “the best British wrestler in NXT UK” (although they probably should have explained the rules), but this is still a supposed babyface in a position of authority falsely claiming that someone has cheated to beat him and going to his even high authority figure buddy and getting an undeserved rematch booked.

This was great for the time it got. They actually had me convinced Smith was going to win at one point.

TONI STORM NO-SHOWS AN INTERVIEW WITH RADZIE- Hey, look! A way to show that a wrestler is distraught after losing an important match. Now I’m interested to see where this story with Toni goes, and have also had it reinforced to me that this title actually does mean a lot to these wrestlers.
Yeah, I know. Relitigating Cena’s infamous “titles come and titles go” comment is old hat by now, but I am so struck by just how much Vince misses the ball on these things by not allowing his characters to act like real people.

NINA SAMUELS SHOWS UP AND STEALS THE INTERIVEW- She didn’t say anything new or interesting, but Nina has her character down well enough that I can enjoy the little things like the over-grandiosity of her speech pattern.

BRITISH ROUNDS MATCH VIDEO PACKAGE- I’m sorry… I’m just not excited for three-minute rounds. They’re too short. Even five is too short. Ten would be better, because I can believe that at midcarder can get beaten twice in ten-minute rounds.

SHAX vs. TEGAN NOX- squash
Shax’s gimmick appears to be either that she is from the era of Sherlock Holmes, or that she is wearing a “Sexy Daffney” Halloween costume. Nox for her part appears to me to be the heel. I don’t care how many injuries you’ve come back from. If you call your Shining Wizard finisher the “Shiniest Wizard,” you’re someone I want to see lose every match. She also has what appears to be a “Team Kick” armband, which means she’s friends with Dakota Kai, which is also a heel move.

Kay Lee Ray came out to complain that everyone is talking about Tegan Nox and not her even though she just won the title. She’s not wrong to be upset. Tegan challenged her to a fight but Kay Lee Ray backed down.

NOAM DAR PRESS CONFERENCE- This was a highly entertaining way to set up for an eventual match between Dar and Trent Seven.

We were told that Joe Coffey and Dave Mastiff are still so injured from their Last Man Standing match at TakeOver that they are not yet cleared to complete.

NXT UK TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: “Flash” Morgan Webster(c) & Mark Andrews vs. Grizzled Young Veterans- 7.75/10
GYV hit a spike shoulderbreaker. That’s a new one. The babyfaces picked up the win to retain their titles.

A fine episode of NXT UK.
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