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NWK Reviews Wrestlemania 23

Post by NWK2000 » May 26th, '14, 01:13

Going into the PPV, my thoughts
Seeing as I've reviewed Royal Rumble 2007, I only thought it appropriate to watch Wrestlemania 23. I have fond memories of this part of 2007, but don't remember this particular Mania card very well.

This actually had one of the coolest themes of the Manias, that being "All Grown Up" showing us a crowd shot of WMIII, and then panning to current times, with WM23 also being in Detriot. They give Aretha Franklin her WMIII introduction which was cool. At least they gave her a stage, unlike with Little Richard at WM10.
They then do the "When we were Young" promo everyone watching at this time had burned into our memories. Bobby Lashley's voice probably sounded the same at 9 years old that it does now.
During the intros of Tazz and Styles, there are some beauty pageant winners in the crowd who look comedically uninterested.
Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy vs.King Booker cs Finlay vs CM Punk vs. Mr Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Edge
-Kennedy immediately heads for a ladder, he's clearly the smartest person in this match.
-And Finlay does a suicide dive like 5 minuts into this thing.
-Edge and Matt Hardy brawl out of the ring, and Orton and Finlay go for the open ladder
-Booker got a super small ladder, goes, "TELL ME" and gets clubbed by Edge.
-Edge throws to small ladder into Punk's hedin a brutal ladder shot.
-JBL tells everyone that Booker T winning the briefcase would "add another crown to the jewel" Isn't it the other way around?
-They tease the spot that about killed Joey Mercury with the Hardyz
-Kennedy lands neck first on a Kenton on a ladder.
-Punk does the safest "Terry Funk 'Benny Hill' spot" with the ladder
-Edge somehow spears four people, including Punk who has the ladder on his head.
-Edge was the victim of the first "Through the Ladder" spot because of Jeff Hardy, JBL is pissed because this was a pointless risk.
-RKO Off the Ladder
-Cool spot in which Booker and Matt are going for the breifcase, Matt gets pulled down by Sharmell, and threatens to Twist of Fate Sharmell, Booker makes the decision to not go for the briefcase, coming to Sharmell's aid, and proceeds to take the nicest Twist of Fate bump I've ever seen.
-Finlay's too beat up to climb the ladder, so Hornswoggle does, he takes a Green Bay Plunge off the ladder, which looked liked it murdered the guy.
-Kennedy takes a roundhouse kick from Punk and shoved off the ladder, Kennedy no sells it, hits Punk with another ladder and wins


Condemned movie premeire video package. Was I the only one who enjoyed the film?
Mr.Kennedy cuts the promo of his career, I still remember his closing line, "Thank God I'm MIIIIIIIISSSSSSTAH MONEY IN THE BANK! ....BANK" to this day.

The Great Khali vs Kane
-Kane doesn't even do his in ring pyro (sad NWK)
-Oh God, this was also in the midst of the See No Evil hype
-Kane does bring out the hook and chain, speaking of, but it results in a nutshot
-Khali destroys the turnbuckle pad and it reminds me of George Steele with the stuffing coming out
-Kane body slams Khali, and they pan to approximately two 10 year old Indian kids marking out.
-And Khali beats Kane, ugh
3.5/10 just plain boring

Increasingly confusing Legends/Extreme Expose/Cryme Tyme/Eugene dance segment, which ends in a "Damn" from Ron Simmons, the highlight of this was Tatanka, in a full suit, doing his Indian warcry, and then jogging out of frame, never to be seen for the rest of the segment. They also start singing "Fire Water Burn" by Bloodhound Gang, and then they cut away (sad NWK #2)
MVP vs Chris Benoit for the US Title
-MVP is either blocking or floating through all of Chris' moves so far, so good
-Is that chain wrestling I see?
-MVP works the arm after racking the arn on the turnbuckle
-Ooooh a Superplex that gets countered with a small package
-Wristlock backdrop yay!
-MVP counters a crossface by smacking the arm, gets up while Benoit is selling amd goes, "OH HELL NAW! HE AIN'T DOIN THAT" hilarious
-Benoit wins with a headbutt from the top
8.5/10, one of the gems of our time.

Donald Trump makes Boogeyman gets him some sandwiches. I wish I was kidding

HOF stuff, a pretty weak class, though everyone deserved it.
Batista vs Undertaker for the Wold Title
I like how Batista's sort of a tweener in this feud.
-Back and forth match so far
-Powerslam through the table
-Batista looks threatening to the Streak at this point
Not Taker's best streak match, but still really good
Vince McMahon makes funny faces at his newborn grandson, he compares Donald Trump to poop
ECW Originals vs The New Breed
-Lots of quick tags and double team moves
-Why isn't that Extreme Rules
-Striker gets huge air on a Monkey Flip
-Sabu does a suicide senton and about lands on his head
-Way too short
Bobby Lashley w/ Donald Trump vs. Umaga w/Vince McMahon, loser's manager gets their head shaved (Stone Cold is the guest referee)
-Doanld Trump seems to no-sell being interested in being there
-Lashley actually does an impressive shoulder block.
-Umaga sells having the top rope pulled out from under him by doing a front flip out of the ring
-Lashley does an equally sick diving bump out of the ring
-YAY a Coast 2 Coast from Shane
- Huh, Donald's clothesline wasn't half bad.
-Vince McMahon trying to sneak away was actually comical
-The highlight of this whole match was Vince McMahon's facial expressions

Melina vs Ashley Women's Championship Lumberjack
Rhe lumberjills don't actively get used except for a catfight

Shawn Micheals vs John Cena, WWE Championship
Well paced, dramatic, the only thing that voids it from being perfect is an unnecessary ref bump.
Final thoughts
Great overall Pay Per View. One of those ones that's pretty good overall, and even has a match that was a hidden gem (Benoit/Porter) totally reccommend, the good totally makes up for the bad at this point.
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Re: NWK Reviews Wrestlemania 23

Post by WrestlingJoker » May 26th, '14, 10:04

NWK2000 wrote:Condemned movie premeire video package. Was I the only one who enjoyed the film?
Nope. I loved that movie. It was pretty much WWE's version of Battle Royale. Actually, I liked all of the WWE movies I watched so far.

Great review, NWK. :)

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