PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 4

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PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 4

Post by cero2k » Mar 2nd, '17, 20:19

PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 4

Part Four
The Return of the King

We start the show with Roy Johnson coming out to the ring. He's making an open challenge. RJ Singh came out, he looked like a dweeb, I didn't even recognized him from last show.

"Bodyguy" Roy Johnson vs RJ Singh - 5/10
RJ Singh for the untrained, is the commentator for PROGRESS, he used to be a wrestling until 2015 when he started doing more non-wrestler stuff. This is technically his return match. Match was a lot more competitive than what I was expecting, and i'll only accept it because Singh has 14 yrs of experience on Johnson, but realistically Johnson should have run with this match. Only problem is that they made it seem like Singh had more heart than experience. Earl Black Jr came out, attacked Johnson to give Singh the win, then attacked Singh himself.

After the attack Darrell Allen came out and scare Black Jr away. After the last 3 episodes, i feel the heel/face alignment ended completely backwards here.

Back in the Bedford's halls, Jack Sexsmith is likely sexting someone. A young pretty blonde trainee comes to him asking for advice. Why would anyone ask Sexsmith for any kind of advice, other than which condoms fit best in your hands, beats me. He did suggest sitting on someone's face and then proceeded to get undressed.

As he walks out, he sees some oriental guy and they just start brawling, a huge pull-apart breaks out around the Bedford, they eventually make it out to the ring.

Shen Woo vs Jack Sexsmith - 5.5/10
Sexsmith is wrestling using only gym shorts and girl's pijama shoes or whatever they're called. Sexsmith injures his knee in the first minute of the match, Woo worked that leg all match, so I take it it wasn't legit. Woo was a lot more decent than he looks, but for some reason when he talks, it kills this killer ninja I was trying to make in my head

"The Hipstar" Kyle Ashmore vs Damon Moser - 7/10
I liked both guys entrance songs, Moser looked more legit today that he isn't just wearing a PROGRESS t-shirt to the ring, he still needs to buy some knee-pads. Ashmore is quite good in the ring and he definitely made Moser look better than he is. Match was mostly throwing each other around and kicks and knees. Towards the end we did start getting some good near falls which, I may have taken as near falls because I figured there was no way Moser was winning. I wasn't a big fan of Moser's finishing sequence, I'm not a big fan of Moser period. Looking forward to seeing Ashmore in the main PROGRESS show.

Main event was good, but I didn't care about anyone featured tonight. The one thing I found most interest was the potential of that pretty blonde trainee getting in the ring since PROGRESS has a pretty good record with female competitors. I still think the whole Dazzler feud is backwards and Moser sucks. I also want more backstage segments.

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