Cero Reviews AEW Dynamite 11.13: Full Gear Fallout

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Cero Reviews AEW Dynamite 11.13: Full Gear Fallout

Post by cero2k » Nov 13th, '19, 20:10

AEW Dynamite
November 13, 2019
Nashville, Tennessee

Cold Open - Quick recap of Full Gear with beautiful emphasis on MFJ's turn and zero mention of the Lights Out match because technically, it didn't happen under AEW control.

Kenny Omega Health Update - He has a black eye that looks like make up. He has some nasty cuts in the back that also look like make up. Omega is not cleared but finds out that Moxley was cleared.

Jon Moxley vs Michael Nakazawa - Squash
I guess Nakazawa is getting revenge for what Mox did to Omega. Nakazawa tossed the oil away and rushed Mox, but Mox killed him with the PS.

Post-match - Mox cut a promo saying that he did as promised and that he respects Omega for standing up against him. Mox called out the roster to step up to him and that he'll go one by one until he's the last man standing. No one came out.

Dark Order vs Jurassic Express - 7/10
Good match, there was a little hiccup towards the end with Marko slipping off the ropes, but it worked out ok. Talking about Marko, he was the babyface in peril, leading to a good hot tag by Perry. Dark Order won with the Fatality.

Post-match - Evil Uno cut a promo telling putting Marko over. Uno tries to recruit Marko as one of the creepers, but Jungle Boy interrupts them. Grayson and the Creeps attack both guys. Uno is placing the creeper mask on Jungle Boy, but Luchasaurus makes his return for the save. Takes out all of the creepers. Uno leaves Grayson to get chokeslammed.

Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard vs "The Librarian" Peter Avalon w/"The Librarian" Leva Bates vs Darby Allin - Squash
This was mostly Allin vs Spears with Avalon getting his ass kicked every time he tried to get in the match, but as Spears started dominating, Janela came out to distract Spears, and they went off brawling through the crowd. Back in the ring Allin easily defeated Avalon with the coffin drop. This was probably the first 3-way squash i've ever seen.

Post-match - "Jon Moxley, I accept,". This match has already been confirmed for Indianapolis.

Nyla Rose vs Dani Jordyn - Squash
Rose was just vicious out there, complete dominance. Nyla wins with a sitdown bomb.

Announce for next week, there's a battle royale for a power ring, which may be that 'midcard' thing Cody hinted.

Allie Interview - Schiavone interviewed her about her #4 ranking. Suddenly the lights go out and we know what that means, D&D Kong and Brandi. Allie tried to make a stand before Kong got to her, but got taken out with a Backfist. Brandi cut some of Allie's hair. I need to find a better nickname for Kong, maybe Locks Hunter? mmmm. idk.

Chris Jericho Promo - I'm badly accustomed by other promotions and I found it weird that the champion would come out mid-show to cut a promo while he's already booked for a match in the main event. Jericho said he wanted his thank you. He talked trash about Cody, so this prompted his entrance, except, it was MJF walking out to Cody's music and lift.

Nuclear heat for MJF and he handles the crowd perfectly. MJF said that the real villain in all this was Cody, because the real Cody doesn't care about the fans. He said that Cody had was so up in his own ass that Cody thought he could be MJF's teacher, but Cody can't control MJF. He now addressed Jericho sucking up to him, and apparently, Jericho has offered MJF to join the Inner Circle, to which Jericho corrects him that it's MJF who wants in. Jericho and MJF start to take some jabs at each other, playful jabs, one-upping each other. These two feed on each other like PB and J.

Eventually, Cody came out, pissed off, being stopped by staff, but still rushes the crowd and tries to take on both men. Botches the powerslam on Jericho, but gets it in afterwards. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Wardlow debuts and takes out Cody, he is MJF's muscle! Wardlow chokes Cody with a tie, and hopefully he doesn't get fired because AEW is scared of sponsors.

Good angle, it's interesting that we now have two top heels working independently from each other, but that like each other enough to coexist for now.

"Hangma" Adam Page vs "The Bastard" PAC - 8.5/10
Tie breaker rubber match time. These guys started at 60mph and managed to kick it up to 80. They did some spots playing out of saturday's match with neither man really having the upper hand over the other. The match built to PAC getting a good kick to Page's head after some distraction, at which point PAC went kick crazy stomping on Page's head and locking in the Brutalizer for the ref stoppage. This was fantastic.

We suddenly jump to backstage, were the Young Bucks and Proudn and Powerful are brawling. They managed to get a cameo of Orange Cassidy for a huge pop before they kept brawling around. It's weird seeing the Bucks in a backstage brawl, they've never been in a promotion like that. The brawl eventually made it to the crowd.

By the time we came back from commercial, we're in full pull apart and the brawl continues. It all leads to PnP taking out Nick's injured leg with the flapjack and putting Matt Jackson through the ramp like they did with Ricky Morton. Cutler got taken out for trying to help.

Private Party eventually came out to stand up against PnP and defend the Bucks. PnP vs Private Party go against each other next week.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match
SCU (C) w/Christopher Daniels vs The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara) w/Jake Hager - 7.5/10
YES! Coming in, I was really hoping Sky would pin Jericho and earn a singles title shot and that's what he had after a roll up. Sky is also the first man to pin Jericho on AEW.

The match was good, basic stuff early on with TIC working over Kaz until Jericho and Sky paired up. Daniels and Hager kinda cancelled each other out after Hager got a shot on Kaz. At then end, Sky and Jericho paired up and it was great.

I really liked the people that got featured in this show, giving time to Allin, Rose, Moxley, MJF, and Jurassic Express. The show felt like a good follow up for the PPV, with most matches being followed up with, I guess with the exception of Baker and Riho, but I think Rose's focus works for that.

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