Cero Reviews AEW DYnamite 11.6: Full Gear Go-Home Show

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Cero Reviews AEW DYnamite 11.6: Full Gear Go-Home Show

Post by cero2k » Nov 6th, '19, 20:14

AEW Dynamite
November 6, 2019
Charlotte, NC

PAC vs Trent? w/ Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy - 7.5/10
Be it the presence of Taylor and OC, or the crowd getting in his head, but PAC is out of the game to start the match and Trent gets some good offense in, but quickly enough, he focuses and beats the shit out of Trent. He was getting beat up so bad that OC ran in to distract PAC and give Trent some time to recover, but ended up taking a boot to the face instead. Trent did recover and made a comeback to avenge his fallen friend. This is what good friends would do.

They traded some big spots, Trent got a nice near fall after a Tornado DDT, and Trent even kicked out at 2.99 of the Black Arrow, but ended up passing out to the Brutalizer. Awesome opener. I'm surprised by how much Trent got in, you would think he could get built for a bit singles match in the future.

Post-match - PAC cut a prom telling Page that he's gonna kick his ass.

The crowd is loud tonight.

Cody In-ring Promo - Cody may be the most over person tonight, this being his hometown. He has an announcement to make, but before he does, he hypes the crowd naming names and he brings up the controversy of himself being management and a wrestler and so, the announcement is that if he doesn't defeat Jericho at Full Gear, he'll never challenge for the AEW World Championship again. Tim Storm is already doing this. Cody cut a great promo about Jericho undermining his achievements, that THIS ISN"T ABOUT HIS DAD, and that at Full Gear, he becomes the World Champion.

SCU and Lucha Bros are out for commentary and check out the third competitor for the tag match at Full Gear. Lucha Bros joined the Spanish commentary table and I wish I had Spanish audio.

Winners advance to Full Gear World Tag Team Title 3-way Match
The Dark Order vs Private Party - 7.5/10
So they gave out medals to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places of the tag team tournament, this match is between the two losers of the semifinals and thus competing for the 3rd place spot. Evil Uno has started wrestling with a top on, and I think we all appreciate it, people have been asking for it for a while.

Match itself was a good tag team match. Dark Order got the heat on Kassidy, then Quen had an interesting hot tag when he walked in straight into a double team move and near fall, but he did manage to recover and take the match back. Chaos followed, Dark Order got some good near falls, but PP won with Gin n' Tonic. Good basic match, liked the change in the hot tag.

Jericho Appreciation Video - It was hilarious. We got a Soul Train Jones cameo.

Riho & Shanna vs Emi Sakura & Jayme Hayter - 7/10
I think both Hayter and Shanna must have impressed the office a lot to get matches on Dynamite so soon and a good time to show off at that. Sakura is the challenger to Riho, so the crowd was mixed with her, some people played to her shtick, some booed her in support of Riho.

Match had two babyface in peril runs, but they were nicely crafted. Riho got cut off so long and brutally, that when Shanna came in for the hot tag, it took forever for Riho to recover, and thus the numbers game was too much for Shanna to take on by herself, so eventually, it was Shanna that needed to tag out, and now it was Riho who got the hot tag. Final sequence was Sakura vs Riho, with a lot of pin trading until Sakura got the pin over the champion. The teacher has the student's number. Match was good, Shanna is gonna dark horse this division if AEW allows her to do her thing.

Brandi Rhodes The Teenage Witch Promo - Awesome promo that builds up the pairing of her and Kong as a brains and body combo. There was no magic in this promo, but the look was still great.

Brandon Cutler vs Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard - 4.5/10
Another win for Spears but he gave Cutler too much for my taste. They're wins, but people won't get behind him because he's having trouble beating comedy acts and jobbers.

Post-match - Spears was going to give Cutler a move on a chair, but Janela came out for the save and ran them off. Janela challenged him to a match and was pissed given what happened at the end of Dark this week.

Omega vs Moxley Video Package - Omega said some words, but not much of a promo really. This was build around Moxley's violent past.

"Hangman" Adam Page & Kenny Omega vs The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara) w/Jake Hager - 8/10
Schiavone: The call him [Sammy Guevara] the "Spanish God"? Jim, do you call him that?
JR: Yeah.

Well fuck...

Last week I said I needed a singles match between Omega and Jack Evans, now I want a singles match with Omega and Guevara. Sammy, as the match's punching bag was great. The match was for the most part back and forward, never really felt like someone was in dire need for the tag. It all built to Page coming close to taking out Jericho with the Buckeye, but that Bastard PAC came down and low blowed Page behind the ref's back, only to get fed to Jericho's Judas Effect for the pin.

Post-match - TIC kept attacking Page until Cody came for the save. Jericho and Hager took off, but Sammy got taken out, but as they went up the ramp, MJF sneaked up behind them and took them out with a chair. Jericho got tossed into the ring where Cody hit the CrossRhodes.

On the other side of the arena, Moxley arrived with a Barb-Wire Bat in hand. Mox and Omega faced off in the ring until Santana and Ortiz took both of them out. Bucks ran out for the save.

From here on, all the feuds for Full Gear paired up and brawled around the ring and ramp, even Omega and Mox kinda teamed up for a minute to take out Santana and Ortiz. Around the chaos, Nick Jackson hit a senton from the entrance structure. Mox and Omega brawled to the back while the rest brawled around as the show went off the air. Hell of an angle.

At first I was feeling that this was a weak go-home show with some of the matches tonight, but as the show went on, I was sold, the whole card got something going on for it, with the exception of the Baker/Bea pre-show match I guess. The closing angle was a hell of an angle.

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