BRM Reviews the 10/10/2019 NXT UK (TERRIBLE)

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BRM Reviews the 10/10/2019 NXT UK (TERRIBLE)

Post by Big Red Machine » Nov 4th, '19, 20:34

Tom Phillips is on commentary with Nigel McGuinness now. He got to tell us that we’re getting a tag title match between Andrews & Webster and Gallus next week.

THE HUNT vs. PRETTY DEADLY (Lewis Howley & Sam Stoker)- 1/10
The Hunt won a not-quite-squash.

Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner of Imperium came out to cut a promo on The Hunt, but when they got too close to the ring, Wild Boar dove onto them and started a brawl. Alexander Wolfe came out to tip the scales in favor of Imperium and they won the brawl.


JACK STARZ vs. JORDAN DEVLIN- no rating, meh squash
This went on for too long.

Jordan Devlin grabbed a mic and ranted about he was the biggest star on this brand, not WALTER or Tyler Bate or anyone like that. Dave Mastiff came out and Devlin ran away. Mastiff challenged Devlin to a match. Not sure if this was supposed to be right now, after Mastiff’s match with Kenny Williams, or at some later point. Devlin didn’t respond.

This was one-sided but without being a squash, as we were supposed to get behind Williams as the small man bravely facing the large man. Williams lost, but Mastiff showed him respect after the match.

XIA BROOKSIDE’S VLOG IS INTERRUPTED BY NINA SAMUELS- this was not good. It resulted in Xia challenging Nina to a match.

They thank the fans for supporting them and say that their tag title victory wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the fans. They say they want to make the NXT UK tag team division the best it can be, so there will defend their titles anywhere against anyone.
Gallus comes out and cuts a promo on them. This was boring and felt like they shoe-horned an in-ring segment into this show just to hype next week’s tag title match up when they really should have just done the match this week.

Dar says that Trent Seven “couldn’t get the job done” against him two weeks ago (Trent got DQ for not breaking in the ropes), but Dar is willing to “be the bigger man and put this behind us.” Trent Seven showed up- along with several referees trying to keep him back- and yelled at Dar. A pull-apart ensued, with Dar getting off a final cheapshot. Sid Scala booked them in a match for two weeks from now. This was a good segment, but Dar in particular was tremendous.

ALICIA TAYLOR INTERVIEWS MARK ANDREWS & “FLASH” MORGAN WEBSTER- Before they could say anything, they were interrupted by the Grizzled Young Veterans walking by and Gibson stole their promo.

PIPER NIVEN vs. JAZZY GABERT (w/Jinny)- no rating, TERRIBLE segment
They did some stuff for a bit. Once Piper was ready to make her comeback, Jinny got into the ring just to get headbutted down and dispatched easily, like a mere manager. And not even one you want to get heat on, either. While the referee was tending to Jinny, Rhea Ripley ran out and kicked Jazzy in the head. She rolled Jazzy into the ring and Piper hit a splash and pinned Jazzy. So not only did we pin our big monster heel and bump Jinny for no reason, but the babyface needed help to win.

This was HORRENDOUS episode of NXT UK. Just terrible. I might well just stop watching.
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