BRM Reviews the 12/6/2019 205 Live

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BRM Reviews the 12/6/2019 205 Live

Post by Big Red Machine » Dec 11th, '19, 19:24

The gimmick for tonight is that Lio Rush and Angel Garza are being allowed to sleect each other’s opponents. This is something we have seen on 205 Live before and thus Vic Joseph is horribly, terribly wrong to refer to it as “unique.” If you’re a wrestling commentator, you really should stay away from that word unless you unequivocally know your statement to be true.

Aiden English decries Rush’s choice of Mendoza as a mistake because both are luchadores of Mexican descent and thus clearly know each other’s style. Um… you know that there are many different styles sued within Lucha Libre, right, Aiden? I hope his in-laws give him a talking to at some point.
The match was great athletic opener stuff. Garza won clean.

They showed us a recap of Jack Gallagher snapping last week, then showed us a Tweet of his from shortly afterwards saying, “I’m done.”

This was supposed to be this Trent Newman fellow randomly facing the Singh Brothers in a handicap match but Tony Nese came out and saved us from more of the Singh Brothers by offering to face this jobber on his own.
This went on longer than it needed to. Also, this “Trent Newman” fellow appears to have stolen Tracer X’s gear.

The Singh Brothers beat up the jobber some more and then one counted a pin for the other on the jobber.

NXT CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Lio Rush(c) vs. Danny Burch- 7.75/10
A great babyface vs. babyface match that went to a disappointing DQ finish when Garza attacked both men. Yes, it builds up to the NXT Title match on NXT next week and sets up for a Burch vs. Garza match, but unless you’re going to give Burch a rematch, why couldn’t we have just had Rush win clean and Garza come out and attack him after the match.

A very good episode of 205 Live, despite the disappointing finish in the main event. I’m still intrigued by Gallagher’s storyline, and this definitely did a good job of getting me hyped up for NXT.
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