BRM Reviews the 11/8/2019 205 Live (I hope this isn't the new normal)

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BRM Reviews the 11/8/2019 205 Live (I hope this isn't the new normal)

Post by Big Red Machine » Nov 14th, '19, 19:24

Mansour is here, which the announcers use as an excuse to talk about their Saudi propaganda. At least, unlike on the main roster, they were telling us that Mansour said that he “wanted to follow up on” his momentum to try to make his match with Cesaro feel like the start of a real story rather than just the Saudi guy getting put over in Saudi Arabia to make MBS feel happy.
The match itself was very good for the time it got.

THEY SHOWED MOST (IF NOT ALL) OF THE #1 CONTENDERSHIP MATCH FROM NXT- see my rating in my review of NXT, but I’d prefer they not do this sort of thing.

He’s apparently on 205 Live now.

This was great for the time it got, but it didn’t get much time at all, and seems entirely pointless after these two had a much better match in the main event of last week’s show, with the exact same result.

This was a disappointing episode of 205 Live. While the Full Sail crowd was certainly hotter than the crowds they’ve had while touring with Smackdown, the amount of Survivor Series video packages and the big long second-run match eating up so much of the show made this feel like an episode of Main Event more than anything else.

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