BRM Reviews the 10/11/2019 205 Live

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BRM Reviews the 10/11/2019 205 Live

Post by Big Red Machine » Oct 19th, '19, 17:33

A solid win for Burch and Lorcan in about twelve minutes. Everyone’s offense looked great. Gulak doing some kind of Emerald Flowsion-like thing and Burch & Lorcan’s finisher both looked quite sick.


DREW GULAK PROMO FROM WWE’S YOUTUBE PAGE AFTER LOSING THE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE- Gulak has taken this loss with a shocking amount of sportsmanship. I was not expecting that one bit. He put over not just Lio Rush but the entire division.

LIO RUSH PROMO FROM WWE’S YOUTUBE PAGE AFTER WINNING THE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE- good babyface stuff from Lio. They also showed a Tweet from him in which he saod he’ll take on all comers and specifically offered Gualk a rematch.

ARIYA DAIVARI PROMO- decent cheap heat heel stuff.

ARIYA DAIVARI vs. A JOBBER- good squash

NO DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH: Akira Tozawa vs. Brian Kendrick- 7.5/10
These two had a great and rather creative weapons match. The crowd, unfortunately, just wanted to see tables. Remember when there used to be actual wrestling fans in crowds instead of people who were fans of chanting things because they think they’re part of the show and have a spot to hit?
Anyway, Tozawa was about to win when Mike Kanellis ran in and beat him up, then dragged Kendrick on top of him for the pin. Kendrick and Kanellis left together. That is definitely an odd pairing, but it does feel like it makes some kind of sense, as both men seem to have a distorted view of the world.

Another great episode of 205 Live. I really hope this show doesn’t get cancelled.
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