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PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 11

Posted: Jun 29th, '17, 08:17
by cero2k
PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 11

Part Eleven
One Man Riot

Outside the arena, David Franscisco confronts Danny Duggan about their last match, Moses backs up Duggan.

Inside the arena, Thatcher confronts James Davis, he doesn't say anything, he just stands in his way as Davis just circles around him.

6-man Scrumble Match
'Fantastic' David Francisco vs "The Hipstar" Ashmore vs Spike Trivet vs Dillon D'Angelo vs Alex Cupid vs Danny Duggan - 5/10
It's three heels and three babyfaces, don't know why they didn't just do a tag match, especially since two of the babyfaces are a legit tag team, and they're doing a bunch of 3-on-3 spots. You know how sometimes wrestlers run away from under the ring? Well PROGRESS put a camera under the ring and we got to see the action, this is why PROGRESS is so far ahead of everyone when it comes to giving their matches a cinematic feeling. Damon Moser came in, straight up punched Francisco, which Ashmore takes advantage to sneak a pin out of. Aside from the pin, I don't think we ever saw any spots between two heels or two babyfaces.

Match was mostly a spot fest. One of those where the match ends and you remember nothing.

James Davis vs Timothy Thatcher - 7/10
Before the match Davis cuts a promo on Thatcher because Thatcher had previously called him a 'drunken showsmen' and that he didn't respect him, to which Davis says that he doesn't care being called a drunken showsmen, but Thatcher's lack of respect bothers him because he's one half of the most decorated tag team in England.

Match was all back and forward, for anything that one would do, the other would do something along the lines or equally devastating. Match started grounded in the mat, then it became a striking match, they started brawling outside, some dives, and when back inside the ring, Thatcher failed to make Davis tap to a sleeper, but Davis locks in a Cobra Clutch with bodyscissors and makes Thatcher tap out. Good match.

Good show, first half advanced a story, but wasn't that interesting. Second part was a lot better. No Darrell Allen which is great, but no Candyfloss, which sucks.