Cero Reviews AEW Dynamite 10.16: Darby vs Jericho

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Cero Reviews AEW Dynamite 10.16: Darby vs Jericho

Post by cero2k » Oct 16th, '19, 20:07

AEW Dynamite
October 16, 2019
Philadelphia, PA

Opening angle - S.C.U. came out for their match, but The Lucha Bros attacked them, took out Chris Daniels with a Fear Factor on the ramp, Daniels did the stretcher job, and thus forced Scorpio Sky to replace him in the match. I LOVED the detail of Sky taping up his hands in the ring.

AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament First Round Match
Best Friends vs S.C.U. (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian) - 7.5/10
Really spotty match, the action was all over the place. Both teams looked really good, but there is no denying that Sky/Kaz are just golden together. Big story here was that Sky wasn't even supposed to be here, thus he was unprepared an wrestling in slacks and tennis shoes (which he lost throughout the match), so this all gave Best Friends the edge, which eventually S.C.U. came back from to win. Finishing move was kinda botched, but it looked credible enough to run with it. It was like a dropkick into a powerbomb.

S.C.U vs The Dark Order is the first semifinal.

The Beaver Boys vs Santana and Ortiz - Squash
John Silver and fake Roderick Strong aka Alex Reynolds came out during the commercials. This was a total squash, they played around with Silver until the landed the Street Sweeper, Reynolds never made it in the ring.

Post-match - Jericho cut a promo on the tron, putting over Santana and Ortiz. Jericho made an challenge in behalf of them against the Young Bucks for Full Gear. Ortiz kept shouting 'The Best' which got mixed with Jericho's audio.

Cody Video Package - We're in Cody's house where Brandi is talking business, Cody seems to be focused on something. Brandi, DDP, Cody's mom?, MJF, Schiavone, and JR, all talked about Cody's focus and his drive and what defeating Jericho means to him. This was really good, made it seem that Cody is putting all importance into the title match. Awesome production are above every other promotion.

AEW Women's World Championship Match
Riho (C) vs Dr. Britt Baker, DMD - 7/10
There's still a size difference, but not that much, so this was more about Baker going for submissions on Riho, but the champ kept making the ropes. A lot of Baker's moves actually focused on Riho's jaw, working towards the Lockjaw. Riho on the other hand, once again depended a lot on strikes, footstomps, and roll-ups.

The match was being ok at most for a while when Baker was in control, but once Riho turned it around and started her offense, the pace sped up, the crowd woke up, and we got considerably more drama to the spots. Finish saw Baker lock in the Lockjaw, he had trouble because Riho knew to not open her mouth, but once Baker got the claw in, Riho used the momentum and rolled over and pinned Baker to retain. Riho looked miles ahead of Baker in terms of in-ring performance.

AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament First Round Match
Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt) vs The Lucha Brothers - 7.5/Squash?
It was announced prior to the show that Luchasaurus was injured and that Marko Stunt had to replace him. This just now looks like a handicap of handicap matches, Pentagon could believably kill them both. Talking about Pentagon, he has an AWESOME Perros del Mal themed mask tonight.

Marko and Penta started adn well, it was a sight. I don't know how much time they had to prepare this match, but it was also all spots from the get go. JE had to rely a lot on team work in order for the offense to look credible against Penta. Marko at one point kicked out of the Penta Driver, but that didn't stop the torture session. There was a spot during the commercials with Penta pretty much doing a one-handed Military Press into a Superkick from Fenix. This was becoming a murder session.

Eventually Jungle Boy got the hot tag and came close to pinning Fenix, but a minute later, Penta took him out with a Canadian Destroyer, broke Marko's arm, hit the Spike Fear Factor, and won the match. If not for the hot tag, I'd totally call this a squash, the one-sidedness was too much. Awesome squash tho.

There was a tag towards the end that people will complain about because Penta was inside the ring when he got the tag, let them focus on insignificances. Also, talking about insignificances, can JR stop calling Jungle Boy as "Jungle Jack Perry" ? It's his shoot name, but still.

Lucha Bros vs Private Party is the second Semifinal.

PAC & Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega & "Hangman" Adam Page - 8.5/10
Omega's theme has been slightly modified to cut off the slow part at the start, I'm guessing this will be used mostly for Dynamite where the time is limited. As the crowd also told us, it's Kenny Omega's birthday tonight.

The pair offs were heated from the get go, Mox and Omega couldn't way to get to it and Omega ended up jumping Mox to start the match. Page and PAC meanwhile brawled outside the ring. Back in the ring, the story was that Omega was going crazy for Mox, so he was a terrible teammate for Page, who got worked on for a while; meanwhile, PAC and Mox actually worked nicely together. Omega's hot tag was good, hitting a ton of Dragon Suplexes.

The match eventually led to Omega and Mox going at it in the ring until the heat built up enough that both of them went for barb-wired weapons and started swinging at each other, but it was PAC of all men who took the weapons away and told Mox that he wasn't want to lose by DQ. Mox went Stone Cold on him, flipped him off, hit a DDT, and left him for dead. Page hit the Buckshot Lariat, Omega hit him off with a V-Trigger, and Page pinned him with a Dead-eye. Awesome match.

PAC ate his first defeat, slowing him down a bit.

Commentary table ran down next week's card and announced that PAC and Mox are wrestling each other in addition to the Semifinals of the tag team tournament.

AEW World Heavyweight Championship Philadelphia Street Fight Match
Chris Jericho (C) vs Darby Allin - 9/10
We got big match Jericho for this match, face paint and all, and props to him for coming out alone.

The match was as expected, Jericho beating up Darby from all sides and working a lot of Darby's indie spots like getting his arms tied up behind his back. Darby had a ton of hope spots and would catch momentum every now and then, but Jericho would keep cutting him off. Darby was close to hitting the Coffin Drop, but Hager came down and knocked him out of the top rope, setting him up for the Walls of Jericho and the verbal submission. They protected Darby with this loss, he didn't need to given how much punishment he had already taken, but i'm not mad about it.

This was an awesome match, it lived up to the hype. Darby made himself a superstar working with his hands tied behind his back. This is what people will talk about, I just hope they don't go crazy about it and use every show.

Jericho must LOVE working with ref Aubrey, they always push each other in their matches.

Post-match - The Inner Circle came out to celebrate with champagne as the show went off the air.

I was debating whether to call this show "Darby vs Jericho", "Two Titles On The Line", or "An Ode to Tag Team Wrestling". I probably should had just gone with "This show is fucking packed!" This was seriously good, especially inside the ring. Third week in, AEW is fucking awesome.

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